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CONTACTING ME: For availability emailing me is the easiest way to place your order (click on email address at the top of the page). Items will then be reserved for 7 days or you can simply post me your order.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: There is no minimum order. I accept CREDIT CARDS(through paypal), CHEQUES (payable to J.Matthews), POSTAL ORDERS, UNUSED STAMPS AND CASH(at your own risk). If you wish to use Paypal you can pay instantly by clicking on the icon above. There is no extra charge for using this service but if possible please use the friends & family option.

ADDRESS: 27 Templeton Avenue, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5JF.

PRICES UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED: Pre-70 1.25 70/1-16/17 1.00, 17/18 1.25, 18/19 1.50.

POSTAGE: If you are just ordering a single programme pre 80 is 75p, post 1980 is 1.30. For each extra programme please add 30p. Any extra is always credited or refunded. Allow extra for 1990s onwards issues as these are usually very heavy. These are only general rules outside of the single rate, I will inform you of the correct amount when you place your order.


ACCRINGTON 13/14 Tranmere/Oldham(fr) Cheltenham Rochdale Burton 16/17 Newport 18/19 Peterborough Oxford.

ALDERSHOT 67/8 Newport 70/1 Colchester Peterborough Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 71/2 Scunthorpe Gillingham Reading Exeter Crewe Doncaster Bury Peterboro Southport 1.25 72/3 Hartlepool Bury Stockport Reading Newport Exeter Crewe Bradford Torquay Northampton Gillingham Hereford 1.75 73/4 Southend Port Vale Wrexham Walsall Bournemouth Grimsby Huddersfield Cambridge(fac) Shrewsbury Plymouth Brighton Cambridge Cambridge(lc) Hereford 74/5 Gillingham Plymouth C.Palace Wrexham Bournemouth Chesterfield Colchester Grimsby Huddersfield Swindon Bury Tranmere PNE Walsall Southend Blackburn Port Vale Charlton Hereford Brighton Peterboro Watford 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Gillingham(lc) Bournemouth Barnsley Halifax Huddersfield Hartlepool Newport Bradford Crewe Colchester Doncaster Exeter dec. Exeter mar. Rochdale Torquay Portsmouth(fac) Scunthorpe Darlington Southport 1.25 Southend Brentford Bradford Workington 3.00 77/8 Rochdale Reading Scunthorpe Torquay York Bournemouth Crewe Barnsley Colchester(lc) Doncaster Halifax Huddersfield Hartlepool Newport Swansea 78/9 Halifax Bradford Reading Barnsley Crewe Doncaster Grimsby Hartlepool Scunthorpe Northampton Newport Rochdale Sheff.Utd(fac) Shrewsbury(fac) Huddersfield Swindon(fac) Wigan York Hereford Darlington Port Vale Torquay Millwall(lc) 79/80 Bournemouth Wimbledon(lc) Doncaster Portsmouth Hereford Walsall Darlington Stockport Hartlepool Huddersfield Peterboro Lincoln Northampton Bradford Crewe Tranmere Scunthorpe Newport 1.25 80/1 Tranmere Hereford Stockport Crewe Bury Doncaster Rochdale Peterboro Scunthorpe Darlington Wigan Hartlepool York Port Vale Northampton Southend Wimbledon(lc) Bournemouth Lincoln Torquay Mansfield Halifax 81/2 York Halifax Mansfield Port Vale Northampton Stockport Darlington Northampton Tranmere Peterboro Hull Sheff.Utd Wigan(lc) Rochdale Torquay Hereford Crewe Scunthorpe Colchester Oxford(fac) Wigan Northampton(res.) Hartlepool Leytonstone(fac) Bournemouth Blackpool Wimbeldon(lc) Bury Halifax 82/3 Torquay Stockport Port Vale Man.Utd(fr) Colchester Scunthorpe Hereford 83/4 Notts C.(mc) Doncaster Worcester(fac) Hereford 84/5 Torquay Tranmere Peterboro Aston Villa(fr) Newport(fac) Hartlepool Hereford 85/6 Port Vale Wrexham Swindon Tranmere Cambridge 86/7 1.25 each Tranmere Stockport Colchester Colchester(frt) Barnsley(fac) Northampton Oxford(fac) Wolves play off final 3.00 Bolton (posf) 2.00 Fulham(lc) Fulham(frt) Bristol C.(frtsf)2.00 Torquay(fac) Colchester(fac) Burnley Cambridge Crewe Exeter Halifax Hartlepool Hereford Peterborough PNE Rochdale Scunthorpe Southend Swansea Torquay Wrexham 87/8 Fulham Rotherham Cambridge(lc) Chesterfield Gillingham(frt) Gillingham Bristol City Brighton Brentford Grimsby Southend Walsall Bury York Notts C. Bristol City(frt) 88/9 Brentford Southend Southampton(fr) Bolton Wigan Notts C. Chesterfield Mansfield Chelsea(fr) Northampton PNE Hayes(fac) Bristol City(fac)10/12 Bristol City(fac)20/12 Gillingham Reading Fulham Bristol City Bristol Rov. Port Vale Bury Swansea Cardiff 89/90 Hereford Cambridge Carlisle Peterboro(lc) Sheff.Wed.(lc) Wrexham York Doncaster Peterboro Grimsby Chesterfield Walsall(ldc) Le Havre(fr) Rochdale Exeter Hartlepool Scunthorpe Stockport Southend Lincoln 90/1 1.50 each Chesterfield Gillingham Walsall Northampton Scunthorpe Torquay Hartlepool Wrexham Burnley Northampton Halifax Rochdale Peterboro Hereford Blackpool Darlington Lincoln Maidstone 2.00 Maidstone(fac)2.00 Southend(rc) Tiverton(fac)2.00 Doncaster Reading(ldc) 07/8 Grays Rushden & D. Stafford R. Basingstoke 09/10 Cheltenham 11/12 Man.U(cc)3.00 14/5 Woking.

ARSENAL 61/2 Fulham Burnley A.Villa Leicester Birmingham Blackpool Chelsea Sheff.U NottmForest Bolton WBA Blackburn 62/3 Rangers(fr) Sheff.U 63/4 WBA(fac) Liverpool(fac) WBA Man.U Bolton Sheff.Wed. A.Villa Sheff.U Chelsea Everton Ipswich Blackburn NottmForest Fulham Wolves Liverpool Blackpool Stoke Leicester West Ham Birmingham Burnley 64/5 Sunderland WBA Wolves A.Villa Leicester Stoke Fulham Birmingham Sheff.U Leicester Everton Leeds Birmingham WestHam Man.U Sheff.Wed. 65/6 Brazil(fr) Leicester Sunderland Spurs Fulham NottmForest Man.U Everton Blackburn Stoke Blackpool Burnley Liverpool Chelsea A.Villa Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Newcastle WestHam Fulham 66/7 Dunfermline(fr) Everton Sheff.U Bolton(fac) Chelsea Spurs Burnley WBA Sheff.Wed. Fulham Blackpool A.Villa Southampton WestHam(lc) NottmForest Leeds WestHam Man.U Newcastle Liverpool Stoke Man.City Leicester Sunderland 67/8 Blackburn(lc) Shrewsbury(fac) Burnley(lc) Stoke Spurs Sunderland Fulham Everton WestHam Sheff.U NottmForest Chelsea Newcastle Man.U Wolves Southampton Burnley WBA Sheff.Wed. Reading(lc)2.50 Leeds Leicester Birmingham(fac) Liverpool Coventry Man.City 69/70 Wolves Newcastle Southampton Man.City Derby WBA Man.U Spurs Everton NottmForest C.Palace Sheff.Wed. Burnley Sunderland Liverpool Everton(lc) Coventry Leeds Chelsea Stoke Blackpool(fac) Ipswich Anderlecht(efcf)5.00 71/2 1.50 each Man.U WestHam Wolves NottmForest Southampton Derby Huddersfield Everton Spurs WBA Coventry C.Palace Man.City Ipswich Newcastle Leicester Stoke Sheff.U Chelsea Liverpool Barnsley(lc) Newcastle(lc) Sheff.U(lc) Derby(fac)3.00 Ajax(ec) Benfica(fr) Grasshoppers(ec) Stroemsgodset(ec) 72/3 1.50 each Sheff.U Birmingham Stoke Man.City Everton Coventry Southampton Rotherham(lc) Leicester(fac) Everton(lc) Norwich(lc) Bradford(fac) Spurs WBA Leicester Man.U Chelsea Wolves Newcastle Derby WestHam Ipswich C.Palace Liverpool 73/4 1.50 each QPR WestHam Derby Man.U A.Villa(fac) Southampton Spurs Burnley Newcastle Norwich Wolves 3.00 Chelsea Birmingham Ipswich Tranmere(lc) Stoke Sheff.U Leicester Leeds Coventry Man.City Liverpool Everton 74/5 1.50 each Leicester(lc) York(fac) Coventry(fac) Leicester(fac) Ipswich Man.City Burnley Luton QPR WestHam(fac) Chelsea WestHam Wolves Derby Middlesbro Everton Birmingham Newcastle Coventry Spurs Leeds Liverpool Leicester Stoke Sheff.U Carlisle 3.00 75/6 1.50 each Middlesbro Coventry Man.City Everton Everton(lc) Leicester Norwich Stoke Derby Leeds Burnley QPR A.Villa Sheff.U Birmingham Liverpool WestHam Wolves Newcastle Spurs Ipswich Man.U 76/7 1.25 each Leicester Sunderland Blackpool(lc)28/9 Newcastle Liverpool Carlisle(lc) Blackpool(lc)5/10 Chelsea(lc) Birmingham Coventry(fac) Spurs Derby Coventry Middlesbro Man.City A.Villa Everton WestHam QPR Ipswich Man.U Stoke 77/8 1.25 each Norwich A.Villa Wolves Ipswich Chelsea Leeds Derby Birmingham Coventry Liverpool QPR WestHam Leicester NottmForest Everton Newcastle WBA Bristol C. Middlesbro Man.City(lc) Wolves(fac) Hull(lc) Bristol C. Southampton(lc) Man.U(lc) Walsall(fac) Man.U 78/9 1.25 each Red Star(uefa) Coventry Liverpool Sheff.Wed.(fac) Hajduk Split(uefa) Bristol C. Notts C.(fac) Southampton Middlesbro Southampton(fac) Leeds Wolves Leipzig(uefa) Bolton WBA Derby Birmingham A.Villa QPR Ipswich Spurs Everton Man.U NottmForest Man.City Chelsea 79/80 1.25 each Ipswich WBA Man.U Leeds(lc) Feberbahce(ecwc) Man.City Swindon(lc) Coventry Spurs Derby Leeds A.Villa Brighton(fac) Bolton Gothenburg(ecwc) Bristol C. C.Palace Southampton Liverpool Norwich Brighton(lc) NottmForest Everton Brighton Middlesbro Wolves Stoke Bolton(fac) Southampton(lc) 80/1 1.25 each Wolves Everton WBA Brighton Norwich Sunderland NottmForest Southampton Spurs Coventry Swansea(lc) Stoke Leicester C.Palace Liverpool Birmingham Leeds Middlesbro Man.City Ipswich Man.U A.Villa 81/2 1.25 each Sheff.U(lc) Birmingham WBA Liverpool Panathinaikos(uefa) Man.City Coventry Ipswich Notts C. NottmForest WestHam Spurs A.Villa Swansea Southampton Wolves Leeds Brighton Man.U Everton Sunderland Stoke Norwich(lc) Winterslag(uefa) Liverpool(lc) 82/3 1.25 each Spurs A.Villa WestHam Man.U Swansea NottmForest Watford WBA Luton Birmingham Brighton Ipswich Coventry Sunderland Man.City Southampton Liverpool Norwich A.Villa(fac) Middlesbro(fac) Leeds(fac)29/1 Leeds(fac)7/2 Bolton(fac) Sheff.Wed.(mc) Huddersfield(mc) Everton(mc) S.Moscow(uefa) Notts C. Stoke 83/4 1.25 each Norwich NottmForest Plymouth(mc) Sunderland Stoke Luton Coventry Ipswich A.Villa QPR Notts C. Southampton WestHam Everton WBA Walsall(mc) Watford Birmingham Liverpool Leicester Spurs 84/85 1.25 each Coventry Man.U WestHam Leicester Ipswich Norwich Spurs(fr) NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Southampton Hereford(fac) Spurs Watford WBA Luton Australia(fr) QPR A.Villa Sunderland Everton Bristol R.(mc) Stoke Liverpool Newcastle 85/6 1.25 each Luton(fac) A.Villa(mc) Luton Rotherham(fac) Spurs QPR Liverpool Oxford Southampton(mc) Birmingham Man.City Ipswich Hereford(mc) A.Villa Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Leicester Southampton Chelsea Everton NottmForest Watford Coventry WestHam 86/7 1.25 each Liverpool Barnsley(fac) Leicester Spurs(lcsf) Newcastle Charlton Everton NottmForest Watford(fac) Norwich Oxford Spurs Sheff.Wed. Man.City(lc) Chelsea Watford Huddersfield(lc) Charlton(lc) WestHam Celtic(fr) NottmForest(lc) Coventry Wimbledon Southampton Luton QPR Man.City Plymouth(fac) 87/8 1.25 each Coventry Everton(lcsf) Watford Norwich Newcastle NottmForest(fac) Spurs Charlton Man.U(fac) Luton Millwall(fac) Man.U QPR NottmForest Everton Sheff.Wed. Southampton Stoke(lc) Liverpool Chelsea Bournemouth(lc) Derby Oxford Doncaster(lc) WestHam Wimbledon Portsmouth 88/9 1.25 each A.Villa Liverpool Southampton Hull(lc) QPR Coventry Liverpool(lc) Middlesbro Man.U Spurs WestHam(fac) Sheff.Wed. WestHam Luton Millwall NottmForest Charlton Everton Newcastle France(fr) Norwich Derby Wimbledon 89/90 1.25 each Coventry QPR(fac) Southampton Liverpool(lc) Plymouth(lc) Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Liverpool Charlton Luton Man.U Spurs A.Villa Chelsea Everton Man.City Norwich QPR NottmForest C.Palace Derby Millwall 90/1 1.25 each Man.City NottmForest Coventry Man.U QPR Leeds Cambridge(fac) C.Palace Leeds(fac)27/1 Leeds(fac)13/2 Sunderland(fac) Everton Sheff.U Derby Wimbledon Liverpool Man.U(rc) Southampton Sunderland Spurs(fr) Chester(rc) Norwich Spurs Luton Chelsea 91/2 1.25 each Luton Man.City Sheff.U AustriaMemphis(ec) Notts C. WestHam Everton Norwich Spurs Benfica(ec) C.Palace NottmForest Liverpool Southampton Leicester(rc) Chelsea Oldham Sheff.Wed. Norwich A.Villa Man.U Wimbledon QPR 92/3 1.25 each NottmForest A.Villa Norwich Spurs NottmForest(ccc) Millwall(ccc) NottmForest(fac) Leeds(fac) C.Palace QPR Derby(ccc) Southampton Leeds Wimbledon Liverpool Sheff.U Ipswich Middlesbro C.Palace(cccsf) Man.U Coventry Man.City Chelsea Blackburn Sheff.Wed. Oldham 93/4 1.25 each Wimbledon Chelsea Paris St.Germain(ecwcsf) Swindon Liverpool Man.U Blackburn Bolton(fac) A.Villa(ccc) Norwich(ccc) WestHam 1.50 Norwich Man.City Huddersfield(ccc) Southampton Ipswich Everton Leeds Coventry A.Villa Torino(ecwc) Odense(ecwc) S.Liege(ecwc) Oldham QPR Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Newcastle Spurs 94/5 1.25 each Man.City Tottenham Ipswich Liverpool Sampdoria(ecwcsf) Wimbledon 1.50 Norwich WestHam Auxerre(ecwc) NottmForest Leicester AC Milan(esc) Southampton Millwall(fac) Everton QPR A.Villa Leeds Sheff.Wed.(ccc) Man.U Oldham(ccc) Sheff.Wed. Brondby(ecwc) Coventry Chelsea Hartlepool(ccc) C.Palace O.Nicosia(ecwc) Newcastle Blackburn 95/6 1.25 each Liverpool Bolton Newcastle(ccc) Everton Inter Milan(fr) Middlesbro A.Villa Hartlepool(ccc) Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Wed.(ccc) Blackburn Chelsea QPR Leeds Spurs Man.U NottmForest WestHam Southampton Wimbledon Sheff.u(fac) A.Villa(cccsf) Man.City Newcastle Coventry 96/7 1.50 each Sunderland Newcastle Middlesbro Chelsea NottmForest Wimbledon Stoke(ccc) Leeds(fac) Sunderland Borussia M.(uefa) Coventry Derby A.Villa Liverpool Leicester Leeds Everton Southampton Blackburn Man.U Spurs WestHam Chelsea Sheff.Wed. 97/8 Liverpool 98/9 1.25 each Coventry Wimbledon Chelsea(wc) Liverpool A.Villa Derby Sheff.Wed. NottmForest Charlton Man.U Everton Middlesbro Leeds WestHam Sheff.U(fac)13/2 Sheff.U(fac)23/2 Newcastle Southampton Leicester Derby(fac) Blackburn 99/00 1.25 each Sheff.Wed. WestHam Leeds Leicester(fac) Sunderland Southampton Everton Derby Middlesbro Blackpool(fac) PNE(wc) Barcelona(cl) Solna(cl) Coventry A.Villa Bradford Leicester Watford Chelsea Lens(uefasf) Deportivo(uefa) Spurs Newcastle Werder Bremen(uefa) Fiorentina(cl) Real Madrid(fr) Wimbledon Nantes(uefa) 00/01 1.25 each Ipswich(wc) A.Villa Ipswich O.Lyon(cl) WestHam Leeds Derby B.Munich(cl) Newcastle S.Moscow(cl) Liverpool Lazio(cl) Man.U S.Prague(cl) Leicester Spurs Blackburn(fac) 01/02 1.25 each Chelsea Newcastle Middlesbro Man.U(wc) Charlton Blackburn Grimsby(wc) A.Villa Leicester Leeds Liverpool Sunderland Bolton Man.U Spurs WestHam Ipswich Southampton Newcastle(fac) 02/3 1.25 each Ajax(cl) Middlesbro A.Villa WestHam Man.City WBA Auxerre(cl) 03/4 2.00 each Charlton Man.City Spurs Everton A.Villa Inter Milan(cl) Liverpool Man.U Rotherham(cc) Chelsea(fac) Celta Vigo(cl) L.Moscow(cl) Newcastle Chelsea Fulham Blackburn Middlesbro Chelsea(cl) Southampton Leicester Portsmouth D.Kiev(cl) Leeds Bolton Birmingham 04/5 1.50 each Birmingham WBA Stoke(fac) Charlton Bolton Blackburn Fulham C.Palace A.Villa Liverpool Man.U Panathinaikos(cl) Eindhoven(cl) Newcastle Wolves(fac) Portsmouth Spurs Sheff.U(fac) Rosenburg(cl) Southampton Norwich B.Munich(cl) Chelsea Middlesbro 05/6 3.00 each Liverpool Man.U Middlesbro Bolton Wigan(ccsf) Real Madrid(cl) Charlton Juventus(cl) A.Villa Blackburn Villarreal(cl) Newcastle Ajax(cl) Chelsea Portsmouth WestHam Fulham Everton Thun(cl) WBA Spurs Birmingham Man.City S.Prague(cl) Sunderland Reading(cc) 06/7 2.50 each D.Zagreb(cl) Chelsea West Ham Wigan Blackburn(fac) Bolton(fac) A.Villa Fulham Bolton Eindhoven(cl) Reading Man.U Charlton Blackburn Everton CSKA Moscow(cl) Liverpool Newcastle Hamburg(cl) Spurs Portsmouth Sheff.U Watford Porto(cl) 07/8 2.00 each Wigan Man.Utd Sevilla(cl) Bolton Portsmouth Fulham AC Milan(cl) Newcastle(fac) Chelsea Birmingham Liverpool Reading 08/9 2.00 each Fenerbahce(cl) Portsmouth West Ham Newcastle WBA Sunderland Wigan Bolton Liverpool Blackburn Middlesboro Chelsea Stoke Fulham A.Villa Hull(fac) Man.City 09/10 2.00 each Wigan Olympiacos(cl) Birmingham S.Liege(cl) Chelsea Hull A.Villa Portsmouth Liverpool Man.Utd Fulham Wolves West Ham Sunderland Bolton WBA(cc) Birmingham Everton Blackburn 10/11 3.00 each Newcastle Wigan(cc) West Ham Shakhtar D.(cl) Braga(cl) Birmingam WBA Bolton Fulham Belgrade(cl) Ipswich(ccsf) Wigan Sunderland Blackburn Wolves A.Villa Huddersfield(fac) Stoke Everton Man.City 11/12 3.00 each Wigan Norwich Olympiacos(cl) Everton 4.00 Fulham WBA Bolton(cc) Marseille(cl) Stoke Sunderland Bolton A.Villa Newcastle Man.U A.Villa(fac) QPR Wolves Shrewsbury(cc) 12/13 3.00 each Sunderland Southampton Coventry(lc) Chelsea Olympiacos Schalke(cl) Swansea Swansea(fac) Blackburn(fac) Stoke Newcastle WestHam WBA B.Munich(cl) A.Villa Reading Norwich Everton Man.U Wigan Man.City Montpellier(cl) Fulham Spurs QPR Liverpool 13/14 Southampton 15/16 Watford.

ASTON VILLA 61/2 West Ham ph 62/3 West Ham/Spurs ph Burnley 63/4 West Ham ph 65/6 West Ham ph 67/8 Portsmouth 69/70 Huddersfield 70/1 1.50 each Swansea Fulham P.Vale Shrewsbury Bristol R.(lc) Bradford Bury Halifax PNE Notts C.(lc) Rotherham Barnsley Walsall 71/2 1.50 each Oldham Chesterfield Plymouth Birmingham(fr) Wrexham(lc) Mansfield Wrexham Rotherham C.Palace(lc) Tranmere Blackburn Gornik Zabrze(fr) Barnsley Bournemouth P.Vale Swansea Bristol R. 72/3 1.25 each Hull Luton Hereford(lc) Carlisle Swindon QPR Burnley PNE Oxford Portsmouth Bayern Munich(fr) Bristol C. Middlesbro Fulham Millwall Sunderland Spurs(fr) NottmForest 73/4 Oxford WBA Luton Leicester(fr) Notts C. Middlesboro Bolton Portsmouth Carlisle PNE C.Palace Sheff.Wed. 74/5 1.50 each Southampton Bolton Sunderland Portsmouth Oldham WBA Hartlepool(lc) Nottm Forest Millwall Hull Everton(lc) Leeds(fr) Fulham York Oxford Sheff.Wed. Blackpool 75/6 1.50 each Man.Utd Arsenal Man.Utd(lc) QPR Derby Antwerp(uefa) Man.City Birmingham Norwich Sheff.U Newcastle Ipswich Stoke Wolves Leicester Burnley WestHam Spurs Middlesbro Liverpool Wolves 76/7 1.50 each Spurs Derby Dec. Derby mar. Man.Utd Arsenal Sunderland QPR(lcsf) Millwall(lc) Antwerp(fr) WestHam Wrexham(lc) Liverpool Newcastle Man.City may Man.City(lc) Ipswich Birmingham Norwich(lc) Leicester Eintracht Frankfurt(fr) WBA Stoke QPR P.Vale(fac) Sunderland Norwich Middlesbro Man.City jan. 77/8 1.50 each Man.City Arsenal Birmingham Fenerbahce(uefa) Wolves Norwich Gornik Zabrze(uefa) QPR(lc) Man.U Middlesbro Athletic Bilbao(uefa) WBA Coventry QPR Bristol C. Nottm Forest WestHam Leicester Barcelona(uefa) Derby Liverpool Chelsea Newcastle Leeds Ipswich 78/9 1.50 each Southampton Wolves Sheff.Wed.(lc) Everton Nottm Forest C.Palace(lc) Man.U Middlesbro Man.City Luton(lc) Bristol C. Coventry Birmingham Leeds Bolton QPR Spurs Derby Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea Ipswich WBA International XI (fr) 79/80 1.50 each Twente(fr) Arsenal Brighton Bristol C. Colchester(lc) Man.U Everton(lc) Southampton WBA Bolton Stoke Leeds Liverpool Coventry Man.City Everton Cambridge(fac) C.Palace Blackburn(fac) Derby Middlesbro Wolves Ipswich Norwich Nottm Forest Spurs 80/1 2.00 each Leeds Middlesbro Nottm Forest Ipswich Sunderland Wolves Everton Coventry Liverpool Stoke Birmingham Arsenal Leicester Brighton Spurs Norwich Leeds(lc) WBA Southampton Man.U Man.City C.Palace 81/2 1.50 each Middlesboro England(fr) Brighton WBA dec. Wolves(lc) Leicester(lc) Ipswich Wolves Man.City Everton WestHam Birmingham Stoke WBA march Spurs Arsenal Sunderland Nottm Forest Liverpool Coventry BFC Dynamo(ec) Southampton Dynamo Berlin(ec) Leeds Swansea Notts C. 82/3 Ipswich Watford Liverpool Notts C.(mc) Man.City Watford(fac) Luton Coventry Stoke Norwich Notts C. Swansea Southampton Sunderland D.Bucharest(ec) Everton WestHam WBA 83/4 Norwich Norwich(fac) Southampton Portsmouth(mc) West Ham Ipswich Spurs QPR Wolves Nott'm Forest Coventry Notts C. Everton Luton Birmingham 84/5 West Ham Sheff.Wed. Leicester Sunderland Southampton Scunthorpe(mc) WBA Ipswich 85/6 Southampton WBA(mc) Liverpool Southampton Man.City Man.Utd Portsmouth(fac) Luton Leicester Newcastle Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Everton 86/7 Man.Utd Newcastle Leicester Liverpool Sheff.Wed. Watford QPR Chelsea Chelsea(fac) Charlton Norwich Luton Wimbledon Luton Oxford Derby Derby(fmc) 87/8 Middlesboro Bournemouth Liverpool(fac) Leeds Barnsley Blackburn C.Palace Reading Stoke Leicester Hull Huddersfield WBA Sheff.Wed.(lc) Millwall 88/9 Man.Utd Southampton Spurs Millwall(lc) Arsenal v. Liverpool(lcr) Birmingham(lc) Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Newcastle Norwich Charlton Luton Everton West Ham Derby 89/90 Nott'm Forest Spurs Arsenal Luton Derby C.Palace Charlton Leeds(zds) Everton Man.Utd Southampton Blackburn(fac) P.Vale(fac) 90/1 Man.Utd C.Palace Sheff.Utd Derby Everton Sunderland Man.City Wimbledon(fac) Arsenal Coventry Luton Barnsley(rc) QPR BanikOstrava(uefa) 91/2 Spurs(fac) Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. Southampton Norwich Man.City QPR Chelsea Leeds Arsenal Grimsby(rc) Spurs WestHam 92/3 Ipswich(ccc) Sheff.U Blackburn Southampton 93/4 Southampton West Ham Arsenal Sheff.Wed. Chelsea Man.Utd Sheff.Utd Coventry Bratislava(uefa) Newcastle Wimbledon Man.City 27/12 Man.City 22/2 Tranmere(cccsf) West Ham Swindon Ipswich Oldham Norwich 94/5 Leeds Newcastle Norwich Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Coventry Wimbledon Middlesboro(ccc) Everton Southampton C.Palace Ipswich Wigan(ccc) Nott'm Forest Trabzonspor(uefa) QPR Birmingham(fr) Liverpool Man.City Arsenal West Ham Blackburn Leicester Spurs 95/6 Blackburn Coventry Chelsea Spurs Belgrade(fr) Man.Utd Bolton Wimbledon Peterboro(ccc) Nott'm Forest Everton Stockport(ccc) Newcastle QPR(ccc) Arsenal Liverpool Gravesend(fac) Wolves(ccc) Leeds Arsenal(cccsf) Sheff.Wed. QPR Middlesboro Southampton 96/7 West Ham Sheff.Wed. Notts C.(fac) Coventry Middlesboro Southampton Chelsea Newcastle Sunderland Wimbledon Leicester Nott'm Forest Leeds Arsenal Helsingborgs(uefa) Blackburn Derby Everton Liverpool Spurs 97/8 Chelsea Southampton Blackburn Sheff.Wed. Newcastle Leeds WBA(fac) Man.Utd Derby Wimbledon Girondins(uefa) Barnsley Liverpool 98/9 Blackburn Newcastle Middlesboro Chelsea Arsenal Wimbledon Derby NottmForest Spurs Liverpool 99/00 Sheff.Wed. Arsenal Spurs WestHam Man.U(wc) Southampton 00/1 Derby Spurs Newcastle Arsenal Chelsea 01/2 Derby Man.Utd(fac) Middlesboro Fulham Charlton Bolton Liverpool Spurs Chelsea West Ham Man.Utd Southampton Leicester 02/3 West Ham PNE(wc) Newcastle WBA Middlesboro Liverpool(wc) Blackburn(fac) Charlton 03/4 Everton Leicester(cc) 04/5 Fulham Southampton Liverpool Charlton 05/6 Port Vale(fac) Arsenal Man.U Everton Middlesboro WestHam Chelsea WBA Newcastle Portsmouth 06/7 Middlesboro Fulham Chelsea Blackburn Bolton Newcastle 07/08 Leicester(cc) Man.U 08/9 Portsmouth 09/10 Liverpool 10/11 Sunderland WestHam Fulham Blackburn Wigan Spurs Birmingham Stoke 12/13 Norwich Spurs Arsenal 13/14 Stoke Newcastle Malaga(fr) Southampton Fulham 14/15 Blackpool(fac) Bournemouth(fac) Southampton 17/18 Burton Bristol C. Bolton Barnsley Ipswich Hull Fulham Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Sheff.U PNE NottmForest Norwich Brentford 18/19 Bristol C. Brentford Bolton Blackburn Birmingham Derby Hull Ipswich NottmForest Norwich Millwall Middlesbrough Leeds PNE QPR Reading Rotherham Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Stoke Swansea Swansea(fac) Wigan WBA WBA(posf).

BARNET 87/8 Hereford(fac) 91/2 Rotherham Gillingham Halifax Doncaster Hereford Lincoln Wrexham Blackpool Chesterfield York Crewe 3.00 Walsall Northampton Mansfield Rochdale Brentford(rc) 92/3 Lincoln Northampton Scunthorpe Walsall Bury Shrewsbury Crewe Halifax Doncaster Rochdale Peterboro(ccc) Torquay Hereford Chesterfield Watford(fr) Colchester(at) 93/4 Bournemouth Brighton Cambridge QPR(ccc) 94/5 Lincoln Exeter Chesterfield Carlisle 95/6 Northampton 96/7 Carlisle 97/8 Scunthorpe Watford(fac) Torquay Lincoln Middlesboro(ccc) Enfield(fr) Mansfield Brighton Walsall(aws) Chester 98/9 Brighton Darlington Brentford Rochdale Rotherham Halifax Scarboro 2-50 Carlisle Cardiff Scunthorpe 99/00 Hull Northampton Peterboro Darlington 00/1 3.00 each Rochdale Darlington Carlisle Plymouth Chesterfield York Brentford Hull Torquay 4.00 01/2 Scarboro(fat) 02/3 Luton(fr) Arsenal(fr) Wimbledon(fr) 03/4 Accrington Northwich V. Dover 05/6 Southend(fac) Arsenal(fr) Macclesfield Bristol C.(ldv) 06/7 Arsenal(fr) Mansfield Darlington Macclesfield Lincoln Chester Hartlepool Shrewsbury Notts C. Grimsby Rochdale Northampton(fac) Luton(fr) Bury 07/8 Burton(fac) Mansfield Peterborough 08/9 Shrewsbury Macclesfield Rotherham Luton Bradford Brentford Notts C. Grimsby Chesterfield Bury Rochdale Rochdale(fac) Lincoln Accrington Morecambe 09/10 Cheltenham 10/11 Cheltenham.

BARNSLEY 64/5 Gillingham Bournemouth P.Vale Shrewsbury Peterborough Exeter Bristol Rov. Colchester Grimsby Carlisle 65/6 Bradford Chesterfield Doncaster(lc) Tranmere Doncaster Chester Hartlepool Southport 66/7 Chesterfield P.Vale Bradford P.Vale(fac) Aldershot Tranmere 67/8 Chesterfield Swansea Aldershot Luton Wrexham(Jan.) Wrexham(mar.) Hartlepool Darlington Sheff.U(cc) Rotherham(cc) 68/9 Barrow 69/70 Barrow 70/1 Port Vale Rotherham(lc) Oldham Bury Rotherham Swansea 71/2 Shrewsbury Tranmere Swansea 72/3 Torquay 73/4 Lincoln Mansfield Halifax(lc) Stockport Newport 74/5 Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Rochdale 75/6 Southport 1.25 Cambridge Newport 76/7 Southport 1.25 77/8 Crewe Darlington Halifax Stockport Aldershot Doncaster Grimsby Bournemouth Northampton Scunthorpe 78/9 Bournemouth Port Vale Rochdale Hereford Rotherham(fac) Newport Scunthorpe York Aldershot Halifax 79/80 Swindon Rotherham 4/3 Sheff.Utd Colchester Bury West Ham(lc) Blackpool Brentford Millwall Blackburn Southend Carlisle Mansfield Grimsby Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield Rotherham 1/1 80/1 Plymouth Swindon Mansfield(lc) Scunthorpe(lc) Torquay(fac) Walsall Colchester Chesterfield Burnley Rotherham Reading Gillingham Hull Fulham Carlisle Exeter Newport 81/2 Derby Norwich Grimsby Peterboro(lc) Bolton Watford Grimsby Swansea(lc) Luton 82/3 Oldham Burnley Blackburn Bolton Rotherham Derby Charlton Shrewsbury Carlisle Cambridge Leicester Newcastle Leeds Sheff.Wed. 83/4 Derby Charlton Grimsby Shrewsbury Portsmouth Swansea Sheff.Wed. Cardiff Cambridge 84/5 Sheff.Utd Oxford Liverpool(fac) Shrewsbury Fulham Notts C. Huddersfield C.Palace Oldham Charlton Leeds 85/6 Shrewsbury Brighton Middlesboro Wimbledon Sheff.Utd Oldham Huddersfield Blackburn Fulham Carlisle 86/7 Spurs(lc) Derby Sheff.Utd Portsmouth Hull Caernarfon(fac)2.00 87/8 Hull Bournemouth Sheff.Wed.(lc) Birmingham(fac) Bolton(fac) Middlesboro Plymouth Huddersfield Ipswich Reading Swindon Oldham Leicester 88/9 Stoke Leeds Leicester Barnsley Shrewsbury WBA Ipswich Plymouth Watford Sunderland Blackburn 89/90 Oldham Leicester Stoke Blackburn Bradford Sheff.Utd(fac) Portsmouth 90/1 Leeds(fac) Ipswich West Ham Port Vale Wigan(rc) Leicester Plymouth Sheff.Wed. 91/2 Southend Cambridge Portsmouth Grimsby Ipswich Newcastle Plymouth 92/3 Luton Tranmere Portsmouth 93/4 Derby Peterborough Middlesbrough 94/5 A.Villa(fac) 95/6 Huddersfield 96/7 Oldham Bolton Stoke QPR Oxford Tranmere Birmingham Rochdale(ccc) Swindon Oldham(fac) Port Vale Southend 97/8 Leicester Southampton(ccc) A.Villa Liverpool 1.50 Sheff.Wed. Man.U 98/9 Crewe Ipswich Port Vale Oxford Bury Sunderland 99/00 Stockport Blackburn Man.Utd(res)s/s Fulham 00/1 Burnley PNE Rotherham(wc) Sheff.Wed. Blackburn C.Palace Wimbledon Huddersfield Gillingham QPR Crewe WBA Grimsby Wolves Birmingham Crewe(wc) Tranmere Portsmouth 01/2 Watford Wolves Grimsby Millwall Blackburn(fac) Burnley Newcastle(wc) Sheff.Wed. Crewe Walsall Stockport Portsmouth Halifax(wc) C.Palace Gillingham Coventry NottmForest Bradford Birmingham Wimbledon WBA Sheff.U Rotherham 02/3 Crewe QPR Peterboro 03/4 Oldham Swindon Brighton Bristol City(fac) Bradford(fr) Wrexham Scunthorpe 04/5 Hull Bristol City Walsall Rotherham(fr) Colchester Oldham Wrexham Torquay Bournemouth Bradford Huddersfield Hartlepool Port Vale Doncaster Brentford Chesterfield Tranmere 05/6 Yeovil Tranmere Doncaster Chesterfield Darlington(fac) Hull(fr) Swansea Bradford(fac) Rotherham Scunthorpe 07/8 PNE Wolves Scunthorpe 10/11 PNE Doncaster Bristol City Hull Burnley 14/15 Doncaster Colchester Fleetwood Crewe P.Vale Burton(fac) Yeovil 16/17 Bristol C. Reading Newcastle Cardiff Huddersfield PNE Ipswich Brentford Leeds NottmForest Fulham Wigan Norwich Blackburn Hull(fr) 18/19 Burton sep. Burton feb. Accrington Blackpool Bradford(ctt) Bristol R. Plymouth Charlton Coventry Doncaster Man.City U-21(ctt) Luton Hull(fr) Gillingham Fleetwood Everton U-21(ctt) Oxford WBA(fr) NottsC.(fac) Wycombe Wimbledon Rochdale Portsmouth Peterborough Scunthorpe Shrewsbury Southend Sunderland Walsall.

BARROW 2.00 each 67/8 Brighton 68/9 Reading Luton Southport(lc) Brighton Mansfield Gillingham Oldham Crewe Plymouth Walsall Shrewsbury Watford Bournemouth Swindon Barnsley Torquay Northampton Rotherham Tranmere Bristol Rov. 70/1 2.50 each Colchester Lincoln Chester Stockport York Peterboro Notts C. Darlington Southend Oldham.

BIRMINGHAM 60/1 West Ham ph 62/3 West Ham ph Wolves 64/5 West Ham ph 68/9 PNE Huddersfield 69/70 Sheff.U Blackpool 70/1 Hull Norwich Luton Middlesboro Watford Blackburn Portsmouth Charlton Colchester(lc) Sheff.Utd Leicester Swindon Sheff.Wed. Millwall Carlisle 71/2 Portsmouth Oxford PNE Fulham Port Vale(fac) Swindon Ipswich(fac) Burnley Portsmouth(fac) QPR Luton Blackpool Middlesboro Carlisle Charlton Watford Norwich Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Millwall Hull Huddersfield(fac) Cardiff 72/3 Southampton Norwich Chelsea Everton Man.City C.Palace Newcastle Sheff.Utd Stoke Ipswich Luton(lc) Man.U 73/4 Norwich Southampton Newcastle Chelsea Liverpool Wolves QPR Cardiff(fac) 74/5 Sheff.Utd Leicester Middlesboro QPR Man.City Wolves Coventry Carlisle 1.50 75/6 Sheff.Utd Man.Utd Portsmouth(fac) Coventry Wolves Stoke Derby Man.City Newcastle QPR Everton Liverpool 76/7 WBA Derby Arsenal Middlesboro Leicester Coventry Norwich WestHam Portsmouth(fac) 77/8 Notts C.(lc) Man.Utd A.Villa Newcastle QPR Coventry Derby Wolves Leicester Nott'm Forest Everton Wigan(fac) Middlesboro Ipswich Man.City 78/9 QPR 1/1 QPR 6/3 Derby Southampton(lc) Bristol City Norwich 27/3 Norwich 20/1 Man.City Ipswich 22/12 Coventry Bolton WBA Southampton Wolves Nott'm Forest Chelsea Middlesboro A.Villa Everton Burnley(fac) Man.Utd 1.50 Arsenal 1.50 Spurs 1.50 Liverpool 2.00 79/80 Chelsea West Ham Southampton(fac) Middlesboro(fac) Luton Shrewsbury Cambridge PNE Watford Oldham QPR Swansea 80/1 Southampton Stoke WBA Man.City Middlesboro Liverpool Sunderland Ipswich NottmForest 81/2 WBA Man.Utd Wolves Notts C. Coventry Everton Middlesboro Stoke Southampton NottmForest(lc) Sunderland Swansea 82/3 Coventry West Ham Liverpool Luton Man.City Shrewsbury(mc) Norwich WBA Southampton Derby(mc) NottmForest A.Villa 83/4 West Ham Watford Notts C.(mc)8/11 Notts C.(mc)29/11 Norwich Sheff.Utd(fac) Wolves West Ham(fac) WBA Watford(fac) Luton QPR Southampton Derby(mc) 84/5 Sheff.Utd Plymouth(mc) C.Palace Middlesbrough Wolves Grimsby Norwich(fac) Oldham WBA(mc) 85/6 Luton Sheff.Wed. Southampton(mc) Oxford Ipswich Coventry Watford QPR 86/7 Reading Leeds Stoke Grimsby C.Palace Sheff.Utd WBA Blackburn Millwall Brighton Plymouth Barnsley Bradford Huddersfield Sunderland 87/8 Leicester Shrewsbury Blackburn Bradford NottmForest(fac) 88/9 Leicester Swindon Shrewsbury Oxford Walsall Bournemouth Man.City Oldham Barnsley 89/90 Bury Rotherham Chester Shrewsbury Walsall Reading Hereford(ldc) Cardiff 90/1 Brentford Brentford(fac) 91/2 Bradford Huddersfield Hartlepool Bournemouth Wigan C.Palace(rc) Fulham PNE WBA Reading Luton(lc) Walsall(at) 92/3 Brentford Wolves Grimsby Leicester Derby Watford Portsmouth Cambridge 93/4 Bolton Oxford Kidderminster(fac)1.50 94/5 Slough(fac) Rotherham Oxford Shrewsbury Brighton Bournemouth Wrexham Brentford Stockport Plymouth York Cambridge Peterborough Scunthorpe(fac) 95/6 Watford Ipswich Millwall Oldham Port Vale Luton Derby Middlesboro Southend Grimsby C.Palace Genoa(aic) 96/7 Wrexham(fac) Huddersfield Portsmouth Stoke Stevenage(fac)1.50 97/8 Bury Gillingham(ccc) Swindon Ipswich QPR WBA Middlesboro Sheff.Utd Huddersfield Nottm Forest Port Vale Oxford Bradford Stockport Reading Stockport(fac) 98/9 Crewe QPR Sheff.U 99/00 Fulham 02/3 Sunderland Southampton A.Villa Newcastle Charlton 03/4 Portsmouth Chelsea A.Villa Charlton Blackburn Southampton Wimbledon(fac) Newcastle Bolton Leeds Sunderland(fac) 04/5 Arsenal Fulham 05/6 West Ham Arsenal Liverpool 06/7 Derby Norwich Luton Southampton Cardiff 07/8 Hereford(cc) 08/9 Bristol City 09/10 Wolves 10/11 Arsenal Chelsea 11/12 Reading.

BLACKBURN 65/6 West Ham ph West Ham(fac)ph 71/2 1.20 each Rotherham P.Vale(fac) Oldham Chesterfield York P.Vale Barnsley 72/3 Southend Wrexham Notts C. Tranmere 73/4 Walsall Hereford Watford Cambridge York Grimsby Shrewsbury Southport 1.25 Southport(lc)1.25 Hereford 74/5 Chesterfield PNE Hereford 75/6 Bolton Southampton York Sunderland 76/7 Bolton Rochdale(lc) Blackpool Notts C. Plymouth Stockport(lc) Luton Chelsea Blackpool Hereford Hull Nottm Forest Charlton(fac) Oldham Sheff.U Millwall Carlisle Wolves Charlton 77/8 Colchester(lc) Hull Bolton Brighton Mansfield Notts C. Oldham Stoke Southampton Burnley Sunderland Blackpool Charlton C.Palace Millwall Shrewsbury(fac) Fulham Bolton(asc) 78/9 Burnley Luton Brighton West Ham Newcastle Fulham Oldham Sheff.Utd PNE Milwall(fac) Leicester C.Palace Sunderland Millwall Notts C. Wrexham Cardiff 79/80 1.50 each Exeter A.Villa(fac) Blackpool Coventry(fac) Wimbledon Mansfield Stafford Rangers(fac) Chester Colchester Grimsby Brentford Gillingham Swindon Hull Sheff.Wed. 80/1 Oldham Swansea Luton PNE Sheff.Wed. Chelsea QPR Gillingham(lc) Cambridge Cardiff 81/2 Shrewsbury Bolton Luton Leicester Sheff.Wed.(lc) Wrexham Shrewsbury Cardiff C.Palace Oldham Bolton Watford Newcastle QPR Charlton 82/3 Burnley Cambridge Newcastle Barnsley Rotherham Oldham Liverpool(fac)1.50 Wolves Grimsby QPR C.Palace Middlesbrough Derby Shrewsbury Leeds Sheff.Wed. Leicester 83/4 Southampton(fac) Oldham Leeds Barnsley Portsmouth Cambridge Huddersfield Shrewsbury Middlesbrough 84/5 Man.Utd(fac) Huddersfield Man.City 85/6 Wimbledon(mc) Millwall Middlesboro Sheff.Utd Wimbledon Portsmouth Sunderland Grimsby Shrewsbury Oldham Leeds 86/7 Oldham Grimsby Birmingham Plymouth Sheff.Utd Hull Huddersfield Portsmouth Wigan(lc) Shrewsbury QPR(lc) Barnsley 87/8 Chelsea(playoff) Reading Swindon Bradford Sheff.Utd Ipswich Birmingham Leeds Man.City Liverpool(lc) Oldham WBA Huddersfield Bournemouth Shrewsbury Plymouth Hull 88/9 Ipswich Oxford Hull Watford Sheff.Wed.(fac) Shrewsbury Man.City Oldham Spurs(lc) Stoke Swindon Bournemouth C.Palace(playoff) Plymouth Brentford(lc) Man.C.(sc) Walsall Oxford Birmingham Bradford Sunderland Leicester Watford(po) Barnsley 89/90 Sheff.Utd A.Villa(fac) Swindon(posf) Exeter(lc) Middlesbrough 90/1 Hull Barnsley Ipswich Port Vale Notts Co. Ipswich Bristol City Rotherham Watford Sheff.Wed. Wolves 91/2 Derby 21/12 Middlesboro Kettering(fac) Portsmouth Cambridge Bristol City Grimsby 92/3 Leeds Coventry Oldham Sheff.Utd Man.U Bournemouth(fac) Watford(lc) QPR Wimbledon Everton Newcastle Newcastle(fac) Nottm Forest Middlesbrough Sheff.Wed.(lcsf) Norwich Norwich(lc) C.Palace Man.C. 93/4 A.Villa Oldham Newcastle Wimbledon 5/2 Chelsea Wimbledon 3/1 Swindon Sheff.Utd Coventry QPR Sheff.Wed. Ipswich Man.City Portsmouth(fac) Oldham(fac) Everton 94/5 QPR C.Palace Newcastle Man.City A.Villa Leicester Leeds 95/6 A.Villa QPR Newcastle Middlesboro Man.City Leeds Sheff.Wed. 97/8 PNE(ccc) Newcastle Liverpool Coventry Arsenal 98/9 Liverpool Spurs 99/00 Huddersfield Port Vale Barnsley Ipswich Stockport Grimsby Man.City Charlton 00/1 Watford Portmouth Nott'm Forest PNE Grimsby 01/2 Chelsea Oldham(wc) Ipswich Everton Middlesbrough 02/3 Liverpool Everton Sunderland(fac) Sunderland WBA 03/4 A.Villa 04/5 A.Villa Portsmouth Charlton Bolton Newcastle Middlesboro Birmingham Arsenal Everton Southampton 05/6 Birmingham Sunderland 28/12 Sunderland 15/2 Espanyol(fr) Charlton QPR(fac) Newcastle West Ham Man.Utd A.Villa 06/7 Arsenal Portsmouth Watford Chelsea Portsmouth Sheff.Utd Liverpool Middlesboro Nancy(uefa) Charlton Fulham B.Leverkusen(uefa) Bolton Wigan Everton Salzburg(uefa) FC Basel(uefa) Arsenal(fac) West Ham 07/8 Coventry(fac) Arsenal(cc) Arsenal Sunderland Fulham Bolton Everton Middlesboro West Ham Birmingham(cc) Reading FK Vetra(intertoto) Birmingham 08/9 Bolton Sunderland Stoke Chelsea Middlesboro Everton Arsenal Fulham Hull Man.U 09/10 Wolves 10/11 Arsenal A.Villa 14/15 Derby Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Huddersfield Wigan Wolves Charlton 16/17 Rotherham PNE Brentford Derby Barnsley Fulham Burton Crewe(efl) Huddersfield Nottm Forest Wolves Sheff.Wed. Leeds Brighton Blackpool(fac) Reading Newcastle Ipswich Cardiff 17/18 Bristol R. Fleetwood.

BLACKPOOL 67/8 Chesterfield(fac) Portsmouth 68/9 Wrexham(lc) Huddersfield Birmingham Sheff.U Millwall 69/70 Blackburn Arsenal(fac)3.00 Liverpool(fr)2.00 70/1 2.00 each Spurs Derby Wolves Burnley Southampton Newcastle WBA WestHam Everton Blackburn(fr) 71/2 1.25 each Fulham Hull Watford Norwich Luton Sheff.Wed. Swindon Carlisle PNE Bristol C. Burnley Middlesbrough Oxford Portsmouth Charlton 72/3 1.25 each Burnley A.Villa Brighton Oxford Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Carlisle Bristol C. Fulham Luton Hull Huddersfield NottmForest PNE 73/4 PNE Sunderland Cardiff 74/5 Hull Oxford Bristol City Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Bolton York Norwich Nott'm Forest Fulham WBA 75/6 Luton Fulham Bolton Oldham York WBA Sunderland Chelsea 2.50 76/7 Luton Hull 11/12 Blackburn Sheff.Utd Derby(fac) Hereford Chelsea 2.50 Cardiff 77/8 Brighton Bolton Fulham Southampton Oldham Sheff.Utd C.Palace Sunderland Blackburn Cardiff 78/9 Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield Lincoln 80/1 Reading Walsall(lc) Colchester Oxford Sheff.Utd Millwall Portsmouth Newport Chesterfield 81/2 Halifax Bournemouth Tranmere Port Vale Hereford 82/3 Colchester Torquay Hereford Scunthorpe 83/4 Hereford 84/5 Hereford 85/6 Bournemouth 86/7 Doncaster Mansfield Swindon Chesterfield Wigan Newport PNE(lc) 87/8 Mansfield Wigan Chester 88/9 Mansfield Brentford Bolton(svtf) Huddersfield Sheff.Wed.(lc) PNE Reading Port Vale Swansea Northampton Cardiff Scunthorpe(fac) 89/90 Mansfield Bolton Huddersfield Burnley(lc) Reading 90/1 Hartlepool Aldershot Peterboro Chesterfield Wrexham York Lincoln Scunthorpe Grimsby Northampton 91/2 Chesterfield Mansfield(rc) York Barnet 1.50 Barnet(po)2.00 Cardiff 92/3 Burnley(fr)Tranmere(ccc) PNE Bolton 93/4 Stockport Barnet Huddersfield Bournemouth Burnley Swansea Hull 94/5 Swansea 95/6 PNE(fr) 96/7 Hednesford(fac)1.50 PNE Rotherham Bournemouth 97/8 Burnley Carlisle 98/9 Wigan Chesterfield Burnley Fulham Wycombe Luton 99/00 Cardiff 00/1 Cheltenham 01/2 Brentford Tranmere Huddersfield Oldham Cambridge 02/3 Wigan Huddersfield Stockport Wycombe Crewe Barnsley Brentford Bristol City Mansfield Chesterfield 03/4 Bournemouth Plymouth Brentford Boreham Wood(fac) Oldham Port Vale Hartlepool Tranmere Wrexham Colchester Bristol City C.Palace(cc) Stockport Sheff.Wed. 04/5 Doncaster Walsall Brentford Bradford Hartlepool Bristol City Oldham Sheff.Wed. Port Vale Tamworth(fac) Hull Leicester(fac) 05/6 Hartlepool Bradford Bournemouth Wrexham(ldv) 06/7 Scunthorpe 08/9 PNE 12/13 Blackburn 13/14 Barnsley Yeovil. 14/15 Bolton Wigan Watford Middlesbrough Blackburn Ipswich Norwich Derby Brentford Millwall 18/19 Burton.

BOLTON 59/60 Spurs Blackburn 62/3 Burnley Ipswich 63/4 WBA 64/5 Bury 65/6 Birmingham WBA(fac) Middlesbrough Plymouth Carlisle Portsmouth Southampton PNE(fac) Charlton Coventry Man.City Derby Wolves C.Palace Rotherham Norwich Cardiff Bury PNE Ipswich Huddersfield 68/9 Blackburn Sheff.U Bury Derby A.Villa 69/70 Huddersfield Carlisle Blackpool QPR Bristol C. Sheff.U Hull Blackburn Oxford 70/1 Charlton Sheff.Utd Swindon Watford Middlesboro Hull Carlisle Oxford Luton Leicester Norwich Leicester(lc) Birmingham Cardiff 71/2 Halifax Rotherham Mansfield York Plymouth Port Vale Bradford Tranmere Bournemouth Rochdale Shrewsbury Notts C. Chesterfield Walsall Barnsley 72/3 Halifax Wrexham Grimsby Bournemouth Plymouth Chesterfield Rochdale PNE(fr) Charlton Brentford Oldham Shrewsbury Watford York Walsall Tranmere Luton(fac) 73/4 Hull Oxford PNE Bristol City Luton PNE(lc) Millwall A.Villa Carlisle Nott'm Forest 74/5 Sheff.Wed. Hull Norwich York Notts C. WBA Norwich Norwich(lc) Nott'm Forest WBA(fac) A.Villa 75/6 Fulham WBA York Southampton Oxford Hull Charlton Sunderland Chelsea Oldham Blackpool 76/7 Burnley Hull Notts C. Chelsea Oldham Hereford Southampton Wolves Nott'm Forest 77/8 Leeds(lc) Sheff.Utd Oldham Stoke Luton Notts C. Charlton Burnley Hull Fulham Southampton Mansfield(fac) Mansfield Peterboro(lc) Spurs Spurs(fac) 78/9 Liverpool Chelsea(lc) Man.Utd WBA Birmingham Nottm Forest Coventry Middlesboro Southampton Derby QPR Everton Wolves Man.City Spurs 79/80 Bristol City Middlesboro WBA A.Villa Arsenal C.Palace Southampton Man.Utd Liverpool Everton Stoke Norwich Derby Ipswich Man.City 80/1 Chelsea Derby Cambridge Bristol City Grimsby Wrexham Oldham PNE Newcastle Shrewsbury Swansea Sheff.Wed. Luton Blackburn C.Palace(lc) 81/2 Chelsea Grimsby Leicester Charlton Norwich Rotherham Luton Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Blackburn Oldham(lc) Derby(fac) Cambridge Sheff.Wed. 82/3 Burnley Blackburn Leicester Rotherham Watford(mc) Oldham Shrewsbury Middlesboro Sheff. Wed. Grimsby Wolves Leeds Newcastle Charlton QPR 83/4 Exeter Rotherham Gillingham Plymouth Southend Walsall Mansfield(fac) Bradford Newport Tranmere(fac) Lincoln Scunthorpe 84/5 Cambridge Bournemouth Crewe(frt) Plymouth Walsall Swansea Newport 85/6 Bury Wigan Walsall Brentford Lincoln Blackpool Chestefield Crewe(frt) York Wolves Gillingham Newport Tranmere(frt) Cardiff 86/7 Bury(lc) Blackpool Chesterfield Darlington Port Vale Bournemouth Notts C. Bristol Rov. Newport 87/8 Peterboro Cambridge Burnley Scunthorpe Hereford Wrexham Tranmere Hartlepool Darlington Carlisle Rochdale Crewe Exeter Torquay Wigan(lc) 88/9 Southend Reading Mansfield Bury Brentford Wrexham(svt) Wigan Cardiff 89/90 Crewe Wigan Bury Mansfield Rotherham Shrewsbury Brentford Rochdale(lc) Reading 90/1 Brentford Mansfield Bury(posf) Tranmere Reading Chester 91/2 Swansea Bury Bradford(fac) Reading 92/3 Stoke Mansfield Port Vale Bournemouth Burnley Liverpool(fac) Reading 93/4 Bristol City Birmingham Everton(fac) Luton A.Villa(fac) Stoke 94/5 Swindon(cccsf) Luton Middlesbrough Southend 95/6 West Ham Newcastle Nott'm Forest Middlesboro Blackburn Coventry A.Villa 96/7 Luton(fac) Bristol City(ccc) Barnsley Swindon Oxford Ipswich Bradford Reading Tranmere 97/8 Leicester Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon 98/9 QPR 99/00 Walsall Fulham 00/1 Scunthorpe(fac) 01/2 Derby Man.Utd Leeds 02/3 A.Villa Bury(wc) Newcastle Southampton Everton Blackburn West Ham Verona(fr) Man.City Charlton 03/4 Blackburn Charlton Walsall(cc) Man.U A.Villa Fulham A.Villa(ccsf) Man.City Spurs Leicester Southampton Liverpool Birmingham Southampton(cc) 04/5 Southampton Blackburn Fulham(fac) Fulham Middlesboro Arsenal(fac) WBA 05/6 Newcastle Fulham West Ham Heerenveen(fr) Sunderland Arsenal A.Villa Everton Portsmouth 06/7 Portsmouth Fulham Middlesboro Charlton Blackburn A.Villa Wigan Arsenal Reading Watford WestHam Man.City Newcastle 07/8 Fulham Portsmouth Reading Sheff.Utd Wigan Birmingham Blackburn Derby A.Villa Spurs 08/9 West Ham Spurs Everton Stoke Blackburn WBA Northampton(cc) 09/10 Portsmouth Stoke West Ham A.Villa Birmingham Spurs Fulham Wolves Sheff Utd(fac) Hull Wigan Blackburn Lincoln(fac) Chelsea 10/11 WBA Wolves Wigan Wigan(fac) 12/13 Watford NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Leicester Charlton Birmingham Bristol C. Ipswich Barcelona B(fr) 14/15 Vitesse(fr) Rotherham Bournemouth Sheff.Wed. Brentford Wigan Wigan(fac) Ipswich 15/16 Derby NottmForest Brighton Leeds Sheff.Wed. Birmingham Burton(c1c) Charlton(fr) 16/17 PNE(fr) Burnley(fr) Blackpool(ctt) Fleetwood Everton(u-23) Oldham MK Dons Bradford Southend Oxford Gillingham Shrewsbury Bristol R. Scunthorpe Coventry P.Vale 17/18 Stoke(fr) Sheff.Wed.(cc) Derby Sheff.U. A.Villa Barnsley Wolves Sunderland Bristol C. Brentford Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Reading QPR PNE Derby Fulham Huddersfield(fac) Ipswich Hull Leeds Middlesbrough Millwall Norwich NottmForest 18/19 WBA Walsall(fac) Stoke Sheff.U Reading Rotherham Norwich NottmForest QPR Blackburn Derby Hull Birmingham PNE Millwall Bristol C. A.Villa Sheff.Wed. Wigan Leeds Middlesbrough Swansea Ipswich.

BOSTON 02/3 Wrexham Oxford Rochdale Rushden & D. Scunthorpe Lincoln Bristol City(ldv) Hartlepool Cambridge Carlisle Yeovil(ldv) 04/5 Bury Cheltenham Kidderminster Bristol Rov. Lincoln Rushden&D. Southend Yeovil 05/6 Bristol Rov. Cheltenham Northampton Oxford Stockport 06/7 2-50 each Wycombe Lincoln Peterboro.

BOURNEMOUTH 61/2 Brentford 65/6 Workington 67/8 Barrow Scunthorpe 69/70 Barrow Southport Fulham 2.00 70/1 York Oldham Southend Stockport Aldershot Barrow 1.25 Grimsby Coventry(fr) Southport 1.25 71/2 Brighton Rotherham Shrewsbury Notts C. Blackpool(lc) Halifax 72/3 Shrewsbury Tranmere Southend Rochdale Bolton Scunthorpe Wrexham Plymouth Grimsby Oldham Spurs(fr) Chesterfield 73/4 Southend Cambridge Aldershot Plymouth Grimsby York Wrexham Port Vale Huddersfield Tranmere Walsall Brighton Hereford 74/5 Watford Port Vale Tranmere Peterboro PNE Hartlepool(lc) PNE Wrexham Swindon Colchester Hereford Walsall Bury Grimsby Huddersfield Gillingham Southwick(fac) Halifax Chesterfield C.Palace 75/6 Rochdale Stockport Huddersfield Plymouth(lc) Hartlepool Southport Newport Brentford Watford Hereford(fac) Swansea 76/7 Torquay Doncaster Barnsley Torquay(lc) Swansea 77/8 Hereford(lc) Stockport Barnsley Halifax Watford Reading Scunthorpe Torquay Rochdale Newport Hartlepool Swansea Northampton 78/9 Port Vale Reading Hartlepool Portsmouth Rochdale Stockport York Bradford Northampton Hereford 79/80 Northampton Port Vale York Stockport Darlington Hartlepool Hereford Doncaster Halifax Bradford Swansea(lc) Crewe Torquay Tranmere Lincoln Portsmouth Torquay Rochdale Aldershot 80/1 Rochdale Hartlepool Aldershot Darlington Hereford Crewe 81/2 Halifax Torquay Hartlepool Hereford Blackpool Torquay/Newport(gc) Reading(fac) Bradford Bury Colchester 82/3 Portsmouth Bristol Rov. Exeter Millwall PNE Walsall Wrexham Southend Plymouth(mc) 83/4 Bolton Scunthorpe Wigan Port Vale Southend Southampton(fr) PNE Bradford Rotherham Newport Exeter Wrexham(amcqf) Lincoln Hull 84/5 Cambridge Wigan PNE Walsall Torquay(frt) Bolton Burnley York Aldershot(mc) Doncaster Newport Swansea Rotherham 85/6 York Walsall Bolton Wigan Doncaster Darlington Bury Blackpool Rotherham Reading(mc) Lincoln Everton(mc) Newport Notts C. Swansea Reading Luton(fr) 86/7 Notts C. Bury Norwich(fr) Wigan Bristol Rov. Bristol City(lc) Chester Darlington Bolton Mansfield Swindon Newport 1.25 Doncaster 87/8 Bradford Reading Hull Shrewsbury Plymouth Southampton(lc) Swindon Middlesboro Birmingham Huddersfield Oldham Millwall Sheff.Utd Stoke Man.City Barnsley C.Palace WBA 88/9 Oldham Hull Coventry(lc) Leeds Bradford Barnsley Watford Oxford Walsall Portsmouth Stoke WBA Shrewsbury 89/90 Crewe(lc) Sheff.Utd Brighton Hull Plymouth Barnsley Watford Swindon Leicester WBA 90/1 Brentford PNE Mansfield Bury Reading Rotherham Shrewsbury Swansea Gillingham Crewe Wigan Hayes(fac) Cambridge Huddersfield 91/2 Bradford Stockport Bury Wigan Middlesboro(rc) Brentford Reading Chester Hull Cardiff(rc) Bolton 92/3 Hull Blackpool Stockport Rotherham Port Vale PNE Chelsea(fr) Barnet(fac) Walsall(ccc) Reading Reading(at) Swansea Wigan WBA Mansfield Hartlepool Fulham Huddersfield Cheltenham(fac) 93/4 Exeter Burnley Brighton(fac) Reading Wrexham Swansea Rotherham Huddersfield Blackpool Bristol R. Hull Brighton Stockport Cambridge York Bradford Cardiff Hartlepool Barnet Fulham Plymouth 94/5 Hull Blackpool Peterboro Rotherham Wrexham Stockport Oxford Bradford Huddersfield Cambridge 95/6 Watford Carlisle Peterboro Bradford Stockport Shrewsbury Bristol City Notts C. Wycombe Wrexham 96/7 Burnley Walsall Wycombe Blackpool Bristol City Brentford Peterboro Crewe 97/8 Torquay(ccc) Grimsby West Ham(fr) Watford Northampton Portsmouth(fr) Wigan Millwall Wimbledon(fr) Huddersfield(fac) Gillingham QPR(fr) 98/9 Oldham Walsall Wigan Luton Macclesfield Stoke Reading(aws) Notts C. Colchester(wc) PNE Blackpool Gillingham 99/00 Antigua(fr) PNE Oldham Bristol City Burnley Millwall Colchester Wigan Wycombe Oxford Wrexham Blackpool Scunthorpe Bristol City(fac) Gillingham Barnet(wc) Notts C. Luton Cardiff 00/1 Northampton 01/2 Peterboro Huddersfield Oldham Wycombe Reading Swindon Wigan Walsall(wc) 02/3 Oxford Crewe(fac) Boston York Darlington Southend(fac) Rushden & D. Hull Cambridge Scunthorpe Bristol City(ldvsf) Bury Rochdale 03/4 Wrexham Luton Brentford Brighton Rushden & D. Hartlepool Peterboro Grimsby Swindon WestHam(fr) 04/5 Walsall Oldham 05/6 Yeovil MK Dons 07/8 Cheltenham 08/9 Rochdale 10/11 Tranmere Yeovil Walsall Southampton 12/13 Colchester Scunthorpe 13/14 Bolton Blackpool Blackburn Yeovil 14/15 Blackburn Wolves 15/16 Stoke.

BRADFORD 64/5 Millwall Torquay Wrexham Newport Darlington Stockport York(lc) 68/9 Workington 69/70 Reading Rotherham Shrewsbury Luton Spurs(fac)2.50 Brighton Grimsby Southend Stockport Tranmere Rotherham Southport Fulham 2.00 70/1 Shrewsbury Rotherham Brighton Plymouth Bury Walsall Fulham 1.50 71/2 Chesterfield Swansea Blackburn Walsall York 72/3 Chester Hartlepool Aldershot Lincoln Reading Northampton Bury Rotherham Peterborough Crewe Cambridge Mansfield Barnsley Torquay Man.City(fr)3.00 Newport 1.25 Hereford 1.75 73/4 Gillingham Doncaster Rotherham Colchester Peterborough Barnsley Newport 1.25 74/5 Hartlepool Lincoln Crewe Scunthorpe Exeter Chester Stockport Doncaster Shrewsbury Barnsley Mansfield Cambridge Northampton Newport 1.25 75/6 Tranmere York(lc) Brentford Doncaster Southampton(fac)2.50 Southport 1.25 76/7 Rochdale Watford Bournemouth Hartlepool Crewe Halifax Doncaster Cambridge Huddersfield Colchester Halifax Brentford Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 77/8 Walsall Swindon Port Vale Plymouth Oxford Cambridge Bury Lincoln Peterboro(lc) Chester Tranmere Colchester 78/9 Barnsley Darlington Crewe Doncaster Torquay Rochdale York Stockport Hereford Northampton Bournemouth Halifax Portsmouth Huddersfield 79/80 Hartlepool Wigan Walsall Doncaster Scunthorpe Rochdale Aldershot Port Vale Halifax Peterboro Huddersfield 80/1 Liverpool(lc) Hereford Scunthorpe Northampton Crewe Bury Mansfield Tranmere Southend Hartlepool Port Vale Rochdale Wigan Peterboro Aldershot Darlington Stockport Halifax 11/2 Doncaster/Halifax Torquay Rotherham(lc) 81/2 Darlington Blackpool Scunthorpe Port Vale Hereford Mansfield Tranmere Stockport Crewe Hull Northampton Blackpool(lc) Mansfield(lc) Halifax Peterboro Aldershot Bournemouth Hartlepool 82/3 Halifax(flt) Exeter Mansfield(mc) Plymouth Walsall Sheff.Utd Brentford Millwall Lincoln PNE Bournemouth Newport Bristol R. Wigan Barnsley(fac) 83/4 Wimbledon Preston Wigan Southend Exeter Walsall Millwall Oxford Rotherham Burnley Lincoln Newport Scunthorpe 84/5 1.50 each Hull Newport 85/6 Fulham Brighton Middlesboro Millwall Sheff.Utd Shrewsbury Oldham Hull Chesterfield(mc) Portsmouth 86/7 Derby Hull WBA Oldham(fac) Shrewsbury Sheff.Utd Millwall Blackburn Ipswich Grimsby Huddersfield(wrc) Reading Leeds Newcastle(lc) 87/8 Hull WBA Sheff.Utd Birmingham Plymouth Bournemouth Leeds Fulham Oldham(lc) Southampton(simod cup) Halifax(fr) Oxford(fac) Huddersfield Man.City Millwall Swindon 88/9 Leicester Hull(fac) Swindon Sunderland Hull Watford Oxford Oldham Plymouth Bournemouth Blackburn Walsall Shrewsbury Reading(lc) Leeds Everton(lc) Brighton(sc) Brighton Portsmouth Scunthorpe(lc) WBA Barnsley 89/90 Lincoln(fr) Sunderland Sheff.Utd Barnsley Blackburn Oxford Ipswich Charlton(fac) Swindon WBA Brighton Bournemouth Watford Middlesboro Newcastle 90/1 Southend Rotherham Luton(rc) 91/2 Bury Bolton Bournemouth Swansea Stockport(lc) Wigan Chester Stockport WBA Reading Shrewsbury Torquay Brentford Stoke Hartlepool Real Valladolid(fr) Peterborough 92/3 Burnley Bournemouth Stoke Wigan PNE(fac) Stockport Rotherham Port Vale Reading Blackpool 93/4 Reading Port Vale Brentford Hull Fulham Chester(fac) Burnley Huddersfield 94/5 Oxford Cambridge Wrexham Blackpool Grimsby(ccc) Sheff.Wed.(ccc) Chester Plymouth Huddersfield Shrewsbury Wycombe Scunthorpe(fac) Bournemouth Cardiff 95/6 Wycombe Brentford Swindon Crewe Brighton Blackpool(ccc) Burnley Blackpool Walsall Peterboro Shrewsbury Bournemouth Chesterfield 96/7 Stoke Reading Tranmere Man.City Sheff.Utd 97/8 Tranmere Ipswich Bury Stoke Sheff.Utd Crewe Wolves Man.City Portsmouth QPR Leeds(fr) 98/9 Bury Stockport Bristol City Bolton Birmingham Sheff.Utd Port Vale C.Palace 19/1 C.Palace 24/10 Crewe Tranmere Grimsby(fac) Ipswich Wolves Huddersfield Halifax(fr) Halifax(wc) Sunderland QPR Watford Norwich 99/00 Coventry Sunderland Leicester Middlesboro Everton Barnsley(wc) Newcastle 00/1 Charlton Ipswich Man.Utd Sunderland Spurs West Ham Chelsea Liverpool Leeds Southampton 01/2 Crewe Walsall Millwall Stockport Gillingham 02/3 Crewe Grimsby Sheff.Utd Rotherham Wimbledon PNE Derby Burnley Coventry Sheff.Wed. 03/4 Darlington PNE Sheff.Utd Derby Gillingham Walsall Ipswich Millwall Reading Stoke West Ham Coventry Burnley Watford WBA Rotherham Coleraine/Aberdeen/Swansea(fr) C.Palace Luton(fac) Sunderland 04/5 Wrexham Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Walsall Chesterfield Rushden & D.(fac) Blackpool Accrington(ldv) Peterboro Notts C.(cc) Bolton(fr) Bristol C. Oldham Swindon 05/6 Port Vale Doncaster Scunthorpe 07/8 Chesterfield Rochdale Barnet Bury 08/9 Chester Luton Burnley/Oldham(fr) Rochdale Bournemouth Aldershot Shrewsbury Bury Wycombe Dagenham Grimsby Chesterfield 13/14 Doncaster(fr) Carlisle 14/15 Crewe 16/17 Scunthorpe Sheff.U Oxford Peterborough Northampton Southend Bury Walsall Shrewsbury Chesterfield Gillingham Fleetwood Cambridge(ctt) Rochdale MK Dons.

BRENTFORD 63/4 Shrewsbury Reading 64/5 Gillingham Southend(lc) 66/7 Aldershot Hartlepool Chesterfield Newport Port Vale 67/8 Swansea Halifax Guildford(fac) Bradford PA Darlington Newport 68/9 Grimsby Bradford 69/70 Notts C. Chester York Aldershot Northampton Chesterfield Port Vale Crewe Newport Wrexham Southend Swansea Colchester 70/1 Darlington Grimsby WestHam(fr) Barrow Lincoln Stockport Southend Crewe Oldham Colchester Northampton Scunthorpe Notts C. York Exeter Peterborough Southport 71/2 Aldershot Hartlepool Reading Scunthorpe Colchester Lincoln Workington Stockport Gillingham Swansea(fac) Southport Darlington Newport 1.25 72/3 Bolton Scunthorpe Notts C. 73/4 Colchester Crewe Barnsley Mansfield Chester Gillingham Newport Hartlepool Bury Lincoln Workington Scunthorpe Northampton Stockport Torquay Doncaster Reading Exeter Peterboro Swansea Bradford 74/5 Cambridge Rotherham Crewe Lincoln Bradford Scunthorpe Exeter Reading Mansfield Darlington Torquay Hartlepool Barnsley Rochdale Newport Southport Shrewsbury 75/6 Reading Rochdale Barnsley Stockport Newport Southport Scunthorpe Northampton(fac) Darlington Doncaster Torquay Bolton(fac) Tranmere Lincoln Bournemouth Crewe Cambridge Swansea 76/7 Doncaster Darlington Watford Aldershot Torquay Huddersfield Hartlepool Newport Bournemouth Chesham(fac) Cambridge Colchester Stockport Halifax Bradford Southend Exeter Rochdale Swansea 77/8 Hartlepool Watford Reading C.Palace(lc) Northampton Bournemouth Halifax Southport Southend York Swansea Grimsby Newport Crewe Torquay Rochdale Aldershot Stockport Barnsley Darlington 78/9 Plymouth Colchester Tranmere Watford(lc) Watford Bury Blackpool Southend Hull Swindon Gillingham Rotherham Chesterfield Lincoln Walsall Mansfield Swansea 79/80 Colchester Gillingham Grimsby Sheff.Utd Wimbledon Swindon Bury Mansfield Hull Southend Plymouth Oxford Reading Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Southend(lc) Barnsley Blackpool Carlisle Chesterfield Exeter Chester Blackburn 80/1 Rotherham Oxford Colchester Barnsley Walsall Huddersfield Chesterfield Sheff.Utd Swindon Plymouth Blackpool Burnley Charlton Reading Exeter Fulham Gillingham Hull Millwall Newport Carlisle 81/2 Doncaster Oxford(lc) Plymouth Lincoln Carlisle Exeter Fulham Gillingham Oxford PNE Walsall Wimbledon Bristol City Portsmouth Newport Chesterfield 82/3 Wigan Lincoln Oxford Huddersfield Newport Plymouth PNE Reading Swansea(mc) Walsall Wimbledon(mc) Bradford Chesterfield Doncaster Exeter Wrexham Portsmouth Cardiff 83/4 Bournemouth Bolton Bradford Charlton(mc) Exeter Millwall Oxford Plymouth Port Vale PNE Southend Wigan Rotherham Sheff.Utd Newport Lincoln Scunthorpe 84/5 Newport(frt final) Doncaster Leicester(mc) Lincoln Reading Walsall Bournemouth Bolton Swansea Wigan Bradford Cambridge(mc) Luton(fr) Newport Cambridge 85/6 Chesterfield Bury Darlington Sheff.Wed.(mc) Cambridge(mc) Walsall York Derby Doncaster Notts C. Reading Rotherham Newport Blackpool 86/7 Southend(lc) Walsall Darlington Fulham Mansfield Newport Notts C. Port Vale Rotherham Wigan York Blackpool Bolton Bournemouth Bury Carlisle 87/8 Northampton Notts C. Rotherham Southend(lc) Walsall Blackpool Brighton Bury Doncaster Fulham Gillingham Mansfield Sunderland Aldershot 88/9 Chesterfield Fulham(lc) Gillingham Man.City(fac) Mansfield Northampton Notts C. Peterboro(fac) Port Vale PNE Southend Blackburn(lc) Bury Bristol City Walsall(fac) Wigan Reading Torquay(svtsf) Cardiff 89/90 each Swansea PNE Wigan Fulham Colchester(fac) Notts C. Reading Northampton Shrewsbury Walsall Crewe Man.City(lc) Mansfield Reading(ldc) Bristol Rov. QPR(fr) Wimbledon(fr) 90/1 Bury Cambridge Fulham PNE Reading Rotherham Shrewsbury Southend Southend(fr)50p StokeTranmere(play-off) Wigan Wrexham(ldc) Oxford(fr) Mansfield Charlton(fr) Chester Crewe Exeter Grimsby Swansea Hereford(rc) Huddersfield Birmingham Birmingham(ldf) Bolton Bournemouth Bradford 91/2 Stockport Stoke Barnet(rc) Torquay Barnet(at) Bolton Birmingham Bournemouth Bradford Brighton(rc) Wigan Darlington Exeter Fulham Hartlepool Huddersfield Hull Peterboro Portsmouth(fr) Sutton(res)50p PNE Reading Shrewsbury Chelsea(fr) WBA 92/3 Fulham Oxford(aic) Birmingham Bari(aic) Derby Newcastle Wolves Notts C. Oxford Peterboro QPR(fr) Southend Watford Tranmere Swindon Spurs(ccc) C.Palace(fr) West Ham Luton Leicester Lucchese(aic) Grimsby Grimsby(fac) Fulham(ccc) Bristol City Barnsley Birmingham Cambridge Derby(aic) Charlton Portsmouth 93/4 Burnley Exeter Reading Bradford York Cardiff 94/5 Rotherham Wrexham Hull Brighton Plymouth Oxford Crewe Shrewsbury Birmingham Wycombe Chester Cardiff Cambridge(fac) 95/6 Bradford Shrewsbury Wycombe Chesterfield Peterboro Brighton Carlisle Blackpool Bolton(ccc) Wrexham Notts C. 96/7 Burnley Walsall Crewe Chesterfield 28/12 Chesterfield 15/4 Bournemouth 97/8 Southend Oldham Carlisle Northampton Fulham Wigan Luton York Bournemouth PNE Watford Millwall Blackpool Wrexham Shrewsbury(ccc) Chesterfield Gillingham Wycombe Burnley Southampton(ccc) Walsall Bristol Rov. 98/9 Darlington Chester QPR(fr) Rochdale Rotherham Spurs(wc)1-50 Scunthorpe Hartlepool Southend Oldham(fac) Cambridge Cardiff Walsall(aws) Torquay Shrewsbury Plymouth Exeter Swansea Peterboro Barnet Hull 99/00 Colchester Ipswich(wc) Wigan Cambridge Wrexham Bournemouth Millwall Burnley Oldham Oxford PNE Luton Blackpool Gillingham Plymouth Reading Scunthorpe Chesterfield Bristol City Stoke Bury Notts C. Wycombe Cardiff 00/1 Southend(ldvf) Peterboro Colchester Walsall Rotherham Oldham Wigan Kingstonian(fac) Bury Luton Port Vale Cambridge Wrexham Stoke Notts C. Bristol City Oxford Swansea Bristol Rov. Wycombe Bristol City(wc) Millwall Bournemouth 01/2 Huddersfield 02/3 Derby(fac) Middlesbrough 03/4 Brighton Chesterfield 04/5 Sheff.Wed.(post) 05/6 Swansea Swansea(posf) 06/7 Nott'm Forest Millwall Huddersfield Chesterfield Doncaster(fac) Bradford Bournemouth Brighton Blackpool.

BRIGHTON 58/9 Stoke 64/5 Torquay Darlington 66/7 Swindon Chelsea(fac) 67/8 Southport Gillingham Bournemouth Stockport Southend(fac) Peterborough Watford Barrow 68/9 Stockport Luton(lc) Luton Torquay Plymouth Gillingham Mansfield Oxford(lc) Southport Orient 69/70 Luton Rotherham Birmingham(lc) Mansfield Shrewsbury Bradford Reading Tranmere Halifax Barnsley Bristol Rov. Torquay Walsall(fac) Orient Bury Enfield(fac) Gillingham Plymouth Portsmouth(lc) Doncaster Barrow Wolves(lc) Rochdale Bournemouth Stockport Fulham 70/1 Rotherham Reading Rochdale Cheltenham(fac) 71/2 Halifax Bournemouth Port Vale Bradford Barnsley Shrewsbury Mansfield Walsall A.Villa Swansea Notts C. Torquay Chesterfield Rochdale Rotherham York Bolton Tranmere Wrexham Blackburn Oldham Bristol Rov. 72/3 PNE Middlesboro Exeter(lc) Blackpool Burnley Luton Oxford Hull Portsmouth Carlisle Chelsea(fac) Millwall Sheff.Wed. Fulham Bristol C. Orient Huddersfield 73/4 Charlton(lc) Shrewsbury Southend Bournemouth Tranmere Walton & H.(fac)2.00 Halifax Grimsby Hereford P.Vale Walsall Huddersfield York Southport 1.25 Cambridge Wrexham Rochdale Chesterfield Aldershot 74/5 Aldershot Chesterfield Watford Port Vale Grimsby Reading(lc) Swindon PNE Aldershot(fac) Wrexham C.Palace Southend Bury Huddersfield Hereford 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Chester Gillingham York Shrewsbury Rotherham Tranmere Derby(lc) C.Palace(fac) Mansfield Ipswich(lc) Peterboro Wrexham Chesterfield Northampton Lincoln PNE Grimsby Portsmouth Reading Sheff.Wed. P.Vale C.Palace Bury 77/8 Stoke Sunderland Scarboro(fac) Hull Oldham(lc) Notts C. Notts C.(fac) Cardiff Bristol R. Cambridge(lc) Burnley Oldham Charlton Fulham Mansfield Blackburn Orient 78/9 Luton C.Palace Leicester Sheff.Utd Notts C. PNE West Ham Cambridge Millwall(lc) Oldham Charlton Blackburn Sunderland Peterborough(lc) Orient Newcastle Burnley Stoke Bristol Rov. Cardiff Wolves(fac) Wrexham 79/80 Leeds Middlesboro Bristol City Man.Utd A.Villa 4/2 A.Villa 3/3 Coventry Stoke Derby Cambridge(lc) Bolton Southampton Spurs C.Palace WBA Liverpool NottmForest Ipswich Norwich Wolves Man.City Everton Arsenal(lc) 80/1 Man.Utd Coventry Middlesboro Southampton Tranmere(lc) WBA C.Palace Spurs Stoke A.Villa Ipswich Nott'm Forest Norwich Birmingham Wolves Leicester Everton Arsenal Man.U(fac) 81/2 Arsenal A.Villa WBA Southampton Barnet(fac) Man.City Man.U Middlesbro Huddersfield(lc) Coventry Notts C. NottmForest Leeds Birmingham WestHam Wolves Sunderland Spurs Oxford(fac) Stoke Liverpool Ipswich Swansea 82/3 Watford Norwich Norwich(fac) Nott'm Forest Stoke Southampton Luton WBA Arsenal Ipswich A.Villa Spurs(lc) Birmingham Liverpool Coventry Man.City Man.City(fac) Sunderland Notts C. Spurs WestHam 83/4 Derby Carlisle Shrewsbury Blackburn Fulham Man.Utd(fr) C.Palace Huddersfield Portsmouth Charlton Sheff.Wed. Cambridge 84/5 Notts C. Oldham Shrewsbury Wimbledon Grimsby Middlesboro Carlisle Oxford Blackburn Sheff.U Huddersfield Man.City Barnsley 85/6 Sheff.Utd Blackburn Carlisle Wimbledon Grimsby Portsmouth Southampton(fac) Charlton Peterborough(fac) C.Palace 86/7 Blackburn Hull Barnsley Reading Sheff.Utd Shrewsbury Stoke Grimsby Plymouth WBA Huddersfield C.Palace Oldham Bradford Birmingham Portsmouth Sunderland NottmForest(lc) Leeds Sheff.U(fac) 87/8 PNE Chesterfield Arsenal(fac) Brentford Rotherham Bournemouth(fr) Southend(frt) 88/9 Shrewsbury Hull Watford Oxford Stoke Blackburn Walsall Bradford Oldham Barnsley Portsmouth Leeds 89/90 Brentford(lc) Hull Sheff.Utd Portsmouth Watford Barnsley Oxford Oldham Plymouth Swindon Blackburn Middlesboro Bradford Spurs(fr) Luton(fac) Newcastle Ipswich 90/1 Middlesboro Northampton(rc) Hull Charlton Bristol City Millwall Millwall(po) Barnsley Blackburn C.Palace(zds) Swindon Scunthorpe(fac) Plymouth Oxford Newcastle Notts C. Oldham Leicester Portsmouth Arsenal(fr) Charlton(zds) Ipswich WestHam WBA 91/2 Bristol City Brentford(rc) Grimsby Watford Oxford Plymouth Leicester Wimbledon(zds) Cambridge 92/3 Stockport Wigan Portsmouth(fac) Reading Swansea Exeter(at) Orient Bournemouth 93/4 Bournemouth Reading Blackpool Bradford Rotherham Hartlepool Reading(at) C.Palace(fr) Huddersfield Fulham Cambridge Stockport Brentford Burnley Plymouth 94/5 Plymouth Cardiff 95/6 Swansea Bradford Bristol City Bristol Rov. Wycombe Walsall Fulham(ccc) Oxford Rotherham Hull Stockport Peterboro C.Palace(fr) Blackpool 96/7 Exeter Rochdale Hartlepool Scarboro Cambridge Carlisle Northampton Hereford 97/8 Rochdale C.Palace(fr) Peterboro Darlington Cardiff Notts C. Shrewsbury Colchester Doncaster Hull Hartlepool Swansea 98/9 Darlington Peterboro Halifax Mansfield Hartlepool Chester Brentford Southend Plymouth Hull 99/00 Northampton Mansfield Gillingham(wc) Hartlepool Lincoln Cheltenham 00/1 Cheltenham 01/2 Cardiff 02/3 Sheff.Wed. 03/4 Luton 10/11 Rochdale Charlton Notts C. Swindon 11/12 Southampton Millwall 14/15 Bolton Fulham Sheff.Wed. Bolton Wigan Blackpool Rotherham Charlton Leeds Cardiff Cheltenham(cc) NottmForest Brentford Reading Ipswich Blackburn Southampton(fr).

BRISTOL CITY68/9 Huddersfield 69/70 Bolton Portsmouth Leicester Blackburn Swindon PNE Sheff.Utd Oxford Rotherham(lc) 70/1 Oxford Bolton Luton Leicester Watford 71/2 Watford Swindon Fulham Blackpool Hull QPR Portsmouth Birmingham Burnley 72/3 Huddersfield Swindon Sheff.Wed. Burnley Middlesboro A.Villa Millwall PNE 73/4 Coventry(lc) Swindon Oxford Notts C. Scunthorpe(lc) PNE Liverpool(fac) 74/5 Nott'm Forest WBA Bolton Millwall Portsmouth Oldham Cardiff 75/6 1.25 each Nott'm Forest Bristol R. Blackburn Oldham York Notts C. Oxford Carlisle Fulham Hull 76/7 1.50 each Sunderland Middlesbrough Stoke Ipswich QPR Man.City A.Villa Leicester 77/8 1.25 each Wolves A.Villa Stoke(lc) Coventry Man.U Liverpool Newcastle Birmingham Chelsea Everton Man.C. Norwich Leicester NottmForest Wrexham(fac) WBA Ipswich St.Mirren(ascf) Derby Middlesbrough Hibs(ascsf) Arsenal Leeds QPR West Ham Bristol R.(fr) 78/9 1.25 each NottmForest Everton Southampton Leeds Bolton C.Palace(lc) Arsenal WBA Chelsea Birmingham Middlesbrough Man.U Ipswich QPR Spurs Bolton(fac) Man.C. Coventry Liverpool Derby Wolves A.Villa 79/80 1.25 each WBA Coventry Liverpool Man.U Stoke Norwich Arsenal Bolton Middlesbrough NottmForest Derby(fac) Leeds C.Palace Brighton Everton A.Villa Southampton Ipswich Spurs Man.C. Derby Rotherham(lc) Peterborough(lc) Wolves Ipswich(fac) NottmForest(lc) 80/1 West Ham Chelsea Birmingham(lc) Grimsby Notts C. Luton QPR Bolton Blackburn Shrewsbury PNE Swansea Newcastle Derby Oldham Derby(fac) Cambridge Watford Carlisle(fac) Sheff.Wed. Wrexham Bristol R. 81/2 Newport Brentford PNE Carlisle Oxford Huddersfield Plymouth Walsall Exeter Southend Carlisle(lc) Portsmouth Bristol Rov. Fulham A.Villa(fac) Reading Lincoln Chesterfield 82/3 Scunthorpe Stockport Rochdale Darlington Hereford Peterboro Tranmere Hartlepool Halifax Torquay/Newport(group cup) 83/4 Stockport Peterborough Doncaster 84/5 Bolton Plymouth Walsall Bournemouth Lincoln Bolton Burnley Hereford(frt) Plymouth Port Vale(frt) York Newport Newport(mc) Cambridge Derby Bradford Hull WestHam(mc) Swansea 85/6 Derby Doncaster Walsall Gillingham Bolton Chesterfield Bury Swansea Newport Gillingham(frt) Hereford(frt) York Lincoln Reading Swindon(fac) Newport Wigan Darlington Cardiff 86/7 Rotherham Carlisle Southend(frt) Mansfield Blackpool Walsall Gillingham(frtsf) Brentford Gillingham Bristol Rov.(frt) Bath(fac) Newport Darlington York Chesterfield Bournemouth Fulham Swindon Plymouth(fac) Bournemouth(lc) Sheff.U(lc) Aldershot(frt) 87/8 Chesterfield Bury Rotherham Port Vale Fulham Southend Grimsby PNE Sheff.Utd(po) Chester Brentford Swindon(lc) Bristol Rov. Swansea(frt) Torquay)fac) Doncaster 88/9 Chester Sheff.Utd Oxford(lc) Port Vale Bury Chesterfield Exeter(lc) Bolton Brentford Southend(fac) Reading Swansea Cardiff Aldershot(fac) PNE Swindon(fr) Southampton(fr) C.Palace Gillingham Mansfield Northampton Reading 89/90 Rotherham PNE Mansfield Wigan Swindon(fac) Bristol Rov. Cambridge(fac) Bristol R.(fr) Cardiff Northampton Walsall 90/1 Newcastle Sunderland(lc) Watford Middlesboro Portsmouth Oldham Oxford WBA(rc) Blackburn Barnsley Swindon Leicester Millwall P.Vale Hull 91/2 Wolves Portsmouth Bristol Rov. Plymouth Port Vale Middlesbrough Derby Southend Cambridge Brighton Bristol R.(fr) Tranmere Blackburn 92/3 Portsmouth Watford Southend Derby Oxford 93/4 Nott'm Forest Liverpool(fac)1.50 Leicester Peterborough Derby 94/5 Oldham Stoke Portsmouth Swindon Derby 96/7 Swansea(fac) York 97/8 Fulham Blackpool Bournemouth Wrexham Bristol R.(ccc) 98/9 QPR Sunderland 99/00 Cambridge(wc) Bury Cambridge Blackpool 00/1 Swansea 01/2 Blackpool Oldham Wigan Cambridge(ldv) Tranmere Wycombe 02/3 Crewe Northampton Brentford QPR 03/4 Brentford Wrexham Colchester Peterboro Wycombe Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield Swansea(cc) 04/5 Wrexham Peterboro(ldv) Stockport Walsall Brentford(fac) Bradford Hartlepool Hull Swindon Tranmere Colchester Port Vale Brentford Peterboro 05/6 Blackpool Doncaster Port Vale Oldham Notts C.(fac) Swansea Scunthorpe 06/7 Tranmere Brentford Huddersfield Carlisle Oldham Bradford Northampton Blackpool Swansea 07/8 Norwich Watford Wolves Sheff.Wed. Burnley PNE Charlton Ipswich Southampton Barnsley Coventry Hull Leicester Stoke 08/9 PNE Swansea 09/10 Doncaster Nottm Forest Peterboro Leicester Coventry Middlesboro Sheff.Utd Watford Scunthorpe QPR Barnsley 11/12 Cardiff 12/13 Ipswich Millwall Burnley Blackpool Bolton Brighton Hull Sheff.Wed. Wolves Blackburn Leeds 13/14 Bradford Brentford Tranmere Shrewsbury PNE Peterborough Port Vale Crawley Coventry Colchester Carlisle 14/15 Peterborough Coventry 15/16 Sheff.Wed 16/17 NottmForest Brighton Brentford Huddersfield Hull A.Villa Wigan Rotherham Newcastle Leeds Derby 17/8 Man.City(cc)2.00.

BRISTOL ROVERS 65/6 Workington 66/7 Workington 67/8 Barrow 68/9 Barrow Brighton Tranmere 69/70 Barrow Southport Fulham 2.00 70/1 Chesterfield Reading Rotherham Torquay Norwich(lc) Doncaster Plymouth Mansfield Swansea Barnsley Bury Birmingham(lc) 71/2 York Torquay Mansfield Sunderland(lc) Notts C. Chesterfield Rotherham Plymouth Halifax Bournemouth Tranmere Bradford A.Villa York Oldham 72/3 Chesterfield Bolton Grimsby Rotherham Rochdale Tranmere Halifax Charlton York Cardiff(lc) Swansea 73/4 1.50 each York Huddersfield Plymouth Shrewsbury Chesterfield Tranmere Rochdale Oldham Aldershot Watford Southport Blackburn Wrexham Walsall Halifax P.Vale Southend Grimsby Bournemouth Hereford 74/5 WBA Southampton Oxford Plymouth(lc) A.Villa Bolton Oldham Portsmouth 75/6 York WBA Blackpool Luton Sunderland Bolton Oldham Nott'm Forest Charlton Portsmouth Blackburn Southampton Chelsea 76/7 Oldham Notts C. Carlisle Oldham Luton Hull Hereford Plymouth NottmForest Southampton Cardiff 77/8 Oldham Stoke Southampton(fac) Southampton Sunderland Millwall Blackpool Ipswich(fac) C.Palace Cardiff 78/9 West Ham Oldham Burnley Cambridge Charlton(fac) C.Palace Leicester Brighton Blackburn Notts C. Sheff.Utd Wrexham Cardiff Hereford(lc) 79/80 A.Villa(fac) Shrewsbury QPR Torquay(lc) Oldham PNE Chelsea Southampton(fr) Wrexham Swansea Notts C. West Ham Charlton Birmingham Cambridge Fulham Sunderland Leicester Cardiff 80/1 QPR Luton Blackburn Exeter(lc) Grimsby Cambridge Watford Derby Wrexham Shrewsbury Bolton Chelsea Swansea Sheff.Wed. Cardiff 81/2 Portsmouth Plymouth Exeter Chesterfield Sheff.Wed. Newport 82/3 Bournemouth Brentford Newport Cardiff Swansea(mc) 83/4 Bournemouth Wigan Bradford Newport Barnet(fac) 84/5 Arsenal(mc)1.50 Ipswich(fac) Cambridge Newport 85/6 1.75 each Southampton(fr) Bristol City Rotherham Bury Reading Darlington Newport Swansea Bournemouth Wolves York Walsall Plymouth Notts C. Swindon(frt) Wigan(frt) Derby 86/7 Mansfield Blackpool Chesterfield Port Vale Brentford(fac) Bournemouth York Notts C. Walsall Wigan Chester Gillingham Darlington Brentford Doncaster Swindon Bristol City Rotherham 87/8 Chester Hereford(lc) Rotherham Walsall Wigan York Northampton Mansfield Doncaster Hereford(frt) PNE Chesterfield Merthyr(fac) Grimsby Rubgy(fac) Brighton Southend Notts C. Gillingham Brentford Bury Port Vale Blackpool Bristol City Bristol C.(fr) Fulham 88/9 Reading Wimbledon(fr) Bristol City(fr) Swansea Gillingham Bury Chesterfield Mansfield Fisher(fac) Fulham(posf) P.Vale(pof) Cardiff(svt) Southend Northampton Bristol C. Huddersfield Notts C. Fulham Sheff.U 89/90 Portsmouth(lc) Reading Reading(fac)18/11 Reading(fac)27/11 Fulham Northampton Swansea Birmingham Tranmere Mansfield Walsall Wigan Brentford Shrewsbury Crewe Rotherham Bolton PNE Chester Blackpool 90/1 Swindon Bristol C.(fr) Plymouth Blackburn Barnsley Brighton Oxford Portsmouth Notts C. Millwall Oldham Watford P.Vale Sheff.Wed. Crewe(fac) Ipswich Hull 91/2 Cambridge Ipswich Grimsby Millwall Derby Watford Leicester Southend Barnsley Plymouth(fac) Plymouth Tranmere Portsmouth P.Vale Bristol C.(rc) Middlesbrough Swindon Charlton Brighton Oxford 92/3 Cambridge Portsmouth West Ham Brentford Swindon Peterborough Charlton Watford Luton Millwall Oxford Barnsley Southend Notts C. Grimsby Tranmere 93/4 Cambridge Swansea Barnet Rotherham Reading Orient York P.Vale Brentford Hull Wycombe(fac) Wrexham Plymouth Exeter Huddersfield Cardiff Hartlepool Stockport Blackpool Fulham Bournemouth Brighton Burnley 94/5 Huddersfield Crewe Wrexham York Oxford P.Vale(ccc) Blackpool Stockport Bradford Peterborough Brighton Cardiff Chester Rotherham Cambridge Brentford Hull Swansea Wycombe Luton(fac) Orient Plymouth Shrewsbury 95/6 Wrexham Bournemouth(aws) Bournemouth Shrewsbury Walsall Wycombe(last @ Twerton)3.00 Crewe Swindon Oxford Carlisle Stockport Notts C. Peterborough York 96/7 Bournemouth Burnley Rotherham Notts C. Wrexham PNE 97/8 PNE 98/9 Colchester 99/00 Luton(wc) Cardiff Bury PNE Cambridge Notts C. Oxford Reading Stoke Chesterfield Wrexham 00/1 Millwall Colchester Swansea Bury Wigan Luton Walsall Rotherham P.Vale Stoke Wycombe Oxford Oldham Brentford 01/2 Cheltenham Luton Rochdale Halifax Oxford Swansea Kidderminster Plymouth Hartlepool York Shrewsbury 02/3 Rochdale Kidderminster Swansea Lincoln Southend Boston Oxford Bury Exeter Rushden&D. Carlisle York Darlington Macclesfield Hartlepool Shrewsbury Torquay Scunthorpe Bournemouth Cambridge 03/4 Cheltenham Rochdale Darlington Macclesfield Yeovil York Mansfield Cambridge Kidderminster Doncaster Lincoln 04/5 Rochdale Rushden & D. Wycombe Bury Yeovil Cheltenham Cambridge Northampton Boston Chester Kidderminster Oxford Lincoln Macclesfield Darlington Southend Mansfield Notts C. Shrewsbury Swansea Orient Scunthorpe Southend(ldv) Grimsby 05/6 Chester Port Vale(fac) Mansfield Cheltenham Torquay Northampton Macclesfield Boston Carlisle Bury Peterborough Oxford Rochdale Wrexham Shrewsbury Barnet Grimsby Stockport Wycombe Notts C. Rushden&D. Darlington 06/7 Accrington Chester Hereford(fac) 07/8 Oldham Huddersfield Nott'm Forest Cheltenham P.Vale Southend Carlisle Luton Millwall Hartlepool Gillingham Orient Northampton Bournemouth Tranmere Crewe 08/9 Yeovil Crewe MK Dons Southend 09/10 Walsall Hartlepool Norwich Oldham MK Dons Southend Brighton Yeovil Swindon Huddersfield Millwall Orient 10/11 MK Dons Huddersfield 11/12 Crewe Cheltenham 12/13 Plymouth 13/14 Reading(fr) Southend Fleetwood Exeter Cheltenham Newport 15/16 Mansfield Stevenage Wycombe Newport Wimbledon Morecambe 16/17 Walsall Cheltenham(fr) Bradford Scunthorpe Shrewsbury Oldham Bury 17/18 Wigan Blackpool.

BURNLEY 70/1 Nott'm Forest Wolves WBA 71/2 QPR Watford PNE Charlton Carlisle Oxford Swindon 72/3 Hull Portsmouth Liverpool(fac) Fulham Blackpool Brighton 73/4 Liverpool QPR Stoke East Fife(tc) Hearts(tc) Man.U Plymouth(lc) Arsenal Wolves Ipswich A.Villa(fac) Everton Newcastle 74/5 Sheff.Utd Leeds Leicester Coventry Everton QPR Arsenal Wolves Man.City Ipswich Birmingham Derby 75/6 1.20 each Arsenal Everton Middlesboro Leicester Norwich Leeds Stoke Leicester(lc) Wolves Middlesboro(lc) Liverpool West Ham Derby Newcastle Ipswich Sheff.Utd A.Villa Man.City Spurs Birmingham Man.Utd 76/7 Blackburn Fulham Luton Southampton Hull Charlton Oldham Millwall Blackpool Plymouth Wolves Hereford Sheff.Utd Nott'm Forest Notts C. Bolton Cardiff Lincoln(fac) 77/8 Chester(lc) Luton Fulham Oldham Sheff.Utd Mansfield Southampton Stoke Blackburn Charlton Notts C. Ipswich(lc) Hull Brighton C.Palace Norwich(lc) Bolton 78/9 Luton Bradford(lc) Wrexham Newcastle Cambridge Charlton PNE Sheff.Utd 6/3 Sheff.Utd 20/1 Stoke Blackburn Fulham Mansfield(ascsf) C.Palace Oldham Brighton(lc) Celtic(asc) West Ham Notts C. Leicester Sunderland Sunderland(fac) Brighton Millwall 79/80 QPR PNE Leicester Shrewsbury Luton Cambridge Watford Wrexham Newcastle Stoke(fac) Fulham West Ham Swansea Chelsea 2.00 80/1 Portsmouth Carlisle Huddersfield Chester Swindon Walsall Chesterfield West Ham(lc) Hull Colchester Millwall Sheff.Utd Rotherham Brentford Reading Scarboro(fac) Gillingham Barnsley Port Vale(fac) Plymouth Blackpool Exeter Charlton Fulham Oxford Newport 81/2 Chester Southend Carlisle Reading Gillingham Lincoln Doncaster PNE Newport Exeter Swindon Huddersfield Plymouth Runcorn(fac) Millwall Bristol C. Chesterfield Fulham 82/3 Leeds Sheff.Wed. Derby Leicester Middlesboro Carlisle Carlisle(fac) Grimsby Rotherham Charlton Sheff.Wed.(fac) Oldham Cambridge Shrewsbury Barnsley Newcastle Blackburn C.Palace Swindon(fac) QPR C.Palace(fac) Fulham Wolves Chelsea 83/4 Scunthorpe Port Vale Bolton(amc) Chesterfield(fac) Blackpool(manx cup) Bournemouth Newport Sheff.Utd Crewe(mc) Plymouth Gillingham Wigan Southend PNE Hyde(fac) Rotherham Walsall Wimbledon Bradford Oxford(fac) Hull Brentford Exeter Lincoln Millwall Bolton 84/5 Wigan Man.Utd(mc) Plymouth Hull PNE Newport Walsall Lincoln Crewe(mc) Halifax(fac) Swansea Rotherham 85/6 Bury(mc) PNE Halifax Torquay Stockport Hereford Port Vale Swindon Exeter Scunthorpe Colchester Cambridge 86/7 Cambridge Halifax Torquay Crewe Scunthorpe Northampton 87/8 PNE(svt) Carlisle Hereford Hartlepool Bolton Stockport Crewe Colchester Rochdale(svt) Rochdale Torquay Norwich(lc) Wolves Scunthorpe Tranmere Exeter Halifax(svtsf) Peterboro Cardiff Wrexham Swansea Cambridge 88/9 Doncaster Cambridge Hereford PNE(manx cup) Blackburn(manx cup) York Rochdale Colchester Rochdale(lc) Rotherham Exeter Luton(lc) Chester(fac) Hartlepool Wrexham Grimsby Halifax Crewe(svt) Stockport Torquay Peterboro Carlisle Scunthorpe Tranmere Crewe Colchester 89/90 York Halifax Doncaster Aldershot Cambridge Stockport(ldt) Grimsby Scunthorpe(fac)12/12 Scunthorpe(fac)18/12 Hereford Lincoln Scunthorpe Hartlepool Torquay Doncaster Gillingham Bolton(manx cup) Blackburn(manx cup) Wigan(manx cup) Peterboro Stockport(fac) Carlisle Scarboro Rochdale Exeter Stockport Chesterfield 90/1 Stockport Peterboro Walsall Doncaster Wrexham Stoke(fac) Stockport(rc) Blackpool Hartlepool Nottm'Forest(fac) Gillingham Torquay Chesterfield Cardiff 91/2 Hereford Rotherham(fac) York Wrexham Lincoln Chesterfield Walsall Mansfield Crewe Barnet Rochdale Scunthorpe Rotherham Doncaster(fac) Doncaster 92/3 Fulham Bournemouth Stoke Hull Brighton Reading Bolton PNE Stockport Bradford Chester Port Vale Rotherham Carlisle(ccc) Wigan WBA Hartlepool Dynamo Huddersfield Plymouth Mansfield 93/4 Spurs(ccc) Bradford Stockport PNE(ccc) Swansea York(fac) Brighton Barnet Hull Port Vale Blackpool Plymouth Hartlepool Fulham Bournemouth Cambridge Reading Wrexham Exeter Rochdale(fac) York Blackpool(res) Brentford Cardiff 94/5 Derby Grimsby Luton Wolves Bristol City Notts C. Millwall Southend Port Vale Reading Barnsley Sheff.Utd York(ccc) Oldham Stoke Watford Bolton Sunderland Tranmere 95/6 Wrexham Peterboro Bradford Shrewsbury Brentford Stockport Chesterfield Blackpool Crewe Walsall Carlisle Wycombe 96/7 Walsall Stockport Rotherham Luton Wycombe Walsall Blackpool Plymouth Crewe Bournemouth Gillingham Chesterfield PNE Stockport(aws) 97/8 Grimsby York PNE Wrexham Gillingham Wigan Southend Walsall Northampton Bournemouth 98/9 Walsall Bournemouth Chesterfield PNE Lincoln PNE(aws) Oldham York Bury(wc) Notts C. Wycombe Millwall Reading Wigan Gillingham Blackpool Wrexham Stoke Northampton 99/00 PNE Notts C. Bristol City Chesterfield Wycombe Oldham Bury Scunthorpe Wrexham Blackpool Gillingham 00/1 Grimsby Birmingham Hartlepool(wc) Gillingham 01/2 Watford Barnsley Walsall Gillingham Birmingham 02/3 Wolves Watford Leicester Sheff.Wed. Gillingham Sheff.U Bradford 03/4 Stoke PNE Coventry Walsall Gillingham Gillingham(fac) Ipswich Wimbledon West Ham WBA Crewe Sunderland 04/5 Dundee Utd(fr) Rotherham Blackburn(fac) Crewe Wigan Watford QPR Leicester 1/1 Gillingham Derby Brighton Wolves Wolves(cc) Liverpool(fac) posponed Plymouth Nott'm Forest Leicester 8/3 Sunderland PNE Reading West Ham Stoke Coventry Leeds Bournemouth(fac) Everton(fr) Cardiff 05/6 Brighton Derby Watford Cardiff Coventry 06/7 Stoke 1/1 Stoke 23/1 Derby C.Palace Luton Cardiff 07/8 QPR Ipswich Coventry Blackpool Scunthorpe Plymouth Arsenal(fac) Watford Wolves C.Palace Southampton Leicester PNE Barnsley Hull Sheff.Utd WBA Bristol C. 08/9 Southampton Sheff.Utd C.Palace Norwich Barnsley Derby Cardiff Ipswich Oldham(cc) Blackpool Charlton QPR(fac) Spurs(ccsf) Wolves Fulham(cc) PNE Watford Reading Caledonian Th.(fr) Sheff U Bolton(cc) Scunthorpe Reading(posf) 09/10 A.Villa Man.City Portsmouth Reading Wigan Fulham 10/11 Hull Doncaster Bristol C. Bolton(cc) Barnsley Watford Sheff.U Scunthorpe Reading PNE Leicester 11/12 Barnet(cc) MK Dons(cc) Blackpool Leicester Portsmouth Reading 12/13 Huddersfield Hull Barnsley Leicester 13/14 Sheff.Wed.(c1c) Yeovil Reading Charlton Barnsley Bolton 14/15 A.Villa C.Palace Hull Newcastle Sunderland WestHam 15/16 Brighton Rotherham Ipswich Fulham Charlton MK Dons Bolton Sheff.Wed. Bristol C. Reading Brentford Birmingham.

BURTON ALBION 03/4 Hereford 05/6 Man.Utd(fac) Derby(fr) 08/09 Oxford 11/12 Cheltenham 12/13 Dagenham 14/15 Newport.

BURY 64/5 Bolton 69/70 Fulham 2.00 71/2 Southport 1.25 73/4 Cambridge(lc) Exeter Scunthorpe Oldham(lc) Mansfield Lincoln Luton(lc) Bradford Swansea 74/5 Walsall PNE Hereford 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Wrexham Northampton dec. Northampton feb. Chesterfield Reading York C.Palace Mansfield Oxford P.Vale Lincoln Portsmouth Grimsby Shrewsbury PNE(lc) Darlington(lc) Tranmere Chester Peterborough Brighton PNE Swindon Gillingham Shrewsbury(fac) Walsall 77/8 Nott'm Forest(lc) Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Chesterfield Bury Hereford 78/9 Southend Wigan(fac) Swansea 79/80 Rochdale(fac) Millwall Sheff.Wed. York(fac) 80/1 Doncaster Torquay Northampton Crewe Mansfield Darlington Southend Scunthorpe Tranmere P.Vale Hartlepool Bournemouth Hereford Bradford Peterborough Wigan Aldershot Halifax Lincoln Lincoln(fac) York Wimbledon 81/2 Wigan Scunthorpe Darlington Carlisle(lc) Rochdale Burnley(fac) Hull Tranmere(fac) Peterborough Halifax Crewe Mansfield Hartlepool Hereford Tranmere Bournemouth Blackpool Torquay Colchester 82/3 Darlington Hereford Scunthorpe 83/4 Rochdale 84/5 Halifax Hereford Chesterfield 85/6 Barnsley(fac) Reading Newport Man.City(mc) Darlington 86/7 Walsall Wigan Bournemouth Newport Rotherham 87/8 Man.U(lc) Northampton 88/9 Bolton Cardiff Chesterfield 89/90 Exeter Walsall Reading Brentford Cardiff 90/1 Bolton(posf) Blackburn(fr)s/s Bolton Cambridge 91/2 Hartlepool(rc) Wigan WBA 92/3 Wrexham(ccc) Lincoln Hereford Chesterfield Torquay QPR(ccc) 93/4 Chesterfield Wycombe Northampton Bolton(ccc) 94/5 PNE(aws) PNE Barnet Darlington Hereford Walsall Torquay Rochdale 95/6 Gillingham PNE Darlington Mansfield Chesterfield(ccc) Chester Torquay Cambridge 96/7 York PNE Shrewsbury Rotherham Chesterfield Wrexham Burnley Bristol Rov. Bristol City Gillingham Bournemouth 97/8 Sheff.Utd Swindon Ipswich Crewe(ccc) 98/9 Huddersfield Sheff.Utd Stockport Portsmouth 01/2 Sheff.Wed.(wc) Wycombe 02/3 Exeter Torquay Tranmere(ldv) Southend Darlington Oxford Rochdale York 03/4 Cheltenham 04/5 Rochdale Cambridge Rushden & D. Swansea 05/6 Boston 07/08 Carlisle(cc) MK Dons 08/9 Lincoln 13/14 Accrington Newport Fleetwood Mansfield Morecambe Oxford Northampton Rochdale Southend Wycombe Dagenham 14/15 Accrington Cheltenham Sheff.Wed./Blackburn/Rochdale(fr) Tranmere(jpt) Newport 15/16 Wigan Blackpool Coventry Fleetwood Oldham Rochdale Walsall Scunthorpe Crewe 16/17 Bristol R. Coventry Rochdale MK Dons Morecambe(ctt) Bradford.

CAMBRIDGE 70/1 Newport 1.50 71/2 Doncaster Bury Peterboro Southend Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 Northampton Chester 72/3 Darlington Stockport Lincoln Mansfield Hereford Newport 1.25 73/4 Charlton Hereford 74/5 Crewe Torquay Hereford(fac) 76/7 1.50 each Doncaster Swansea 77/8 Plymouth Chesterfield Bury Chester PNE Lincoln Shrewsbury Hereford 78/9 1.25 each Oldham West Ham Notts C. C.Palace Leicester Burnley Luton Blackburn Wrexham Brighton Fulham PNE Sheff.Utd Charlton Stoke Bristol Rov. Sunderland Northampton(lc) 79/80 1.25 each Leicester Oldham Newcastle Luton Birmingham West Ham Fulham QPR Sunderland Watford Shrewsbury Wrexham Brighton(lc) Swansea PNE Notts C. Burnley Chelsea Charlton 80/1 Chelsea Wolves(lc) A.Villa(lc) Wrexham Notts C. Grimsby Blackburn Luton Newcastle Oldham Sheff.Wed. QPR Newcastle Coventry(lc) PNE Shrewsbury Swansea Bristol C. Bolton PNE 81/2 Norwich Wrexham Shrewsbury Rotherham C.Palace Oldham Bolton Watford Chelsea Colchester(lc) Barnsley Cardiff Newcastle Grimsby 82/3 Sheff.Wed. Charlton Wolves Middlesboro Grimsby Sheff.Wed.(fac) Bolton Barnsley(mc) Newcastle Shrewsbury Burnley QPR Carlisle Weymouth(fac) Barnsley(fac) Fulham Leicester Oldham Bolton Leicester Oldham Leeds 83/4 1.25 each Oldham Sheff.Wed. Derby(fac) Sunderland(mc) Portsmouth Middlesboro Grimsby Huddersfield Carlisle Chelsea 2.00 Shrewsbury Derby Fulham Brighton Barnsley Swansea Blackburn Charlton Cardiff Leeds Man.City C.Palace Newcastle 84/5 Newport Bristol R. Reading York Peterborough(fac) Rotherham Walsall Derby Brentford(mc) Brentford 85/6 Aldershot Peterborough Brentford(mc) Crewe Scunthorpe Colchester 86/7 Crewe Stockport Peterboro Northampton Spurs(lc) Scunthorpe Southend PNE Colchester 87/8 Coventry(lc) Aldershot(lc) Crewe Halifax Hereford Colchester Peterboro Rochdale Tranmere Bolton Farnborough(fac) 88/9 Rotherham Stockport Carlisle Rochdale Doncaster Tranmere Colchester Peterboro Crewe Hereford York Scunthorpe Halifax Exeter Darlington 89/90 Chesterfield Peterboro Rochdale Wrexham Lincoln Hartlepool Stockport Gillingham C.Palace(fac) Millwall(fac) Bristol C.(fac) 90/1 Rotherham Stoke Tranmere Bury Birmingham Brentford Crewe Tranmere Shrewsbury Walsall(rc) Reading Exeter Middlesboro(fac) Chester Southend Wigan Grimsby Mansfield Bournemouth Swansea Sheff.Wed.(fac) 91/2 Grimsby Bristol City Ipswich Barnsley Millwall Blackburn 10/12 Swindon Middlesboro Blackburn 25/2 Tranmere Leicester Reading(rc) Oxford Swindon(fac) Wolves Derby Southend Plymouth Charlton Watford Leicester(po) 92/3 Bristol City Peterboro Luton Oldham Brentford Grimsby Barnsley Oxford Notts C. Watford Charlton Portsmouth Sunderland(aic) Swindon Stoke Chester(fr) 93/4 Swansea Reading Hull Port Vale Rotherham Brentford Nott'm Forest(fr) Huddersfield Luton(ccc) York Reading(fac) Fulham Burnley Plymouth Wrexham 94/5 Stockport Bradford Wrexham Plymouth Peterboro Ipswich(fr) Rotherham Northampton(awe) Brentford(fac) Spurs(fr) Blackpool Man.U(fr) Burnley(fac) Brentford 95/6 Cardiff Hereford 96/7 Northampton Colchester Scunthorpe Mansfield Fulham Doncaster 97/8 Exeter Mansfield Plymouth(fac) Torquay Cardiff Scunthorpe Peterbro Notts C. Hull Colchester 98/9 Torquay Peterboro Brentford Rotherham Mansfield Rochdale Watford(wc) Exeter Shrewsbury Cardiff Darlington Scunthorpe 99/00 Oxford Wrexham Bolton(fac) C.Palace(fac) Bournemouth Luton Reading Brentford Scunthorpe PNE Bury Bristol City(wc) Blackpool Notts C. Oxford Gateshead(fac) Colchester Wigan Oldham 00/1 Stoke Oxford Bristol Rov. Swansea Notts C. Northampton Kingstonian(fr) Bournemouth Wycombe Millwall Oldham P.Vale Colchester 01/02 Tranmere Reading Brentford WBA(wc) 02/3 Northampton Oxford Reading(wc) Rushden & D. Darlington Scunthorpe Northampton(fac) Bristol C.(ldv) York Sunderland(wc) Kidderminster Macclesfield 03/04 Macclesfield 04/5 Rushden & D. 08/9 Grays Stevenage Woking Ebbsfleet Crawley Crawley(fat) .

CARLISLE 69/70 2.50 each Hull QPR Bolton Watford Sheff.Utd PNE Middlesboro Middlesboro(fac) Aldershot(fac) Oxford(lc) Blackburn(lc) Huddersfield(lc) Blackpool Portsmouth 70/1 2.50 each Oxford(lc) Bolton Spurs(fac) 71/2 2.50 each Fulham Luton PNE 72/3 2.50 each Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Bristol City PNE Portsmouth Oxford Cardiff 73/4 3.00 each Hull Blackpool PNE Bristol C. Swindon Nottm Forest C.Palace Sheff.Wed. Millwall Workington(lc) Oxford 75/6 2.00 each Luton Notts C. York Southampton Blackpool Blackburn Bolton Fulham Charlton Oldham Oxford 76/7 2.00 each Notts C. Blackpool Burnley Southampton Southport(lc) Southport(lc rep.)3.00 Millwall Cardiff Hereford 77/8 Shrewsbury Colchester Huddersfield(lc) Chester Gillingham Peterboro Chesterfield Bradford Hereford Rotherham Bury Sheff.Wed. Man.U(fac)1.50 Stafford R.(fac)1.50 Cambridge Chester(fac) Tranmere 78/9 Hull(fac) Exeter Lincoln 79/80 Brentford Barnsley Wrexham(fac) Bradford Sheff.Wed(fac) Plymouth Bradford(fac) Hull Rotherham Bury Grimsby Sheff.Wed. 80/1 Workington(fac) Newport Chesterfield 81/2 Plymouth Portsmouth Newport PNE Gillingham Chesterfield Chester Bury Lincoln 82/3 Bolton Burnley(fac) Rotherham Burnley Middlesboro Chelsea 1-50 Blackburn Newcastle Grimsby Cambridge 83/4 Shrewsbury Middlesboro Leeds Cambridge Blackburn Oldham Fulham Charlton Derby Cardiff Southampton(mc) Newcastle Barnsley Swansea Portsmouth Huddersfield Grimsby C.Palace Cambridge 84/5 1.75 each Blackburn Grimsby Dagenham(fac) Wimbledon Birmingham 85/6 1.75 each Leeds Portsmouth Bradford Brighton Sheff.U Wimbledon 86/7 Brentford Notts Co. Mansfield Wigan Doncaster Walsall Port Vale Bolton Newport Middlesbrough 87/8 Bolton Colchester Stockport Peterboro Hartlepool Halifax Burnley Darlington Rochdale Cambridge Scunthorpe Oldham(lc) Chester(frt) Crewe 88/9 Doncaster Torquay Rotherham Tranmere Rochdale Cambridge Colchester Peterboro Grimsby Exeter Blackpool(lc) Scunthorpe 89/90 Halifax(lc) Hereford Scunthorpe Rochdale Peterboro Halifax 90/1 Scunthorpe(rc) Rochdale Wrexham Cardiff Scunthorpe 91/2 Hereford Barnet Scunthorpe Burnley Cardiff 92/3 Lincoln Halifax Gillingham Crewe Chesterfield Scunthorpe Burnley(ccc) Cardiff Barnet Crewe Bury 93/4 Crewe Darlington Hereford PNE Doncaster Northampton Scunthorpe Chester Wycombe Lincoln(at) Mansfield Walsall Shrewsbury Torquay Colchester 94/5 Gillingham PNE Scunthorpe Chesterfield Hartlepool QPR(ccc)1.50 Barnet Rotherham(ccc) Bury Lincoln Leeds(fr) 95/6 Blackpool Burnley Rotherham PNE Bournemouth Chesterfield Swindon 96/7 Stoke(fr) Hereford 97/8 Spurs(ccc)1.50 Millwall Watford Burnley 98/9 Mansfield Scunthorpe Barnet Shrewsbury Rochdale Tranmere(wc) Peterboro Hartlepool Brighton 99/00 1-50 each Plymouth Peterboro Rochdale York Southend Mansfield Hull Exeter Brighton Barnet Macclesfield Shrewsbury Hartlepool Rotherham Lincoln Torquay Darlington Cheltenham 00/1 Cheltenham 01/2 Cheltenham 02/3 Exeter Rochdale Torquay Bristol Rov. 03/4 Cambridge Sheff.Wed.(ldv) 04/5 Leigh RMI 06/7 Bradford 07/08 2.00 each Stockport(jpt) Northampton Brighton Cheltenham 08/09 2.00 each Crewe Crewe(fac) Yeovil Hereford 09/10 2.00 each Huddersfield Oldham(cc) Norwich(fac) Bradford(jpt) Macclesfield(jpt) Stockport 11/12 2.00 each Walsall Brentford PNE Yeovil Stevenage Bury Hartlepool Tranmere Wycombe Bournemouth Chesterfield Oldham Rochdale MK Dons 12/13 2.00 each Crewe Oldham Portsmouth MK Dons Accrington(cc) Shrewsbury Tranmere Brentford Hartlepool Crawley Sheff.U Bury PNE(jpt) Ipswich(cc) Walsall Bournemouth(fac) 13/14 2.00 each Brentford(fac) Boreham Wood(fac) Tranmere Rotherham Wolves 3.00 Sheff.U PNE Peterborough Notts C. Crewe Brentford P.Vale Crawley Gillingham MK Dons 14/15 2.00 each Stevenage Northampton Burton Southend Bury Newport Tranmere Accrington Wimbledon Oxford 15/16 York 3.00 Everton(fac) 16/17 Accrington Cheltenham Colchester Plymouth Wycombe Rochdale Blackpool Stevenage Cambridge Mansfield Exeter 18/19 Blackburn(cc) Cheltenham Crewe Colchester Exeter Macclesfield Northampton ForestGreen Mansfield Stevenage P.Vale Oldham.

CHARLTON 64/5 Bury 69/70 Birmingham 70/1 Southend(lc) Watford Norwich Middlesboro Portsmouth Luton QPR Bristol C. Sheff.Wed. Hull WestHam(fr)1.50 71/2 Leicester(lc) Watford Hull Oxford PNE QPR Peterborough(lc) Burnley Blackpool Tranmere(fac) Carlisle Luton Norwich Portsmouth 72/3 Rochdale Shrewsbury Swansea York Scunthorpe Notts C. Tranmere Brentford Watford P.Vale Bolton(fac) Rotherham Chesterfield Blackburn 73/4 Walsall Oldham Aldershot Brighton C.Palace(fr) Southport 1.25 Cambridge Hereford 74/5 PNE Swindon Southend Gillingham Halifax Aldershot Colchester Watford Chesterfield 75/6 Plymouth Blackpool Cambridge(lc) QPR(lc) Oldham Southampton Sunderland Luton Sheff.Wed.(fac) Bristol Rov. Portsmouth(fac) York Fulham Blackburn 76/7 Blackburn Fulham Luton Notts C.18/12 Notts C. 29/1 Southampton Oldham Burnley Carlisle Plymouth Sheff.Utd West Ham(lc) Nott'm Forest Millwall Bolton Blackpool Hereford 77/8 1.25 each Mansfield Hull Bolton Stoke Oldham Southampton Blackpool Notts C. Wrexham(lc) Brighton Millwall Sheff.Utd Blackburn C.Palace Sunderland Burnley Luton Fulham 78/9 C.Palace Sheff.Utd Stoke(lc) Stoke Blackburn PNE Brighton Newcastle Fulham Colchester(lc) Luton Leicester West Ham Notts C. Burnley Wrexham Sunderland Cambridge Millwall Oldham Bristol R. Cardiff 79/80 Watford Newcastle PNE Oldham Fulham Burnley Birmingham Notts C. Cambridge Swansea Luton West Ham QPR Chelsea Shrewsbury Wrexham Leicester Bristol R. Sunderland 80/1 Brentford(lc) Sheff.Utd Fulham Newport Portsmouth 81/2 Watford Luton QPR Shrewsbury Cardiff Oldham Bolton Norwich Derby Reading(lc) Cambridge Norwich(lc) 82/3 Grimsby Oldham Fulham Leicester Rotherham C.Palace Burnley Luton(mc) WestHam(fr) Leeds Sheff.Wed. QPR Newcastle Ipswich(fac) Bolton Cambridge Carlisle Midlesbrough 83/4 Middlesboro Brighton Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Barnsley Man.City Watford(fac) Huddersfield Oldham Swansea Watford Luton(fr) Leeds Cardiff Derby Brentford(mc) Carlisle Newcastle 84/5 Portsmouth Oldham Spurs(fac) Birmingham Notts C. Huddersfield Leeds 85/6 Sunderland Norwich WestHam(fr) Grimsby Hull Sheff.U Bradford Portsmouth 86/7 Coventry Lincoln(lc) Luton Norwich Walsall(fac) QPR(lc) QPR Ipswich(posf) Leeds(pof) Wimbledon Liverpool Sheff.Wed. 87/8 Nott'm Forest Portsmouth Southampton Luton Coventry Hull(sc) NottmForest Watford WestHam Wimbledon Spurs Liverpool 88/9 Kettering(fac) Southampton Millwall Spurs Luton Middlesbro Derby Northampton(lc) 89/90 Coventry Millwall Bradford(fac) Chelsea Luton C.Palace Wimbledon Arsenal Everton Southampton Leicester(zds) Hereford(lc) 90/1 Oxford Millwall Port Vale Bristol City Blackburn Hull Leicester Barnsley Sheff.Wed. Brighton Plymouth Portsmouth Oldham Watford Notts C. Middlesbrough WBA Bristol R. Wolves Ipswich Everton(fac) 91/2 Norwich(rc) Blackburn Oxford Bristol Rov. Swindon Fulham(rc) Portsmouth Millwall Cambridge Grimsby 92/3 Bury(ccc) 93/4 WBA Watford C.Palace(aic) Peterborough 94/5 Burnley Spurs(res) Portsmouth Wolves WBA 95/6 WBA 96/7 WBA C.Palace Liverpool(ccc) 97/8 QPR WBA Swindon 98/9 A.Villa Arsenal 00/1 Leeds Spurs Man.U A.Villa 01/2 Leeds Spurs 02/3 Everton WBA 03/4 Portsmouth Everton Newecastle Bolton 04/5 Yeovil(fac) Birmingham Southampton WBA 05/6 Arsenal Blackburn 07/8 Watford Ipswich Barnsley Scunthorpe 08/9 Burnley Reading Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Utd Coventry Derby Southampton Barnsley Ipswich Bristol City 09/10 Oldham Exeter Brighton Wycombe 10/11 Luton 12/13 Ipswich Hull Peterborough Blackpool.

CHELSEA 59/60 Luton 60/1 West Ham ph 61/2 2.00 each Sheff.U Blackburn Bolton WBA Burnley A.Villa Spurs Blackpool Sheff.Wed. Birmingham West Ham Arsenal Southampton(res.) Wolves Everton Leicester Fulham NottmForest 62/3 1.75 each Rotherham Plymouth Norwich Newcastle Middlesbrough Swansea Southampton Stoke Charlton Portsmouth Leeds PNE Grimsby Bury Luton Walsall Derby Huddersfield Tranmere(fac) Scunthorpe 63/4 1.75 each West Ham Blackburn Spurs Man.U Stoke Sheff.Wed. Birmingham Arsenal Bolton Sheff.U Blackpool Burnley Liverpool Spurs(fac) A.Villa Wolves Huddersfield(fac) Ipswich Fulham Leicester Everton NottmForest WBA 64/5 West Ham Sheff.U Spurs Peterborough(fac) NottmForest Spurs(fac) Fulham Arsenal Benfica(fr) Everton Burnley Blackpool Leicester Northampton(fac) Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Leeds Man.U A.Villa Stoke Blackburn Liverpool 65/6 West Ham Hull(fac) Leeds Leicester Burnley Fulham Spurs Weiner(icfc) Liverpool Newcastle Roma(icfc) Stoke Blackburn Sheff.Wed. Blackpool Everton Sheff.U AC Milan(icfc) NottmForest WBA TSV Munchen(icfc) Man.U Shrewsbury(fac) Arsenal Sunderland Barcelona(icfcsf) A.Villa 66/7 West Ham Leicester Southampton Fulham Brighton(fac) Sheff.U(fac) Sheff.Wed. Liverpool Man.U Sunderland Everton Blackpool(lc) Blackpool A.Villa Man.C NottmForest Stoke Sheff.Wed.(fac) Arsenal Spurs WBA Charlton(lc) R.Madrid(fr) Sheff.U 67/8 West Ham WBA Wolves Sunderland Newcastle Arsenal Burnley Man.C. Spurs Leeds Leicester Sheff.Wed.(fac) Norwich(fac) Liverpool NottmForest Ipswich(fac) Sheff.Wed. Everton Coventry Stoke Sheff.U Southampton Fulham 68/9 PNE(fac)jan. PNE(fac)feb. Liverpool Wolves Carlisle(fac) Leeds Southampton Man.C. DWS Amsterdam(icfc) NottmForest West Ham Morton(icfc) Everton Spurs Sheff.Wed. Derby(lc) Ipswich Leicester WBA QPR Stoke(fac) Sunderland WBA(fac) Stoke Coventry Man.U Newcastle Burnley Arsenal 69/70 West Ham Liverpool Spurs Man.U Sheff.Wed. WBA Derby Leeds(lc) Arsenal Burnley Wolves C.Palace Ipswich Stoke NottmForest Newcastle Sunderland Burnley(fac) Leeds Birmingham(fac) Southampton Man.C. Everton 70/1 1.50 each Huddersfield Blackpool NottmForest WBA Man.C.(fac) Everton(charity shield)6.00 Man.U WestHam C.Palace(fac) Newcastle Stoke Spurs CSKA Sofia(ecwc) Southampton Man.C. Middlesbrough(lc) Aris Salonika(ecwc) Ipswich Sheff.Wed.(lc) Wolves Arsenal Everton Derby Burnley Coventry Man.C.(ecwcsf) Liverpool C.Palace Leeds 71/2 1.50 each Man.U Man.C. WBA Coventry Plymouth(lc) Derby Wolves NottmForest NottmForest(lc) Arsenal Southampton Bolton(lc) Atvidaberg(ecwc) Spurs Leeds Ipswich Huddersfield Bolton(fac) Leicester Liverpool WestHam Sheff.U C.Palace Stoke Newcastle Spurs(lcsf) 72/3 1.50 each WestHam Ipswich Derby Leeds Man.C. Spurs Arsenal(fac) Liverpool WBA Newcastle Leciester Notts C.(lc) C.Palace Norwich Everton Derby(lc) Arsenal Ipswich(fac) Sheff.U Birmingham Wolves Norwich(lcsf) Coventry Stoke Southampton 73/4 1.50 each Spurs Sheff.U Arsenal WestHam Leeds Leicester Southampton Ipswich Coventry Birmingham Stoke Norwich Man.U Newcastle Burnley QPR QPR(fac) Man.C. Liverpool Derby Wolves 74/5 1.50 each Everton Burnley Sheff.U Man.City Ipswich Middlesbro Derby Newcastle Birmingham Birmingham(fac) Leeds Sheff.Wed.(fac) QPR WestHam Luton Coventry Leicester Stoke Stoke(lc) Wolves Arsenal Newport(lc) Liverpool Spurs 75/6 1.50 each Nott'm Forest Carlisle WBA Bolton Sunderland Oldham Charlton Hull Blackburn Fulham Bristol R.(fac) Notts C. Blackpool Bristol C. Plymouth York C.Palace(fac) Oxford Portsmouth Southampton Luton 76/7 1.50 each Huddersfield(lc) Nott'm Forest Hull Blackpool Plymouth Burnley Charlton Millwall Southampton Sheff.U Notts C. Carlisle Oldham Hereford Bolton Blackburn Luton Southampton(fac) Wolves Sheff.U(lc) 77/8 1.50 each Liverpool WBA WestHam Man.City NottmForest Wolves Derby A.Villa Leicester Man.U Everton Arsenal QPR Newcastle Ipswich Liverpool(fac) Burnley(fac) Norwich Bristol C. Middlesbro Birmingham Coventry 78/9 1.50 each Southampton Everton Derby QPR Ipswich Man.U Bristol C. NottmForest A.Villa Middlesbro Arsenal Wolves Liverpool Coventry Birmingham Bolton WBA Man.City Leeds Spurs 79/80 1.25 each Swansea PNE Charlton Wrexham Stoke(fr) Bristol R. Fulham Birmingham Plymouth(lc) Watford WestHam Cambridge Shrewsbury Newcastle A.Madrid(fr) L.Angeles(fr) Oldham QPR Notts C. Luton Burnley Leicester Sunderland China XI(fr) Man.U(fr)3.00 80/1 1.25 each Swansea Luton Bolton Watford Cambridge Shrewsbury DS79(fr) Bristol C. Sheff.Wed. Derby Oldham Newcastle PNE WestHam QPR Wrexham Notts C. Grimsby Blackburn 81/2 1.25 each Barnsley Sheff.Wed. Rotherham C.Palace Leicester Shrewsbury Wrexham(fac) Hull(fac) Blackburn Grimsby Newcastle Southampton(fac) Wrexham Norwich Charlton Bolton Liverpool(fac)1.50 Spurs(fac)1.50 QPR Derby Cambridge Watford Oldham Cardiff 82/3 1.25 each Charlton Sheff.Wed. Arsenal(fr) Rotherham Leeds Blackburn Barnsley QPR Newcastle Fulham Burnley Carlisle C.Palace Tranmere(mc) Grimsby Oldham Shrewsbury Cambridge Wolves Leicester Derby Huddersfield(fac) Bolton 83/4 1.50 each Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Shrewsbury Swansea Barnsley Charlton Blackburn Oldham Carlisle Huddersfield WBA(mc) Newcastle C.Palace Man.City Grimsby Brighton Leicester(mc) Gillingham(mc) Middlesbro Fulham Cardiff 84/5 1.25 each Sunderland Norwich WBA Luton Sheff.Wed. Spurs Southampton QPR A.Villa feb. A.Villa apr. Sheff.Wed.(mc)jan. Sheff.Wed.(mc)feb. Millwall(fac) Arsenal Wigan(fac) NottmForest Stoke Liverpool Man.City(mc) Leicester Watford Ipswich Coventry Walsall(mc) WestHam Millwall(mc) Everton 85/6 1.25 each Watford 1/3 Watford 5/5 Luton Ipswich Leicester Man.City Mansfield(mc) QPR 26/12 QPR 19/3 Portsmouth(fmc) West Ham Liverpool Arsenal Everton Newcastle Oxford(fmc) Sheff.Wed. Everton(mc) Oxford Coventry Birmingham Man.U Southampton NottmForest Fulham(mc) A.Villa Spurs Liverpool(fac) QPR(mc) 86/7 1.00 each Coventry Nott'm Forest Wimbledon West Ham Spurs Newcastle Oxford York(lc) Liverpool Southampton Luton Arsenal Everton Man.City QPR Watford A.Villa(fac) A.Villa Charlton Leicester Sheff.Wed. Norwich Man.U 87/8 1.00 each Middlesboro(po) Barnsley(sc) Watford QPR Norwich Wimbledon Derby Luton Sheff.Wed. Nott'm Forest Reading(lc) Blackburn(posf) Portsmouth Southampton Coventry Newcastle Charlton Liverpool Arsenal Oxford Man.U WestHam Middlesbro(po) Everton 88/9 1.00 each Oldham C.Palace Bournemouth Hull Oxford Blackburn Portsmouth Shrewsbury Sunderland Leicester Bradford Barnsley Watford Birmingham Plymouth(sc) NottmForest(sc) Scunthorpe(lc) Swindon Ipswich 89/90 1.00 each Luton Norwich Charlton Southampton Millwall Liverpool Wimbledon Arsenal Coventry NottmForest Sheff.Wed. QPR Kingsbury Derby C.Palace(zdssf) WestHam(zds) Man.City C.Palace Spurs Man.U Crewe(fac) A.Villa 90/1 Derby Sheff.Utd QPR Portsmouth(rc) Luton Walsall(rc) Man.U Wimbledon Luton(zds) Man.City Norwich Coventry A.Villa Southampton Arsenal Spurs(rc) Leeds Oxford(fac) Sunderland Derby Liverpool C.Palace Spurs 91/2 Man.City Sheff.Wed. Man.U Leeds Arsenal Notts C. A.Villa Everton Oldham NottmForest Sunderland(fac) Everton(fac) Spurs Tranmere(rc) Sheff.U QPR Norwich Southampton WestHam Southampton(zds) Sheff.U(fac) Wimbledon Luton Liverpool C.Palace 92/3 Newcastle(ccc) Ipswich C.Palace Norwich Wimbledon Liverpool Sheff.Wed. Blackburn Arsenal Everton Southampton Leeds Middlesbro Spurs QPR Oldham NottmForest Everton(ccc) A.Villa Man.City Sheff.U Coventry Man.U 93/4 WBA(ccc) Southampton QPR WestHam Newcastle Barnet(fac) A.Villa Sheff.Wed.(fac) Spurs Wimbledon dec. Southampton Wolves(fac) Liverpool Sheff.Wed. Man.City Ipswich Swindon Sheff.U Man.U Norwich WBA(ccc) Blackburn Arsenal Oldham Leeds Wimbledon mar. 95/6 A.Villa 96/7 A.Villa 97/8 Liverpool 98/9 A.Villa(wc) 99/00 Huddersfield(wc) Watford Sheff.Wed. Leicester(fac) 00/1 Charlton 01/2 Southampton Charlton Blackburn Fulham Man.U PNE(fac) Sunderland 02/3 Charlton Middlesboro(fac) Southampton Sunderland Blackburn Middlesboro Birmingham WBA Gillingham(wc) Arsenal Newcastle Everton Fulham A.Villa West Ham Bolton Liverpool Spurs Man.Utd FK Viking(uefa) Everton(wc) Arsenal(fac) 03/4 Portsmouth Middlesboro Southampton Bolton Blackburn Sparta Prague(cl) Besiktas(cl) Watford(fac) Lazio(cl) Stuttgart(cl) Liverpool 04/5 WBA Arsenal Bolton Scunthorpe(fac) 07/8 Sunderland West Ham Everton Leicester(cc) Newcastle Fulham Sunderland A.Villa Derby Middlesboro QPR(fac) Birmingham Portsmouth 08/9 Portsmouth Spurs Sunderland Ipswich(fac) Hull Stoke Southend(fac) Arsenal Blackburn Burnley(cc) Fulham Newcastle A.Villa Liverpool 09/10 Wigan Wolves WestHam Stoke QPR(cc) Portsmouth Bolton Birmingham A.Villa Everton Blackburn Arsenal Cardiff(fac) 10/11 Bolton Blackburn Birmingham A.Villa Wolves Sunderland Fulham Everton(fac) Everton 12/13 Fulham Stoke Norwich 14/15 WBA 15/16 Arsenal Southampton Newcastle.

CHELTENHAM 81/2 Witney Bridgend Wellingboro 83/4 AP Leamington 84/5 Redditch Trowbridge Bedworth Hastings Chelmsford 85/6 Altrincham(fat) Altrincham Barnet Kettering Kidderminster Stafford Telford 86/7 Wealdstone 87/8 Wycombe VS Rugby Wealdstone Weymouth Stafford Sutton Telford Northwich V. Runcorn Maidstone Mangotsfield(fac) Macclesfield Lincoln Kidderminster Kettering Dorchester(fac) Dagenham Crawley Bromsgrove Boston Barnet Bath Altrincham 88/9 Weymouth Telford Sutton Macclesfield Kidderminster Kettering Chorley Boston Barrow 89/90 Fisher Boston Barrow 90/1 Macclesfield Gateshead Boston Northwich V. Telford 91/2 Witton Runcorn Northwich V. Merthyr Kidderminster Bath Barrow 92/3 Burton 93/4 Burton Trowbridge Worcester 94/5 Chelmsford 95/6 Gloucester Dover Sudbury Worcester 96/7 Peterboro(fac) 97/8 Yeovil Dover Southport Welling Hayes(fat) Hednesford Kidderminster Slough Farnboro Telford Dover(fat) Kettering Stevenage Reading(fac) Halifax Hereford Enfield Hayes Paulton R.(fac) Rushden&D. Rushden&D.(fat) Stalybridge Sutton(fac) Woking 98/9 1.50 each Hayes(ect) Woking Canvey Is.(fat) Stevenage(fat) Rushden & D. Hereford Telford ForestGreen Lincoln(fac) Farnboro Dover Kingstonian Bashley Taunton(fac) Hendon(fat) Yeovil Doncaster Welling 99/00 1.50 each Darlington Exeter Norwich(ccc) Torquay Gillingham(fac) Macclesfield Plymouth Northampton Hull Shrewsbury Rotherham Lincoln Mansfield Carlisle Brighton Hartlepool Kingstonian Peterborough Rochdale York 00/1 Darlington Mansfield Chesterfield Watford(wc) Blackpool Carlisle Hull York 20/3 Scunthorpe Macclesfield Hull Hartlepool Kidderminster Plymouth Rochdale Shrewsbury Torquay Shrewsbury(fac) 01/2 Exeter York Southend Shrewsbury Scunthorpe Rochdale Oldham(fac) Macclesfield Luton Lincoln Hull Hartlepool Darlington Carlisle Burnley(fac) Oxford Torquay Rushden&D. 02/3 Luton Brentford Blackpool Mansfield Tranmere Oldham Colchester(ldv) Chesterfield Barnsley Bristol C. Colchester Huddersfield Notts C. Northampton Peterborough QPR Stockport Wycombe Wycombe(ldv) 03/4 Northampton Rochdale Bury Hull Mansfield Scunthorpe 04/5 Lincoln Wycombe Swansea(fac) Swansea Macclesfield Oxford Darlington Grimsby Mansfield Northampton Notts C. Rochdale Yeovil Rushden&D. 05/6 Bury Boston Brentford(cc) Rushden&D. WBA/Burnley/Bristol City/Yeovil(fr) Lincoln Torquay Stockport Chester Mansfield Oxford(fac) Colchester(ldv) Peterborough Shrewsbury Rochdale Wycombe Wycombe(posf) Newcastle(fac)1.50 06/7 Millwall Rotherham Gillingham Chesterfield Carlisle Oldham Shrewsbury(jpt) Scunthorpe Barnet(jpt) Yeovil Tranmere P.Vale NottmForest Northampton Huddersfield Crewe Brighton Bradford Brentford Bristol C. 07/8 Yeovil Huddersfield Brighton Gillingham Luton Crewe NottmForest Oldham Tranmere Northampton Doncaster Brighton(fac) Southend Hartlepool Carlisle Bournemouth Walsall Swindon P.Vale Millwall 08/9 Southend Northampton Tranmere Stoke(cc) Stockport Peterborough Millwall Brighton 09/10 Morecambe Chesterfield Accrington Northampton Shrewsbury 10/11 Hereford Southend Morecambe(fac) Morecambe Shrewsbury Northampton Wycombe P.Vale Oxford Accrington Barnet Bradford Burton Bury Chesterfield Crewe Southend Torquay 11/12 Accrington Northampton Dagenham Swindon P.Vale Shrewsbury Oxford Morecambe Burton 12/13 Accrington Bristol R. Oxford(jpt) Northampton Southend Morecambe Torquay York Everton(fac)3.00 Barnet Bradford Burton Chesterfield Dagenham Exeter Fleetwood Gillingham MK Dons(cc) Oxford Plymouth P.Vale Rochdale Hereford(fac) 13/14 Mansfield Chesterfield Bury Fleetwood Bristol Rov. Plymouth Plymouth(jpt) Crawley(c1c) Southend Wimbledon Burton Scunthorpe Exeter York Accrington Wycombe Mansfield Northampton Dagenham Oxford Rochdale Portsmouth Morecambe 15/16 Dover 18/19 Lincoln Macclesfield Mansfield MK Dons Morecambe Newport Yeovil Stevenage Tranmere Cambridge Carlisle P.Vale Newport(ctt) Colchester(cc) Crewe Crawley Ebbsfleet(fac) ForestGreen Grimsby.

CHESTER 67/8 Newport 69/70 Notts C. Brentford Swansea Workington Crewe 70/1 1.25 each Crewe Notts C. Aldershot Darlington Oldham Scunthorpe Southport Grimsby Gillingham Shrewsbury(lc) Newport 72/3 1.75 each Bury Crewe Southport Hartlepool Lincoln Bradford Wrexham(wc) Doncaster Hereford Mansfield Barnsley 73/4 1.25 each Lincoln Barnsley Peterboro Reading Scunthorpe Colchester Wrexham(lc) Stockport Swansea 74/5 1.25 each Stockport Doncaster Cambridge Darlington Lincoln Reading Torquay Northampton Rotherham Mansfield Exeter Hartlepool Scunthorpe Southport Newport 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Lincoln Reading 3/1 Reading 1/2 Bury Chesterfield Port Vale Sheff.Wed. Brighton Oxford PNE Peterboro Mansfield Gillingham York Port Vale(debenhams cup) Swansea(lc) 77/8 Walsall Port Vale Exeter Carlisle Colchester Bury PNE Lincoln Tranmere Hereford Oxford Peterboro Rotherham Shrewsbury Wrexham Chesterfield Cambridge Bradford Gillingham Wrexham(wc) 78/9 Hull Coventry(lc) Carlisle Mansfield Gillingham Southend Colchester Rotherham Swindon Lincoln Walsall Chesterfield Runcorn(fac) Carlisle Port Vale(lc) Swansea 79/80 Southend Swindon Bury Barnsley(fac) Blackpool/Chesterfield Millwall(fac) Exeter Brentford Blackburn Hull Millwall Mansfield Plymouth Rotherham Reading 80/1 Plymouth Blackpool Exeter Brentford Barnsley Reading Gillingham Huddersfield Walsall Stockport(lc) Barnsley(fac) Sheff.Utd Burnley Colchester Hull Chesterfield Charlton Millwall Oxford Fulham Swindon Rotherham Carlisle Newport 81/2 Newport Bristol C. Chesterfield Huddersfield 82/3 Bristol City Hull Northampton Tranmere Wimbledon Stockport Peterboro Bury Hereford Scunthorpe 83/4 Bolton(mc) Rochdale Hereford Chesterfield Swindon Colchester Tranmere Mansfield Halifax Stockport Blackpool Crewe Chesterfield(fac) 84/5 Bury Chesterfield Tranmere Rochdale Hereford 85/6 Port Vale PNE Cambridge Peterboro Torquay Tranmere Northampton Colchester Rochdale Hereford 86/7 Rotherham(fac) Fulham Gillingham Chesterfield Brentford Derby(lc) Bristol Rov. Darlington 87/8 Blackpool(lc) Rotherham Doncaster Aldershot Bury Brentford Rotherham Bury Gillingham Doncaster Chesterfield Northampton 88/9 Port Vale Chesterfield Wigan Northampton Bristol Rov. Sheff.Utd Swansea Wrexham Huddersfield 89/90 1.50 each Crewe Macclesfield(fac) Tranmere Brentford Blackpool Wigan Notts C. Crewe(lc) Cardiff Huddersfield 90/1 Southend Rotherham Brentford Reading Shrewsbury Bury Wigan Tranmere PNE Cambridge Mansfield 91/2 Brentford Bolton Darlington 92/3 Stoke Chesterfield(at) Stockport Burnley 93/4 Carlisle Wycombe Chesterfield Shrewsbury Scunthorpe Hereford 94/5 Wycombe Lincoln(ccc) Stockport Swansea Burnley 95/6 Hereford 98/9 Scunthorpe Scarboro Brentford Rochdale Plymouth Darlington Cambridge Exeter 99/00 Whyteleafe(fac)3.00 Peterboro(last home)6.00 Torquay 00/1 Bolton(fr) Doncaster Blyth(fat) Yeovil St.Albans(fat) Doncaster(fat) Leigh RMI Plymouth(fac) Nuneaton Stevenage Canvey Is(fatsf) 01/2 Dagenham 02/3 Doncaster(posf) Worksop(fat) Doncaster Man.City(fr) Plymouth(ldv) 03/4 Woking 04/5 Mansfield Wycombe 05/6 Torquay Cheltenham(fac) Stockport Notts C. Rushden & D. 06/7 Hartlepool Lincoln Walsall Stockport Rochdale Grimsby Stockport(jpt) Bristol Rov. Notts C. Mansfield Wycombe Barnet Torquay 07/8 Chesterfield Rochdale Shrewsbury Bradford Darlington 14/15 Halifax Braintree Lincoln Welling Torquay Southport Gateshead Alfreton Aldershot Telford 17/18 Gateshead.

CHESTERFIELD 65/6 Tranmere P.Vale Hartlepool Barnsley 67/8 Newport P.Vale Luton Barnsley 68/9 Wrexham(fac) York Peterborough Halifax Grimsby Colchester Swansea 69/70 Wrexham Scunthorpe Peterborough Oldham Darlington Colchester 70/1 Bury Halifax Doncaster Wrexham Torquay Shrewsbury Rochdale Swansea Rotherham 71/2 Wrexham Notts C. Swansea Barnsley A.Villa Rotherham Bradford Mansfield(lc) Shrewsbury Barnsley(fac) 72/3 Notts C. Watford Scunthorpe(lc) Grimsby Charlton 73/4 Mansfield(lc) Cambridge Shrewsbury Wrexham Walsall 74/5 Grimsby PNE Plymouth Aldershot Peterboro Port Vale Colchester Walsall Halifax Hereford Doncaster(fac) 75/6 Mansfield PNE Colchester Halifax Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Hereford 76/7 Port Vale Mansfield Bury Reading Tranmere Walsall Shrewsbury PNE York Lincoln Walsall(fac) Gillingham C.Palace Sheff.Wed. Grimsby Portsmouth Swindon Chester 77/8 Lincoln Bury Oxford Cambridge Colchester Bradford Oxford Rotherham/Carlisle Swindon 3/5 Port Vale Exeter Peterboro Plymouth Hereford Swindon 4/2 Man.City(lc) Shrewsbury Portsmouth Gillingham PNE Tranmere Wrexham Barnsley(lc) 78/9 Lincoln Southend Rotherham Mansfield Swindon 28/2 Swindon 2/12 Shrewsbury Tranmere Hull Sheff.Wed. Blackpool Oxford Barnsley(lc) Swansea 79/80 Sheff.Utd Swindon 2/2 Swindon 25/3 Plymouth Brentford Carlisle Southend Sheff.Wed. Grimsby Blackburn 80/1 Brentford Burnley Sheff.Utd(fac) Notts C.(ascf) Rotherham Swindon Charlton Exeter Sheff.Utd Oxford(lc) Millwall Walsall Huddersfield Colchester Gillingham Hull Newport Plymouth Wigan(fac) Barnsley Oxford Carlisle Fulham Reading Peterboro(fac) Blackpool Chester 81/2 Swindon Oxford Plymouth Fulham PNE Doncaster(lc) Southend Wimbledon Doncaster Carlisle Millwall PNE(fac) Gillingham Exeter Brentford Newport Burnley Huddersfield(fac) Sheff.Utd(flgc) Huddersfield Burnley Bristol C. Bristol R. Lincoln Chester Plymouth Reading 82/3 Peterboro(fac) Gillingham Hartlepool(mc) Millwall Walsall Wrexham Sheff.Utd Doncaster Plymouth Newport Wigan Southend Reading Lincoln Huddersfield Exeter Bristol R. 83/4 Hereford York Tranmere Colchester Torquay Doncaster Aldershot Reading Stockport Darlington Wrexham Swindon Rochdale Peterborough Northampton Halifax Hartlepool Mansfield Crewe Bury Burnley(fac) Middlesbrough(mc) 84/5 Southend Port Vale Hartlepool Halifax(mc) Halifax Scunthorpe Mansfield Wrexham Tranmere Torquay Stockport Northampton Hereford Exeter Darlington Crewe Colchester Bury 85/6 Spurs(fr) Bradford(mc) Doncaster Lincoln Derby Brentford Bournemouth Walsall Wigan Bury Bolton Bristol Rov. Darlington Swansea Newport York Rotherham Blackpool Cardiff Tranmere(fac) Reading 86/7 Carlisle Notts C. Port Vale Darlington Bury Doncaster/Bournemouth Newport York Walsall Wrexham(lc) Bristol C. Carlisle Mansfield Wigan Blackpool Bolton Brentford Chester Darlington Gillingham Fulham 87/8 Walsall/Mansfield Brentford PNE Wigan Notts C. Bury Man.Utd(fr) Derby(fr) Sheff.Utd(fr) Dunfermline(fr) Rotherham Doncaster Southend Grimsby Blackpool Bristol Rov. Northampton York(frt) Peterborough(lc) 88/9 Sheff.Utd Port Vale(lc) Notts C. Bury Mansfield Bolton Wigan Port Vale PNE Brentford(svt) Wolves Aldershot Bolton(fac) 89/90 Stockport(posf) Halifax Gillingham Stockport Hartlepool Cambridge Huddersfield(fac) Grimsby Wrexham Birmingham(lc) Aldershot Rochdale Lincoln Hereford Scunthorpe York Peterborough 90/1 Rochdale Doncaster(ldc) Bolton(fac) Halifax Scunthorpe Blackpool Peterboro Northampton Torquay Lincoln Walsall Burnley Burnley/Stockport Aldershot Hereford 91/2 Crewe York Halifax Rochdale Burnley/Carlisle Barnet Stoke(rc) Mansfield Hereford Blackpool Walsall Wrexham Scunthorpe Rotherham Northampton Lincoln Cardiff 92/3 Stockport(at) Hereford Gillingham Burnley(at) Lincoln Crewe Shrewsbury Northampton Doncaster Bury Rochdale Wrexham Derby(fr) Macclesfield(fac) Walsall Halifax Darlington Scarboro York Torquay Scunthorpe Carlisle Barnet Cardiff York(ccc) 93/4 Wycombe Northampton Lincoln(at) Walsall Mansfield Rochdale Rochdale(fac) Gillingham Crewe Doncaster/Shrewsbury Scarboro Carlisle(ccc) Carlisle Darlington Scunthorpe Torquay PNE Lincoln Hereford Colchester Wigan 94/5 Mansfield(posf) Barnet Rochdale Mansfield Wigan Fulham Wolves(ccc) Exeter Walsall Darlington Bury Hereford Doncaster/Lincoln PNE Scunthorpe Blackpool(ccc) Torquay Northampton Gillingham Colchester 95/6 Rotherham Peterboro/Walsall Burnley Swansea Shrewsbury Wrexham Stockport York Bradford Walsall Crewe Derby(fr) Bournemouth Notts C. Hull Carlisle 96/7 Burnley Crewe PNE Luton Watford Peterboro Blackpool Wycombe Brentford York Plymouth Walsall Stockport(ccc) Millwall Gillingham Stockport PNE(aws) Notts C. Bournemouth/Rotherham Shrewsbury 97/8 PNE Wigan(ccc) Burnley Wigan Oldham Gillingham York/Brentford Fulham Watford Northwich V.(fac) Plymouth Southend Wycombe Grimsby(fac) 98/9 PNE Colchester Fulham Wigan Oldham Bournemouth Lincoln York Notts C. Wrexham Walsall Bristol R. Macclesfield Stoke Reading Burnley 99/00 Oxford Oldham Scunthorpe Enfield(fac) Stoke Blackpool Bristol C. Notts C. Cambridge 00/1 Exeter Bristol City(fac) Fulham(wc) Rochdale Carlisle Cheltenham Halifax Blackpool Macclesfield Plymouth Lincoln Hull Shrewsbury Darlington Scunthorpe Cardiff P.Vale(wc) Hartlepool 01/2 Wrexham Blackpool(ldv) Wigan Wycombe Peterborough Barnsley/Birmingham(fr) Bournemouth 02/3 Crewe Mansfield Northampton Barnsley Colchester Cardiff Wycombe Blackpool Wigan Huddersfield Notts C. Plymouth Cheltenham 03/4 Brentford Rushen & D. Wrexham Plymouth Port Vale Wycombe Notts C. Stockport Grimsby Brighton Sheff.Wed. Oldham Peterboro QPR Barnsley Swindon Hartlepool Burnley(cc) 04/5 Colchester Hull Doncaster Swindon Torquay Walsall Blackpool MK Dons Bristol C. Barnsley Wrexham Torquay 05/6 Huddersfield MK Dons Nott'm Forest Scunthorpe 06/7 Crewe Charlton(cc) Carlisle Scunthorpe 07/8 Wycombe Wrexham 2.00 08/9 Chester Notts C. Rochdale Bury Shrewsbury Macclesfield Grimsby Wycombe Rotherham Exeter Barnet Bournemouth Aldershot 09/10 Bournemouth Sheff.U(fr) Huddersfield(jpt) Bournemouth(fac) 14/15 Scunthorpe(fac) 15/16 Crewe Southend 16/17 Rochdale Walsall Swindon Bolton MK Dons Sheff.Wed.(fr) Gillingham Northampton Wycombe(fac) Bradford 18/19 Barrow Billericay(fac) Bromley Eastleigh Aldershot Barnet Braintree Dagenham Dover Ebbsfleet AFC Fylde Grimsby(fac) Halifax Gateshead Hartlepool Havant Maidenhead Maidstone Orient Salford Solihull Sutton.

COLCHESTER 65/6 Barrow 67/8 Barrow 68/9 Workington Workington(lc) 69/70 Workington Exeter 70/1 (most have punch holes) Aldershot Hartlepool Birmingham(lc) Notts C. Crewe York Southend Brentford Cambridge(fac) Workington Newport Grimsby Darlington Exeter Scunthorpe Southport Peterboro Bournemouth Stockport 71/2 Grimsby Brentford(lc) Hartlepool Swindon(lc) Crewe Chester Lincoln Southend Stockport Gillingham Brentford Shrewsbury(fac) Exeter Peterboro Bury Scunthorpe Cambridge Doncaster Darlington Workington Reading Stockport Newport Northampton Luton(wc) Southport 72/3 Bury Darlington Stockport Workington Mansfield Hartlepool Hereford 73/4 Exeter Crewe Darlington Hartlepool Rotherham Bury Brentford Reading Newport Torquay Scunthorpe Workington Stockport Peterboro Peterboro(fac) Northampton Barnsley Swansea Mansfield Doncaster Gillingham 74/5 Halifax Grimsby Port Vale Bury Watford Ipswich(fr)2.00 Southampton(lc) Southend Bournemouth Walsall Tranmere PNE Aldershot Oxford(lc) Gillingham Wrexham Hereford Peterboro Huddersfield Brighton Chesterfield 75/6 C.Palace Chesterfield Hereford 76/7 Bradford Millwall(lc)30/8 Exeter Crewe Brentford Torquay Darlington Brentford(fac)11/12 Brentford(fac)20/12 Aldershot Newport Rochdale Bournemouth Southend Scunthorpe Doncaster Huddersfield Barnsley Hartlepool Southport 1.25 Swansea 77/8 Bury Aldershot(lc) Bradford Blackburn(lc) Plymouth PNE Port Vale Hereford Oxford Peterboro Swindon Bournemouth(fac) Exeter Lincoln Walsall Gillingham Tranmere Rotherham Carlisle Cambridge Shrewsbury Wrexham Chesterfield Sheff.Wed. Bury Portsmouth 78/9 Carlisle Man.Utd(fac) Bury Chester Gillingham Sheff.Wed. Swindon Tranmere Rotherham Plymouth Lincoln Oxford Swansea Newport(fac) Blackpool Mansfield Ipswich/Norwich(fr) Chesterfield Peterborough 79/80 Watford(lc) Mansfield Millwall Exeter Oxford Brentford Hull 80/1 Hull Chester Charlton Brentford Gillingham(lc) Plymouth Chesterfield Rotherham Swindon Blackpool Exeter Reading Newport 81/2 Halifax Northampton Stockport Peterboro Gillingham(lc) Hereford Cambridge(lc) Darlington 82/3 Southampton(mc) Halifax Rochdale Blackpool Hull Darlington Chester Mansfield Torquay(fac) York Stockport Aldershot Hartlepool Hereford Crewe Port Vale Bury Tranmere Peterboro Scunthorpe Torquay Bristol C. 83/4 Halifax Charlton(fac) Hereford Blackpool Reading(mc) Rochdale Chester Bury Reading Hartlepool Wealdstone(fac) Aldershot Wrexham Darlington Stockport Chesterfield Doncaster Wimbledon(amc) Swindon Mansfield York Tranmere Peterboro Torquay Southend 84/5 Southend Gillingham(mc) Blackpool Aldershot Torquay Exeter Stockport Halifax Hartlepool Southend(fac) Peterboro Gillingham(fac) Hereford Port Vale Northampton Bury Mansfield Chesterfield Chester Darlington Tranmere Scunthorpe Wrexham Rochdale Swindon Crewe 85/6 Halifax Scunthorpe Northampton Hereford Southend Cambridge 86/7 Burnley Torquay Hartlepool Peterboro(lc) Peterboro Exeter Halifax PNE Cambridge Scunthorpe Tranmere Rochdale Hereford Stockport Crewe Southend Northampton Aldershot Lincoln 87/8 Hereford Cambridge Fulham(lc) Halifax Bolton Wolves Darlington Carlisle Peterboro Torquay Exeter Swansea Peterboro(frt) Hereford(fac) Scunthorpe Hartlepool Crewe Notts C.(svt) Wrexham Rochdale Stockport 88/9 Stockport Rochdale Northampton Exeter Doncaster Scarboro York Scunthorpe Northampton(lc) Cambridge Torquay Darlington Tranmere Hereford Sheff.Utd(fac) Rotherham Rochdale Hereford(svt) Carlisle Wrexham Halifax Hartlepool Crewe Peterborough 89/90 Rochdale Cambridge Burnley Chesterfield Rochdale 90/1 Northwich Runcorn Wivenhoe(fat) Wycombe Witton(fat) Welling Macclesfield Gateshead Boston Altrincham Merthyr Yeovil C.Palace(fr) Reading(fac) Kettering Kidderminster Barrow Cheltenham Fisher Runcorn(fat) Slough Stafford Sutton Telford 91/2 Kingstonian(fat) Cheltenham Northwich Boston Merthyr Wycombe Stafford Telford(fat) Slough Barrow 92/3 Darlington York Northampton Shrewsbury Hereford Walsall Carlisle Chesterfield Scunthorpe Slough(fac) Rochdale Northampton(at) Gillingham Scarboro Doncaster Hereford Gillingham(fac) Crewe Torquay Wrexham 93/4 Fulham(ccc) Mansfield Scunthorpe Wigan Brentford(fr) Doncaster Darlington Lincoln Rochdale Shrewsbury Northampton Bury Cambridge(at) Walsall Sutton(fac) Carlisle Crewe Chester Wycombe(at) Hereford Gillingham Chesterfield Torquay Wycombe Scarboro PNE 94/5 Walsall Barnet Hereford Mansfield Chesterfield Bury Brentford(ccc) Scunthorpe PNE Walsall Torquay Doncaster Gillingham Northampton Wigan Rochdale Darlington Exeter Fulham Lincoln Carlisle 95/6 Chester Hartlepool Scunthorpe Barnet Wigan Doncaster Plymouth(playoff) PNE 96/7 Mansfield Carlisle Peterboro(awsf) Fulham Exeter Scunthorpe Chester Cardiff 97/8 Brentford(fac) Torquay Notts C. Peterboro Scunthorpe Lincoln Luton(ccc) Hartlepool Shrewsbury Cardiff 98/9 Wrexham Stoke Northampton Millwall Blackpool Bournemouth 27/4 Luton Wycombe Walsall 99/00 Burnley Wigan Reading Notts C. Luton Millwall PNE Cambridge 00/1 Walsall Cambridge 01/2 York(fac) Northampton Cambridge 02/3 Stockport Cheltenham 03/4 Sheff.Wed. 04/5 Doncaster 07/8 Stoke 3.00 08/9 Huddersfield 4.00 11/12 Tranmere Scunthorpe 12/13 Bury 16/17 Wycombe Morecambe Exeter Charlton(ctt) Doncaster Barnet Cheltenham Grimsby Mansfield Stevenage Plymouth Yeovil Crawley 17/18 Ipswich(fr) 18/19 Morecambe Newport.

COVENTRY 67/8 Leicester 69/70 Stoke Spurs Liverpool 70/1 Huddersfield 72/3 1.50 each WestHam Arsenal Newcastle Chelsea Man.City Sheff.U Southampton Birmingham 74/5 Burnley Derby Stoke Middlesboro Chelsea Norwich(fac) Luton Liverpool Sheff.U 75/6 Newcastle Birmingham Burnley Sheff.Utd West Ham Leicester A.Villa 76/7 Leicester Newcastle Middlesboro Sunderland Derby A.Villa 77/8 Derby Middlesbrough 78/9 Ipswich Everton WBA Bolton Middlesboro Wolves Southampton Spurs Arsenal NottmForest QPR 79/80 Bristol City Bolton Ipswich(lc) Stoke Liverpool A.Villa Ipswich Spurs 80/1 Birmingham A.Villa Brighton Nott'm Forest Wolves WBA Cambridge(lc) Southampton C.Palace Watford(lc) 81/2 A.Villa Everton(lc) Swansea 82/3 Luton Notts C. Birmingham Fulham(mc) Southampton Norwich(fac) Swansea 83/4 Watford Birmingham Wolves Ipswich Stoke Nott'm Forest Wolves(fac)16/1 Southampton Luton WestHam 84/5 Newcastle Southampton Nottm Forest WBA Watford West Ham Stoke Luton Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Walsall(mc) QPR Ipswich 85/6 Luton Southampton Leicester Ipswich Watford(fac) Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Oxford A.Villa Chester(mc) Man.City WBA(mc) Watford WBA Everton NottmForest Arsenal 86/7 Watford Luton Ipswich Liverpool 87/8 West Ham Cambridge(lc) Charlton Watford Luton Wimbledon Liverpool Oxford Derby Sheff.Wed. Arsenal Southampton 88/9 Southampton Luton Man.Utd Sheff.Wed. Charlton A.Villa Middlesboro Derby Nott'm Forest Everton Millwall Norwich Bournemouth(lc) 89/90 Nott'm Forest(lcsf) Man.City Millwall Derby Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Charlton Southampton Grimsby(lc) C.Palace Luton A.Villa WBA(fr) Spurs QPR NottmForest 90/1 Arsenal Southampton Leeds Hull(rc) Norwich Chelsea Wimbledon Sheff.Wed.(rc) Man.Utd QPR C.Palace Sheff.Utd Luton Derby Bolton(rc) Nott'm Forest(rc) Nott'm Forest Southampton(fac) Wigan(fac) 91/2 C.Palace Notts C. A.Villa(zsd) Luton Sheff.Wed. Norwich Wimbledon Oldham Southampton Spurs Cambridge(fac) Liverpool Man.Utd Nott'm Forest Everton QPR Arsenal(rc) Arsenal Rochdale(lc) 92/3 Oldham Blackburn C.Palace Man.City Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. Southampton QPR Sheff.U Everton Arsenal 93/4 Southampton QPR Chelsea Oldham A.Villa Wimbledon Wycombe(ccc) Ipswich Blackburn Arsenal Sheff.Utd Sheff.Wed. Man Utd(res) WestHam Liverpool 94/5 Ipswich Sheff.Wed. QPR C.Palace Leicester Wimbledon A.Villa Newcastle Man.Utd Norwich(fac) Chelsea Blackburn Norwich Wrexham(ccc) WBA(fac) Arsenal A.Villa(fr) Nott'm Forest West Ham Southampton 95/6 Sheff.Wed Blackburn West Ham Man.Utd A.Villa Southampton 96/7 West Ham Everton 97/8 Blackpool(ccc) Bolton Southampton C.Palace Leeds Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Derby 98/9 West Ham Everton Charlton A.Villa Derby Newcastle 99/00 Chelsea West Ham Watford Derby Leeds Sheff.Wed. Arsenal Southampton(faycsf) Burnley(fac) 00/1 Southampton Ipswich Leicester Man.U Derby 01/2 Wolves Walsall Stockport C.Palace 02/3 Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Brighton Rotherham Derby Grimsby 03/4 Burnley Wimbledon Bradford Derby 04/5 PNE Sheff.Wed. Leicester Gillingham Millwall Ipswich Sheff.Utd Rotherham Nottm Forest 05/6 PNE Sheff.Utd 06/7 Cardiff Southampton 07/8 Wolves Barnsley Charlton Blackpool QPR Norwich Sheff.Wed. Stoke 08/9 Southampton Blackburn(fac) Newcastle(cc) Sheff.Wed. Bristol C. 09/10 QPR Scunthorpe 10/11 Middlesboro Barnsley Burnley C.Palace(fac) Derby 11/12 Watford Southampton(fac) 12/13 Notts C. Walsall Shrewsbury Hartlepool Crewe Colchester MK Dons Bournemouth Crawley Portsmouth Birmingham(lc) Carlisle Scunthorpe Stevenage 16/17 Charlton P.Vale Gillingham MK Dons Wimbledon Fleetwood Rochdale Oxford Walsall Bradford Southend Scunthorpe Wycombe(ctt) Oldham Chesterfield 17/18 Swindon Wycombe Yeovil Lincoln Luton Mansfield Morecambe Notts C. P.Vale Stevenage Accrington Barnet Cambridge Carlisle Cheltenham Chesterfield Colchester Crawley Crewe Exeter Grimsby 18/19 Scunthorpe.

CRAWLEY 11/12 Dagenham(fac) 12/13 Notts C. MKDons Bournemouth Shrewsbury Carlisle 13/14 Bristol C. Bradford Port Vale Tranmere Crewe Walsall Shrewsbury Rotherham Oldham Carlisle Newport(jpt) Gillingham 14/15 Fulham(fr) MK Dons 15/16 Northampton Newport Luton(fac) Fulham/Brighton/Reading(fr) Cambridge Bristol R. Yeovil 16/17 Barnet Cheltenham Accrington Yeovil Newport Stevenage Blackpool Morecambe Cambridge Portsmouth Colchester Wycombe Doncaster Crewe Notts C. Carlisle Luton Colchester(ctt) Mansfield Exeter.

CREWE 66/7 Barrow 68/9 Barrow Luton 70/1 Doncaster(fac) Southport 1.25 Barrow 1.25 Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 71/2 Southend Darlington Chester Southport 1.25 Southport(lc)1.25 Workington 1.25 72/3 Mansfield Stockport Cambridge Darlington Workington 1.25 73/4 Scunthorpe Peterboro Bury Hartlepool Torquay Rotherham Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 Stockport 74/5 1.50 each Torquay Mansfield Bradford Birmingham(lc) Cambridge A.Villa(lc) Southport Moscow Torpedo(fr)3.00 Lincoln Hartlepool Doncaster Barnsley Newport Exeter Gateshead(fac)2.00 Rochdale Workington Reading Northampton Rotherham jan.3.00 Scunthorpe Shrewsbury Stockport Rotherham mar. Brentford Darlington Swansea Chester 3.00 75/6 Tranmere(lc) Chelsea(lc) Hartlepool Scunthorpe Barnsley Northampton Southport 1.25 Huddersfield Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 Swansea 76/7 Stockport Darlington Colchester Doncaster Hartlepool Rochdale Barnsley Southport 1.25 Torquay Tranmere(lc) Swansea Newport 1.50 77/8 Halifax Hartlepool Scunthorpe Huddersfield Bury(lc) Watford Swansea 78/9 Notts C.(lc) Darlington Doncaster Hereford Scunthorpe Bournemouth Port Vale Bradford Hartlepool(fac) Halifax Rochdale Huddersfield Wimbledon Newport 79/80 Torquay Northampton Aldershot York Wigan Rochdale Bradford Halifax Hartlepool Stockport Bournemouth Newport Hereford Portsmouth Lincoln 80/1 Bradford Wigan(lc) Torquay Lincoln Wimbledon Halifax Bury Hereford Doncaster Rochdale Southend York Tranmere Mansfield Wigan Darlington Peterborough Bournemouth Aldershot Scunthorpe Stockport Northampton Hartlepool P.Vale 81/2 York Halifax Hull Hereford Scunthorpe 82/3 Torquay Aldershot Darlington Bristol City Peterborough Scunthorpe 83/4 Hereford Chesterfield Peterborough 84/5 Chester Northampton Stockport Hereford 85/6 Watford(mc) Scunthorpe Mansfield Chester Halifax Cambridge Hereford 86/7 Cambridge Torquay Stockport Hereford 87/8 Bolton Rochdale Stockport Hartlepool Crewe 88/9 Wrexham Bolton(svtsf) Stafford(fac) Scunthorpe Exeter A.Villa(fac)1.50 Cambridge 89/90 Bury Walsall Reading Bristol Rov. Cardiff 90/1 Brentford Chester Bolton Wigan Bournemouth Reading Rotherham Swansea Shrewsbury Tranmere Cambridge 91/2 Bolton(at) Newcastle(rc) Rochdale Barnet Stockport Burnley Rotherham Scunthorpe(posf) 92/3 West Ham(ccc) Halifax Nott'm Forest(ccc) Chesterfield 93/4 Blackpool(at) Wycombe Chesterfield Rochdale Crewe 94/5 Brentford Wigan(ccc) Walsall Shrewsbury Bury(fac) York Brighton Plymouth Cambridge 95/6 Darlington(ccc) York Chesterfield Walsall Sheff.Wed.(ccc) 96/7 Shrewsbury Stockport 98/9 Bolton Huddersfield C.Palace Northwich(csc) Oxford Bristol City Port Vale Sheff.Utd Stockport Watford Liverpool(fr) 99/00 Fulham 00/1 Grimsby Wimbledon Stockport C.Palace Burnley Bolton Gillingham Huddersfield Stockport(fac) Fulham Barnsley Tranmere Blackburn QPR 01/2 C.Palace Millwall PNE Portsmouth(fayc) Sheff.Utd Rotherham Grimsby Watford Wimbledon Wolves Burnley Norwich Walsall Everton(fac) Ipswich Gillingham Stockport Bradford 02/3 Mansfield(fac) Mansfield Peterboro Stockport Barnsley Luton Port Vale Bristol City Chesterfield Huddersfield Wigan Wycombe Blackpool Brentford Cheltenham QPR 03/4 Bradford WBA Stoke Sheff.Utd Burnley Derby Wimbledon Millwall 04/5 Sheff.Utd Watford Ipswich QPR Burnley Wigan Reading Coventry PNE West Ham Wolves Nott'm Forest Gillingham Millwall Rotherham Sunderland Blackpool(cc) 05/6 C.Palace Ipswich PNE Stoke Brighton Plymouth Southampton Luton Millwall Leicester Reading Burnley 06/7 Rotherham Swansea Chesterfield Millwall 08/9 Peterboro Scunthorpe 10/11 Barnet Macclesfield 12/13 Portsmouth Bolton/Huddersfield/Barnsley(fr) Wycombe(fac) Hartlepool(c1c) 13/14 Carlisle Tranmere Peterbro 14/15 MK Dons Notts C. Scunthorpe 15/16 Walsall Fleetwood Shrewsbury Wigan Barnsley 16/17 Mansfield 17/18 Colchester Coventry Exeter Stoke(fr) Wycombe Yeovil Carlisle Accrington Blackburn(fac) 18/19 Swindon P.Vale Shrewsbury(ctt) Oldham Mansfield Grimsby Colchester Cambridge Exeter Macclesfield Newport.

CRYSTAL PALACE 60/1 Aldershot 61/2 Reading 63/4 Brentford Coventry 64/5 Charlton Huddersfield 65/6 Coventry Bury 66/7 Ipswich Bolton Plymouth Bristol C. Bury Carlisle 67/8 Charlton Ipswich PNE Bristol C. 68/9 Millwall Charlton(fac) Birmingham Huddersfield 69/70 Derby(lc) Stoke WBA Leeds Wolves Derby Coventry Nottm Forest Sheff.Wed. Ipswich Man.City Man.U Sunderland Spurs Spurs(fac) Chelsea(fac) 70/1 St.Mirren(fr) Man.City Newcastle Blackpool Nottm Forest Rochdale(lc) Spurs Southampton Lincoln(lc) WBA West Ham Arsenal(lc) Leeds Wolves Derby Chelsea(fac) Stoke Man.U Everton Liverpool Ipswich PSV(fr) Burnley Huddersfield 71/2 Stoke Derby Coventry Sheff.U Ipswich WBA Liverpool NottmForest Newcastle Man.U Spurs Leicester Southampton Everton(fac) 72/3 Man.U Liverpool Southampton Leeds Ipswich Newcastle Arsenal Stoke Birmingham Wolves Sheff.U Norwich Coventry Chelsea Leicester Spurs West Ham WBA Derby Man.City Southampton(fac) Sheff.Wed.(fac) 73/4 Blackpool Bolton Wrexham(fac) WBA Fulham PNE Oxford Sunderland Bristol C. Middlesbrough Hull Notts C. Portsmouth Cardiff 74/5 Hereford Aldershot Watford Southend Swindon Plymouth PNE Walsall Wrexham Tranmere 75/6 Colchester(lc) Hereford 76/7 Portsmouth Shrewsbury Reading Brighton(fac) Gillingham Peterboro Walsall Northampton Chesterfield Tranmere Brighton PNE Swindon Sheff.Wed. Lincoln Liverpool(fac) Oxford Grimsby Rotherham Bury Watford(lc) Chester Portsmouth P.Vale 77/8 Stoke Bristol Rov. Luton Brentford(lc) Burnley Blackburn Brighton Sheff.U Millwall Notts C. Charlton Southampton Fulham Bolton Sunderland Cardiff Southampton(lc) Hull Mansfield 78/9 Newcastle Burnley Cambridge Stoke Blackburn Sunderland Oldham Fulham Leicester PNE Wrexham Notts C. Millwall Sheff.U Charlton Brighton West Ham Middlesbro(fac) Bristol C.(fac) Wolves(fac) A.Villa(lc) Cardiff 79/80 Derby Liverpool Stockport(lc) Stoke Everton Leeds Brighton Man.U Bolton WBA Wolves Swansea(fac) Norwich Middlesbro Nottm Forest Coventry Arsenal Man.City Bristol C. Spurs Ipswich A.Villa Derby Wolves(lc) Southampton 80/1 Bolton(lc) Southampton Arsenal Stoke Norwich Wolves Middlesbro Nottm Forest Sunderland Spurs Ipswich Coventry Brighton Leicester Everton Spurs(lc) Leeds Birmingham Man.City Liverpool Man.U WBA A.Villa 81/2 Luton Shrewsbury Rotherham Derby Doncaster(lc) Blackburn Norwich Bolton Sheff.Wed. WBA(lc) QPR Luton Leicester Grimsby Chelsea Oldham Wrexham Watford Newcastle Cambridge Charlton Cardiff 82/3 Burnley Carlisle Chelsea Bolton Burnley(fac) Birmingham(fac) QPR York(fac) Rotherham Leicester Wolves Leeds Sheff.Wed.(mc) Fulham Blackburn Shrewsbury Portsmouth(mc) Barnsley Sheff.Wed. Newcastle Charlton 83/4 Fulham Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Derby West Ham(fac) Barnsley Carlisle Portsmouth Shrewsbury Peterboro(mc) Newcastle Middlesboro Leicester(fac) Derby Brighton 84/5 Man.City Oldham Carlisle Wolves Oxford Huddersfield Portsmouth Sunderland(mc) 85/6 Charlton(mc) Brighton Hull Middlesboro Blackburn Wimbledon Huddersfield Luton(fac) Portsmouth 86/7 Portsmouth Bury(lc) NottmForest(fac) Leeds Huddersfield 87/8 Leeds Man.City Bradford Shrewsbury 88/9 Luton Plymouth Leeds Swindon(lc) Luton(sc) Stoke Swindon(posf) Ipswich Oxford Walsall(sc) Portsmouth 89/90 Everton Huddersfield(fac) Wimbledon A.Villa Spurs Luton Portsmouth(fac) Rochdale(fac) Derby Charlton Arsenal 90/1 Sheff.Utd QPR Spurs Sunderland Southampton Liverpool Chelsea Man.City Everton Wimbledon 91/2 Wimbledon A.Villa Chelsea Man.City Man.Utd QPR West Ham Spurs Birmingham(rc) 92/3 NottmForest 93/4 Birmingham Charlton Bristol C. Charlton(ccc) 94/5 Leeds Wimbledon West Ham A.Villa A.Villa(ccc) QPR Lincoln(ccc) 95/6 Millwall Portsmouth Luton 96/7 Portsmouth 97/8 Bolton Everton Chelsea Spurs Hull(ccc) Liverpool 98/9 Crewe Stockport QPR 99/00 Swindon Port Vale Ipswich Leicester(wc) Bolton Tranmere QPR Birmingham Walsall Portsmouth 00/1 QPR Barnsley Burnley Nott'm Forest Huddersfield Blackburn Fulham Cardiff(wc) Burnley(wc) 01/2 Portsmouth 02/3 Walsall Portsmouth Leeds(fac) 03/4 WBA Watford 04/5 Blackburn Southampton Man.Utd Fulham Norwich 05/6 West Ham(fr) Watford Stoke Luton Southampton QPR Hull Walsall(cc) Millwall Norwich 06/7 Burnley Coventry Southampton Ipswich Stoke Plymouth Hull Colchester 08/9 Southampton Nott'm Forest Bristol City Watford 09/10 Wolves(fac) 10/11 Millwall Swansea QPR PNE 11/12 Peterborough Hull Brighton Watford 12/13 Huddersfield Millwall 13/14 Stoke Sunderland Swansea Everton Fulham Norwich Southampton Hull 14/15 Newcastle(cc) Stoke Southampton Sunderland A.Villa Swansea 15/16 WBA Swansea Shrewsbury(c1c) Sunderland Man.City Charlton(c1c) A.Villa Newcastle WestHam Bournemouth Norwich Man.City Leicester Watford 17/18 WestHam.

DAGENHAM 86/7 Kidderminster 05/6 Hereford 08/9 Bournemouth Chesterfield Morecambe Accrington 09/10 Aldershot Bradford Lincoln Southend(fr) P.Vale Notts C. Morecambe 11/12 Bradford Cheltenham 12/13 Wycombe Bradford Plymouth Accrington Northampton Exeter Port Vale Cheltenham Rochdale Southend Morecambe Fleetwood Coventry(c1c) Wimbledon Torquay Oxford 13/14 Exeter Bury Wycombe Burton Mansfield Plymouth Hartlepool Bristol R. Southend Fleetwood Cheltenham Rochdale Charlton(fr) Newport Torquay York Cheltenham Colchester(jpt) C.Palace(fr) 14/15 MK Dons/Colchester(fr) Morecambe Mansfield Carlisle Bury York Cheltenham Burton Stevenage Tranmere Shrewsbury Wycombe Newport Plymouth 15/16 Cambridge Newport Oxford Notts C. Northampton Morecambe Carlisle Barnet Accrington Wycombe Wimbledon Portsmouth Charlton/Southend(fr) 16/17 Southport N.Ferriby Chester Wealdstone(fac) Tranmere Solihull 17/18 Dover Fylde Bromley Chester Barrow Aldershot Wrexham Woking Torquay Sutton Maidstone Gateshead 18/19 Gateshead Harrogate Bromley Maidenhead WestHamXI/Colchester(fr) Aldershot.

DARLINGTON 67/8 Newport 70/1 Crewe 72/3 Southport Hereford Rotherham(lc) Hartlepool Cambridge 73/4 Colchester Crewe Newport 1.75 Stockport 74/5 Southport Stockport Newport 1.25 Crewe 75/6 1.50 each Scunthorpe Barnsley Southport Workington Luton(lc) Cambridge Crewe 76/7 Sheff.Wed.(fac) Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 77/8 Newport 1.25 Crewe 78/9 Stockport 80/1 Bradford Hartlepool 81/2 Mansfield Bury Hereford 82/3 1.50 each Scunthorpe(fac) Scunthorpe 83/4 Halifax(mc) 84/5 Chesterfield Hereford 85/6 Mansfield(frt) York Notts C. 86/7 Chesterfield 87/8 Rochdale Cambridge 88/9 Carlisle 89/90 1.25 each Stafford Kettering Runcorn(fac) Sutton Barnet Northwich(fac) Welling dec. Welling apr. Barrow Chorley Billingham(fat) Boston Altrincham Marthyr Macclesfield Farnborough Wycombe Macclesfield(blt) Enfield Macclesfield(fat) Yeovil Fisher Telford Runcorn Cambridge(fac) Northwich Runcorn(fat) 90/1 1.50 each Blackpool(lc) York Scunthorpe Carlisle Wrexham Burnley Halifax Swindon(rc) Peterborough Hereford Northampton Hartlepool York(fac) Grimsby(ldc) Torquay Chesterfield Cardiff Gillingham Stockport Doncaster Blackpool Lincoln Rochdale 91/2 Bury Shrewsbury Stoke PNE Exeter Bradford Reading Hull Chesterfield(fac) 92/3 Hereford Torquay Scunthorpe Rochdale Northampton Walsall Barnet Wrexham Gillingham Doncaster Scunthorpe 93/4 Northampton Mansfield Torquay Shrewsbury Walsall Lincoln Carlisle Wigan Gillingham Scunthorpe Hereford Crewe PNE Bury 94/5 Barnsley(ccc) Barnet Walsall Hereford Torquay Exeter 95/6 Bury Chester Fulham Colchester Gillingham Plymouth Wigan Scunthorpe Barnet Hereford Rochdale(fac) Doncaster Northampton PNE Exeter Orient Mansfield Hartlepool Torquay Lincoln Cambridge Rochdale 96/7 Doncaster Cardiff 97/8 Exeter Rotherham Chester Brighton 98/9 Torquay Scunthorpe Southend Exeter Sheff.Utd(wc) Rochdale 99/00 Shrewsbury 22/1 Shrewsbury 5/4 Carlisle Mansfield Exeter 02/3 Swansea 04/5 Grimsby Barnsley(cc) 06/7 Hartlepool Peterboro Barnet Shrewsbury 07/8 Accrington Grimsby Chester Northampton(fac) Wycombe Shrewsbury 08/9 Macclesfield Grimsby Notts C. 09/10 2.50 each Lincoln Northampton Rochdale Port Vale Macclesfield Grimsby Chesterfield Accrington Rotherham.

DERBY 68/9 Bristol City Sheff.U Bolton Huddersfield Blackburn C.Palace Bury Middlesboro Portsmouth Norwich Charlton Swindon(lc) Birmingham Everton(lc) Preston Chelsea(lc) Fulham A.Villa Stockport(lc) Oxford Blackpool Chesterfield(lc) Millwall 69/70 West Ham Maastricht(fr) Wolves Leeds C.Palace Arsenal Sheff.U(fac) Sheff.Wed. PNE(fac) WBA Newcastle Nottm Forest Man.U(lc) Liverpool C.Palace(lc) Man.City Coventry Man.U Spurs Everton Southampton Stoke Ipswich 70/1 Chelsea Newcastle 78/9 Southampton 79/80 Southampton Bolton Ipswich NottmForest Arsenal 80/1 Luton 81/2 Luton 83/4 Grimsby Chelsea Birmingham(mc) Leeds Barnsley Plymouth(fac) Brighton Cambridge Blackburn Sheff.Wed. Telford(fac) 84/5 Gillingham Doncaster Brentford Bradford Walsall Newport Lincoln Swansea 85/6 Leicester(mc) Sheff.Wed.(fac) Telford(fac) Crewe(fac) Blackpool Chesterfield Walsall Reading Hartlepool(mc) Bournemouth Rotherham Darlington Bury Nott'm Forest(mc) Swansea Wigan York Newport Cardiff 86/7 Millwall Huddersfield C.Palace Chester(lc) Bradford WBA Shrewsbury Portsmouth Brighton Birmingham Grimsby Sunderland Luton 87/8 Man.Utd Watford Coventry Chelsea 88/9 Southampton(fac) Moscow Dynamo(fr) Spurs Southampton Norwich QPR Charlton Luton 89/90 Sheff.Wed.(lc) Chelsea Millwall Luton Liverpool Arsenal Sheff.Wed. Cambridge(lc) 90/1 Wimbledon Leeds Carlisle(rc) Spurs Coventry Nott'm Forest Sheff.Utd Sunderland QPR 91/2 Millwall Sunderland Burnley(fac)14/1 Burnley(fac)25/1 Port Vale Blackburn(posf) Blackburn Plymouth. Dec. Plymouth mar. Swindon Southend Newcastle Cambridge 92/3 Notts Co. Swindon Sunderland Stockport(fac) West Ham Luton Bolton(fac) Birmingham Brentford Brentford(aicsf) Notts C.(aic) Cambridge Leicester Watford Barnsley Bristol City Southend(ccc) Bolton(fac) Oxford Pisa(aic) Arsenal(ccc) Peterboro Charlton Cremonese(aic) Notts C. Portsmouth Bristol R. Wolves Grimsby 93/4 Stoke Luton Tranmere Leicester Millwall Oxford Charlton Grimsby Southend Exeter(ccc) Barnsley Bristol City Notts C. Wolves Nott'm Forest Bolton Peterborough Spurs(ccc) 94/5 Oldham Reading(ccc) Watford WBA Southend Notts C. Grimsby Middlesboro Stoke Port Vale Charlton Swindon Bolton Barnsley Burnley Luton Chesterfield/QPR(fr) Sheff.Utd Tranmere Reading 95/6 Southend Leicester Sheff.Utd Huddersfield Luton Leeds(fac) 96/7 Leicester A.Villa Newcastle Middlesboro(fac) Blackburn S.Rotterdam(fr) Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield(fr) Luton(ccc) 97/8 Wimbledon Southend(ccc) Man.U Bolton Arsenal Coventry Sheff.Wed. Blackburn Barnsley 98/9 Chesterfield(fr) Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. Man.U 2.00 99/00 Sunderland Spurs Bolton Everton CSKA Moscow(fr) Sheff.Wed. Leeds Watford Man.U 00/1 Leicester Blackburn Norwich Charlton Bradford 01/2 Leeds Blackburn 02/3 Portsmouth Nott'm Forest C.Palace Grimsby Gillingham Millwall PNE Norwich 03/4 Cardiff 04/5 Burnley Rotherham 05/6 Burnley Sheff.Utd. Sheff.Wed. 07/8 Wigan Blackburn Everton Newcastle 08/9 Bristol City 09/10 Bristol City Sheff.Wed. Scunthorpe 10/11 Ipswich Leicester QPR Barnsley Leeds Coventry Bristol C. Doncaster Norwich Scunthorpe Burnley PNE 11/12 Barnsley Doncaster Hull Reading Bristol C. Brighton Peterborough Portsmouth WestHam Stoke(fac) 12/13 Scunthorpe(cc) Sheff.Wed. Watford Wolves Huddersfield Blackburn Charlton Brighton Blackpool Burnley Bristol C. Peterboro Leicester NottmForest Millwall C.Palace Ipswich 13/14 WBA(fr) Yeovil Brighton Bolton Leicester Blackburn Birmingham Ipswich Blackpool Middlesbrough Burnley Reading Bournemouth 14/15 Charlton(cc) Reading(cc) Bolton Brighton Blackburn NottmForest Leeds Reading(fac) 15/16 Rotherham Burnley Charlton Wolves Villarreal(fr) Leeds Middlesbrough Brentford Fulham Reading Cardiff Birmingham Brighton Sheff.Wed. PNE Hull Ipswich MK Dons Huddersfield 16/17 Bristol C. Reading Norwich A.Villa Sheff.Wed. Blackburn Ipswich Birmingham Cardiff Brentford Leeds PNE QPR Huddersfield Barnsley Burton Fulham 17/18 Brentford Bristol C. Sunderland PNE Birmingham Hull QPR Reading Ipswich Bolton Sheff.U Fulham Leeds Millwall Norwich Middlesbrough Birmingham Burton Cardiff apr. A.Villa Wolves NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Fulham(posf) Hoffenheim(fr) 18/19 Wolves(fr) Leeds Hull Ipswich Norwich Middlesbrough PNE Reading Southampton(fac) Sheff.U Wigan Swansea Brentford Blackburn Birmingham A.Villa Bristol C. WBA Leeds(posf).

DONCASTER 67/8 Workington Workington(fac) 68/9 Workington 69/70 Barrow Southport Fulham 2.00 70/1 Torquay Barnsley 71/2 Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 72/73 Southport 1.25 73/4 Chester Gillingham Workington 1.25 Tranmere(fac) Bury Newport 1.25 Stockport 74/5 Bradford Mansfield Southport 1.25 75/6 Rochdale Darlington Bradford Grimsby(lc) Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport Swansea 76/7 Rochdale Hartlepool Brentford Newport Southport 1.25 77/8 Rochdale Wimbledon Hartlepool Newport 78/9 Port Vale Sheff.Wed.(lc) Crewe Barnsley Hereford Bradford Northampton Halifax Darlington Portsmouth York Newport Scunthorpe 79/80 Newport 1.25 80/1 Bradford Hartlepool Mansfield Wigan Torquay Port Vale York Scunthorpe 81/2 C.Palace(lc) Wimbledon Lincoln PNE Brentford Bristol City Reading Chester Chesterfield Huddersfield(mc) Penrith(fac) Newport Chesterfield(lc) 82/3 PNE/Bournemouth Walsall Wigan Huddersfield Sheff.Utd Lincoln Exeter Wrexham Chesterfield 83/4 Aldershot Rochdale Halifax Scunthorpe(fr) Scunthorpe(mc) Crewe Reading 84/5 Bristol City Wigan Plymouth Walsall PNE Bolton Swansea Wolves/Chelsea(fr) Newport 85/6 Notts C. Plymouth Derby Lincoln Bristol City Swansea Wigan Bournemouth Rotherham Chesterfield York Newport 86/7 Bristol Rov. Newport 87/8 Blackpool Rotherham Wigan 88/9 Burnley Sheff.Utd(fac) Hereford Stockport Rotherham Burnley 89/90 Southend Hereford Chesterfield Grimsby Scunthorpe 90/1 Northampton Chesterfield Scunthorpe 91/2 Barnet Hereford Rotherham Burnley Mansfield Chesterfield Crewe Gillingham Crewe(rc) Walsall Scunthorpe Northampton 92/3 Barnet Halifax Chesterfield Torquay Scunthorpe 93/4 Crewe Torquay Colchester Rotherham(at) Rochdale Darlington Chester Scunthorpe Chesterfield 94/5 Walsall Colchester Exeter Huddersfield(fac) Mansfield Hereford Scunthorpe Chesterfield Gillingham Lincoln(aws) 95/6 Hartlepool Cambridge Colchester Lincoln Mansfield Darlington Cardiff Hereford 96/7 Rochdale 97/8 2.50 each Barnet Notts C. Hull Lincoln Mansfield Macclesfield Torquay Shrewsbury Darlington Rochdale Swansea Chester 98/9 1.50 each Morecambe Northwich Telford Hereford Southport Stevenage Hayes Forest Green Woking Rushden & D. Cheltenham Dover Frickley Yeovil Barrow Hednesford 99/00 Sutton Hereford Northwich Halesowen(fat) Hednesford Pontefract(res.)50p Welling Leeds(fr) 00/1 Kingstonian Stalybridge Hednesford Woking Mansfield(fr) Rochdale(ldv) 01/2 Stalybridge Scunthorpe(fr) 02/3 Mansfield(fr) Yeovil 03/4 Chesterfield(fr) York Southend Grimsby(cc) Cheltenham Scunthorpe Hull Yeovil Rochdale Mansfield Boston Darlington Lincoln Carlisle Swansea Northampton Bury Macclesfield Oxford Huddersfield 04/5 Chesterfield Brentford Port Vale Ipswich(cc) Blackpool Sheff.Wed. 05/6 A.Villa(cc) Tranmere Brentford Rotherham Arsenal(cc) Swansea Yeovil 06/7 Brighton Mansfield(fac) Bournemouth Crewe Bolton(fac) Bradford Blackpool Yeovil Derby(cc) Rochdale(cc) Scunthorpe 07/8 Yeovil Southend Carlisle Crewe Bradford(jpt) Walsall Bournemouth 08/9 Watford Cheltenham(fac) Derby Burnley Sheff.Wed. Norwich Blackpool Charlton Sheff.Utd Coventry Southampton Barnsley Swansea Cardiff Ipswich 09/10 Barnsley Peterborough Watford Scunthorpe 10/11 Scunthorpe 11/12 Hull 12/13 Chesterfield 13/14 Blackburn Rochdale(c1c) 14/15 Chesterfield Walsall Sheff,Wed.(fr) PNE Notts C.(jpt) Notts C. MK Dons Peterborough Bradford 15/16 Sunderland(fr) Colchester Burton(jpt) Fleetwood Southend Bradford Barnsley Oldham NottmForest(fr) 16/17 Cambridge Hartlepool Wycombe Middlesbrough(fr) Blackpool(ctt) Newcastle(fr) P.Vale(ctt) Derby(ctt) Grimsby Carlisle Blackpool Exeter Barnet Accrington Crewe Notts C. Mansfield 17/18 Sheff.Wed.(fr) Derby(fr) Oldham MK Dons Northampton Scunthorpe Rochdale Scunthorpe(fac) Shrewsbury.

EVERTON 61/2 Man.City(fac) 63/4 West Ham ph 64/5 West Ham ph 66/7 West Ham ph 67/8 Sheff.U 68/9 West Ham ph Luton(lc) 69/70 Stoke 70/1 Stoke Middlesboro(fac) Ipswich Burnley Keflavik(ec)1.50 Blackburn(fac) Southampton 71/2 Huddersfield Leicester C.Palace Man.City NottmForest Ipswich Liverpool Spurs(fac) 72/3 Southampton Derby WBA C.Palace Man.U Leeds Norwich Liverpool Sheff.U Coventry Arsenal Birmingham 73/4 1.50 each Arsenal Norwich(lc) Reading(lc) Leicester Blackburn(fac) Man.U West Ham Norwich Sheff.U Liverpool 2.00 Spurs QPR Stoke Ipswich Man.City Wolves Derby Coventry Burnley Birmingham Chelsea Southampton 74/5 1.50 each A.Villa(lc) Coventry Altrincham(fac) Sheff.U Burnley Liverpool 2.00 Leicester Leeds Newcastle Wolves Stoke West Ham Chelsea Birmingham Spurs Fulham(fac) Luton QPR Ipswich Arsenal Man.City Carlisle Derby Middlesbrough 75/6 1.50 each Coventry Arsenal Liverpool 2.00 Notts C.(lc) Carlisle(lc) Ipswich Arsenal(lc) Newcastle A.Villa Birmingham Man.U Burnley QPR Stoke Middlesbrough West Ham Sheff.U Norwich Leicester Spurs Wolves Man.City Derby 76/7 WBA Newcastle Birmingham Stoke Leicester Spurs Norwich 26/3 Cambridge(lc) Sunderland Coventry Bristol C. WestHam A.Villa Middlesbrough 77/8 West Ham Man.City Coventry Middlesboro Man.Utd A.Villa(fac) Norwich Middlesboro(lc) Leicester Derby A.Villa Leeds Nott'm Forest Wolves WBA West Ham QPR Ipswich 78/9 Leeds WBA Ipswich Arsenal Man.Utd Coventry Middlesboro Bristol City Southampton Man.City Bolton Wolves Birmingham Wimbledon(lc) A.Villa QPR Derby Norwich Spurs 79/80 WBA C.Palace Spurs Wigan(fac) Wrexham(fac) Brighton A.Villa Man.City Wolves Bristol City Leeds Middlesboro Nott'm Forest Derby Aldershot(fac) Stoke Ipswich(fac) Liverpool 2.00 Norwich Arsenal 80/1 Spurs WBA C.Palace WBA(lc) Wolves Nottm Forest Southampton(fac) Leicester Birmingham Blackpool(lc) 81/2 WBA Wolves Ipswich Swansea 82/3 Spurs(fac) Luton Stoke Notts C. Coventry Brighton Man.City WBA Watford Southampton Arsenal(mc) West Ham Man.U Newport(fac) Nott'm Forest Sunderland Newport(mc) Norwich 83/4 Luton Birmingham Stoke Chesterfield(mc) WBA Arsenal Liverpool Southampton Nott'm Forest Shrewsbury(fac) Notts C. WestHam Coventry 84/5 Sunderland Telford(fac) West Ham Southampton Ipswich(fac) Man.U Stoke WBA QPR A.Villa Grimsby(mc) Newcastle Doncaster(fac) Coventry Leicester Norwich 85/6 Luton(fac) Watford Blackburn(fac) Luton A.Villa Arsenal Sheff.Wed. Oxford Spurs Southampton 86/7 Newport(lc) Sheff.Wed.(lc) Liverpool(lc) Southampton(fac) Watford Southampton Charlton(fmc) Leicester Wimbledon Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Man.City Norwich 87/8 Norwich Coventry Sheff.Wed. Liverpool Spurs Oxford Sheff.Wed.(fac) Sheff.Wed.(fac 2nd replay) Oldham(lc) Nott'm Forest Southampton Luton Man.U Portsmouth 88/9 Southampton QPR Luton Arsenal QPR(scsf) Sheff.Wed. Man.U 89/90 Luton Middlesboro(fac)17/1 Arsenal Millwall Luton(lc) QPR 90/1 Man.City Spurs Coventry Sheff.Utd Southampton Liverpool NottmForest Chelsea Luton 91/2 Coventry QPR Sheff.Utd Southampton WestHam Sheff.Wed. Man.U Spurs A.Villa Wolves (rc) 92/3 Nott'm Forest Norwich Rotherham(ccc) Man.U Spurs Oldham 93/4 Spurs Swindon Man.U(ccc) 94/5 A.Villa Southampton QPR Spurs 95/6 Man.Utd Newcastle P.Vale(fac) 96/7 West Ham Sheff.Wed. Spurs 97/8 Rangers(fr) WestHam Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Scunthorpe(ccc) 98/9 Derby Blackburn Middlesbrough Wimbledon Coventry Southampton WestHam A.Villa Sheff.Wed. 99/00 Middlesboro Bradford WestHam Coventry Sheff.Wed. Spurs Wimbledon 03/4 Portsmouth 04/5 Southampton Sunderland Portsmouth Fulham A.Villa Middlesboro 05/6 Arsenal Blackburn 06/7 Portsmouth 08/9 Liverpool Chelsea 09/10 Wolves Man.U 10/11 Blackburn Chelsea West Ham 11/12 Stoke Fulham 13/14 Swansea(fac).

EXETER 65/6 Workington 67/8 Workington Newport 69/70 Workington Fulham(fac)2.00 70/1 Colchester Lincoln Peterboro Swansea(lc) Workington 1.25 Barrow 1.25 Southport 1.25 71/2 Doncaster Lincoln Reading Brentford Scunthorpe Stockport Crewe Southport 1.25 Swansea(fac) 72/3 Aldershot Crewe Bury Workington 1.25 73/4 Bradford Reading Hartlepool Gillingham Barnsley Doncaster Brentford Chester Mansfield Torquay Northampton Stockport Lincoln Bury Scunthorpe Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 74/5 Torquay Northampton Crewe Bradford Darlington Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Hereford Swansea(lc) 75/6 Torquay(lc) Torquay Southport 1.25 Newport Newport(lc)1.25 76/7 Aldershot Darlington Bradford Stockport Southend Bournemouth Watford Halifax Barnsley Brentford Southport 1.25 Newport Scunthorpe Swansea 77/8 A.Villa(lc) Gillingham Newport(fac) Bury Tranmere Hereford 78/9 Gillingham Tranmere Bournemouth(lc) Swansea 79/80 Blackburn Chesterfield Hereford(lc) 80/1 Millwall Newport Plymouth Chesterfield 81/2 Chesterfield Portsmouth 82/3 Newport(mc) Newport 83/4 Southend Torquay(fr) PNE Bradford Newport Cardiff(mc) Scunthorpe 84/5 Stockport Port Vale Chesterfield Wrexham Newport(frt) Southend Blackpool Hereford Peterboro Enfield(fac) Rochdale Swindon Darlington Chester Mansfield Bury Scunthorpe 85/6 Stockport Peterboro Aldershot Crewe Burnley Hereford Mansfield Hartlepool Halifax Tranmere Scunthorpe Southend Northampton Port Vale 86/7 Halifax Newport(lc) Hartlepool Torquay Peterborough Hereford 87/8 Hereford Wrexham Rochdale Torquay Crewe Burnley Stockport Tranmere Halifax Bournemouth(lc) Colchester Swansea 88/9 Tranmere Stockport Grimsby Hartlepool Peterborough 89/90 Halifax Chesterfield York Blackpool(lc) Colchester Chesterfield Rochdale Cambridge Scunthorpe Stockport Southend 90/1 Stoke Shrewsbury Bournemouth Grimsby Bradford Mansfield Wigan Shrewsbury Bolton Crewe Man.City(fr) Notts C.(rc) Cambridge 91/2 Hartlepool Bury Bradford Darlington PNE Bolton Torquay Torquay(at) Wigan Huddersfield Peterboro Stockport Reading Portsmouth(fac) Chester Swansea(fac) 92/3 Bolton Reading Reading(at) Hartlepool Mansfield Stoke Chester Port Vale Wigan Mansfield Chester Torquay Birmingham(ccc) Oldham(ccc) 93/4 Hartlepool Blackpool Walsall(ccc) Wrexham Bournemouth Fulham Huddersfield Stockport Rotherham Sheff.Wed.(fr) Bristol R. Cambridge 94/5 Barnet Walsall Hereford Chesterfield Torquay Wigan Rochdale Lincoln Hartlepool Northampton Scunthorpe Darlington Carlisle Gillingham Doncaster Colchester(fac) 95/6 Hartlepool Plymouth Chester Torquay(ccc) Darlington Hereford Wigan Lincoln Gillingham Peterboro(fac) PNE Torquay Mansfield Doncaster Hereford Barnet Northampton Rochdale Exeter(fr) 96/7 Carlisle Colchester Hartlepool Darlington Lincoln Barnet Rochdale Barnet(ccc) Hereford Brighton Torquay Doncaster Northampton Wigan Scunthorpe Fulham Hull Mansfield Cardiff Cambridge 97/8 Barnet Torquay Hartlepool Notts C. Lincoln Colchester Mansfield Scunthorpe Walsall(ccc) Rochdale Rotherham Shrewsbury 98/9 Ipswich(wc) Brentford Southend Barnet Scarboro Peterboro Carlisle Scunthorpe Torquay Rotherham Halifax Hull Shrewsbury Darlington Plymouth Mansfield 99/00 Torquay Mansfield Lincoln Barnet Peterboro Shrewsbury Aldershot(fac) Brighton Carlisle Macclesfield Rotherham Halifax Rochdale Plymouth Brentford(awssf) Hartlepool Northampton Hull Cheltenham 00/1 Hartlepool Lincoln Halifax Scunthorpe Hull Swindon(wc) Torquay York Southend Carlisle Darlington Plymouth Mansfield Chesterfield Rochdale Cheltenham 01/2 Halifax Darlington Oxford Hull Walsall(wc) Bristol Rov. Southend Rochdale Mansfield Macclesfield Cheltenham Torquay York Lincoln Cambridge C.(fac) 04/5 Canvey Is. Stevenage Tamworth Aldershot Swindon(ldv) Leigh Hereford Forest Green 05/6 Cambridge C.(fat) Canvey Is. Hereford Scarboro 06/7 Bristol Rov.(fr) Oxford Newcastle(yc) Weymouth Forest Green Northwich V. Crawley Halifax Swansea(fr) St.Albans 13/14 Scunthorpe.

FLEETWOOD TOWN 12/13 Accrington P.Vale Rotherham 13/14 Chesterfield Cheltenham 14/15 Morecambe(jpt) Crewe Notts C. Oldham Walsall Crawley 15/16 1.25 each Rochdale Southend Wigan Walsall Shrewsbury(jpt) Sheff.U(jpt) P.Vale Hartlepool(c1c) Getafe(fr) Colchester Chesterfield Bury Burton Bradford 16/17 Bury Bradford P.Vale Northampton Wigan(fr) Oxford Scunthorpe Shrewsbury MK Dons Sheff.U Coventry Gillingham Peterborough Bristol C.(fac) Bradford(posf) 17/18 Doncaster Charlton Carlisle(cc) Bury PNE(fr) Rochdale Peterbro Oldham.

FOREST GREEN ROVERS 05/6 Hereford 09/10 Luton 14/15 Kidderminster Welling Alfreton Dartford Eastleigh 15/16 Dover Torquay Kidderminster Boreham Wood Guiseley Altrincham.

FULHAM 67/8 Man.City Sheff.U 68/9 Bristol C. Hull Bolton Blackburn Sheff.U Bury Norwich WBA(fac) Carlisle Charlton PNE A.Villa Oxford Derby Huddersfield Portsmouth 69/70 Southport Reading Rotherham Shrewsbury Halifax Barnsley Bradford Tranmere Torquay Walsall Bournemouth Bury Brighton Bristol R. Mansfield Plymouth Rochdale Doncaster Gillingham Leeds(lc) Stockport Luton 70/1 Plymouth Mansfield PNE Doncaster Bradford Tranmere Rochdale QPR(lc) Bristol Rov.(fac) Chesterfield Rotherham Walsall P.Vale Bristol R. Gillingham Reading 71/2 Norwich QPR Cambridge(lc) Coventry(fr) Man.Utd(fr) Benfica(fr)1.50 QPR(fac) Millwall PNE Luton Hull Oxford 72/3 Luton mar. Burnley PNE Reading(lc) QPR Huddersfield Portsmouth A.Villa Sunderland Santos(fr)2.50 Middlesbrough Millwall Bristol C. Hull Oxford Luton dec. 73/4 Nottm Forest Ipswich(lc) Portsmouth Notts C. Bristol City Swindon Bolton PNE Luton Leicester(fac) WBA Carlisle Blackpool Millwall Cardiff Norwich(fr) 74/5 Bristol City Oxford Norwich Notts C. Southampton Bolton Portsmouth West Ham(lc)1.50 Nott'm Forest A.Villa Oldham WBA Tottenham(fr) 75/6 Hull Bolton Southampton Peterboro(lc) Oxford Bristol City Chelsea Portsmouth Bristol Rov. Notts C. Huddersfield(fac) Oldham Nott'm Forest Blackpool Carlisle WBA Motherwell(ascsf) Sunderland Blackburn Middlesbrough(asf) Plymouth 76/7 Peterboro(lc) Bolton(lc) Nottm Forest Millwall Sheff.U Luton Blackburn Hull Blackpool Chelsea Hereford Wolves 77/8 Sunderland Bolton Blackpool Stoke Luton C.Palace Brighton Burnley Charlton Hull Notts C. Oldham Blackburn Cardiff 78/9 Stoke West Ham Man.Utd(fac) Burnley PNE Darlington(lc) Notts C. Cambridge QPR(fac) Oldham Sunderland C.Palace Leicester Charlton Wrexham Sheff.U Millwall Luton Cardiff Brighton 79/80 Birmingham West Ham PNE Luton Watford Charlton Swansea Sunderland Wrexham QPR Oldham Notts C. Chelsea 1.50 Burnley Cambridge WBA(lc) Shrewsbury Blackburn(fac) Bristol R. 80/1 Brentford Burnley Chester Chesterfield Hull Newport Blackpool Walsall Exeter Oxford Millwall Plymouth Rotherham Huddersfield Sheff.U Barnsley Swindon Gillingham Newport Carlisle Charlton 81/2 Chester Doncaster Burnley Swindon Brentford Portsmouth Exeter Bristol Rov. Huddersfield Oldham(lc) Newcastle(lc) Southend Millwall Lincoln 2.00 Bristol C. Newport Walsall Millwall Gillingham Wimbledon Oxford Plymouth Carlisle Chesterfield 82/3 Leeds Carlisle Watford(fac) Grimsby Cambridge Sheff.Wed. Oldham Coventry(mc) Blackburn Leicester Chelsea Newcastle Charlton Middlesboro C.Palace Rotherham 83/4 Charlton Middlesboro Chelsea Brighton Shrewsbury Blackburn Spurs(fac) Portsmouth Grimsby Barnsley Newcastle C.Palace Swansea Doncaster(mc) Liverpool(mc) Leeds Cambridge C.Palace 84/5 Oxford 12/1 Grimsby Leeds Portsmouth Huddersfield C.Palace Brighton Blackburn Middlesboro Carlisle(mc) Sheff.Wed.(fac) Wimbledon 85/6 Chelsea(mc) Portsmouth Huddersfield Notts C.(mc) Blackburn Sunderland Leeds Oldham Norwich 86/7 Port Vale Brentford Notts C. Swindon Mansfield Newport Northampton Newport(fac) Hereford 87/8 Brighton PNE Gillingham Chesterfield Rotherham Notts C. Bury Bradford(lc) Port Vale Doncaster Colchester(lc) Brentford Sunderland Grimsby Southend York Bristol Rov. Bristol City Brighton(frt) Walsall 88/9 Sheff.Utd Blackpool Brentford(lc) Chesterfield Reading Colchester(fac) Port Vale Brentford Brentford(svt) Mansfield Southend Chester Cardiff PNE Northampton Bolton Bristol Rov. Bury Huddersfield Bristol R.(posf) 89/90 Mansfield PNE Chester Bristol City Brentford Northampton Bury Shrewsbury Birmingham Oxford(lc) Tranmere Cardiff Swansea Sunderland(lc) Blackpool Bristol R. 90/1 Brentford(ldc) Cambridge Southend Mansfield Bury Bolton Birmingham Brentford Bradford Chester Bournemouth Stoke Grimsby Wigan Tranmere Huddersfield Swansea Reading PNE Shrewsbury Farnborough(fac) Peterborough(rc) 91/2 Birmingham PNE Hartlepool Bradford Brentford Bournemouth Reading 14/12 Reading 7/4 Wigan WBA Hull Huddersfield Darlington Chester Charlton(rc) Bolton Stockport Stoke Torquay C.Palace(fr) Swansea Peterborough 92/3 PNE Brentford(ccc) Bolton Stoke Mansfield Rotherham Swansea Exeter 93/4 York Colchester(ccc) Reading Huddersfield Port Vale Plymouth Cambridge Swansea Exeter Wrexham Cardiff Burnley 94/5 Brentford Carlisle Chesterfield Barnet Walsall PNE Exeter Lincoln Bury 95/6 Doncaster Rochdale Wolves(fac) Wolves(ccc) Northampton Colchester Hereford Shrewsbury(fac) PNE Swansea(fac) Barnet Chester Cambridge Cardiff 96/7 Lincoln Rochdale Colchester Glenn Cockerill XI(fr) Swansea Scunthorpe Mansfield 97/8 Oldham Blackpool Burnley Brentford Bournemouth York Chesterfield Watford Gillingham Millwall Wolves Luton Southend(fac) Wycombe(ccc) Grimsby Wigan Wrexham Wycombe Bristol R. 98/9 Colchester Man.City Wigan PNE Northampton Southampton(wc) Hartlepool(fac) Oldham Walsall Wrexham Reading 99/00 Charlton Wimbledon Israel(fr) C.Palace WBA Luton Walsall Blackburn Bolton Spurs(wc) Nott'm Forest Huddersfield Port Vale Tranmere Crewe Portsmouth Stockport Grimsby Man.City QPR 00/1 Nott'm Forest Birmingham Derby(wc) Huddersfield Grimsby Watford Wolves(wc) Wolves WBA Sheff.Utd PNE Crewe Chesterfield(wc) Stockport Portsmouth Norwich Gillingham Tranmere Bolton Barnsley QPR 01/2 Everton Leeds Wycombe(fac) Newcastle Leicester Derby Ipswich Charlton Man.Utd Deportivo(fr) Spurs A.Villa Middlesboro Chelsea Sunderland Bolton 02/3 WBA Birmingham Chelsea Sunderland Middlesboro Charlton Southampton Blackburn Everton WestHam Man.City Leeds Man.U Arsenal 03/4 Celtic(fr) A.Villa Birmingham Blackburn Charlton Southampton Leeds Spurs 04/5 Portsmouth Birmingham Southampton Blackburn Watford(fac) 05/6 Arsenal WBA 09/10 Wolves Stoke 10/11 Wigan Wolves Birmingham Arsenal.

GILLINGHAM 60/1 Exeter Chester Orient(fac) 61/2 Colchester 62/3 Torquay 63/4 Bury(lc) Torquay Tranmere Stockport 64/5 Watford P.Vale Mansfield Exeter 65/6 Swindon Reading Walsall Mansfield Millwall Watford Brighton Folkestone(fac) Ipswich(fr)2.00 66/7 Arsenal(lc) QPR Torquay Shrewsbury 67/8 Torquay(lc) Bournemouth Torquay Bury 68/9 Brighton Barnsley Barrow Bournemouth Torquay 69/70 2.00 each Southport Fulham Southend(fac) Newport(fac) Peterborough(fac) Reading Shrewsbury Tranmere Bristol R. Brighton Plymouth Bournemouth Luton Torquay Bury 71/2 Stockport Southport 1.25 Exeter Barrow 1.50 Chester Darlington Aldershot Workington Scunthorpe Reading(lc) Hartlepool Doncaster 72/3 Colchester Mansfield Northampton Crewe Southport 1.25 Exeter Aldershot Newport 1.25 Bradford Darlington Millwall(fr)2.00 73/4 Reading Bradford Hartlepool Colchester Exeter Torquay Mansfield Workington 1.25 Stockport Charlton(fr)2.00 74/5 Port Vale Colchester Bournemouth Blackburn Plymouth Hereford Peterboro C.Palace PNE Aldershot 76/7 C.Palace Shrewsbury Port Vale Peterboro Tranmere Wrexham PNE Rotherham Mansfield Watford(fac) Grimsby Oxford Chesterfield Swindon Newcastle(lc) Brighton 77/8 Bradford Plymouth Tranmere Hereford Carlisle Shrewsbury Peterboro(fac) Cambridge Peterboro Wrexham Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Peterboro Plymouth Exeter Swindon Lincoln Weymouth(fac) 78/9 Reading(lc) Tranmere Plymouth Peterboro Southend Shrewsbury Reading Watford Carlisle Rotherham 79/80 Barnsley Reading Colchester Blackpool Hull Carlisle Wimbledon(fac) Southend Sheff.Wed. Bury Exeter Blackburn 80/1 Exeter Charlton Chesterfield Blackpool Colchester Hull Carlisle Swindon Fulham Oxford Rotherham Burnley Chester Millwall Sheff.Utd Colchester(lc) Huddersfield Newport 81/2 Burnley PNE Plymouth Southend Brentford Chesterfield Portsmouth Bristol City Chester Huddersfield Walsall Fulham Bristol City Exeter Colchester Lincoln Doncaster Newport Barking(fac) Carlisle 82/3 Wigan Chesterfield Sheff.Utd Wrexham Reading Lincoln Oldham(mc) Spurs(mc) Portsmouth Walsall Brentford Bournemouth Northampton(fac) Bradford Doncaster Newport Exeter Dagenham(fac) Plymouth 83/4 Walsall Port Vale Exeter Rotherham Southend Wimbledon Lincoln Bournemouth Sheff.Utd Bradford Brentford Bristol Rov. Oxford Plymouth Newport Chelmsford(fac) 84/5 Plymouth Bolton Rotherham Colchester(mc) Leeds(mc) Newport Millwall Windsor(fac) 85/6 Bolton Swansea York Southend(mc) Chesterfield Notts C. Doncaster Walsall Lincoln Bristol City Blackpool Bury Portsmouth(mc) Darlington Bristol Rov. Northampton(fac) Brentford Swansea Newport Bognor(fac) 86/7 Port Vale Walsall Bolton Bournemouth Mansfield Rotherham Doncaster Wigan Bury Northampton(frt) Darlington Colchester Chester Swindon(pof) Bristol R. Newport Middlesbrough Blackpool Oxford 87/8 Stoke(lc) PNE Mansfield Bury Fulham Bristol City Northampton Aldershot Port Vale Wigan Rotherham Chesterfield Doncaster Grimsby Walsall(fac) Southend Walsall Fulham(fac) Sunderland Brighton(lc) York Brighton Rotherham Chester Bristol Rov. Notts C. Brentford 88/9 Bury Port Vale Reading Caen(fr) Sheff.Utd Northampton PNE Fulham Blackpool Notts C. Chesterfield Peterboro(fac) Bolton Mansfield Brentford Cambridge(lc) Wigan Chester Swansea Cardiff 89/90 Grimsby Stockport Torquay Wrexham York Halifax Chesterfield Dartford(kent cup) Erith(kent cup) Ashford(kent cup) Lincoln Exeter Aldershot Cambridge Cambridge(ldc) Hereford Doncaster Scunthorpe Welling(fac) WestHam/Wimbledon/Fulham(fr) 90/1 Wrexham Burnley Walsall Torquay Rochdale Halifax Scunthorpe Darlington Hereford Chesterfield 91/2 Crewe Mansfield Chesterfield Lincoln Brentford(fac) Doncaster Hereford Rochdale Wrexham York 92/3 Barnet Wrexham Shrewsbury Darlington Walsall Colchester(fac) Huddersfield(fac) Rochdale Kettering(fac) Chesterfield York Halifax 93/4 Wycombe Scarboro Colchester Doncaster Chesterfield Yeading(fac) Crewe Chester 94/5 Reading(ccc) Hartlepool Rochdale Torquay Darlington Carlisle Sheff.Wed.(fac) Walsall Hereford Arsenal(fr) 95/6 Wycombe(fac) Colchester Lincoln Hartlepool Torquay Northampton Hitchin(fac) Fulham Exeter Darlington Cambridge Hereford 96/7 Plymouth PNE Shrewsbury Bristol City Walsall Blackpool Stockport Brentford Nott'm Forest(fr) Watford Wycombe Peterboro Rotherham Burnley Chesterfield Millwall Bournemouth Notts C. Hereford(fac) Crewe York Wrexham Bristol Rov. Luton Derby(fac) 97/8 Wigan Chesterfield Fulham Wrexham Burnley Walsall York Watford Southend PNE Oldham Millwall Luton Bristol Rov.(fac) Bournemouth 98/9 Southend(wc) Colchester Stoke Wycombe Northampton Luton Bristol Rov. PNE 99/00 Burnley Millwall Wigan Bury Stoke Oxford Brentford Blackpool Bradford(fac) Sheff.Wed.(fac) Chesterfield Scunthorpe Wrexham Notts C. Darlington(fac) Luton 00/1 Fulham Watford Wolves Portsmouth Bolton Crewe QPR Grimsby Burnley Blackburn WBA Sheff.U Tranmere Norwich Stockport Huddersfield 01/2 Walsall Coventry WBA 02/3 Coventry Derby 03/4 Stoke West Ham Sunderland 04/5 PNE Sheff.Utd Brighton Watford Wigan Coventry Cardiff Burnley Crewe Derby Ipswich Leeds Leicester Millwall NottmForest Plymouth Wolves WestHam Sunderland Stoke Rotherham Reading QPR 05/6 Walsall Doncaster Scunthorpe 07/8 P.Vale Luton(jpt) 10/11 Cheltenham Dover(fac) 11/12 Plymouth Cheltenham 14/15 Colchester Barnsley Crewe Peterborough P.Vale PNE Crawley Bristol C. Bristol C.(fac) Rochdale 15/16 Bury Doncaster Oldham Rochdale Scunthorpe Sheff.U Southend 16/17 Luton(ctt) Bolton Chesterfield Fleetwood Millwall Peterborough Southend Wimbledon Bradford Charlton P.Vale Scunthorpe Shrewsbury Coventry MK Dons Oldham Rochdale 17/18 Southend(ctt) Southend Bury Scunthorpe.

GRIMSBY 67/8 Barrow 70/1 Barrow 1.25 71/2 Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport 73/4 Southport 1.25 Hereford 74/5 1.25 each PNE Charlton Watford Peterborough Huddersfield Tranmere Halifax Bury(fac) Southend Swindon Colchester Bournemouth Bury Plymouth Hereford 76/7 1.25 each Sheff.Wed.(lc) Peterborough PNE Chester York Chesterfield Wrexham Reading Sheff.Wed. P.Vale Bury Northampton Mansfield Portsmouth Oxford Rotherham Tranmere Lincoln Shrewsbury Walsall Swindon 77/8 1.25 each Darlington Rochdale Doncaster Scunthorpe Aldershot Reading Bournemouth Halifax Torquay Southampton(fac) Stockport York Newport Barnsley Huddersfield Northampton Southend Watford Crewe Watford(lc) Southport Brentford Swansea 78/9 1.25 each York(lc) Reading Torquay Wimbledon Hartlepool Rochdale Portsmouth Northampton Hereford Halifax Newport York Bradford Darlington Crewe Huddersfield Bournemouth Aldershot Wigan P.Vale Stockport Scunthorpe Barnsley Doncaster 79/80 1.25 each Wolves(lc) Exeter Blackpool Plymouth Huddersfield(lc) Colchester Notts C.(lc) Bury Chester Chesterfield Rotherham Everton(lc) Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Chesterfield(fac) Mansfield Sheff.U(fac) Barnsley Blackburn Reading Brentford Swindon Gillingham Millwall Southend Hull Oxford 80/1 Oldham Bristol City PNE Luton Sheff.Wed. Bristol Rov. Newcastle Chelsea Wrexham Bolton West Ham Cambridge Shrewsbury Swansea Notts C. QPR Watford Notts C.(lc) 81/2 Oldham Sheff.Wed. Luton Newcastle Bolton Blackburn Rotherham C.Palace Wrexham Charlton Cambridge Watford(lc) Chelsea Norwich QPR Watford 82/3 Blackburn Chelsea Carlisle Charlton Middlesboro Scunthorpe(mc) Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Scunthorpe(fac) Oldham Sheff.Utd(mc) Bolton C.Palace Wolves Newcastle Leeds Derby Burnley 83/4 Barnsley Oldham Middlesboro Carlisle Derby Man.City Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Shrewsbury Fulham Coventry(mc) Charlton Leeds Portsmouth Swansea Cambridge Cardiff 84/5 Fulham Notts C.(fac) Wolves Blackburn Huddersfield Rotherham(mc) Middlesboro Barnsley Oldham Leeds Cardiff 85/6 Arsenal(fac)3.00 Blackburn Bradford Portsmouth Stoke Sheff.U 86/7 Sunderland Stoke Portsmouth Stoke(fac) Bradford 87/8 Northampton Blackpool Wigan 88/9 Halifax Rochdale Doncaster Hereford Burnley Crewe Carlisle Scunthorpe Peterboro Rotherham Exeter Rotherham(fac) York Stockport Tranmere Cambridge Reading(fac) Scarboro Colchester 89/90 Halifax Doncaster Rochdale Stockport Gillingham Cambridge 90/1 Wigan Rotherham Mansfield Crewe(rc) Reading 91/2 Rotherham(rc) Watford Leicester Brighton Middlesboro Portsmouth Cambridge 92/3 Newcastle(aic) Brentford Barnsley(ccc) Birmingham Southend Swindon Watford Cambridge Bristol City QPR(ccc) Barnsley 93/4 Hartlepool(ccc) Tranmere Luton Portsmouth Peterborough 94/5 Bristol City Bradford(ccc) Millwall Oldham Tranmere Southend 95/6 Oldham Port Vale Wolves WBA Charlton 97/8 Luton Sheff.Wed. 01/2 PNE 02/3 Rotherham 03/4 Wrexham Chesterfield 04/5 Scunthorpe 06/7 Crewe(cc) 07/08 Carlisle(fac) 08/09 Darlington 09/10 2.50 each Morecambe Macclesfield Hereford Darlington Accrington 10/11 Wrexham Kidderminster Rushden & D. 12/13 Mansfield Nuneaton 18/19 Northampton Newport Tranmere Swindon Stevenage P.Vale NottsC. Morecambe MK Dons(fac) MK Dons Macclesfield Exeter Carlisle Cambridge Cheltenham Colchester Crawley Crewe.

HALIFAX 66/7 Luton Barrow 67/8 Exeter 68/9 69/70 Southport 70/1 2.00 each Bradford Fulham Tranmere Walsall Torquay Barnsley Reading 71/2 Bradford Port Vale Mansfield Bolton 72/3 Swansea 1.50 73/4 Hereford 74/5 Port Vale Grimsby Bury Charlton 2.00 PNE Hereford 2.00 Colchester 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Southend Darlington 1/1 Bradford Darlington 14/2 Hartlepool Darlington(lc)14/8 Southport 1.50 Scunthorpe Bournemouth Darlington(lc)30/8 PNE(fac) Stafford R.(fac) Luton(fac) Newport Brentford Barnsley Crewe Aldershot Watford Colchester Torquay Workington Huddersfield Swansea Doncaster Stockport Cambridge Exeter Rochdale 77/8 Darlington Reading Bournemouth Aldershot Rochdale York Crewe Barnsley Torquay 78/9 Wimbledon Walsall(lc) York Hartlepool Hereford Doncaster Newport Reading Huddersfield Wigan Darlington Bradford Portsmouth P.Vale 79/80 Shrewsbury(lc) Darlington Aldershot Lincoln Tranmere Hartlepool Doncaster Bradford Newport Port Vale Torquay York/Scunthorpe Wigan Northampton Hereford 80/1 Darlington Port Vale Peterboro Crewe Bradford Tranmere Bury Rochdale Bournemouth Stockport Doncaster Scunthorpe Wimbledon Southend York Mansfield Hereford 81/2 Port Vale Hartlepool Darlington Bradford Colchester PNE(lc) Bournemouth Peterboro Torquay Aldershot Blackpool Hereford 82/3 Hull Rochdale Hartlepool Darlington Torquay Derby(mc) Bristol City Hereford Scunthorpe 83/4 Aldershot Crewe Hartlepool Northampton Mansfield Derby(mc) Bury Darlington Torquay Hereford Doncaster Chesterfield Rochdale Colchester Stockport 84/5 Aldershot Hereford Stockport Chesterfield(mc) Colchester Tranmere Torquay Rochdale Peterboro Northampton Mansfield Port Vale Hartlepool Exeter Scunthorpe Chesterfield Darlington Darlington(frt) Blackpool 85/6 Cambridge Hartlepool Burnley Hereford 86/7 Peterboro Tranmere Hartlepool Stockport Huddersfield(lc) PNE Crewe Torquay Swansea Northampton Burnley 87/8 Darlington Hereford Hartlepool Scunthorpe Torquay Rochdale Tranmere York Burnley Carlisle NottmForest(fac) 88/9 Cambridge York(fac) Exeter Hereford 89/90 Doncaster Lincoln Hereford Gillingham Scunthorpe Rochdale Middlesboro(lc) Wrexham Cambridge Chesterfield Peterborough 90/1 Doncaster Lincoln Chesterfield Rochdale Hereford Lincoln(rc) Burnley Cardiff 91/2 Barnet Doncaster Burnley Tranmere Chesterfield 92/3 2.00 each Bradford(at) Doncaster Lincoln Walsall Shrewsbury Hartlepool(ccc) Hereford 3.00 93/4 Woking Rucorn WBA(fac) Stafford R. Yeovil Witton A. Welling Kidderminster Rucorn(fat) Macclesfield Southport Merthyr Altrincham Slough Gateshead Dagenham Doncaster(fr) Kettering Telford Stalybridge 94/5 Kidderminster Runcorn(fac) Stafford R. Altrincham Norwich(blt) Woking Dover Dagenham Runcorn Bromsgrove Mansfield(fac) Merthyr Welling Telford Gateshead Kettering 95/6 Northwich V. Gateshead Welling Woking Telford Farnborough Bromsgrove(fat) Hednesford Runcorn Bromsgrove Kettering Bath Slough Kidderminster Stevenage Altrincham Stalybridge Morecambe Dover 96/7 Macclesfield Stockport(fr) Hayes Kettering Kidderminster Telford Stalybridge Gateshead Slough Stevenage Rushden & Diamonds Hednesford Farnborough Bath Bromsgrove Altrincham Dover Northwich V. Morecambe Welling Woking 97/8 Leeds(fr) Droylsden(fac) Northwich Southport Woking Hayes Cheltenham 2.50 98/9 Bradford(wc) Shrewsbury Wrexham(wc) Mansfield Barnet Scunthorpe 99/00 Hull Peterboro Reading(fac) York Southend Rotherham Swansea Northampton Shrewsbury Cheltenham 00/1 Exeter York Cheltenham Hull Shrewsbury Rochdale Chesterfield Hartlepool Southend Mansfield Blackpool Lincoln 01/2 3.00 each Southend Macclesfield Rusden & D. last home game in lge 6.00 02/3 Grays(fat) Burton A. Dagenham Stevenage 04/5 York 05/6 Grays 06/7 Altrincham.

HARTLEPOOL 67/8 Newport 69/70 Lincoln Workington Scunthorpe 70/1 Peterboro Aldershot Southend Barrow 1.25 Southport 1.25 Crewe Northampton 71/2 Doncaster Brentford Workington 1.25 72/3 Bradford Gillingham Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 73/4 Reading Colchester Gillingham Workington 1.25 Stockport 74/5 Scunthorpe Lincoln Bradford(fac) Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Blackburn(lc) 75/6 Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Newport 76/7 Darlington Torquay Barnsley Exeter Southport 1.25 Newport Cambridge 77/8 Darlington Stockport Halifax Doncaster Huddersfield Northampton feb. Northampton apr. Newport Crewe Brentford Bournemouth Aldershot Grimsby(lc) Torquay Scunthorpe Reading Rochdale Tranmere(fac) Southport Swansea Grimsby York Barnsley C.Palace(fac)1.50 78/9 Rochdale Torquay Rotherham(lc) Aldershot Barnsley Bradford Scunthorpe Stockport York Bradford Grimsby Huddersfield Northampton Port Vale Bournemouth Newport 79/80 Darlington Hereford Bournemouth Walsall Tranmere Scunthorpe Crewe Rochdale Wigan Newport Chesterfield(lc) 80/1 1.25 each York(lc) Doncaster Stockport Rochdale Lincoln Mansfield Port Vale Southend Scunthorpe Torquay Wimbledon Aldershot York Halifax Darlington Bradford Peterborough Wigan Crewe Bournemouth Hereford Northampton Bury 81/2 Bury Wigan(fac) Colchester Halifax Aldershot Darlington Wigan Mansfield Tranmere Stockport Bournemouth Rochdale Hereford Peterboro Bradford Northampton(lc) Northampton Blackpool 82/3 Chesterfield(mc) Blackpool Crewe Northampton York(fac) Scunthorpe 83/4 Mansfield Stockport Northampton Bury Peterboro Torquay Reading 84/5 Chesterfield Blackpool Darlington 1.25 Bury Northampton York(fac)1.25 Scunthorpe Mansfield Derby(fac)1.25 Peterborough Lincoln P.Vale Crewe Rochdale Swindon 85/6 Chester 87/8 Luton(fac) 88/9 Hereford York(svt) Scunthorpe 89/90 Wrexham Hereford Cambridge Southend Chesterfield Aldershot Grimsby Burnley Carlisle Torquay Stockport Huddersfield(fac) Scunthorpe Maidstone Rochdale Halifax Exeter Gillingham Peterborough York 90/1 Walsall Bradford(ldc) Chesterfield 92/3 Fulham Plymouth WBA 93/4 Plymouth 97/8 Torquay Rochdale 98/9 Exeter 00/1 Scunthorpe 01/2 Cheltenham(posf) Cheltenham 05/6 Scunthorpe 06/7 Swindon Mansfield Shrewsbury Darlington Wrexham Stockport Rotherham Doncaster 10/11 Brighton MK Dons 13/14 Cheltenham.

HEREFORD 72/3 Newport 73/4 Brighton P.Vale Torquay(fac) Southend Bournemouth Watford Chesterfield Cambridge Shrewsbury York Rochdale Southport Aldershot Halifax Plymouth Bristol C.(fac) WestHam(fac) Grimsby Charlton Walton&Hersham(fac) Walsall Huddersfield Oldham Bristol R. Wrexham Tranmere Blackburn 74/5 Colchester Peterborough Aldershot Watford Huddersfield Gillingham Chesterfield Shrewsbury(lc) C.Palace Charlton Southend P.Vale Walsall Plymouth Grimsby Wrexham Tranmere Bury Blackburn Swindon Brighton Barry(wc) Halifax PNE Bournemouth Gillingham(fac) 75/6 1.50 each Grimsby P.Vale(lc) Southend Peterborough Swindon Burnley(lc) P.Vale Sheff.Wed. Colchester Gillingham Wrexham Torquay(fac) Bury Bournemouth(fac) Walsall Chesterfield C.Palace Cardiff Southend PNE Chester Brighton Chesterfield Millwall Shrewsbury Rotherham Halifax Porthmadoc(wc) Shrewsbury(wcsf) 76/7 Chester(lc) Burnley Reading(fac) Luton Chelsea Plymouth Notts C. Charlton Sheff.U Bristol R. Orient Blackpool Millwall Blackburn Carlisle Southampton Cardiff Fulham Bolton Oldham Wolves Hull NottmForest 77/8 P.Vale Chesterfield Tranmere Cambridge Bournemouth(lc) Bournemouth(lc replay) Rotherham Gillingham Carlisle Bury Oxford Walsall Wealdstone(fac) Swindon Peterborough Shrewsbury Plymouth PNE Colchester Bradford Exeter Sheff.Wed. Lincoln Chester Wrexham 78/9 Newport(fac) Newport Wigan Walsall(fr) Bristol R.(lc) Darlington Northampton(lc) Reading Crewe Bournemouth Aldershot Torquay Northampton York Grimsby Rochdale Bradford Scunthorpe Stockport Doncaster Huddersfield Wimbledon Portsmouth Hartlepool Barnsley Halifax P.Vale Worcester(fr) 79/80 Lincoln Darlington Tranmere Wigan Crewe Aldershot Aldershot(fac) Northampton(fac) Doncaster Walsall Huddersfield Peterborough Exeter(lc) York Torquay P.Vale Bournemouth Rochdale Bradford Portsmouth Man.C.(fr) Newport Scunthorpe Hartlepool Stockport Northampton Halifax Wolves(fr) Derby(fr) 80/1 Swansea(wcf) Stockport Mansfield Newport(wcsf) Newport(lc) Aldershot Crewe York Darlington Tranmere Southend Rochdale Northampton TampaBay(fr) Wimbledon P.Vale Lincoln Bournemouth Wigan Bradford Torquay Bury Doncaster Shrewsbury(wc) Hartlepool Halifax Scunthorpe Peterborough 81/2 Wigan Crewe Peterborough Mansfield Northampton Aldershot P.Vale(lc) Scunthorpe(fac) Everton(fr) Birmingham(fr) Bury Bradford Torquay Hartlepool Halifax Darlington Stockport Hull Rochdale Fulham(fac) Leicester(fac) Tranmere Sheff.U Scunthorpe Colchester York Bournemouth P.Vale Blackpool 82/3 Chester Hartlepool Scunthorpe Newport(fr) Colchester Swindon Peterborough 83/4 Bristol C. York Wrexham(wcsf) Chesterfield Darlington Halifax Chester Peterborough Mansfield Northampton Blackpool Crewe Colchester(apr) Aldershot Bury Doncaster Tranmere Swindon P.Vale(amc) Torquay Hartlepool Wrexham Colchester(dec) Rochdale Stockport Reading 84/5 Arsenal(fac) Chesterfield Blackpool Oxford(mc) Peterborough Stockport Chester P.Vale Mansfield Tranmere Wrexham Darlington Farnborough(fac) Plymouth(fac) Halifax Aldershot Southend Exeter Bristol C.(frt) Torquay Bury Hartlepool Rochdale Colchester Scunthorpe Swindon Crewe Northampton 85/6 Southend Northampton Stockport Chester Rochdale Kidderminster(wcsf) Swansea(frtsf) Halifax Swindon Peterborough Burnley Colchester Torquay Aldershot Bristol R.(frt) P.Vale Bristol C.(frtf) Exeter Tranmere Cambridge Arsenal(mc)1.50 Crewe Shrewsbury(fr) Bristol C.(mc) Scunthorpe Orient Mansfield Hartlepool PNE Bangor(wc) Wrexham 86/7 Swansea(lc) Swansea Cambridge Scunthorpe Lincoln Colchester Exeter Peterborough Aldershot Southend Crewe Hartlepool Tranmere Stockport PNE Newport(frt) Northampton Wrexham(wc) Shrewsbury(fr) Wrexham Burnley Fulham(fac) Wolves Torquay Cardiff Rochdale Halifax 87/8 Stockport Burnley Walsall(fr) Halifax Scunthorpe Colchester Bolton Wolves Bristol R.(lc) Coventry(fr) Rochdale Darlington Peterborough NottmForest(lc) Scarborough Exeter Crewe Torquay(frt) Orient Kidderminster(wc) Hartlepool Newport Swansea Tranmere Carlisle Brighton(svt) Wrexham Cardiff Torquay Cambridge 88/9 Tranmere Kidderminster(wcsf) Torquay Cambridge Colchester Crewe Peterborough Scarborough Grimsby Carlisle Rochdale Wrexham Halifax Rotherham Wolves(svt) Burnley Scunthorpe Lincoln Stockport Hartlepool Wolves(svtsf) Exeter Darlington Doncaster Tranmere York Plymouth(lc) Wimbledon(fr) Swindon(fr) 89/90 Torquay(lc) Walsall(fac) Grimsby Bangor(wc) Hartlepool Colchester Wrexham Lincoln Carlisle Maidstone Charlton(lc) ConnahsQuay(wc) Rochdale Doncaster Everton(fr) Gillingham Walsall Cambridge Burnley Aldershot Exeter Halifax Torquay York Peterborough Man.U(fac) 90/1 Brentford(lc) Peterborough(fac) Carlisle Chesterfield Hartlepool Wrexham(wcsf) Doncaster Wrexham Cardiff(ldv) Rochdale Walsall Maidstone Aldershot Lincoln Darlington Northampton Gillingham Stockport Burnley Cardiff Scarborough 91/2 MaestegPark(wc) Torquay(rc) Chesterfield Walsall Chester(fr) Rochdale Doncaster Carlisle Rotherham Crewe Exeter(at) Burnley Blackpool Mansfield Barnet Scunthorpe Gillingham York Halifax Atherstone(fac) Woking(fac) Walsall(at) Cardiff 92/3 Shrewsbury Torquay(ccc) Darlington Barnet York Yeovil(fac) Plymouth(fr) Wrexham(wc) Colchester Chesterfield Scunthorpe Cardiff Wrexham Lincoln Scarborough Rochdale Doncaster 93/4 Brentford(at) Walsall(at) PNE Darlington Crewe Torquay(ccc) Lincoln Scunthorpe Wigan Northampton Chesterfield Walsall Doncaster Colchester Chester Carlisle Wycombe Wimbledon(ccc) Rochdale Mansfield Gillingham 94/5 NottmForest(ccc) Swindon(fr) Peterborough(aws) Walsall Exeter Gillingham Carlisle Scunthorpe Torquay(aws) Fulham Mansfield Doncaster Hartlepool PNE Wigan Chesterfield Darlington Lincoln Shrewsbury(fr) WBA(ccc) Hitchin(fac) Colchester Barnet 95/6 1.50 each Hartlepool Spurs(fac)2.50 Bury Mansfield Colchester Northampton(aws) Doncaster Cambridge Sutton(fac) Bristol C.(fr) Fulham Orient Rochdale Darlington Plymouth Scarborough Chester Northampton Barnet Oxford(ccc) Exeter 96/7 2.00 each Hartlepool Exeter Cambridge Cambridge(ccc) Middlesbrough(ccc) Doncaster Wigan Mansfield Darlington Carlisle Rochdale Hull Barnet Wrexham(fr) Northampton Lincoln Torquay Millwall(ldv) Cardiff Bristol C.(fr) Scunthorpe Orient Brighton 3.00 Chester Swansea Fulham Colchester 97/8 Stalybridge Dover Kidderminster Telford Stevenage Northwich Sittingbourne(fac) Colchester(fac) Tranmere(fac) Hayes Morecambe Southport Dover(fat) Rushden&D. Oxford(fr) Halifax Stoke(fr) Cheltenham Leek Yeovil Welling Gateshead Slough Hednesford Dulwich(fat) Kettering Farnborough Brighton(fac) Woking 98/9 Farnboro Woking Leek Welling Kingstonian Hayes Northwich V. Hednesford Forest Green Stoke(fr) Bristol City(fr) Dover Yeovil Kettering WBA(fr) Newport IOW(fac) Hitchin(fat) Morecambe Doncaster Barrow A.Villa(fr) Southport Kettering Kidderminster Stevenage Cheltenham Morecambe(ect) Telford Rushden&D. 99/00 Leicester(fac) Forest Green Hednesford Woking Northwich V. Kidderminster Shrewsbury(fr) Telford Wolves(fr) Sutton Kettering Rushden&D. Hartlepool(fac) Barton(fat) Dover Southport Welling Nuneaton Doncaster Altrincham Stevenage Yeovil Kingstonian Morecambe Woking Stoke(fr) York(fac) Hayes BurgessHill(fac) Sutton(fr) Scarborough 00/1 ForestGreen Dover Kettering Dagenham Yeovil Leigh Hednesford Woking Yeovil(ldv) Doncaster Dover(fat) Leigh(fat) Reading(ldv) Morecambe(fat) Boston Burton Scarborough Morecambe Hayes Nuneaton Chester Rushden&D. Kingstonian ForestGreen(fatsf) Southport Northwich Telford Hednesford Stevenage Leicester(fr) Shrewsbury(fr) A.Villa(fr) 01/2 Everton(fr) Telford Barnet Dover Doncaster ForestGreen Nuneaton Stalybridge Dover Margate Chesham(fat) Chester Morecambe Wrexham(fac) Yeovil Leigh Hampton(fat) Farnborough Richmond(fat) Dagenham Woking Hayes Scarborough Boston Southport Stevenage 02/3 1.25 each Bristol C.(fr) Wigan(fac) Arlesey(fac) Tranmere(fr) Morecambe Northampton(ldv) Nuneaton Stevenage Kettering Gravesend Yeovil Telford ForestGreen Woking Barnet Halifax Northwich Dagenham Scarborough Chester Farnborough Leigh Burton Margate 03/4 Accrington Woking Northwich Burton Stevenage Exeter Aldershot(playoff) Tamworth Margate Northampton(ldv) Leigh RMI Exeter(ldv) Dagenham Gravesend Telford Aldershot Morecambe ForestGreen Chester Shrewsbury Kidderminster(fr) Barnet Exeter(ldv) Scarborough 04/5 Hyde(fat) Canvey Is Eastwood(fat) Doncaster(ldv) Stevenage(posf) Exeter Wrexham(fr) Dagenham Northwich(lc) Hucknall(fat) Tamworth Radcliffe(fac) Crawley WBA(fr) Boston(fac) Gravesend Wellington(fr) Farnborough Stevenage Halifax Scarborough Burton Woking Barnet Blackpool(ldv) ForestGreen Leigh Wrexham(ldv) Morecambe Northwich Carlisle York Accrington 05/6 Bristol Rov.(fr) Gravesend Canvey I. Burton Morecambe(posf) Stevenage Aldershot Cambridge York Woking Morecambe Altrincham Scarborough Accrington Kidderminster Southport 06/7 2.00 each Wrexham Lincoln Chester Coventry(cc) Hartlepool Leicester(cc) Bury P.Vale Torquay Stockport Rochdale MK Dons Swindon Boston 07/8 Barnet Leeds(fac)2.00 Macclesfield Bradford MK Dons Accrington Darlington Hartlepool Lincoln Notts C. Shrewsbury Cardiff(fac) Tranmere Wolves(fr) Cheltenham(fr) Rotherham Chesterfield Bury Peterborough Wrexham 08/9 Yeovil Crewe Walsall Scunthorpe Carlisle Dagenham(fac) Northampton Tranmere Oldham Millwall Leeds 2.00 Peterborough Bristol R. Huddersfield Brighton Colchester MK Dons Cheltenham WBA(fr) Wolves(fr) Bristol C. (fr) Southampton(fr) Leicester 09/10 Cheltenham Bristol C.(fr) Dagenham Bournemouth Rotherham 10/11 Northampton Bury Barnet Southend Accrington Plymouth(fr) Cheltenham Lincoln(fac) Rotherham Swansea(fr) Oxford Stevenage Macclesfield Colchester Exeter P.Vale Accrington Aldershot Gillingham Torquay Wycombe Chesterfield Shrewsbury Bradford Stockport Morecambe Lincoln Burton 11/12 2.00 each Crewe Plymouth Morecambe Macclesfield Gillingham Oxford Bradford Barnet Crawley P.Vale Accrington Shrewsbury Cheltenham Swindon Southend 12/13 Woking Cambridge Telford Gateshead Mansfield Cheltenham Kidderminster Barrow Tamworth Grimsby ForestGreen Shrewsbury(fac) 13/14 Forest Green Kidderminster Macclesfield Wrexham Hyde Grimsby Woking Braintree Tamworth Welling Barnet Woking(fat) Nuneaton 17/18 Banbury.

HUDDERSFIELD 68/9 West Ham(fac)ph 70/1 1.50 each Ipswich Stoke(fac) Birmingham(fac) Airdrie(tc) Morton(tc) NottmForest(lc) Spurs Man.City Chelsea Blackpool NottmForest Southampton C.Palace Everton Stoke Coventry Burnley Man.U WBA Wolves Arsenal Liverpool 71/2 1.50 each Chelsea Leicester WestHam Man.U Southampton Derby 72/3 Luton Oxford A.Villa Fulham Sheff.Wed. PNE 73/4 Bournemouth Halifax Port Vale Southend Plymouth Blackburn York Shrewsbury Brighton Hereford 74/5 Bury Walsall Chesterfield Wrexham Bournemouth Aldershot PNE Hereford 75/6 Rochdale Tranmere Bradford Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 76/7 Hartlepool Bolton(fr) Aldershot Halifax Colchester Rochdale Scunthorpe Bradford Mansfield(fac) Barnsley Southport 1.25 Newport 77/8 Halifax Southend Wimbledon Barnsley Aldershot Coventry(lc) 78/9 Halifax York Stockport Hereford Wigan Newport Scunthorpe 79/80 York Darlington Stockport Bournemouth NewportHereford 80/1 Barnsley Shrewsbury(fac) Burnley Brentford Blackburn(lc) Carlisle Reading Sheff.Utd Gillingham Colchester Plymouth Charlton Oxford Chesterfield Northwich(fac) Hull Newport Rotherham Swindon Chester Exeter Walsall Fulham 81/2 Rochdale(lc) Workington(fac) Oxford Doncaster Newport Chesterfield 82/3 Chesterfield Walsall Chelsea(fac)3.00 PNE Reading Sheff.U Wigan Millwall Mossley(fac) Newport Oxford(mc) Oxford Portsmouth Bournemouth Bradford Brentford Doncaster Doncaster(mc) Exeter Lincoln Cardiff 83/4 Charlton Shrewsbury Cambridge Swansea Chelsea 1.50 Oldham Carlisle Brighton Blackburn Barnsley Newcastle Notts C.(fac) Middlesbrough Mansfield(mc) Man.City Leeds Watford(mc) Stoke(mc) Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Fulham C.Palace Shrewsbury 84/5 Notts C. Cardiff 85/6 Hull 86/7 Portsmouth Hull Bradford Oldham Stoke C.Palace Leeds Halifax(lc) Sunderland Arsenal(lc) Derby Shrewsbury Sheff.U Birmingham Millwall Reading Blackburn Brighton Barnsley Ipswich WBA 87/8 Sheff.Utd Bournemouth Stoke Man.City(fac)9/1 Barnsley Leicester Reading Middlesbrough Hull Millwall Shrewsbury Leeds A.Villa Bradford Oldham Birmingham C.Palace Blackburn WBA Man.City Ipswich Man.City(fac)25/1 88/9 Wolves Aldershot Sheff.Utd(fac) Sheff.Utd Reading Chesterfield Cardiff 89/90 Brentford Reading Birmingham Swansea Cardiff Northampton 90/1 Stoke Brentford Reading Wigan 91/2 Brentford Darlington WBA Shrewsbury Wigan Reading Darlington(lc) Peterborough 92/3 Mansfield Port Vale Exeter Bradford Scunthorpe(fac) Burnley Blackpool Reading Rotherham Southend(fac) WBA Bournemouth 93/4 Port Vale Brentford Stockport Bournemouth Rotherham Bradford Reading Hartlepool Cambridge Carlisle(at) Burnley Wrexham Exeter 94/5 York Peterboro Brighton Stockport Birmingham Rotherham Brentford(posf) Wrexham Hull Chester Hull(fr) Scunthorpe(ccc) York(aws) Plymouth Cambridge 95/6 WBA Birmingham Oldham Stoke Reading Barnsley(ccc) Barnsley Grimsby P.Vale Southend Sunderland Reading Southend Charlton Luton Millwall Peterborough(fac) Wimbledon(fac) Blackpool(fac) 96/7 Bolton Southend Bradford Birmingham Sheff.Utd Grimsby Stoke Barnsley Colchester Portsmouth Charlton Ipswich Man.City Oxford QPR Wolves 97/8 Tranmere Bradford Sunderland Portsmouth QPR Birmingham Oxford Stoke Sheff.Wed.(fr) NottmForest Swindon Bury Reading Charlton Bradford(ccc) Crewe Ipswich 98/9 Port Vale Sheff.Utd Mansfield(wc) Bristol City Bolton Ipswich Wolves Stockport Wrexham(fac) Grimsby Oxford Bradford Bury Tranmere Swindon Crewe QPR 99/00 Fulham Walsall Stockport Scunthorpe(wc) 01/2 Scunthorpe(ldv) 02/3 Luton Cheltenham 04/5 Oldham 06/7 Doncaster 11/12 Scunthorpe 16/17 P.Vale(fac) Fulham Reading NottmForest Norwich Birmingham PNE Ipswich Blackburn Burton Rotherham Derby Wigan Bristol C. 17/18 Birmingham(fr) Bournemouth Brighton Burnley C.Palace Everton Leicester Liverpool Southampton Stoke Swansea Watford WBA WestHam 18/19 Bournemouth Brighton Burnley Everton Cardiff Chelsea C.Palace Leicester Lyon(fr) Newcastle Wolves WestHam Watford Spurs Southampton.

HULL 64/5 Grimsby Oldham QPR Bristol Rov. Luton Workington 65/6 Workington Brentford Southend Peterborough Shrewsbury Southampton(fac) Brighton Nottm Forest(fac) Exeter Swansea Oxford Swindon Mansfield Gillingham Scunthorpe QPR Chelsea(fac) Southport(fac) 68/9 Fulham Millwall Oxford Blackpool Charlton Carlisle Wolves(fac) Norwich PNE Portsmouth Bury Cardiff Huddersfield Derby Sheff.U A.Villa 69/70 Cardiff Middlesbrough Leicester Swindon Norwich Bristol C. Blackpool Norwich(lc) Bolton Charlton Oxford QPR Sheff.U Millwall Carlisle Watford Huddersfield Newcastle(fr) 70/1 Birmingham Sheff.Utd Stoke(fac) Carlisle Luton Blackburn Norwich Bristol C. Watford Oxford Cardiff Brentford(fac) Portsmouth Blackpool(fac) Sunderland Charlton(fac) Sheff.Wed. Leicester QPR Charlton Swindon Millwall Middlesbrough Bolton Man.U(wc) 71/2 Blackpool Birmingham Norwich Portsmouth Carlisle PNE Swindon Burnley Middlesbrough Charlton Blackpool Oxford Millwall Watford Cardiff Sunderland Fulham 72/3 Burnley PNE Huddersfield Luton Carlisle Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Nottm Forest Brighton Millwall Stockport(fac) Middlesbrough Cardiff Blackpool Fulham Oxford Portsmouth Swindon QPR Bristol C. 73/4 Stockport(lc) PNE WBA Bolton Leicester(lc) Fulham Swindon A.Villa Carlisle Luton Sheff.Wed. Middlesbrough Notts C. Millwall Cardiff C.Palace Blackpool Sunderland Portsmouth Bristol C. NottmForest Oxford 74/5 Oldham Notts C. Norwich York Burnley(lc) Bolton Sunderland NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Blackpool Cardiff Bristol R. Portsmouth Oxford Fulham(fac)2.00 Southampton Bristol C. Man.U 1.50 Fulham Millwall WBA 75/6 Luton Oldham Oxford Plymouth Southampton Blackpool Chelsea 2.00 Charlton York WBA Blackburn NottmForest Carlisle Portsmouth Bolton Bristol R. Sheff.U(lc) Plymouth(fac) Notts C. PNE(lc) Bristol C. 76/7 Blackburn Hereford Sheff.U(asc) Fulham Charlton Burnley Bolton Carlisle Oldham P.Vale(fac) Wolves Plymouth NottmForest Sheff.U Cardiff 77/8 Bolton Southampton Mansfield Notts C. Burnley Brighton Leicester(fac) Millwall 78/9 Oxford Tranmere Exeter 27/1 Exeter 7/5 Mansfield Peterboro(lc) Colchester Southend Plymouth Brentford Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield 79/80 Plymouth Rotherham Wimbledon Grimsby Sheff.Wed. Brentford Gillingham 80/1 Carlisle Gillingham Swindon Chester Oxford Huddersfield Brentford Portsmouth Newport Chesterfield 81/2 Bury Darlington Blackpool Rochdale Chelsea(fac)3.00 Hereford Scunthorpe 82/3 Stockport Hereford Colchester Blackpool Torquay Darlington Scunthorpe 83/4 Port Vale PNE Oxford Sheff.Utd(amcsf) Exeter Bradford Newport Lincoln Scunthorpe 84/5 Swansea Lincoln Mansfield(frt) Lincoln(mc) Bournemouth Doncaster Brentford Newport 85/6 Oldham Sheff.Utd Plymouth(fac) Charlton Shrewsbury Portsmouth Bradford(fmc) Norwich Grimsby 86/7 Blackburn Brighton Bradford Plymouth Portsmouth Barnsley Grimsby C.Palace WBA 87/8 Man.Utd(lc) A.Villa Bradford Barnsley Shrewsbury Sheff.Utd Birmingham Huddersfield Birmingham Watford(fac) 88/9 Stoke Walsall Leicester Man.City Birmingham Bradford Leeds Shrewsbury 89/90 Leeds Oldham Bradford Newcastle Sunderland Grimsby(lc) Bradford(fr) Sheff.Utd Portsmouth Stoke Watford 90/1 WBA Port Vale Leicester Halifax(fr) Notts C. Wolves Wolves(rc) Blackburn Ipswich Swindon Millwall Sheff.Wed. 91/2 WBA Brentford Bury Bradford Wigan PNE Huddersfield Chester Blackburn(rc) Shrewsbury Reading Stoke QPR(rc) 92/3 Blackpool Burnley Wigan Rotherham(ccc) Plymouth Bradford Port Vale Reading 93/4 Notts C.(ccc) Bradford Rotherham Cambridge Cardiff Huddersfield Wrexham 94/5 Oxford Brentford Peterboro Wycombe Plymouth Wrexham Stockport Lincoln(fac) Rotherham Cambridge Huddersfield Brighton 95/6 Walsall Bradford Burnley Rotherham Wrexham Shrewsbury Coventry(ccc) 96/7 Swansea Colchester Carlisle Lincoln Chester Rochdale Scunthorpe Hartlepool Cardiff 97/8 Peterboro Barnet Chester Scunthorpe Cardiff 98/9 Rotherham Cardiff 99/00 Hartlepool Halifax Torquay Southend Bradford(fr) Darlington Lincoln Chester(aws) Peterboro Bury(fr) Hayes(fac) Macclesfield(fac) Mansfield 00/1 York Scunthorpe 01/2 Leigh RMI(ldv) Luton Cheltenham Scunthorpe 02/3 Scunthorpe 04/5 Morecambe(fac) Bristol C. Peterborough 06/7 PNE QPR Southampton Stoke C.Palace Coventry 07/8 Scunthorpe 08/9 Fulham 10/11 Scunthorpe 11/12 Watford Reading 13/14 Chelsea Brighton(fac) C.Palace WestHam Sunderland Norwich Newcastle Stoke Southampton 17/18 A.Villa Birmingham Barnsley Bolton Brentford Bristol C. Burton Cardiff Derby Fulham Millwall Leeds Middlesbrough Norwich NottmForest PNE Reading QPR Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Wolves Nantes(fr) 18/19 QPR A.Villa Reading Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Sheff.U Swansea Stoke Wigan WBA Bolton Brmingham Blackburn Brentford Derby(cc) Derby Bristol C. PNE NottmForest Norwich Newcastle(fr) Millwall Leeds Middlesbrough Ipswich.

IPSWICH 69/70 West Ham ph 70/1 1.50 each Man.U Liverpool C.Palace Newcastle(fac) Spurs Everton Huddersfield Stoke(fac) Man.City Chelsea Newcastle Leeds Derby Stoke WBA Coventry Wolves Blackpool WBA(fac) Arsenal Arsenal(lc) Burnley WestHam 71/2 1.50 each Man.City Spurs Leeds WBA Liverpool Wolves Chelsea Coventry Man.U(lc) Chelsea Newcastle Stoke Huddersfield WestHam Southampton Arsenal 72/3 1.50 each Chelsea Man.U Sheff.U Wolves Man.City WBA Arsenal Coventry Southampton Liverpool Stoke Leicester Spurs Birmingham Norwich C.Palace Stoke(lc) WestHam Derby Leeds Newcastle 73/4 1.50 each WestHam Man.U Liverpool Sheff.U(fac) Coventry Arsenal Norwich Chelsea Southampton Stoke Birmingham Man.City Birmingham(lc) Fulham(lc) Derby Wolves Spurs Burnley Newcastle Leicester QPR Sheff.U 74/5 1.25 each Stoke(lc) Arsenal Hereford(lc) Man.City Norwich(lc) Luton Wolves Sheff.U Birmingham Newcastle Middlesbro QPR WestHam Leeds(fac) Derby A.Villa(fac) Liverpool(fac) Coventry Spurs Liverpool Stoke Chelsea Everton Burnley Twente(uefa) Carlisle 75/6 1.25 each Leicester Burnley Middlesboro Wolves Norwich A.Villa QPR Sheff.Utd Coventry Stoke Man.Utd West Ham Antwerp(fr) Newcastle Birmingham Liverpool Feyenoord(uefa) Bruges(uefa) Arsenal Halifax(fac) Wolves(fac) Spurs Everton Man.City Derby 76/7 Coventry Arsenal Man.City WBA Sunderland Derby Man.U Everton Wolves(fac) Norwich Leicester Brighton(lc) QPR A.Villa Stoke WestHam Birmingham Middlesbro Newcastle 77/8 Newcastle Liverpool Chelsea Derby QPR A.Villa Man.City(lc) Barcelona(uefa) Everton Northampton(lc)WBA Hartlepool(fac) Coventry Wolves Man.City WestHam LasPalmas(uefa) Birmingham Landskrona(uefa) NottmForest Bristol C. Norwich Middlesbro Man.U Leicester Arsenal 78/9 Man.City Derby Leeds Coventry A.Villa Chelsea Bristol City Wolves Southampton NottmForest Spurs WBA Carlisle(fac) Bolton Middlesbro QPR Everton Barcelona(ecwc) Innsbruck(ecwc) AZ 67(ecwc) Man.U Arsenal Liverpool(fac) Bristol R.(fac) Liverpool Birmingham 79/80 Liverpool Bolton Leeds Spurs Southampton Coventry(lc) Grasshoppers(uefa) Stoke Wolves Man.U Chester(fac) Nijmegan(fr) Coventry Everton A.Villa Man.City WBA Brighton C.Palace Arsenal NottmForest Bristol C. Middlesbro Derby Norwich Skeid Oslo(uefa) 80/1 Middlesboro 17/2 Middlesboro 29/11 C.Palace Charlton(fac) Brighton B.Prague(uefa) St.Etienne(uefa) Southampton Wolves Stoke Leicester WBA Norwich NottmForest Birmingham Sunderland Man.City Spurs Man.U Everton Salonika(uefa) Widzew Lodz(uefa) Shrewsbury(fac) Norwich(lc) A.Villa(fac) A.Villa Liverpool Arsenal Coventry Leeds Cologne(uefasf) 81/2 Aberdeen(uefa) WBA Coventry Watford(lc) Wolves Liverpool Brighton WestHam Sunderland Swansea 82/3 Coventry Southampton Luton Stoke Birmingham Brighton Notts C. Watford Man.City WBA Spurs Arsenal Liverpool(mc) Liverpool Roma(uefa) WestHam Sunderland A.Villa NottmForest Grimsby(fac) Norwich Everton Swansea 83/4 Luton Notts C. 84/5 Stoke Norwich Leicester(23/4) Southampton Luton Coventry Sheff.Wed.(fac) Norwich(mcsf) Newcastle(mc) WBA 85/6 Spurs A.Villa Southampton Oxford Luton Bradford(fac) Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Darlington(mc) QPR NottmForest WestHam(fac)6/2 WBA 86/7 Hull Stoke Shrewsbury Plymouth Huddersfield Portsmouth 87/8 Sheff.Utd A.Villa Middlesboro Hull Swindon Oldham Plymouth Luton(lc) Leicester Birmingham WBA Huddersfield 88/9 Brighton Plymouth WBA C.Palace Leicester Bradford Bournemouth Walsall Hull Shrewsbury Chelsea Birmingham Barnsley Stoke Watford Port Vale(lc) Oxford Man.City Leeds Blackburn(sc) Oldham Blackburn 89/90 Stoke Barnsley WBA Bradford Brighton Newcastle Tranmere(lc) Watford Hull Swindon Plymouth Port Vale Leeds Middlesboro Bournemouth Portsmouth Sheff.Utd Oxford Oldham Sunderland 90/1 Newcastle Bristol City Blackburn Portsmouth Swindon Bristol Rov. Notts C. Middlesborough Watford Shrewsbury(rc) Hull Wolves Barnsley P.Vale WBA 91/2 Hartlepool(fac) Bristol Rov. Bristol City Portsmouth Cambridge Newcastle Brighton 92/3 Everton Man.City Leeds Blackburn Wimbledon Oldham Grimsby(fac) A.Villa(fac) Coventry Middlesboro Plymouth(fac) Nott'm Forest Sheff.Utd QPR 93/4 Oldham Southampton A.Villa Sheff.Wed. Swindon Blackburn Liverpool QPR Sheff.U Swindon(fac) Wolves(fac) Arsenal Cambridge(ccc) Everton 94/5 Southampton Leicester Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Man.City Chelsea Man.Utd A.Villa Bolton(ccc) Blackburn Norwich 95/6 C.Palace Stoke Charlton Stockport(ccc) Watford Grimsby Sheff.Utd Wolves Southend Barnsley Sunderland Luton A.Villa Portsmouth Leicester Millwall 96/7 WBA C.Palace(ccc) Fulham(ccc) Tranmere Wolves Port Vale Swindon Leicester(ccc) Reading Bournemouth(ccc) QPR C.Palace Huddersfield Southend Charlton Stoke Grimsby Portsmouth Brighton 97/8 Bury Bradford Man.City Torquay(ccc) Stockport Middlesboro QPR WBA Stoke Swindon Sheff.Utd Sunderland Port Vale Wolves Reading Tranmere Crewe Portsmouth NottmForest Oxford Bristol Rov. Huddersfield 98/9 Bristol City Swindon Norwich Wolves Bury Bradford C.Palace Sunderland WBA QPR Luton(wc) Sheff.U Crewe Huddersfield Exeter(wc) 99/00 Walsall Portsmouth Fulham WBA 00/1 West Ham Sunderland Spurs Leeds Leicester Bradford Chelsea Derby Coventry(wc) Millwall(wc) Everton Coventry Charlton Middlesbrough 01/2 Derby West Ham Blackburn Charlton Spurs Leicester Bolton Leeds Southampton Fulham Eindhoven(fr) Arsenal A.Villa Man.U Chelsea Everton Newcastle Sunderland 02/3 Stoke C.Palace Derby Sheff.Wed. Burnley Gillingham Bradford Celta Vigo(fr) Portsmouth Leicester Brighton Walsall S.Liberec(uefa) PNE Brighton(wc) Millwall Watford Rotherham Coventry Reading Grimsby 03/4 Rotherham Walsall Coventry Wimbledon Reading Burnley Kidderminster(cc) Crewe C.Palace WBA Bradford Wigan Stoke Sunderland(fac) Derby(fac) NottmForest Watford Millwall Cardiff Derby Gillingham PNE 04/5 Sunderland Nott'm Forest Derby Crewe Rotherham Leicester Watford Gillingham West Ham QPR Cardiff Brighton Bolton(fac) Plymouth Wolves Millwall Reading Leeds 05/6 Southampton PNE Rangers(fr) Athletico Madrid(fr) 06/7 Swansea(fac) 08/9 Chesterfield(fac) 16/17 NottmForest Norwich Reading Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Wigan Stevenage(efl) Wigan Wolves Cardiff Derby Fulham Huddersfield Newcastle Leeds Burton Brighton Bristol C. A.Villa Barnsley Birmingham Blackburn 17/18 Bolton Brentford Bristol C. Derby Leeds Norwich NottmForest PNE QPR Birmingham Sheff.U(fac) Wolves Sunderland Sheff.Wed.

KIDDERMINSTER 77/8 Worcester 85/6 Newport(wc) Barnet Bath Scarborough 87/8 Lincoln Sutton Telford 88/9 Macclesfield Altrincham 90/1 Cheltenham Colchester Bath(fat) Yeovil 91/2 Colchester 94/5 Merthyr 95/6 Peterborough(fr) Bromsgrove 96/7 Emley Slough Altrincham 98/9 Forest Green Worcester Kettering Blakenall(fac) 00/1 York Walsall(wc) Rochdale Plymouth Macclesfield Hull Chesterfield Cheltenham Scunthorpe Orient 01/2 Halifax Macclesfield Shrewsbury PNE(wc) Torquay Southend Cheltenham Hull Mansfield Oxford York 02/3 Bournemouth Bury Cambridge Carlisle Oxford Macclesfield Rochdale Rushden & D. Scunthorpe Southend Wrexham Shrewsbury Exeter 03/4 Huddersfield Macclesfield Northampton Rochdale Scunthorpe Southend Torquay Wolves(fac) Swansea 04/5 2-50 each Yeovil Cheltenham Mansfield Rushden & D. Bristol City/Walsall/Wolves(fr)1-50 Rochdale Bury Oxford Bristol R. 05/6 Southport Halifax Darlington(ldv) Canvey Is 06/7 Grays Droylsden(fac) Dagenham Braintree(fat) Weymouth Stafford R. 07/8 Cambridge Salisbury Stevenage Halifax Forest Green Northwich V. Droylsden Weymouth(fat) Rushden & D. Vauxhall Motors(fac) Walsall/Cheltenham(fr) 08/9 Mansfield Grays Cambridge(fac) Hereford/Plymouth(fr) 09/10 Wrexham Rushden & D. Cambridge York AFC Wimbledon Mansfield Oxford Chester 12/13 ForestGreen Grimsby Macclesfield 14/15 Wrexham Forest Green Altrincham(fat) Telford Birmingham/Shrewsbury/Cheltenham(fr) Alfreton Altrincham 16/17 WBA/Burton/Doncaster/Hereford/Birmingham(fr) 17/18 Blyth S.

LEEDS 69/70 West Ham ph WBA C.Palace Swansea(fac) 70/1 Southampton Blackpool Stoke Rotherham(fac) 71/2 1.50 each Coventry Liverpool tm West Ham Wolves Derby Man.C WBA Spurs Chelsea NottmForest Arsenal Lierse(uefa) Leicester Stoke WBA Derby(lc) Ipswich Bristol R.(fac) Sheff.U Man.U Southampton Spurs(fac) WestHam(lc) 72/3 Coventry A.Villa Man.C Sheff.U Leicester Birmingham WestHam Chelsea WBA Liverpool Norwich 73/4 1.50 each WestHam Coventry QPR Southampton Chelsea Arsenal Leicester Newcastle Man.C Sheff.U Wolves Derby Birmingham Liverpool Ipswich Burnley Stoke Man.U 2.00 Wolves(fac)2.50 Norwich Spurs 74/5 1.50 each Birmingham Arsenal Ipswich Huddersfield(lc) Chelsea Stoke Burnley WestHam Coventry Man.C Ipswich(fac) QPR Everton Newcastle Leicester Liverpool Spurs Middlesbrough Derby Wolves Luton Carlisle Sheff.U 75/6 1.25 each Derby Middlesbrough Leicester Coventry Everton Sheff.U Man.U Stoke Ipswich WestHam Norwich C.Palace(fac) Spurs Birmingham Liverpool Newcastle QPR Notts C.(lc) A.Villa 76/7 1.25 each Man.U Newcastle Liverpool Spurs Man.C(fac) Sunderland Stoke Middlesbrough Man.C Leicester Arsenal WestHam Ipswich Norwich Coventry Birmingham A.Villa Derby QPR Ajax(fr) Everton jan. Everton may Norwich(fac) 77/8 1.25 each Man.U Birmingham Everton(lc) Leicester Liverpool Man.C Middlesbrough NottmForest QPR WBA Man.City(fac) Newcastle WestHam Wolves Ipswich Bristol C. Everton A.Villa Arsenal Colchester(lc) Coventry Bristol C. Chelsea 78/9 1.25 each Man.U Liverpool WBA Bolton Nottm Forest Everton A.Villa Bristol City Luton(lc) Ipswich Chelsea Wolves QPR Middlesbrough Southampton Man.City Coventry Birmingham Arsenal Derby Spurs WBA(lc) Norwich 79/80 1.25 each Man.U Liverpool Coventry Middlesbrough Wolves Arsenal NottmForest Arsenal(lc) Norwich C.Palace Southampton WBA Spurs Ipswich Brighton Bristol City Derby Everton Stoke A.Villa Bolton Nott'm Forest(fac) Man.City 80/1 Norwich Arsenal Everton Man.U Brighton Spurs Leicester Man.C Coventry(fac) Stoke Wolves Ipswich Southampton WBA Sunderland Coventry Birmingham Liverpool 81/2 Man.City Coventry Ipswich Stoke Middlesboro Swansea WestHam Liverpool Notts C. Ipswich(lc) Arsenal Everton Sunderland Brighton Man.U NottmForest Sheff.Wed.(fr) Birmingham dec. Birmingham may Southampton Wolves A.Villa WBA 82/3 Huddersfield(mc) Leicester Derby C.Palace Blackburn PNE(fac) Arsenal(fac) Shrewsbury Newcastle Newcastle(mc) Charlton Burnley Middlesbrough Bolton QPR Chelsea Oldham Wolves Cambridge Sheff.Wed. Fulham Barnsley Grimsby 83/4 Brighton Chester(mc) Oxford(mc) C.Palace Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Swansea Charlton Carlisle Oldham Derby Grimsby Man.C. Barnsley Blackburn Huddersfield/Bradford(fr) Shrewsbury Fulham Scunthorpe(fac) Chelsea Middlesbrough Huddersfield Cambridge Newcastle Cardiff 84/5 Watford(mc) Carlisle Birmingham Wimbledon Brighton Gillingham(mc) Charlton Grimsby Oxford Barnsley Blackburn Oldham Fulham Huddersfield C.Palace Notts C. A.Villa(fr) Everton(fac) Halifax(fr) Portsmouth Sheff.U 85/6 C.Palace Barnsley Shrewsbury Portsmouth Charlton Hull Wimbledon Norwich Grimsby Middlesbrough Sheff.U Stoke Oldham Fulham Brighton Blackburn Huddersfield Millwall Carlisle Walsall(mc) Sunderland Bradford 86/7 Brighton Blackburn Plymouth Bradford Derby Portsmouth Oldham(posf) Oldham Millwall Ipswich Grimsby 87/8 Hull Barnsley Reading A.Villa Bournemouth Leicester York(lc) Man.City Blackburn Huddersfield Leicester Middlesboro Oldham WBA Millwall Sheff.U C.Palace Shrewsbury A.Villa(fac) 88/9 Luton Peterboro(lc) Bradford Brighton Barnsley Leicester Plymouth Ipswich Walsall Swindon Sunderland Portsmouth Luton(lc) 89/90 West Ham Ipswich Oldham(lc) Oxford Bournemouth Oldham Blackburn Portsmouth Sunderland 90/1 Barnsley(fac) QPR Man.U Derby Southampton Wimbledon Everton 91/2 Luton Southampton A.Villa Wimbledon Notts C. Oldham Coventry C.Palace QPR Wimbledon Man.U(fac) Norwich NottmForest Man.U(rc) WestHam Scunthorpe(rc) 92/3 Arsenal(fac) Charlton(fac) Sheff.Wed. QPR A.Villa Oldham Blackburn Chelsea Ipswich C.Palace Coventry Wimbledon Everton Man.U Man.City Southampton Scunthorpe(ccc) 93/4 Oxford(fac) A.Villa Swindon Ipswich Oldham Man.City Norwich Swindon QPR Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Utd Spurs Arsenal 94/5 Leicester Wimbledon Nottm Forest C.Palace Everton Sheff.Wed. WestHam Mansfield(ccc) Arsenal 95/6 Bolton Notts C.(ccc) A.Villa Blackburn Liverpool(fac) Blackburn(ccc) Coventry Man.U QPR Liverpool Southampton NottmForest Arsenal Sheff.Wed. Middlesbrough 96/7 Wimbledon Nott'm Forest Sheff.Wed. Darlington(ccc) Blackburn Everton Derby Spurs Man.U 97/8 Sheff.Wed. Spurs Blackburn Reading(ccc) C.Palace Man.Utd A.Villa Derby Leicester Grimsby(fac) Birmingham(fac) Oxford(fac) Newcastle Chelsea Everton Coventry Barnsley Arsenal Bolton Liverpool 98/9 Middlesboro Blackburn Southampton Leicester Charlton Wimbledon Derby Newcastle Nott'm Forest Spurs(fac) Liverpool 99/00 Leicester Southampton Chelsea Wimbledon Coventry Watford Everton Derby Port Vale(fac) Sunderland Middlesboro Sheff.Wed. Bradford A.Villa 00/1 Liverpool Leicester Bradford Man.City A.Villa Liverpool(fac) 01/2 Southampton Man.Utd Chelsea Ipswich Derby Grasshoppers(uefa) Leicester Troyes(uefa) Charlton Bolton A.Villa Spurs Arsenal Newcastle Maritimo(uefa) Sunderland Fulham Blackburn Middlesboro Chelsea(wc) Eindhoven(uefa) Chelsea(wc) 02/3 Sunderland Southampton A.Villa Arsenal Chelsea Charlton Newcastle Middlesboro Blackburn Everton Fulham Bolton WBA Liverpool Man.Utd Birmingham Spurs Gillingham(fac) Man.City 03/4 Chelsea Swindon(lc) Fulham Bolton Spurs Birmingham Southampton Newcastle Blackburn Man.Utd Man.Utd(lc) Portsmouth Leicester A.Villa 04/5 Coventry NottmForest Burnley PNE Cardiff 06/7 Coventry Barnsley Leicester Hull C.Palace WBA Burnley Southend Chester(cc) QPR Plymouth 07/8 Millwall P.Vale Hereford(fac) 08/9 Scunthorpe 10/11 Derby Millwall Sheff.U Hull PNE Scunthorpe 14/15 3.00 each Brighton Blackburn Reading Millwall Fulham Brentford Ipswich Huddersfield Sheff.Wed. Wolves Derby 17/18 Sheff.U. A.Villa Barnsley Birmingham NottmForest PNE Reading Oxford(fr) Ipswich Middlesbrough Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Wolves Bolton Burton Derby Brentford Fulham Hull Norwich 18/19 Norwich Millwall Middlesbrough PNE(cc) PNE QPR Reading Rotherham Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Swansea WBA Wigan A.Villa Bolton(cc) Bolton Blackburn Bristol C. Brentford Derby Hull Ipswich NottmForest.

LEICESTER 61/2 West Ham ph 62/3 West Ham ph Bolton 63/4 West Ham ph 64/5 Plymouth(fac) 66/7 Liverpool 67/8 WBA 68/9 Stoke 69/70 Middlesbro Millwall Watford 70/1 Luton Arsenal(fac) Middlesbrough Carlisle Southampton(lc) Sunderland Swindon Millwall Torquay(fac) Notts C.(fac) Norwich Bristol C.(lc) Charlton Watford Hull Birmingham Portsmouth Oxford(fac) Oxford Bolton Sheff.Wed. 71/2 Stoke Wolves Everton Man.City Sheff.Utd Huddersfield Nott'm Forest Newcastle Southampton 72/3 Derby West Ham C.Palace Leeds Birmingham Newcastle WBA Norwich Chelsea Spurs 73/4 Stoke Coventry Southampton Sheff.Utd Derby Hull(lc) Spurs WestHam 74/5 1.25 each Wolves Luton Birmingham Newcastle Arsenal(fac)19/2 Arsenal(fac)24/2 Oxford(fac) Arsenal(lc) WestHam Arsenal Spurs Middlesbro Derby Burnley QPR Coventry Sheff.U Everton Ipswich Leeds Stoke Chelsea Man.City Liverpool 75/6 1.25 each Derby Norwich Portsmouth(lc) Stoke Sheff.U(fac) Birmingham WestHam Spurs Wolves Newcastle Ipswich Man.U(fac) A.Villa QPR Man.City Arsenal Middlesbro Man.U Sheff.U Burnley Coventry Liverpool Bury(fac) Lincoln(lc) 76/7 Norwich Stoke Derby Newcastle(may) Newcastle(dec.) Everton Leeds Man.Utd Ipswich Middlesbro Arsenal A.Villa(fac) QPR A.Villa Liverpool WestHam WBA Coventry Sunderland Birmingham Spurs Derby Bristol C. 77/8 WBA Derby Chelsea Coventry Bristol City Nottm Forest Wolves Newcastle Man.City Norwich Middlesboro West Ham Man.U Ipswich 78/9 Stoke Luton Fulham Blackburn PNE Cardiff Cambridge Burnley Bristol Rov. Oldham Notts C. Sheff.U Brighton Wrexham WestHam Newcastle Charlton C.Palace 79/80 Cardiff Fulham Newcastle Wrexham Birmingham Shrewsbury Notts C. Luton Swansea Harlow(fac) Charlton Chelsea PNE Oldham Burnley Sunderland WestHam Cambridge Rotherham(lc) 80/1 Stoke Coventry WBA Man.U Southampton 15/10 Southampton 30/11 Wolves Ipswich Man.City Sunderland Everton C.Palace Middlesboro WBA(lc) Birmingham Cardiff(fac) Brighton Norwich 81/2 QPR Shrewsbury(fac) Wrexham Sheff.Wed. Grimsby C.Palace Derby Bolton Charlton Shrewsbury Cambridge Watford Rotherham Oldham Watford(fac) Southampton(fac) Blackburn A.Villa(lc) Luton PNE(lc) Chelsea Cardiff Newcastle 82/3 Chelsea Shrewsbury Leeds Oldham Derby Wolves Rotherham Bolton Newcastle Stoke Grimsby Sheff.Wed. QPR 83/4 Wolves Southampton Stoke Notts C. Birmingham QPR Ipswich WBA West Ham Luton 84/5 Luton Coventry Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Carlisle(fac) Southampton Newcastle Brentford(mc) A.Villa Man.U Liverpool 85/6 Everton Chelsea Oxford Man.Utd Nott'm Forest Luton 86/7 Liverpool Man.Utd Southampton Luton Nottm Forest Norwich Coventry West Ham Oxford Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. 87/8 Stoke Bournemouth A.Villa Bradford Plymouth Man.City 88/9 Birmingham Plymouth Shrewsbury Blackburn Bournemouth NottmForest(lc) 89/90 Portsmouth Oldham Sunderland Barnsley Bournemouth Hull Leeds Plymouth Watford Bradford Port Vale Sheff.U Newcastle Ipswich 90/1 Oldham 91/2 Brighton Ipswich Oxford Swindon Watford Southend Arsenal(rc) Derby Blackburn Barnsley Portsmouth Cambridge(posf) 92/3 Southend Cambridge 93/4 Tranmere WBA Luton 94/5 Newcastle QPR A.Villa Coventry Southampton West Ham Blackburn 95/6 Stoke C.Palace 96/7 Leeds Chelsea Nott'm Forest Middlesboro Derby Chelsea(fac) Sheff.Wed. 97/8 Southampton Barnsley Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. Liverpool 98/9 Derby Coventry Birmingham(fac) Blackburn Middlesboro Southampton Nott'm Forest Liverpool 99/00 Watford Arsenal Hereford(fac) 00/1 Middlesboro Bristol City(fac) Ipswich Coventry Charlton 01/2 Chelsea Charlton Southampton Fulham Bolton 02/3 Rotherham 03/4 Southampton Crewe(cc) Chelsea Blackburn Fulham Middlesboro Liverpool Man.City Bolton Spurs Leeds 04/5 Reading Coventry Stoke Burnley Luton Rotherham Sheff.Utd 05/6 Ipswich Celtic(fr) Inter Milan(fr) Wolves Sheff.Utd Cardiff Sheff.Wed. 06/7 Real Sociedad(fr) 07/8 WBA 08/9 Dagenham(fac) 09/10 Coventry Bristol City Sheff.Utd Ipswich Newcastle Scunthorpe 10/11 Scunthorpe 12/13 Ipswich Watford C.Palace Charlton Burnley Bristol C. Brighton Sunderland(fr) Sheff.Wed. Peterborough NottmForest Barnsley Hull Huddersfield Derby Bolton Blackburn Birmingham Wolves Leeds.

LINCOLN 67/8 Newport 69/70 Southport(fac) Workington P.Vale 70/1 Southend Darlington Notts C. Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Barrow 1.25 Barrow(fac)1.25 Brentford Colchester Crewe Peterborough Sunderland(lc)3.00 Northampton 71/2 Newport 1.50 72/3 Mansfield Torquay 73/4 Newport 1.25 Stockport 74/5 Doncaster Port Vale(fac) Bradford Mansfield Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 75/6 Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Newport 76/7 Mansfield Chesterfield York 77/8 Chesterfield Hereford Colchester 78/9 Chesterfield Brentford Swansea Bury Bradford(lc) Hull Blackpool Gillingham Shrewsbury Exeter Peterboro Chester Southend Rotherham Exeter Plymouth Mansfield Swindon Colchester Walsall Watford Sheff.Wed. Tranmere 79/80 Northampton/Newport Crewe Hereford/York/Northampton 80/1 Rochdale Mansfield Port Vale Darlington Southend Doncaster Hereford 81/2 Port Vale(fac) Southend Brentford Chesterfield Burnley Newport 82/3 1.00 each Gillingham Sheff.U Reading Wigan Leicester(mc) Doncaster Exeter Bradford West Ham(mc) Cardiff Millwall Bournemouth Huddersfield PNE Newport Portsmouth Southend Brentford Walsall Wrexham Oxford Chesterfield 83/4 Bradford Hull Oxford Walsall Sheff.U(fac) Burnley Gillingham Spurs(mc) Bristol R. Southend Wigan Newport PNE Doncaster Hull(mc) Bolton Scunthorpe 84/5 Swansea Newport 85/6 Blackpool Darlington Bolton Derby Notts C. Chesterfield Wigan Bristol R. Newport 88/9 Burnley Carlisle Tranmere York Crewe(lc) Crewe Hereford Southampton(lc) Scunthorpe Darlington Exeter Halifax Grimsby Colchester(svt) Doncaster Peterborough Cambridge Torquay Rotherham Stockport Rochdale Colchester NottsC. 89/90 Hereford Rochdale Torquay Colchester Chesterfield Southend Hartlepool Peterborough Wrexham Burnley Huddersfield(fac) 90/1 Walsall Carlisle Doncaster Stockport Crewe(fac) Northampton Halifax Hartlepool Torquay Chesterfield Scunthorpe York Burnley 91/2 Barnet Hereford Rotherham Chester(rc) Chesterfield Halifax Burnley Scunthorpe WBA(at) Cardiff Rochdale Gillingham Wrexham York feb. York Mar. Doncaster Mansfield Northampton Carlisle 92/3 Barnet Chesterfield Hereford Carlisle Doncaster Gillingham Stafford(fac) Wrexham Walsall Shrewsbury Doncaster(ccc) Bury Crewe Torquay Northampton Colchester Macclesfield(fac) 93/4 Carlisle Crewe Hereford Rochdale Scunthorpe Chesterfield PNE Chester Port Vale(ccc) Darlington 95/6 Chester Cambridge Cardiff 96/7 1.50 each Hartlepool(ccc) Hull Barnet Cardiff Exeter Colchester Darlington Mansfield Carlisle Northampton Chester Wigan Brighton Doncaster Hereford Hartlepool Torquay Scunthorpe Rochdale Stockport 97/8 1.50 each Bristol Rov.(fr) Rochdale Exeter Peterboro Swansea Barnet Hull Gainsboro(fac)25/11 Darlington Cambridge Mansfield Shrewsbury Burnley Brighton 98/9 Wigan Sunderland(fac) Luton Macclesfield Stoke Walsall 99/00 Halifax Barnsley(wc) Torquay Grimsby/Leicester(fr) Rotherham Barnet Swansea Macclesfield Exeter Darlington Welling(fac) Peterboro York Rochdale Luton(fac) Shrewsbury Scunthorpe(aws) Hull Northampton Plymouth Carlisle Mansfield Brighton Southend Cheltenham 00/1 Torquay Exeter Macclesfield York Sheff.Utd(wc) Grimsby(fr) Cheltenham Scunthorpe Darlington Blackpool Brighton 01/2 Mansfield Scunthorpe Wrexham 02/3 Macclesfield Scunthorpe 03/4 Boston 04/5 Grimsby Cheltenham Northampton Rochdale Darlington Macclesfield Scunthorpe Wycombe Oxford Mansfield 07/8 Wrexham 5.00 08/9 Macclesfield 09/10 Cheltenham Bournemouth P.Vale 12/13 Halifax(fac) Newport Ebbsfleet Luton 14/15 Barnet Alfreton 17/18 Newport Colchester Cheltenham Exeter Crewe Grimsby Wycombe Yeovil Peterborough(ctt) Swindon 18/19 Cambridge Carlisle(fac) Carlisle Cheltenham Crawley Crewe ForestGreen Exeter Grimsby P.Vale Oldham NottsC. Morecambe MK Dons Macclesfield Mansfield Mansfield(ctt) Tranmere Swindon Stevenage Yeovil.

LIVERPOOL 62/3 2.00 each (all this season have punch holes) Man.City Sheff.U WestHam Ipswich Bolton Burnley Arsenal Blackburn A.Villa Leicester WBA Man.U NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Birmingham 69/70 C.Palace 70/1 Leeds Swansea(fac) 71/2 1.50 each Newcastle Stoke C.Palace Coventry Nottm Forest Wolves Man.City Spurs Derby West Ham Huddersfield Chelsea Southampton Leicester WBA Everton Arsenal Leeds(fac) Ipswich Leeds 72/3 1.50 each Spurs(lc) Leicester Leeds Norwich C.Palace D.Berlin(uefa) Birmingham West Ham Everton Burnley(fac) Carlisle(lc) Southampton Man.City Coventry Wolves Stoke Ipswich Sheff.U Newcastle Derby Arsenal Chelsea Spurs 73/4 1.50 each Arsenal Everton Birmingham Man.U Coventry Newcastle Man.City Stoke Sheff.U Spurs Hull(lc) Chelsea Burnley Norwich Leicester West Ham Ipswich Wolves Red Star Belgrade(ec) West Ham(lc) Jeunesse(ec) Derby Southampton QPR Ipswich(fac) Doncaster(fac) 74/5 1.50 each Coventry Ipswich Everton Chelsea Sheff.U Birmingham QPR Stoke Leeds Newcastle Bristol City(lc) West Ham Ferencvaros(ecwc) Middlesbrough Derby Man.City Stoke(fac) Leicester Wolves Spurs Brentford(lc) Stromsgodset(ecwc) Burnley Middlesbrough(lc) Luton Arsenal 75/6 Man.City 76/7 1.50 each Derby Birmingham Carlisle(fac) C.Palace(fac) Sunderland QPR Stoke Leicester Arsenal Oldham(fac) Coventry WBA(lc) Norwich Spurs Newcastle Ipswich Man.U Middlesbrough Middlesbrough(fac) A.Villa WBA Leeds Everton 77/8 1.50 each Derby Coventry WBA Newcastle Derby(lc) Coventry(lc) Chelsea(lc) Man.City Arsenal Norwich Ipswich feb. Ipswich apr. Leicester Leeds Man.U Birmingham Middlesbrough Wolves QPR Benfica(ec) West Ham Bristol City A.Villa Everton D.Dresden(ec) Chelsea 78/9 1.50 each A.Villa 8/5 A.Villa 1/1 Bristol City Arsenal Man.U Anderlecht(esc) Ipswich Wolves 20/3 Wolves 23/12 Everton Burnley(fac) Birmingham WBA Blackburn(fac) Southend(fac) Nottm Forest Middlesbrough Man.City Leeds Chelsea Derby Bolton Coventry QPR Southampton Norwich 79/80 1.50 each Norwich Coventry Wolves D.Tbilisi(ec) Stoke Brighton Leeds Man.City Nottm Forest Bury(fac) Southampton Grimsby(fac) Man.U C.Palace Middlesbrough Spurs Chesterfield(lc) Exeter(lc) Bristol City Tranmere(lc) WBA Everton Arsenal Ipswich Bolton Derby A.Villa 80/1 1.50 each A.Villa Man.City Sunderland Spurs Man.U Stoke Southampton Birmingham Leicester Leeds Wolves Coventry Nottm Forest Middlesbrough Brighton Altrincham(fac) Swindon(lc) WBA Bradford(lc) Norwich C.Palace Birmingham(lc) Arsenal Ipswich Portsmouth(lc) 81/2 1.20 each Stoke Man.U WBA Sunderland Nottm Forest Notts C. Brighton Wolves Coventry Ipswich WestHam Man.City Southampton Spurs Everton Leeds A.Villa Arsenal Birmingham Middlesbrough Swansea 2.00 82/3 Luton Lverpool 2.00 83/4 Luton 84/85 1.20 each Sunderland Panathinaikos(ec) A.Villa(fac) Sheff.Wed. WBA Stockport(mc) Everton Southampton Ipswich Coventry Leicester Luton A.Villa(fac) Norwich Spurs(fac) Arsenal Stoke York(fac) Nottm Forest Man.U Newcastle A.Villa West Ham Watford QPR 85/6 Luton Man.C. Oxford QPR Coventry NottmForest WBA Oldham(mc) Sheff.Wed. York(fac) 86/7 1.20 each Nottm Forest Southampton Everton QPR Norwich Wimbledon Newcastle Luton Leicester Spurs Leicester(lc) West Ham Denmark XI(fr) Man.U Coventry(lc) Fulham(lc) Man.City 87/8 Luton Portsmouth 88/9 Middlesboro Luton Spurs Coventry Nott'm Forest Norwich Everton Brentford(fac) Walsall(lc) 89/90 Arsenal Coventry Swansea(fac) Wigan(lc) Norwich Man.City C.Palace 90/1 Blackburn(fac) Arsenal Brighton(fac) Man.Utd Coventry C.Palace QPR Chelsea Derby Southampton Everton Man.City 91/2 Oldham Nottm Forest Sheff.Wed. Leeds 92/3 QPR Southampton A.Villa Sheff.Wed. Sheff.U(ccc) 93/4 A.Villa West Ham Swindon Sheff.Wed. Arsenal 94/5 Man.U Coventry Southampton 95/6 Man.U Arsenal 96/7 Derby Spurs Leicester Mypa47(ecwc) A.Villa Everton Middlesbrough WestHam SK Brann(ecwc) 97/8 Middlesboro(cccsf) A.Villa Bolton Coventry Southampton Celtic(uefa) Sheff.Wed. Grimsby(ccc) Wimbledon Leeds Coventry(fac) Leicester C.Palace Arsenal Derby Man.U Strasbourg(uefa) Everton Newcastle jan. Barnsley Blackburn Spurs Chelsea 98/9 Leeds Derby Newcastle Chelsea Kosice(uefa) Spurs(wc) NottmForest Charlton Sheff.Wed. Southampton InterMilan(fr) Fulham(wc) Valencia(uefa) Blackburn CeltaVigo(uefa) 99/00 Hull(wc) Southampton Leicester Watford Arsenal Spurs Spurs(wc) Everton 00/1 R.Bucharest(uefa) Arsenal 01/2 Charlton A.Villa Leicester B.Dortmund(cl) D.Kiev(cl) Barcelona(cl) Man.U Sunderland Middlesbrough Arsenal WestHam Leeds Spurs Bolton Southampton Blackburn Birmingham 02/3 Southampton Birmingham WBA Everton Blackburn A.Villa Bolton Fulham Charlton Middlesboro 03/4 Newcastle(fac) Valencia(fr) 04/5 Bolton 05/6 Charlton WestHam 06/7 Wigan Charlton Newcastle Blackburn 07/8 Middlesboro Bolton Derby 08/9 Everton Real Madrid(cl) 09/10 Burnley Everton 16/17 Arsenal.

LUTON 66/7 Barrow 67/8 Workington Newport 68/9 Oldham Stockport Brighton Southport Watford dec. Watford Apr. Barrow Gillingham Bristol R. Shrewsbury Crewe Reading Walsall Plymouth Gillingham(fac) Bournemouth Ware(fac) Swindon Hartlepool Torquay Northampton Tranmere Brighton(lc) Barnsley Rotherham Watford(lc) 69/70 Halifax Bury Walsall Torquay Doncaster Rotherham Brighton Bristol R. Reading Millwall(lc) Southport Shrewsbury Mansfield Tranmere Plymouth Fulham Bradford Rochdale Bournemouth(lc) Barnsley Torquay A.Villa(fr) Bournemouth Stockport Peterborough(lc) Barrow ItalyU-21(fr) 70/1 Carlisle Sheff.Utd Blackburn Norwich Swindon Hull Sheff.Wed. Leicester Charlton Oxford Portsmouth Bristol City Millwall dec. Millwall mar. Sunderland Watford QPR Nott'm Forest(fac) Middlesboro Birmingham Bolton Cardiff jan. Cardiff may Workington(lc) Arsenal(lc)3.00 Australian XI(fr) Coventry(fr) 71/2 Watford Oxford Burnley Sheff.Wed. Bristol City Hull PNE Millwall Portsmouth Charlton Swindon Fulham Middlesboro Birmingham QPR Blackpool Carlisle Cardiff Royal Crossing(fr) Man.U(fr) Norwich 72/3 Blackpool Hull Huddersfield PNE Carlisle Portsmouth Fulham Sunderland Swindon Burnley Birmingham(lc) Oxford Bristol C. Cardiff NottmForest Crewe(fac) QPR Brighton Sheff.Wed. 73/4 Oxford Hull Sheff.Wed. Orient Middlesboro A.Villa Grimsby(lc) Millwall Leicester(fac) Blackpool Bradford(fac) PNE C.Palace Swindon Portsmouth Sunderland NottmForest Bristol C. Cardiff WBA Bolton Bury(lc) 74/5 Birmingham Stoke Leicester Burnley Derby Coventry Middlesboro Newcastle Sheff.Utd West Ham Man.C. Everton Leeds Chelsea Birmingham(fac) Wolves Carlisle Ipswich Bristol R.(lc) QPR Liverpool Spurs 75/6 Bolton Charlton Fulham York Southampton Oldham Plymouth Hull Blackpool WBA Portsmouth Nott'm Forest Sunderland Bristol Rov. Chelsea Blackburn(fac) Notts C. Oxford Blackburn 76/7 Bolton Oldham Charlton Blackburn Carlisle Wolves Notts C. Southampton Blackpool Millwall Plymouth Burnley Hull Chelsea Bristol R. Hereford 77/8 Fulham Mansfield C.Palace Burnley Blackpool Notts C. Hull Southampton Stoke Bolton Bristol R. Oldham Sheff.U Man.C.(lc) Millwall Blackburn Charlton Spurs 78/9 Sheff.Utd Stoke Blackburn Wigan(lc) West Ham PNE Leicester Oldham C.Palace Wrexham Notts C. Burnley Brighton Charlton Fulham Millwall Sunderland Newcastle Crewe(lc) Cambridge 79/80 Shrewsbury Notts C. Watford Newcastle Charlton Wrexham Burnley West Ham Fulham Leicester Swindon(fac) Chelsea Birmingham QPR PNE Sunderland Oldham Swansea Orient Cambridge Gillingham(lc) 80/1 Watford Notts C. Blackburn Swansea Reading(lc) Shrewsbury Tampa Bay(fr) Man.C.(lc) Wrexham Derby Oldham Bristol R. QPR Cambridge Bristol C. Grimsby Newcastle Bolton WestHam Sheff.Wed. 81/2 QPR Blackburn Watford Wrexham(lc) Swindon(fac) Charlton Grimsby Sheff.Wed. Bolton Chelsea dec. Chelsea apr. Shrewsbury Barnsley Newcastle Norwich Wrexham Cambridge Oldham Leicester Ipswich(fac) Rotherham Derby C.Palace 82/3 Man.City WBA Arsenal Man.Utd Nott'm Forest Spurs Norwich Watford Swansea A.Villa Sunderland Liverpool Man.U(fac) Peterborough(fac) Coventry Southampton Blackpool(mc) Ipswich Charlton(mc) Brighton Notts C. WestHam 83/4 Watford Notts C. Liverpool Rotherham(mc) Stoke Ipswich Southampton Spurs Everton Leicester QPR Watford(fac) NottmForest WBA WestHam Coventry Birmingham A.Villa Wolves Norwich Sunderland 84/5 Ipswich Newcastle Coventry Southampton Sheff.Wed. Arsenal A.Villa Chelsea West Ham Nott'm Forest Leicester Everton Norwich QPR Watford Watford(fac)4th March Watford(fac)9th March Sunderland Spurs Huddersfield(fac) Stoke(fac) WBA Leicester(mc) Liverpool Stoke 85/6 Oxford Watford Watford(fr) Southampton Newcastle Chelsea Arsenal Arsenal(fac) Ricky Hill test Liverpool Spurs Everton(fac) Sheff.Wed. Bristol R.(fac) Leicester WestHam Man.C. Coventry Birmingham Norwich(mc) Sheff.U(mc) Ipswich QPR NottmForest 86/7 Man.City Leicester Southampton Spurs Oxford Watford Newcastle Norwich Sheff.Wed. Coventry Wimbledon WestHam A.Villa Leicester Liverpool(fac) Liverpool(facrep) Chelsea Everton Charlton NottmForest QPR Liverpool Monterrey(fr) 87/8 QPR Norwich Oxford Nottm Forest Chelsea Wimbledon Southampton Portsmouth Watford Stoke(sc) Coventry Bradford(lc) Coventry(lc) West Ham Southampton(fac) Portsmouth(fac) Sheff.Wed. Man.U Oxford(lcsf) QPR(fac) Bradford(lc) Derby Charlton Spurs Newcastle Liverpool Wigan(lc) Everton 88/9 Southampton Southampton(lc) Liverpool Charlton Derby Coventry Spurs Sheff.Wed. Millwall WestHam(lcsf) Middlesbrough NottmForest Newcastle Man.C.(lc) WestHam QPR Wimbledon Burnley(lc) Arsenal A.Villa 89/90 Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Coventry Spurs Southampton Man.City Dunstable(fr) Charlton Wimbledon Mansfield(lc) Everton Millwall QPR Le Havre(fr) Chelsea NottmForest Derby Norwich Mansfield(lc) Liverpool Hartlepool(fr) 90/1 Sheff.U QPR Southampton WestHam Chelsea A.Villa Man.C. Everton Bradford(rc) Coventry Leeds Wimbledon Spurs Norwich NottmForest Liverpool Sunderland Arsenal 91/2 Sheff.Wed. Oldham Coventry Notts C. Southampton QPR Birmingham(rc) C.Palace Chelsea West Ham Sheff.Utd Everton Wimbledon Spurs Norwich Arsenal Man.C. Leeds Notts C. Liverpool A.Villa NottmForest 92/3 Bristol City Swindon Southend Brentford Wolves Tranmere Notts C. Grimsby Birmingham Watford Derby(fac) Oxford Cambridge Charlton Barnsley Portsmouth West Ham Leicester Sunderland Derby Plymouth(ccc) Peterborough 93/4 Cambridge Wolves Peterboro Barnsley Birmingham Bolton Millwall Charlton Notts C. Portsmouth Ipswich(fr) WBA Southend C.Palace WestHam(fac) Sunderland Newcastle(fac) Oxford Derby Southend(fac) Grimsby Tranmere Stoke Leicester Bristol C. Cambridge(ccc) Watford 94/5 WBA Burnley Reading Notts C. Wolves Watford Tranmere Port Vale Millwall Oldham Southampton(fac) Charlton Sheff.U Portsmouth Grimsby Middlesbrough Bolton Bristol C. Fulham(ccc) 95/6 Derby Southend Norwich Reading Wolves Charlton Grimsby Tranmere Oldham Sheff.Utd 1/1 Sheff.Utd 31/1 Bournemouth(ccc) Barnsley Perugia(aic) Portsmouth Spurs(fr) Port Vale Watford Stoke Millwall Huddersfield Birmingham WBA Leicester 96/7 West Ham(fr) Notts C. Wrexham Peterboro Stockport Walsall Shrewsbury Wycombe Wimbledon(ccc) Derby(ccc) Crewe Watford Boreham Wood(fac) PNE Chesterfield Bristol Rov.(ccc) Bristol City West Ham(fr) Rotherham Bury Bolton Crewe(po) Brentford Millwall York Bristol R. Peterborough Blackpool Gillingham Burnley 97/8 Carlisle Southend Blackpool Bournemouth Chesterfield Northampton Wycombe Colchester(ccc) Torquay(fac) Walsall York Plymouth WBA(ccc) Gillingham Wrexham Grimsby Fulham Bristol R. Burnley Brentford Plymouth Millwall Oldham Colchester(ccc) Bristol C. 98/9 Arsenal/Coventry(fr) Chesterfield 31/10 Chesterfield 27/4 Reading 26/12 Reading 23/3 Stoke Bournemouth Wycombe Wigan Blackpool York Notts C. Wrexham Walsall(aws) Macclesfield Northampton Fulham Millwall Lincoln Gillingham Millwall Coventry(wc) Oldham Bristol R. Burnley Colchester PNE Oxford(wc) 99/00 Blackpool Oldham Lincoln(fac) PNE Gillingham Wycombe Burnley Kingstonian(fac) Scunthorpe Colchester Bristol C. Cambridge Millwall Brentford Stoke Reading Bournemouth Scunthorpe Chesterfield Notts C. Oxford Wrexham Bury Cardiff 00/1 Oxford Reading Cambridge Rushden & D.(fac) Walsall Peterboro Darlington(fac) Oldham Peterboro(wc) Wigan Northampton Bristol City Swindon Colchester Port Vale Notts C. Sunderland(wc) Wrexham Brentford Millwall Bournemouth Notts C. Stoke Bristol R. Swansea QPR(fac) 01/2 Hartlepool Torquay Rochdale Macclesfield QPR/Norwich/Spurs(fr) Southend Darlington Hull Lincoln Cheltenham Mansfield Halifax Kidderminster Exeter York Plymouth Bristol R. Scunthorpe Carlisle Hartlepool Rushden & D. Shrewsbury Swansea 02/3 Cheltenham Crewe Brentford Northampton Wycombe Cambridge(ldv) QPR Port Vale Wigan Swindon Mansfield Notts C. Chesterfield Barnsley Peterborough 03/4 Notts C. Stockport Wycombe QPR Tranmere Hartlepool Swindon 04/5 Tranmere Colchester Wrexham Bristol C. 06/7 WBA 07/8 Millwall Oldham Brentford(fac) Bristol R. Cheltenham Crewe Walsall Swindon Yeovil 08/9 Grimsby Macclesfield 11/12 Southport 15/16 Newport.

MACCLESFIELD 97/8 Hull(ccc) 98/9 Chesterfield Fulham Oldham Burnley Chesterfield Stoke(wc) Millwall 99/00 Halifax Stoke(wc) Hartlepool Carlisle Southend Torquay 00/1 Mansfield Carlisle Cheltenham 01/2 Scunthorpe Mansfield 02/3 Watford(fac) 03/4 Stoke(fr) 04/5 Wycombe Lincoln Bury Rochdale Yeovil Mansfield Notts C. Tranmere(ldv) Cheltenham 05/6 Yeovil(fac) Notts C. Stockport Chester Wigan(fr) Man.City(fr) Barnet Chesterfield(ldv) Notts C. Mansfield Bury Darlington Chesterfield(ldv) Boston 06/7 Shrewsbury Walsall Peterboro Hartlepool(fac) Wycombe Leicester(fr) Barnet Man.U(fr) Mansfield Rochdale Boston Walsall(fac) Darlington Bury Chester Hartlepool Stockport Lincoln Grimsby MK Dons Hartlepool 07/8 Stockport Darlington Brentford 08/9 Bournemouth Rochdale Rotherham Darlington Notts C. Wycombe Exeter Bradford Grimsby Dagenham P.Vale 09/10 Rochdale Aldershot Bury Northampton 10/11 Torquay Southend P.Vale Crewe Accrington Bradford Hereford Bury Rotherham Morecambe Cheltenham 11/12 Oxford Morecambe Southend Northampton 12/13 Wrexham 14/15 Halifax Eastleigh Chester Dover Woking Southport Bolton/Crewe/Rochdale(fr) Gateshead 15/16 Rochdale/Bury/Stockport/Sheff.U/Stoke(fr) 16/17 Dover Guiseley Bromley Chester 17/18 Aldershot Eastleigh Fylde Woking Derby/Bury/Crewe/Blackpool(fr) 18/19 Bradford(cc) Burnley/Wrexham(fr) Mansfield Blackpool(ctt).

MAIDSTONE UNITED 74/5 Yeovil 77/8 Minehead Gravesend 78/9 Exeter(fac) Charlton(fac) 83/4 Dartford 87/8 Wealdstone Dartford Kidderminster 89/90 Burnley Hereford 90/1 Cardiff.

MANCHESTER CITY 62/3 WestHam ph 65/6 Everton(fac) 66/7 WestHam ph 67/8 Coventry 68/9 WestHam ph Sunderland 69/70 WestHam QPR(lc) Liverpool(lc) Everton(lc) Derby Nottm Forest Burnley Leeds Southampton Liverpool Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Everton Chelsea Coventry WBA Wolves Newcastle Man.U C.Palace Ipswich Arsenal Stoke 70/1 1.50 each Coventry Burnley Everton Nottm Forest Liverpool Spurs C.Palace WestHam Derby Southampton Newcastle Ipswich Stoke WBA Linfield(ecwc) Honved(ecwc) Man.U Leeds Huddersfield Blackpool Wolves 71/2 1.50 each Derby Wolves Huddersfield Wolves(lc) Liverpool C.Palace Everton Leicester Newcastle Southampton Man.U Nottm Forest Middlesbrough(fac) Ipswich Hertha(fr) Spurs Arsenal WestHam Chelsea Stoke 72/3 1.50 each Stoke Southampton Rochdale(lc) Norwich Everton Derby Spurs Coventry Chelsea Arsenal Leeds Newcastle Stoke(fac) Liverpool(fac) C.Palace Sheff.U WBA Birmingham Leicester Man.U WestHam Wolves Liverpool Ipswich 73/4 1.50 each Walsall(lc) Leicester Stoke Spurs QPR Liverpool Arsenal Coventry Wolves Man.U WestHam Birmingham Everton Burnley Derby Ipswich Newcastle Southampton Sheff.U York(lc) Coventry(lc) 74/5 1.50 each Everton Coventry Newcastle(fac) Wolves Luton Leicester Arsenal Derby Stoke Burnley Ipswich Birmingham Middlesbrough Liverpool QPR Chelsea Sheff.U Newcastle Spurs Leeds Scunthorpe(lc) 75/6 1.50 each Arsenal Nottm Forest(lc) Burnley Birmingham A.Villa Newcastle Leicester Norwich(lc) Coventry Everton Liverpool Derby Wolves Hartlepool(fac) Sheff.U Mansfield(lc) Man.U Middlesbrough Stoke Ipswich Spurs QPR Leeds WestHam Man.U(lc) 76/7 1.20 each Spurs WBA WestHam A.Villa Man.U Newcastle Coventry Leicester Arsenal Sunderland Leeds Liverpool Juventus(uefa) Ipswich QPR Stoke Middlesbrough Birmingham Norwich WBA(fac) Bristol C. 77/8 Bristol City Wolves Leeds Chelsea Middlesboro Birmingham Ipswich Newcastle Norwich WestHam WBA QPR Man.Utd Liverpool Leicester Nott'm Forest Derby A.Villa Everton Arsenal Arsenal(lc) Widzew Lodz(uefa) Coventry Luton(lc) 78/9 Middlesboro 1/1 Middlesboro 24/4 A.Villa Arsenal Rotherham(fac) Everton Blackpool(lc) Birmingham A.Villa Bolton Bristol City Nott'm Forest Wolves WBA Spurs Southampton QPR Man.Utd Leeds Derby Grimsby(lc) Coventry Liverpool 79/80 Stoke Brighton Coventry Derby Middlesboro Southampton WBA Norwich Bolton Bristol City C.Palace Liverpool Man.Utd Wolves A.Villa NottmForest Sheff.Wed.(lc) Spurs 80/1 Everton Leicester Everton(fac) Middlesboro Coventry WBA Stoke(lc) C.Palace Stoke Brighton Birmingham Man.Utd Leeds Nott'm Forest C.Palace(lc) Wolves Ipswich Southampton Notts C. Spurs Liverpool(lcsf) 81/2 Cardiff(fac) Brighton Northampton(lc) Middlesboro Stoke Coventry Coventry(fac) Birmingham Stoke(lc) Everton Leeds Spurs Southampton Ipswich Notts C. Wolves Sunderland A.Villa Nott'm Forest WBA Swansea 82/3 Birmingham Brighton Man.Utd Notts C. WBA Wigan(mc) Coventry A.Villa Everton Stoke Watford Ipswich Sunderland Southampton(mc) 83/4 Portsmouth Swansea Grimsby Middlesbrough Torquay(mc) Brighton Derby Sheff.Wed. Oldham Leeds C.Palace Newcastle Shrewsbury Cambridge Charlton Huddersfield Carlisle Blackburn Fulham Barnsley Chelsea Cardiff 84/5 Wimbledon Wolves Barnsley Portsmouth Birmingham Carlisle Oldham WestHam(mc) Blackburn Oxford Fulham Notts C. C.Palace Blackpool(mc) Huddersfield Grimsby Sheff.U Leeds Shrewsbury Brighton Middlesbrough Charlton Cardiff 85/6 West Ham Chelsea QPR Southampton Coventry Newcastle Ipswich Luton Nottm Forest Man.U Sheff.Wed. Arsenal Bury(mc) Spurs Oxford Watford Arsenal Leicester Birmingham Everton Liverpool Watford(fac)25/1 Watford(fac)6/2 86/7 Charlton Norwich WestHam Everton Leicester Southend(lc) A.Villa Sheff.Wed. Luton Newcastle Chelsea Nottm Forest Arsenal Watford Oxford Coventry QPR Spurs Southampton 87/8 C.Palace Watford(lc) Millwall Stoke Wolves(lc) Leicester Plymouth(fac) Blackpool(fac) Oldham Leeds Nottm Forest(lc) Barnsley Sheff.U A.Villa WBA Shrewsbury Bournemouth Huddersfield(fac) Bradford Reading Swindon Huddersfield Middlesbrough Ipswich Hull Plymouth Blackburn Birmingham Liverpool(fac) 88/89 C.Palace Oldham Brighton Walsall Plymouth(lc) Barnsley Ipswich Stoke Swindon Sunderland Birmingham Hull Sheff.U(lc) Chelsea Leicester Blackburn Plymouth Leicester(fac) Leeds Shrewsbury Bradford Oxford Watford Portsmouth 89/90 Brentford(lc) Charlton Derby Chelsea A.Villa Sheff.Wed. Luton Wimbledon Millwall(fac) Liverpool C.Palace QPR Arsenal Spurs 90/1 Coventry Wimbledon Sheff.Utd Southampton Spurs Luton C.Palace QPR NottmForest Liverpool 91/2 Notts C. Coventry Sheff.Utd Wimbledon Spurs Southampton QPR(rc) QPR Luton C.Palace Sheff.Wed. NottmForest A.Villa Norwich 92/3 Nottm Forest Middlesboro Norwich Sheff.Utd Oldham A.Villa Ipswich Spurs(fac) Arsenal Everton Blackburn QPR C.Palace Spurs 93/4 Ipswich Spurs 94/5 A.Villa(fac) A.Villa 95/6 Sheff.Wed. Bolton Middlesboro Leicester(fac) Chelsea West Ham A.Villa Spurs 96/7 Oldham Southend Reading Ipswich Swindon C.Palace Grimsby Middlesboro(fac) Huddersfield Bradford Birmingham Port Vale Charlton Sheff.Utd WBA Bolton Stoke Lincoln(ccc) 97/8 Stoke Port Vale Crewe Middlesboro Reading Charlton Swindon Norwich Tranmere Blackpool(ccc) Bradford Huddersfield Nott'm Forest Wolves WBA Portsmouth 98/9 Burnley Macclesfield Notts C. Luton 99/00 Bolton Swindon Stockport Sheff.U QPR Grimsby Crewe Tranmere Southampton(wc) 00/1 Everton Southampton Derby Wimbledon(wc) Middlesbrough WestHam Leeds 01/2 Stockport PNE Birmingham Wimbledon Rotherham Grimsby Barnsley Crewe Sheff.Wed. Gillingham C.Palace Bradford Portsmouth Sheff.U Millwall Norwich Coventry 02/3 Fulham Crewe(wc) Newcastle Charlton A.Villa Bolton WBA 03/4 Charlton Fulham Southampton Spurs Liverpool Newcastle A.Villa 04/5 A.Villa Norwich Middlesboro Charlton Liverpool Birmingham Blackburn Portsmouth Everton C.Palace 05/6 Birmingham West Ham Chelsea Newcastle Sunderland A.Villa(fac) Scunthorpe(fac) WBA 06/7 Charlton A.Villa Blackburn Portsmouth Southampton(fac) Reading Sheff.Wed.(fac) Newcastle 07/8 Blackburn Sunderland 08/9 Sunderland Stoke 09/10 Bolton Wigan Stoke(fac) 17/18 Stoke Shakhtar(cl) 18/19 Liverpool Man.U Rotherham Southampton Wolves WestHam Watford Cardiff Arsenal Brighton Burnley Burnley(fac) Everton Fulham Huddersfield.

MANCHESTER UNITED 60/1 2.50 each Blackpool Sheff.Wed. tm 61/2 2.50 each Real Madrid(fr) Chelsea Sheff.U Wolves 62/3 2.00 WestHam tm Spurs tm Sheff.U NottmForest tm Liverpool tm Bolton tm Blackburn tm Birmingham tm A.Villa tm 63/4 2.00 each Arsenal A.Villa Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool tm Bolton Bristol R.(fac) Chelsea Everton tm Fulham Ipswich tm Leicester Sunderland(fac)tm Spurs WestHam tm NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Liverpool tm 65/6 West Ham ph 66/7 West Ham ph 67/8 West Ham Newcastle Sunderland Burnley Arsenal WBA Everton Wolves Spurs(fac) Spurs Stoke Southampton Nottm Forest Man.City Liverpool Sheff.U Fulham Sheff.Wed. Chelsea 68/9 Sheff.Wed. Chelsea Man.City Watford(fac) Newcastle Spurs Arsenal Stoke Wolves WBA QPR Leicester Coventry Liverpool Sunderland Southampton WestHam Birmingham(fac) Nottm Forest Estudiantes(fr) 69/70 West Ham Sheff.Wed. Ipswich C.Palace Burnley(lc) Stoke Arsenal Spurs Chelsea Everton Nottm Forest Coventry Derby Man.City Burnley Wolves Southampton WestHam Newcastle Man.City(fac) Liverpool WBA Sunderland Derby(lc) 70/1 1.75 each Newcastle Derby Chelsea WestHam Everton Coventry Blackpool Portsmouth(lc) C.Palace WBA Chelsea(lc) Stoke C.Palace(lc) Huddersfield Man.City Burnley Southampton Nottm Forest Wolves Ipswich Middlesbrough(fac) Leeds 71/2 1.75 each Stoke WestHam Stoke(lc) Leicester Nottm Forest Newcastle Huddersfield Southampton Stoke(fac) Everton Ipswich Derby Leeds Wolves Spurs C.Palace 72/3 1.75 each Birmingham Derby C.Palace Leicester Liverpool Chelsea WestHam Everton Stoke Newcastle Wolves Coventry Southampton WBA 73/4 1.75 each Sheff.U Coventry Ipswich Spurs Liverpool Wolves Leicester WestHam Middlesbrough(lc) Derby Norwich Birmingham Southampton Arsenal Chelsea Burnley Newcastle 74/5 2.00 each Hull Bolton Oldham A.Villa Burnley(lc) Oxford Charlton(lc) Portsmouth Middlesbrough(lc) WBA Notts C. Walsall(fac) Sheff.Wed. York Sunderland Brentford(lc) 75/6 1.25 each Burnley Newcastle Leicester Sheff.U Ipswich A.Villa Coventry QPR Man.City Arsenal Spurs Wolves Everton Stoke Middlesbrough Derby Wolves(fac) Birmingham Liverpool WestHam Peterborough(fac) 76/77 1.25 each QPR(fac) Southampton(fac) Walsall(fac) Everton(lc) Spurs Tranmere(lc) Liverpool Oxford(fac) Arsenal Norwich Sunderland WestHam Sunderland(lc)22/9 Sunderland(lc)6/10 Birmingham Middlesbrough Ajax(uefa) Juventus(uefa) Leicester Ipswich QPR WBA A.Villa(fac) Man.C. Coventry A.Villa Everton Stoke Leeds Newcastle Derby 77/8 1.25 each Porto(ecwc) WestHam Leeds Nottm Forest Wolves Newcastle Chelsea Ipswich Coventry A.Villa Everton QPR Man.City WBA Middlesbrough Bristol C. WBA(fac) Derby Birmingham Leicester Norwich Liverpool Arsenal 78/9 1.25 each A.Villa Chelsea(fac) Liverpool Southampton Bristol C. Middlesbrough Watford(lc) Man.C. Everton Stockport(lc) Chelsea Spurs QPR Wolves NottmForest Arsenal Derby Fulham(fac) Ipswich Norwich Birmingham Coventry Bolton Leeds Spurs(fac) 79/80 1.25 each Ipswich Wolves Brighton Man.C. Arsenal A.Villa 19/1 A.Villa 23/4 Bolton Spurs Bristol C. Spurs(fac) Leeds NottmForest Norwich C.Palace Southampton Stoke Derby Middlesbrough WBA Spurs(lc) Liverpool Everton Coventry 80/1 1.25 each Norwich C.Palace Ipswich Middlesbrough Arsenal Wolves Nottm Forest Brighton Leeds WBA Birmingham Brighton(fac) Liverpool Stoke Southampton Coventry Everton A.Villa Man.City Leicester Coventry(lc) Widzew Lodz(uefa) Sunderland Spurs 81/2 Everton Notts C. Spurs Coventry Ipswich WestHam NottmForest Swansea 82/3 A.Villa Southampton Nottm Forest(mc) Bournemouth(mc) Ipswich Man.City WBA Coventry Bradford(mc) Watford Liverpool Everton(fac) Sunderland Arsenal(mcsf) Swansea Arsenal 83/4 West Ham Arsenal Spurs Oxford(mc) Birmingham Notts C. Sunderland Norwich WBA Nottm Forest Watford Stoke Luton Everton S.Varna(ecwc) Dukla Prague(ecwc) Liverpool 84/5 Ajax(fr) West Ham(fac) WBA PSV Eindhoven(uefa) Watford Luton Stoke Leicester Sunderland Videoton(uefa) Southampton A.Villa Liverpool 85/6 Watford Spurs WBA Man.C. QPR Rochdale(fac) West Ham(mc) West Ham Coventry Oxford Everton Southampton Leicester Ipswich Newcastle Liverpool Sunderland(fac) 86/7 Spurs Luton Sheff.Wed. NottmForest 87/8 West Ham Oxford Watford Luton Wimbledon Southampton C.Palace(lc) Liverpool Derby QPR Coventry Spurs Chelsea(fac) 88/9 Millwall Oxford(fac) Luton Wimbledon Derby Southampton Charlton QPR(fac) Rotherham(lc) Coventry Nott'm Forest(fac) Bournemouth(fac) NottmForest Everton(fr) Sheff.Wed. 89/90 Arsenal Everton Wimbledon Norwich NottmForest 90/1 QPR Sheff.Utd Bolton(fac) Luton Liverpool Nottm Forest Southampton(rc) Liverpool(rc) Chelsea Liverpool Leeds(rcsf) QPR(fac) Man.City 91/2 Luton West Ham Man.City QPR Southampton Everton Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Cambridge(rc) 92/3 1.75 each QPR A.Villa Everton Ipswich C.Palace Leeds Brighton(ccc) Liverpool Wimbledon Oldham Man.City Norwich Bury(fac) Coventry Spurs Brighton(fac) NottmForest Sheff.U Southampton Middlesbrough Arsenal Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Blackburn 5.00 93/4 1-25 each Swindon Charlton(fac) WestHam Ipswich QPR Oldham 94/5 1-50 each Southampton QPR(fac) Arsenal Barcelona(cl) QPR A.Villa Galatasaray(cl) Leeds NottmForest WestHam 95/6 A.Villa Bolton 96/7 Leeds B.Dortmund(cl) Swindon(ccc) Newcastle Newcastle Middlesbrough 97/8 2.00 each Derby Bolton Leicester Walsall(fac) Leeds Newcastle Wimbledon Liverpool Chelsea West Ham C.Palace Everton A.Villa Blackburn Monaco(cl) 98/9 Liverpool(fac) 99/00 Sunderland A.Villa 00/1 Bradford West Ham Sunderland Derby Charlton Middlesboro Everton Leicester West Ham(fac) A.Villa Man.City Arsenal 01/2 West Ham Fulham Bolton Chelsea Bayern Munich(cl) Ipswich Deportivo(cl) B.Leverkusen(clsf) A.Villa Derby Southampton Liverpool 02/3 Zalaegerzeg(clq) WBA West Ham Juventus(cl) Middlesbrough 03/4 2.00 each Middlesboro Spurs Leicester Chelsea Bolton Newcastle 04/05 Arsenal 05/6 2.00 each Blackburn Blackburn(ccsf) Arsenal Man.City Lille(cl) Wigan 06/07 Man.City 07/8 Spurs(fac) Reading WestHam Newcastle A.Villa 09/10 Chelsea 10/11 Stoke Liverpool.

MANSFIELD 69/70 Luton Barnsley Walsall Bradford Bristol Rov. Plymouth Doncaster Rochdale Barrow Shrewsbury Halifax Southport 70/1 1-50 each Bury Chesterfield(lc) Rotherham Doncaster Fulham Reading Rochdale Wrexham 71/2 Rotherham Notts C. Walsall Chesterfield Chesterfield(lc) Notts C. Rochdale Torquay Walsall 72/3 Stockport 73/4 York Workington 1.25 Scunthorpe Stockport 74/5 1.25 each Lincoln Rochdale Barnsley Cambridge Stockport Bradford Southport Workington Crewe Darlington Reading Northampton Wrexham(fac) Shrewsbury Wigan(fac)2.00 Rotherham Cambridge(fac) Brentford Torquay 75/6 Walsall Chesterfield Wrexham(fac) Shrewsbury Scunthorpe(lc) Sheff.Wed. Bury Chester Hereford Peterboro Wolves(lc) 76/7 Brighton Reading Walsall Wrexham Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield York C.Palace Lincoln 77/8 Oldham Fulham Sheff.Utd Bolton Millwall Hull Luton 78/9 Colchester Southend Sheff.Wed. Walsall Shrewsbury(fac) Brentford Swansea Tranmere 79/80 Colchester Swindon Brentford Sheff.Utd Chesterfield 80/1 Doncaster Rochdale(fac) Hereford 81/2 Scunthorpe Hartlepool Peterboro Blackpool Hull Hereford Scunthorpe(lc) 82/3 Peterboro Halifax Darlington Rochdale Hereford Scunthorpe 83/4 Crewe Hereford Chesterfield 84/5 Scunthorpe(mc) Exeter Swindon Torquay Tranmere Aldershot Southend Stockport Peterboro Port Vale Hartlepool Northampton Halifax Hereford 85/6 Hereford 86/7 Bristol City Port Vale Rotherham Wigan Newport 88/9 Sheff.Utd(fac) Huddersfield Brentford Notts C.(svt) Aldershot Chesterfield Sheff.Utd Reading Notts C.(lc) 89/90 Northampton Chester Luton(lc) Brentford Brentford(ldc) Reading Tranmere Bristol Rov. 90/1 Bury Chester Peterboro(at) Bolton Wigan Huddersfield Reading Exeter Brentford Cambridge 91/2 Blackpool(rc) Crewe Carlisle Northampton Barnet Chestefield Walsall Hereford Rotherham 92/3 Hartlepool Fulham Rotherham Bradford Stoke Newcastle(ccc) Bournemouth PNE Bolton Exeter Port Vale Stockport Swansea WBA(at) 93/4 Wycombe Hereford Crewe Doncaster Scarboro Chesterfield Torquay Shrewsbury Chesterfield(at) PNE(fac) Bury Sheff.Utd(fr) Colchester Scunthorpe Northampton Carlisle Stoke(ccc) Gillingham Lincoln PNE Wigan Darlington 94/5 Darlington Scunthorpe Chesterfield(po) Rochdale Torquay 95/6 Darlington Doncaster Lincoln Chester Rochdale Torquay Cardiff Cambridge Hereford 96/7 Burnley(ccc) Cardiff 98/9 Rotherham Cardiff 99/00 Halifax Cheltenham 1.75 00/1 Carlisle Plymouth Darlington Cheltenham Chesterfield Hartlepool Scunthorpe 01/2 Rochdale Southend Lincoln Scunthorpe 02/3 Crewe(ldv) Chesterfield Barnsley Blackpool Colchester Cheltenham 03/4 Scunthorpe Cheltenham Sunderland(cc) Northampton Kidderminster Rochdale Burnley(fac) Macclesfield Oxford Hull Northampton 04/5 PNE(cc) 05/6 Stoke(cc) Notts C. Bury Darlington Millwall(cc) Stockport Grays(fac) Peterboro Wrexham Boston Sheff.Wed.(fr) Rushden & D. Southampton(cc) Wycombe Huddersfield(fr) Cheltenham 06/7 Darlington Lincoln 13/14 Scunthorpe 14/15 Plymouth Newport 18/19 Grimsby ForestGreen Exeter Crewe Crawley Cheltenham Charlton(fac) Cambridge Bury(ctt) Lincoln Macclesfield Morecambe NottsC. Oldham Scunthorpe(ctt) Tranmere Swindon Stevenage.

MIDDLESBROUGH 66/7 Mansfield 67/8 Bolton Hull Blackpool C.Palace Millwall PNE Rotherham 69/70 West Ham(fac)ph Sheff.U QPR Blackburn Oxford Charlton Watford PNE Huddersfield 70/1 Bolton Swindon Oxford Luton Birmingham Sheff.Utd Swindon Millwall Charlton Watford Bristol City Portsmouth QPR Blackburn Carlisle Sunderland 71/2 Sheff.Wed. PNE Luton Blackpool Burnley Carlisle Swindon Birmingham Bristol City Sunderland Millwall Burnley Charlton QPR Watford Cardiff Portsmouth 72/3 2.50 each Bristol City Luton Hull PNE Carlisle Swindon Blackpool Huddersfield Brighton Oxford 73/4 Bolton Carlisle 74/5 Burnley Leicester 24/9 Leicester 10/12 Stoke West Ham Sheff.Utd Man.City Wolves Leicester(lc) QPR Ipswich Birmingham Sheff.U Wycombe(fac) Sunderland(fac) Arsenal Peterborough(fac) Leeds Spurs Everton Derby Chelsea 75/6 Bury(fac) Burnley Norwich Birmingham Everton West Ham Sheff.Utd Fulham(asc) Man.City Newcastle Wolves Leicester QPR Stoke A.Villa Ipswich 76/7 Leeds WBA Stoke Leicester Man.City Newcastle Man.Utd Everton Norwich Birmingham Sunderland Hereford(fac) 77/8 Derby Newcastle Bolton(fac) Man.City Bristol City Birmingham Leeds Wolves Ipswich A.Villa Coventry(fac) Chelsea 78/9 Southampton Birmingham Nott'm Forest Wolves Derby march Bristol City Bolton A.Villa Ipswich Everton Spurs C.Palace(fac) 79/80 Bolton Nottm Forest Southampton Stoke WBA Wolves Nott'm Forest(lc) Coventry Man.City Brighton Portsmouth(fac) Spurs Ipswich 80/1 Leicester C.Palace Wolves WBA Leeds Southampton Ipswich Ipswich(lc) Wolves(fac) Barnsley(fac) 81/2 Birmingham Everton Stoke Ipswich A.Villa Southampton Notts C. Sunderland 82/3 Chelsea 83/4 Cambridge Carlisle Brighton Barnsley Fulham C.Palace Chesterfield(mc) Newcastle Portsmouth Swansea 84/5 Cardiff 85/6 Portsmouth 86/7 Bristol Rov. 87/8 Shrewsbury Stoke Birmingham Bradford Oldham 88/9 Southampton Charlton Liverpool Sheff.Wed. A.Villa Newcastle Grimsby(fac) Luton Millwall Nottm Forest Derby Portsmouth(sc) Oldham(sc) 89/90 Stoke Blackburn West Ham Sunderland Barnsley Wimbledon(lc) Sheff.Utd Portsmouth 90/1 Oxford Oldham Tranmere(rc) Notts C. Leicester Barnsley Blackburn Swindon Watford Millwall Newcastle(rc) Portsmouth 91/2 Tranmere Derby Port Vale Barnsley Portsmouth Bristol City Cambridge Oxford Charlton 92/3 Blackburn Leeds Chelsea Ipswich Nott'm Forest Southampton QPR Man.U 93/4 Brighton(ccc) Bolton Peterboro Southend Sunderland Charlton Oxford Luton Stoke Birmingham Nott'm Forest Sunderland(fr) Sheff.Wed.(ccc) 94/5 Bristol City Burnley Bolton Barnsley 2/1 Millwall Southend Oldham Grimsby Barnsley 14/3 Portsmouth 95/6 Man.Utd A.Villa Southampton Sheff.Wed. 96/7 Sheff.Wed. Chelsea Huddersfield(ccc) Liverpool(ccc) Everton Newcastle(ccc) Wimbledon Blackburn Leicester Southampton Hereford(ccc) 97/8 Swindon QPR Sunderland Huddersfield Port Vale Tranmere Liverpool(cccsf) Norwich 98/9 Derby Nottm Forest Sheff.Wed. Coventry A.Villa Leicester Blackburn Liverpool 99/00 Derby Watford(wc) Spurs Chesterfield(wc) Watford 00/1 Man.U Ipswich 01/2 Bolton Chelsea Leicester Fulham 19/2 Man.U Charlton Everton Derby Sunderland Newcastle 02/3 Blackburn West Ham Southampton A.Villa Spurs Bolton 03/4 Everton(cc) Fulham Arsenal(ccsf) Blackburn 04/5 Everton Portsmouth Blackburn Charlton Bolton Fulham Man.U Arsenal 05/6 Arsenal Liverpool 06/7 Sheff.Utd Blackburn Reading Portsmouth 07/8 Sunderland Derby Bolton Portsmouth Fulham Bolton Wigan Man.City Arsenal Man.U 08/9 Portsmouth Hull Blackburn Fulham Wigan Bolton A.Villa 09/10 Scunthorpe 10/11 Derby Burnley Bristol C. Sheff.U Barnsley 12/13 Charlton Ipswich Bristol C. 16/17 Bournemouth WBA Watford Swansea Hull Chelsea Sheff.Wed.(fac) Oxford(fac) Everton WestHam Leicester Sunderland Burnley Spurs Stoke C.Palace Southampton R.Sociedad(fr) 17/18 Brentford Bolton Birmingham Barnsley A.Villa Derby Cardiff Burton Bristol C. Fulham Hull Ipswich Leeds Millwall Norwich PNE QPR NottmForest Reading Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Wolves 18/19 Newport(fac) Bolton A.Villa Blackburn Bolton Brentford Bristol C. Derby C.Palace(cc) Burton(cc) Millwall Leeds Ipswich Hull PNE Peterborough(fac) Notts C.(cc) QPR Reading Sheff.U Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Swansea Wigan Stoke NottmForest Norwich.

MILLWALL 60/1 Plymouth 61/2 Aldershot 64/5 Fulham(fac) Tranmere 66/7 Spurs(fac) Bolton Northampton Brentford(lc) 68/9 Blackpool Birmingham Norwich Hull 69/70 Bristol C. A.Villa 70/1 Watford QPR Hull Birmingham Portsmouth Blackburn Bolton Oxford Bristol City Middlesbrough Swindon Luton Norwich Carlisle Stoke(lc)1.50 Sunderland Leicester Charlton Sheff.Wed. 71/2 Nott'm Forest(fac) Middlesboro Fulham Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Carlisle Bristol City Watford Charlton Sunderland Cardiff QPR Hull 72/3 Sunderland Portsmouth A.Villa Newport(fac) Middlesboro Oxford PNE Brighton Sheff.Wed. QPR Nott'm Forest Hull Fulham Huddersfield Blackpool Bristol City Burnley Carlisle Luton Chesterfield(lc) Swindon 73/4 Fulham Carlisle Bristol City WBA C.Palace Oxford Bolton Swindon Sunderland Norwich(lc) A.Villa Hull Luton Portmouth PNE Luton(lc) Scunthorpe(fac)3.00 Sheff.Wed. NottmForest 74/5 Bristol City WBA Hull Bolton Oxford York Oldham Notts C. Bury(facr) Norwich A.Villa Fulham Portsmouth Southampton Blackpool NottmForest 75/6 C.Palace Peterborough PNE Hereford 76/7 Bolton Fulham Notts C. Charlton Luton Colchester(lc) Carlisle Oldham Blackburn Hereford Blackpool C.Palace(fr) Plymouth Chelsea Sheff.Wed.(lc) Southampton Sheff.U Cardiff Wolves 77/8 Mansfield C.Palace Bury(lc) Hull Oldham Southampton Charlton Brighton Notts C.(fac) Burnley Burnley Blackburn Fulham Stoke Bolton Blackpool Notts C. Derby(fr)2.00 78/9 Luton Leicester PNE West Ham C.Palace Charlton Fulham Blackburn Stoke Brighton Notts C. Cardiff Oldham Wrexham Cambridge Bristol R. Sunderland Newcastle Burnley Young England XI(fr) 79/80 Brentford Bury Barnsley Colchester Blackburn Grimsby Mansfield Swindon Oxford Wimbledon Sheff.U Gillingham Croydon(fac) Blackpool Reading Carlisle Shrewsbury(fac) Chesterfield Rotherham Northampton(lc) 80/1 Hull Walsall Carlisle Chester Chesterfield Exeter Fulham Reading Kidderminster(fac) Watford(lc) Rotherham Gillingham Barnsley Southend(res) Northampton(res) Reading Newport Colchester Burnley Brentford Portsmouth 81/2 Brentford PNE Oxford Luton(fr) Newport Bristol R. Walsall Burnley Lincoln Doncaster Plymouth Wimbledon Chester Carlisle Bristol C. Gillingham Huddersfield Charlton(fr) 82/3 Wigan Reading Brentford Newport Doncaster Portsmouth Walsall 83/4 Dartford(fac) Sheff.Utd Burnley PNE Brentford Bradford Newport Scunthorpe 84/5 Gillingham Luton(fr) Newport 85/6 Portsmouth Bradford Wimbledon(fac) Southampton(fac) 86/7 Walsall(lc) Birmingham Portsmouth Huddersfield Ipswich Stoke Reading Sheff.Utd Derby Oldham Brighton Sunderland 87/8 QPR(lc) Sheff.Utd Swindon WBA Shrewsbury A.Villa 88/9 Derby QPR Luton(fac) Man.Utd West Ham Spurs Wimbledon Middlesboro Southampton C.Palace(fr) Gillingham(lc) Liverpool(fac) Sheff.Wed. Charlton Luton Newcastle Nott'm Forest Norwich 89/90 Nott'm Forest Wimbledon A.Villa Liverpool Southampton Luton 90/1 Bournemouth(rc) Hull Bristol City West Ham Portsmouth Sheff.Wed.(ycf) Sheff.Wed. Leicester(fac) Bristol R. Oldham Sheff.Wed.(fac) Brighton(posf) 91/2 Cambridge Ipswich 92/3 Brentford Portsmouth 93/4 WBA 94/5 Burnley Luton 95/6 Oldham Wolves Watford 98/9 Oldham Stoke PNE Blackpool Northampton Macclesfield Gillingham(awssf) 99/00 Stoke PNE Oxford Reading Wycombe Scunthorpe Luton Chesterfield Bristol City Wrexham Cardiff 00/1 Brentford Oxford Port Vale Colchester Rotherham Wrexham Bournemouth Swindon Walsall Luton Ipswich(wc) Northampton Bristol City Wycombe(fac) Cambridge 01/2 Wolves Sheff.Wed. Cardiff(wc) 02/3 Sheff.Wed. 03/4 Ipswich Crewe 06/7 Crewe Rotherham Cheltenham.

MK DONS 05/6 Huddersfield Tranmere Scunthorpe 06/7 Lincoln Hereford Grimsby Derby/Nott'm Forest(fr) Boston Wrexham Bristol R. Accrington 07/8 Chesterfield Shrewsbury Bradford Accrington Darlington Sheff.Utd(cc) Macclesfield Hereford 08/9 Yeovil 10/11 Rochdale Brighton Bournemouth Plymouth Bristol Rov. Brentford Bristol R. 11/12 Brentford Carlisle 12/13 Sunderland(lc) Crewe Blackburn(c1c) Walsall 13/14 Dover(fac) Coventry Rotherham Notts C. Bristol C. Carlisle Tranmere Colchester Stevenage Northampton(jpt) 14/15 Rochdale P.Vale Oldham Chesterfield(fac) Walsall 15/16 PNE 16/17 P.Vale Spennymoor(fac) Bury Oxford Wimbledon Rochdale Fleetwood Barnet(ctt) BristolR. Shrewsbury Walsall Charlton Oldham Charlton(fac) Gillingham Sheff.U Chesterfield Bolton Peterborough Southend Coventry Bradford.

MORECAMBE 99/00 Hereford 04/5 Hucknall 05/6 Tranmere/Blackpool(fr) Wigan(fr) Scarboro Northwich V.(fac) 06/7 Cambridge Stafford R. York(fat) Mangotsfield(fat) Stevenage Weymouth Kidderminster Gravesend Stevenage(fat) Woking Southport Northwich V. Altrincham Rushden & D. Weymouth St.Albans Lancaster 08/9 Grimsby(fac) Chesterfield Cheltenham(fac) 09/10 Barnet Bury Grimsby Chesterfield Bournemouth Cheltenham 10/11 Lincoln Aldershot 12/13 Southend Chesterfield Burton Rochdale(fac) Plymouth P.Vale 13/14 Torquay Newport 14/15 Dundee/Oldham/PNE(fr) Northampton Oxford Bradford(cc) Newport Cheltenham 15/16 Luton Walsall(jpt) Sheff.U(c1c) Notts C. Bristol R. Wycombe Accrington Northampton Dagenham(fac) Exeter Yeovil 16/17 Blackpool Portsmouth Blackburn/Bury/Burnley/PNE/LiverpoolXI(fr) Wycombe Colchester Mansfield Accrington 17/18 Crawley Carlisle(ctt) P.Vale Cheltenham Newport Accrington PNE/Blackburn/Rochdale(fr) Wycombe Stevenage Crewe Notts C./Yeovil 18/19 Yeovil Oldham Northampton NottsC. Exeter Carlisle/Crewe Cambridge Newport Grimsby Lincoln Cheltenham Crawley Stevenage Sunderland(ctt) P.Vale Colchester Tranmere.

NEWCASTLE 69/70 Sunderland Arsenal Leeds Derby Burnley Ipswich NottmForest Stoke 70/1 1.25 each Coventry Southampton Ipswich Derby Blackpool 71/2 1.25 each Huddersfield Ipswich Stoke Derby Coventry Man.City Leicester Leeds 72/3 1.25 each Chelsea Luton(fac) Bournemouth(fac) Blackpool(lc) Man.City Everton Liverpool WestHam Wolves Birmingham WBA Ipswich Leicester C.Palace Norwich Southampton Sheff.U Stoke Coventry Arsenal Leeds 73/4 1.25 each Arsenal Spurs Leeds Burnley Man.U Birmingham(lc) Chelsea Man.City QPR Ipswich Everton Birmingham Norwich Leicester Coventry Sheff.U Scunthorpe(fac) 74/5 Fulham(lc) QPR Leeds Derby Liverpool Nottm Forest(lc) Luton Middlesbrough Wolves 75/6 1.25 each Southport(lc) Man.U Sheff.U Liverpool Coventry Man.City Burnley QPR Middlesbrough Leeds Norwich QPR(fac) Spurs A.Villa Bristol R.(lc) Ipswich Birmingham Everton Derby Leicester WestHam 76/7 1.25 each Stoke(lc) Sunderland Birmingham WestHam QPR Spurs Liverpool Arsenal WBA Everton Derby Coventry A.Villa Ipswich Middlesbrough Man.City Leeds Norwich Leicester Man.U Sheff.U(fac) 77/8 Man.City Norwich Leicester Millwall(lc) WBA Middlesbrough Bastia(uefa) Wrexham(fac) Chelsea WestHam Arsenal Coventry Leeds Derby Ipswich NottmForest Liverpool Birmingham Man.U Peterborough(fac) Bohemians(uefa) Everton QPR Bristol C. Wolves A.Villa 78/9 1.50 each PNE Blackburn Orient Oldham Blackburn Burnley Leicester Luton Sunderland Bristol Rov. Millwall West Ham Charlton Wrexham mar. Wrexham may Stoke Brighton 6.00 Cardiff 79/80 1.50 each Charlton PNE Birmingham Rotterdam(fr) Wrexham Sunderland Chester(fac) Luton Notts C. Fulham Watford Leicester WestHam 80/1 1.50 each Luton Notts C. Grimsby Wrexham Blackburn Bolton Sheff.Wed. QPR PNE Shrewsbury Swansea Luton(fac) Cardiff 81/2 1.50 each C.Palace Charlton Grimsby(fac) Norwich Oldham Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Luton Chelsea 2.00 Cardiff 82/3 1.50 each Leeds Middlesboro Burnley Barnsley Leicester Grimsby Carlisle Fulham Bolton Rotherham Blackburn Oldham 83/4 1.50 each Leeds 14/1 Cambridge Carlisle Blackburn Oxford(mc) Middlesboro Portsmouth Fulham Grimsby Chelsea Swansea 84/5 1.50 each Leicester Bradford(mc) Arsenal Nott'm Forest Sheff.Wed. Luton WBA Southampton WestHam Ipswich Chelsea Stoke Norwich Sunderland Man.U Watford Coventry QPR 85/6 Oxford Everton Chelsea Man.City Southampton West Ham Ipswich Luton 86/7 Watford Oxford Spurs Sheff.Wed. A.Villa Luton Leicester 87/8 Chelsea Wimbledon Derby Watford Spurs Sheff.Wed. Swindon(fac) Luton 88/9 Southampton Derby Luton Wimbledon 89/90 Sheff.Utd Ipswich Wolves Port Vale Oxford Plymouth Swindon Portsmouth Reading(lc) Reading(fac) Middlesboro 90/1 Portsmouth 91/2 Middlesboro 92/3 Port Vale(fac) Brentford Barnsley Derby Millwall 93/4 Liverpool West Ham Sheff.Wed. Blackburn Everton Luton(fac) Ipswich 94/5 QPR Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Southampton Barnsley(ccc) West Ham Man.City Leicester Man.Utd(ccc) Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Swansea(fac) Everton 95/6 Everton 96/7 1-50 each Oldham(ccc) A.Villa Middlesboro West Ham Derby Man.Utd NottmForest 97/8 A.Villa Blackburn Wimbledon Leicester C.Palace Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Southampton West Ham Bolton Arsenal Liverpool Liverpool(ccc) 98/9 West Ham Charlton Southampton Sheff.Wed. Derby Spurs Nott'm Forest Liverpool 00/1 Spurs Charlton Leicester West Ham Ipswich Everton Derby 01/2 Fulham Arsenal(fac) 02/3 Everton Liverpool Blackburn Bolton 03/4 Middlesboro Charlton R.Mallorca(uefa) Bolton 04/5 Portsmouth C.Palace Bolton A.Villa Liverpool Middlesbrough 05/6 Portmouth Middlesbrough Man.U Chelsea 06/7 Middlesboro West Ham Chelsea 07/8 Derby Birmingham Sunderland Fulham Reading 09/10 Sheff.U Scunthorpe 10/11 Birmingham 16/17 Sheff.Wed. PNE Fulham Ipswich Wigan A.Villa Derby Cardiff Burton Brentford Vitesse(fr) Blackburn Wolves Birmingham Norwich Rotherham Bristol C. 17/18 WestHam Man.U Luton(fac) Liverpool Leicester Huddersfield Verona(fr) Everton C.Palace Chelsea Burnley Brighton Bournemouth Arsenal Swansea Watford WBA NottmForest(cc) Southampton Stoke 18/19 Fulham.

NEWPORT COUNTY 73/4 Stockport Crewe Scunthorpe 10/11 Syevenage(fr) 17/18 Mansfield Colchester Swansea(ctt) Yeovil Grimsby Cheltenham Wycombe Chesterfield Barnet Wycombe Notts C. Luton.

NORTHAMPTON 61/2 Reading 69/70 Oldham Workington Darlington Chester Colchester Port Vale Peterboro Chesterfield Aldershot 70/1 Notts C. Grimsby Crewe Stockport Brentford Chester Peterboro Colchester A.Villa(lc) Exeter Barrow 1.25 Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 71/2 Lincoln Hartlepool Crewe Stockport Scunthorpe Southend Reading Aldershot Grimsby Doncaster Gillingham Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 72/3 Crewe Reading Chester Barnsley Newport Bury Colchester Hartlepool Exeter Darlington Workington 1.25 Peterborough 73/4 Barnsley Colchester Newport Lincoln Hartlepool Scunthorpe Swansea Exeter 74/5 Port Vale Bradford Reading Darlington Shrewsbury Port Vale(lc) Exeter Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 75/6 Torquay Bradford Doncaster Brentford Darlington Rochdale Bournemouth Huddersfield Hartlepool Swansea Crewe Watford Reading Stockport Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 76/7 Bury Mansfield Gillingham Tranmere Huddersfield Port Vale Swindon Grimsby Swindon(lc) 77/8 Grimsby Watford Torquay Darlington Doncaster Halifax Crewe Scunthorpe Brentford Aldershot Rochdale Barnsley Stockport Newport Swansea 78/9 Darlington York Bradford Hartlepool Torquay Aldershot Hereford Newport Halifax Rochdale Hereford(lc) 79/80 Hereford/Huddersfield Portsmouth 80/1 Stockport Bury York Darlington Bradford Port Vale Mansfield Bournemouth Southend Doncaster Torquay Lincoln Wigan 81/2 Bournemouth Weymouth(fac) Port Vale Halifax Mansfield Peterboro Hereford Stockport Bradford Bristol R.(lc) Colchester York Bury Scunthorpe 82/3 A.Villa(fac) Mansfield Bury Peterboro Wimbledon(fac) Darlington Crewe Hartlepool Port Vale Scunthorpe 83/4 Reading Stockport Chesterfield York Swindon Colchester Halifax Luton(fr) Waterlooville(fac) Hereford 84/5 Halifax Rochdale Bury Colchester Aldershot Brentford(fac) Wrexham Peterboro Chesterfield Hereford 85/6 Peterboro(mc) Chester Scunthorpe Swindon Rochdale Aldershot Hereford 86/7 Cambridge Aldershot Burnley Peterboro(fac) Exeter Southend(fac) Wrexham Colchester Notts C.(frt) Swansea Halifax Hartlepool Scunthorpe Stockport Southend Crewe Tranmere Peterboro PNE Cardiff Lincoln Hereford 87/8 Notts C. Port Vale Walsall Doncaster Mansfield Chesterfield Port Vale(lc) Brighton Brentford Brentford(frt) York Bury Preston Southend Fulham Grimsby Gillingham Sunderland Chester Aldershot Bristol C. Ipswich(lc) Blackpool Watford(fr) Brighton(fac) 88/9 Port Vale Bristol City Charlton(lc) Aldershot Chesterfield Brentford Sheff.Utd Huddersfield Bristol Rov. Wigan Colchester(lc) PNE Swansea 89/90 Cardiff Blackpool Brentford Reading Crewe Wigan Mansfield Huddersfield Shrewsbury Rotherham Coventry(fac) Birmingham Aylesbury(fac) 90/1 Hartlepool Carlisle Lincoln Brighton(rc) Halifax Peterboro Sheff.Utd(rc) Stockport Walsall Wrexham Rochdale Barnet(fac) Doncaster Hereford Aldershot Scarboro Burnley Chesterfield Scunthorpe Gillingham York 91/2 Barnet Rotherham Walsall Wrexham York Lincoln Hereford Gillingham Aldershot Scunthorpe Carlisle Doncaster Crewe Chesterfield 92/3 Barnet(at) Torquay Rotherham(fac) Barnet Darlington Chesterfield Carlisle Bath(fac) Wrexham Hereford Gillingham(ccc) Scunthorpe Fulham(fac) York Scarboro Hereford(at) 93/4 Wigan Rochdale Hereford(at) Torquay Scunthorpe PNE Reading Lincoln Hereford Colchester Doncaster 94/5 Fulham Notts C.(fr) Bury Lincoln Exeter Chesterfield PNE Gillingham Hartlepool Darlington Walsall Scarboro Scunthorpe Carlisle 95/6 Wigan Hayes(fac) PNE Cardiff Chester Bury Cambridge Torquay Darlington Fulham Gillingham Scarboro 96/7 Barnet Lincoln Stoke(ccc) Fulham Rochdale Watford(fac) Cardiff(posf) Cardiff 97/8 Brentford Fulham Luton Wigan Millwall Gillingham Watford Chesterfield Walsall Wycombe Southend Basingstoke(fac) PNE Burnley 98/9 York Blackpool Macclesfield Bournemouth PNE Colchester Stoke Burnley Chesterfield Notts C. Fulham Lancaster(fac) Luton Reading 99/00 Cheltenham Exeter York Rotherham Mansfield Southend Fulham(wc) Peterboro Lincoln Shrewsbury Brighton Barnet Luton/A.Villa(fr) 00/1 Walsall Notts C. Fulham(wc) Rotherham Millwall Luton Colchester Cambridge 01/2 Reading Swindon Notts C. Chesterfield QPR(wc) Blackpool Huddersfield Bournemouth Stoke QPR Peterboro Wrexham Wycombe 02/3 Crewe Chesterfield Cheltenham Plymouth Stockport Blackpool Notts C. Wigan(wc) Huddersfield QPR Wigan 03/4 Boston Mansfield(po) Hull Plymouth(fac) Scunthorpe Rochdale Oxford Bury Huddersfield Lincoln Weston(fac) York Yeovil Norwich(cc) Swansea Mansfield Cambridge Cheltenham Torquay Peterborough(ldv) 04/5 Rochdale Oxford Rushden & D. Barnsley(fac) Bury(fac) Mansfield Darlington Scunthorpe 05/6 Boston Bury Mansfield Wycombe Rushden & D. Macclesfield Rochdale Stevenage(fac) Cheltenham 06/7 Rotherham Bournemouth Chesterfield Huddersfield Scunthorpe Blackpool Grimsby(fac) Doncaster Cheltenham Millwall jan. Oldham Crewe Nott'm Forest Swansea Yeovil Tranmere Port Vale Bradford Brighton 07/8 Millwall 08/9 Yeovil 10/11 Bury Cheltenham 12/13 Oxford 14/15 Plymouth Bury 16/17 Man.U(lc) 17/18 Bristol R. Fleetwood Bury Peterborough Portsmouth.

NORWICH 70/1 Luton Swindon Blackburn Charlton Sheff.U Chester(lc) QPR Carlisle Birmingham Cardiff 71/2 1.50 each PNE Brighton(lc) Swindon Grimsby(lc) Charlton Portsmouth QPR Burnley Luton Birmingham Watford Fulham Sunderland Millwall Hull Blackpool Bristol C. Sheff.Wed. Middlesbro 72/3 1.75 each Everton Southampton Stoke Sheff.U Leicester(lc) Leeds Newcastle Coventry Leicester Birmingham Derby Wolves Man.City West Ham Chelsea C.Palace 73/4 1.50 each Leicester Birmingham Coventry Derby Burnley Stoke Man.City Leeds Southampton QPR Arsenal Wrexham (lc) Spurs Liverpool Ipswich Arsenal(fac) 74/5 1.50 each Southampton Notts C. Bolton(lc) Portsmouth Sheff.U(lc) Ipswich(lc) Bristol C. Oxford Oldham Hull Fulham Sunderland Nottm Forest A.Villa York Bolton Bristol C. Sheff.Wed. Millwall 75/6 1.50 each Luton(fac) Arsenal Everton A.Villa Leicester Birmingham Middlesbro Newcastle Man.City Wolves Burnley Rochdale (fac)3/1 Rochdale(fac)13/1 Coventry Spurs Man.U Ipswich Sheff.U Stoke Leeds QPR Bradford(fac) Liverpool WestHam Derby Man.City(lc) 76/7 1.25 each Man.City West Ham A.Villa WBA Coventry Man.U Spurs QPR Stoke 11/12 Stoke 29/1 Newcastle Sunderland Birmingham Derby Leeds 77/8 1.25 each WBA Ipswich NottmForest Man.City West Ham Chelsea Birmingham Leicester A.Villa Newcastle Bristol C. Middlesbro QPR Arsenal Derby Wolves Coventry Leeds Liverpool 78/9 1.25 each Bristol C. Man.U Ipswich A.Villa Birmingham Leeds Nottm Forest Man.City(lc) Mansfield(asc) Man.City Derby Liverpool Coventry Everton Arsenal Bolton Middlesbro Chelsea Spurs Southampton Wolves QPR 79/80 1.25 each WBA(lc) Middlesboro 13/1 Middlesboro 27/2 WBA Brighton Wolves(fac) Wolves Coventry Spurs Bolton Liverpool C.Palace Southampton Stoke Arsenal Liverpool(lc) Man.U(lc) Gillingham(lc) Bristol C. A.Villa Everton Man.City Ipswich Leeds Nottm Forest Derby Man.U 80/1 Southampton Wolves A.Villa Birmingham Brighton Coventry Everton Ipswich(lc) Leicester Leeds Middlesboro Nott'm Forest Shrewsbury(lc) Stoke Sunderland Cambridge(fac) 81/2 Charlton(lc) Doncaster(fac) Newcastle Luton Cambridge Blackburn Cardiff C.Palace Rotherham 82/3 PNE(mc) Birmingham Watford WBA Sunderland(mc) Southampton Swansea A.Villa Luton Brighton Ipswich(fac) 83/4 Sunderland(mc) Luton WBA Southampton Leicester Liverpool WestHam Ipswich 84/5 Notts C.(mc) Watford Birmingham(fac)28/1 Southampton Nott'm Forest Luton WBA Sunderland 85/6 Charlton Huddersfield Barnsley C.Palace Oldham Shrewsbury Blackburn Sheff.Utd Leeds Portsmouth Middlesboro Huddersfield Grimsby 86/7 Peterboro(lc) Nott'm Forest Portsmouth(fmc) Man.Utd Millwall(lc) Oxford Luton Sheff.Wed. Charlton Coventry Chelsea A.Villa Liverpool Huddersfield(fac) QPR Southampton 87/8 Southampton Liverpool Swindon(fac) Oxford Burnley(lc) Luton Newcastle Watford Wimbledon West Ham Portsmouth QPR NottmForest Coventry Everton Man.U Chelsea Arsenal Derby 88/9 Sheff.Wed. A.Villa Coventry Charlton Sheff.Utd(fac) Middlesboro QPR Wimbledon Southampton Luton Man.U Arsenal Everton Liverpool WestHam Spurs WestHam(fac) 89/90 Rotherham(lc) Luton QPR Derby Man.City Wimbledon Millwall Exeter(fac) Liverpool(fac) Southampton Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Coventry Charlton NottmForest 90/1 Wimbledon Luton Watford(rc) Bristol City(fac) Nott'm Forest Sheff.Utd QPR Southampton Swindon(fac) Millwall(zds) Coventry Man.U Southampton(zds) 91/2 QPR Southampton Spurs Arsenal Oldham 92/3 Coventry QPR Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. A.Villa 93/4 Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. 94/5 Swansea(ccc) Tranmere(ccc) QPR 95/6 WBA Bolton(ccc) Stoke Southend Sheff.Utd Sunderland 96/7 Oxford Stoke 97/8 Ipswich Bradford Charlton Sheff.Utd 98/9 Stockport Bury Tranmere Bristol City Watford Bolton Crewe Barnsley Port Vale Swindon Sheff.Utd Portsmouth WBA QPR 99/00 Walsall Bolton Grimsby C.Palace QPR Birmingham Fulham Fulham(wc) Blackburn Barnsley Portsmouth Sheff.Utd Tranmere Port Vale Huddersfield Wolves Swindon Nott'm Forest Crewe Cheltenham(wc)1.75 WBA 00/1 Tranmere Fulham Sheff.Utd C.Palace Blackpool(wc) Huddersfield Blackburn Crewe Portsmouth Watford Nott'm Forest PNE Burnley WBA Stockport Sheff.Wed. Birmingham Bournemouth 01/2 Leicester(fr) Watford C.Palace Burnley Sheff.Utd Stockport PNE Gillingham Rotherham Birmingham Man.City Nott'm Forest Coventry Sheff.Wed. 02/3 West Ham(fr) Dagenham(fac) Wimbledon Stoke Bradford Portsmouth Wolves Reading Sheff.Utd Burnley C.Palace Antwerp(fr) Walsall Grimsby PNE Nott'm Forest Watford Gillingham Leicester Cheltenham(wc) Portsmouth Sheff.Wed. 03/4 Utrecht(fr) Spurs(fr) Nott'm Forest Wimbledon Ipswich Coventry Crewe West Ham Bradford Millwall Sheff.Utd(yc) Stoke WBA Rotherham Wigan 04/5 C.Palace Birmingham Charlton Spurs Blackburn Southampton Bolton A.Villa Portsmouth Mallorca(fr) Liverpool WBA Chelsea Man.U 05/6 Ipswich West Ham(fac) Stoke Sheff.Utd Leicester QPR Wolves Brighton Southampton Burnley Derby Luton C.Palace Sheff.Wed. 06/7 Plymouth PNE Coventry Luton Ipswich Wolves Derby Sheff.Wed. Leicester Blackpool(fac) Cardiff 07/8 Scunthorpe Sheff.Wed. Charlton Ipswich PNE Stoke Southampton Colchester Cardiff C.Palace Sheff.U Bristol C. WestHam(fr) WBA 08/9 Bristol City Ipswich PNE C.Palace Swansea Doncaster Derby QPR Birmingham Blackpool Charlton Nott'm Forest Charlton(fac) Barnsley Southampton Colchester(fr) Wolves Sheff.Utd Reading 09/10 1.50 each Southend Stockport Brighton Southampton Charlton Oldham Exeter 10/11 Newcastle(fr) Gillingham(cc) Hull Watford C.Palace Sheff.U Leeds 11/12 QPR MK Dons(lc) Bolton WBA Blackburn Arsenal Man.U Everton Newcastle Liverpool 12/13 Swansea A.Villa WestHam Sunderland Man.C. Newcastle Man.U Spurs Reading Wigan Scunthorpe(c1c) Luton(fac) 13/14 A.Villa Cardiff WestHam Southampton Everton Hull Fulham C.Palace 14/15 Nice(fr) Birmingham Bolton Brentford Brighton Huddersfield Reading Wigan Blackburn Watford Charlton NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Crawley(c1c) Derby Middlesbrough Fulham Rotherham 16/17 Burton Bristol C. A.Villa NottmForest Coventry(efl) Wolves Huddersfield Brighton Reading Birmingham Rotherham Newcastle MK Dons(ctt) Fulham Blackburn Brentford Cardiff Hannover(fr) Derby PNE Wigan Barnsley.

NOTTINGHAM FOREST 61/2 West Ham ph 63/4 Bolton 64/5 Fulham 66/7 West Ham 67/8 West Ham ph 68/9 WBA Leeds West Ham Arsenal Stoke Man.City 69/70 Burnley Coventry Stoke Man.City Derby Oxford(lc) West Ham(lc) Man.U 70/1 1-25 each Luton(fac) Newcastle Man.City Huddersfield Chelsea Derby Huddersfield(lc) C.Palace Notts C.(fr) 71/2 1-25 each Huddersfield Leicester WBA West Ham Stoke Leeds Man.City Derby C.Palace Ipswich Liverpool 72/3 1.50 each Luton Carlisle Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Oxford Brighton A.Villa(lc) Cardiff Huddersfield Swindon Millwall PNE Blackpool QPR Fulham Hull Bristol C. Burnley Midlesbrough Sunderland 73/4 1.50 each Bolton Oxford Luton Hull Fulham PNE Sheff.Wed. Swindon Millwall Millwall(lc) A.Villa Carlisle Bristol R.(fac) WBA Middlesbrough Portsmouth(fac) Notts C. Blackpool Portsmouth C.Palace Sunderland Bristol C. Cardiff 74/5 Bolton Oldham Sheff.Wed. Millwall Bristol City Fulham Hull Norwich Oxford Southampton Notts C.(cc) Spurs(fac)1-50 Notts C. Bristol Rov. Sunderland Blackpool Leicester(fr) 75/6 1-20 each Luton York Sunderland Southampton Oxford Blackburn Blackpool Oldham Fulham Portsmouth WBA Chelsea Bolton Plymouth Charlton Plymouth(lc) Rotherham(lc) Notts C. 76/7 1-20 each Southampton Hereford Coventry(lc) Bristol Rov. Blackburn Southampton(fac) Burnley Bolton Charlton Chelsea Bristol Rov.(fac) Notts C. Blackpool Luton Hull 77/8 Norwich West Ham A.Villa(lc) Man.City(fac) 78/9 York(fac) A.Villa Ipswich Wolves Grasshoppers(ec) QPR Birmingham Coventry Arsenal Liverpool(ec)1-50 Southampton Collogne(ecsf) A.Villa(fac) 79/80 A.Villa Wolves WBA Bolton Arsenal Ipswich Brighton Southampton C.Palace Bristol C.(lc) WestHam(lc) Blackburn(lc) Coventry Stoke Spurs 80/1 Liverpool WBA Ipswich C.Palace Wolves Man.City Southampton Stoke Spurs Bolton(fac) Arsenal Brighton Ipswich(fac) Leeds Peterborough(lc) Sunderland 81/2 WBA Arsenal 82/3 Luton Watford WBA Brighton Birmingham Stoke Southampton A.Villa Brentford(mc) Man.City Notts C. Sunderland Ipswich Swansea 83/4 Birmingham Southampton Everton A.Villa Notts C. Leicester Luton Spurs Man.U 84/5 Southampton Ipswich Stoke Coventry Leicester Spurs Luton Arsenal Man.U Newcastle(fac) QPR Sunderland Norwich WBA 85/6 Watford Luton Newcastle Arsenal 86/7 Chelsea Watford Luton Man.U 87/8 Norwich Luton Liverpool Arsenal Man.U Everton 88/9 Luton Millwall Wimbledon Leeds(fac) West Ham Derby Spurs A.Villa Newcastle Southampton QPR(lc) Leeds(fac) 89/90 Luton Millwall Southampton Derby Man.U Everton Everton(lc) Man.U(fac) Man.C.(zds) Liverpool Charlton QPR 90/1 Liverpool Luton QPR Man.City Man.Utd Everton C.Palace(fac)jan. C.Palace(fac replay)feb. Southampton(fac) Newcastle(fac) Wimbledon A.Villa 91/2 C.Palace(rc) Luton Everton A.Villa Wimbledon QPR Man.City Sheff.Utd Liverpool Spurs(rcsf) Leicester(zds) Man.City Hereford(fac) Southampton(rc) 92/3 Oldham Middlesboro Stockport(ccc) QPR Spurs Southampton Blackburn Leeds Middlesboro(fac) Wimbledon Arsenal Coventry Ipswich Norwich A.Villa Southampton(fac) Man.U C.Palace 93/4 Bolton Peterboro Southend Barnsley Tranmere West Ham(ccc) Man.City(ccc) Stoke Oxford Middlesboro Watford Wolves Sunderland Sheff.Wed.(fac) Luton Tranmere(ccc) Millwall Birmingham 94/5 Sheff.Wed. Leeds Chelsea A.Villa Coventry Man.Utd Leicester Blackburn Norwich Ipswich Millwall(ccc) Spurs C.Palace QPR Man.City Hereford(ccc) 95/6 Leeds Man.Utd Wimbledon Middlesboro A.Villa Bradford(ccc) Chelsea Everton Malmo(uefa) Sheff.Wed. Olympique Lyonnais(uefa) Stoke(fac) Newcastle QPR Spurs Coventry 96/7 A.Villa Middlesboro Newcastle Notts C.(cc) Sunderland Leicester West Ham Derby Arsenal Man.Utd Chelsea Spurs Sheff.Wed. Southampton Blackburn Coventry 97/8 Stockport Huddersfield Bradford Birmingham Crewe Stoke QPR Portsmouth Sheff.Utd Reading Swindon Tranmere Ipswich Charlton 98/9 Derby Wimbledon Charlton Newcastle Liverpool Blackburn West Ham Everton Coventry 99/00 Port Vale Ipswich Huddersfield Wolves Walsall Fulham Stockport C.Palace 00/1 Barnsley Leeds(fr) Birmingham Portsmouth PNE Sheff.Utd Tranmere Grimsby 01/2 Crewe Stockport Walsall Portsmouth Grimsby PNE Gillingham Norwich Barnsley Watford Rotherham Stockport(wc) Sheff.Wed. Millwall 02/3 Stoke Brighton Sheff.Utd Grimsby C.Palace Reading Derby Walsall Wimbledon Gillingham Norwich Rotherham Sheff.Wed. Kidderminster(wc) Wolves Burnley Leicester Walsall(wc) PNE Watford 03/4 Wimbledon Rotherham Sunderland Coventry PNE Watford West Ham WBA(fac) Reading Walsall Sheff.Utd(fac) Burnley C.Palace Derby Norwich Gillingham 04/5 Rotherham(cc) Scunthorpe(cc) Watford Wolves Burnley Rotherham Crewe Spurs PNE(fac) Leeds Sunderland Reading Peterborough(fac) 05/6 Scunthorpe Bradford Blackpool Rotherham 06/7 Huddersfield Chesterfield Port Vale Bournemouth Blackpool Carlisle Swansea Cheltenham Scunthorpe 07/8 Tranmere Doncaster Oldham Bournemouth Hartlepool Northampton Southend Crewe 08/9 Watford Burnley Bristol City Wolves Morecambe(cc) Coventry Derby Blackpool Derby(fac) 09/10 Blackburn(cc) WBA Scunthorpe Birmingham(fr) 10/11 Scunthorpe 11/12 Cardiff 12/13 Bolton 16/17 A.Villa Barnsley Birmingham Brighton Bristol C. Fulham Huddersfield Hull(fr) Leeds Reading Rotherham Wigan Wolves 17/18 Leeds Sunderland Middlesbrough Millwall Norwich PNE Hull QPR Reading Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Bolton Wolves Burton Derby Fulham Barnsley apr. 2 A.Villa Ipswich Burnley(fr) Bristol C. Brentford 18/19 Bolton Leeds Ipswich Brentford Bristol C. Derby Hull Bournemouth(fr) Blackburn Millwall Rotherham Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Stoke(cc) Stoke Swansea WBA Wigan PNE QPR Reading Newcastle(cc) Norwich.

NOTTS COUNTY 64/5 Brighton 68/9 Workington 69/70 Workington Rotherham(fac) 70/1 Aldershot Workington 1.25 Barrow 1.25 P.Vale(fac) Newport 71/2 Oldham Rotherham Newport(fac) 72/3 Charlton York(lc) Bolton York Watford Stoke(lc) Rotherham Brentford Walsall Sheff.Utd(wc) Swansea Southport(lc) Oldham Chesterfield 73/4 Bolton Middlesboro Bristol City Carlisle Hull Sunderland Fulham Millwall PNE Luton Sheff.Wed. 74/5 1.25 each Nottm Forest Fulham Oldham WBA Southampton Portsmouth Oxford Sheff.Wed. Millwall Bristol R. Norwich Blackpool Portsmouth(fac) A.Villa Sunderland Bolton Cardiff Bristol C. Man.U York Hull 75/6 Oxford 77/8 Cardiff 1.50 78/9 C.Palace Sheff.Utd Brighton PNE Reading(fac) Luton Scunthorpe(lc) Stoke West Ham Leicester Wrexham Millwall Sunderland Norwich(asc)1.50 79/80 West Ham Cambridge Watford Shrewsbury Charlton Birmingham Chelsea PNE Oldham Torquay(lc) Wolves(fac) Newcastle Cardiff Luton Swansea Burnley QPR Cambridge(asc)1.50 Fulham Sunderland 80/1 Newcastle PNE QPR Swansea Bolton Luton Peterborough(fac) Newport(lc) Grimsby Sheff.Wed. WestHam Cambridge 81/2 Man.City Birmingham Leeds Lincoln(lc) Southampton Brighton International X1(fr) Ipswich Stoke Wolves A.Villa(fac) West Ham Man.Utd Swansea A.Villa Middlesboro Spurs Sunderland Coventry NottmForest 82/3 Southampton Brighton Birmingham West Ham(mc) Coventry Spurs Luton Man.City 83/4 Birmingham(mc) Stoke Luton Ipswich Coventry WBA Birmingham 84/5 Oldham Man.City Grimsby(fac) Sheff.Utd Fulham 85/6 Rotherham Bristol Rov. Derby Wigan Swansea Newport 86/7 Chesterfield Bury Chester Port Vale(lc) Doncaster Carlisle Swindon Rotherham Middlesboro(fac) Bristol Rov. Newport Jan. Newport mar. 87/8 Bury Mansfield Walsall Sunderland Walsall(playoff) Bristol Rov. Southend Northampton 88/9 Chesterfield(svt) Mansfield Bolton Wigan Sheff.Utd Southend Mansfield(lc) Port Vale Fulham Brentford Spurs(lc) Swansea Huddersfield Gillingham Blackpool Cardiff Chesterfield 89/90 Chester Crewe Wigan Walsall Mansfield PNE Birmingham Shrewsbury Bolton(po) Reading Port Vale Swansea Brentford Rotherham 90/1 Brighton Charlton Oxford Sunderland(zsd) Hull Exeter(rc) Swindon Leicester Sheff.Wed. Port Vale Bristol City Portsmouth Man.City(fac) WBA Middlesbrough Watford 91/2 Port Vale(rc) QPR Oldham Man.City C.Palace Wimbledon 25/2 Luton Wimbledon 14/12 Coventry Southampton Nottm Forest A.Villa Chelsea Arsenal Blackburn Leicester(zdssf) Man.U Norwich Liverpool Leeds Everton Sheff.U 92/3 Oxford Sunderland(fac) Cambridge(ccc) Cambridge Grimsby 93/4 Stoke Southend Watford Derby Birmingham Sunderland Derby(aic) Oxford Barnsley Nott'm Forest Peterborough 94/5 Charlton Derby Tranmere Millwall Luton Southend Middlesboro Barnsley Bolton Stoke(aic) Sheff.Utd Swindon Portsmouth Reading 95/6 Wrexham Shrewsbury Brighton Peterboro Walsall Oxford Hull Leeds(ccc) Brentford Bristol City(ccc) 96/7 Plymouth Bury Rotherham Bournemouth Wrexham Walsall 97/8 Hull Tranmere(ccc) Macclesfield Colwyn Bay(fac) Birmingham/Bolton/Leicester(fr) Cambridge 98/9 Wycombe PNE 01/2 Northampton Wigan 02/3 Luton Cheltenham 03/4 Brighton Wrexham 04/5 Wycombe Mansfield Northampton Rushden & D. Swindon(fac) Rochdale Southend Macclesfield Grimsby Swansea Shrewsbury Scunthorpe 05/6 Rochdale Macclesfield Mansfield Wycombe Northampton Shrewsbury Darlington Wrexham 06/7 Bury Swindon Shrewsbury Peterboro Wrexham Hartlepool Stockport Wycombe Macclesfield Bristol Rov. Accrington Walsall Darlington 07/8 Wrexham Rochdale Grimsby Stockport Rotherham Barnet Bradford NottmForest(fr) Mansfield 08/9 Morecambe Port Vale Wycombe Rochdale Brentford Bournemouth Lincoln Nott'm Forest(fr) 09/10 Cheltenham 11/12 Huddersfield Sheff.U Colchester Sheff.Wed. Bury Stevenage Carlisle Yeovil 12/13 Oldham MK Dons Aek Athens/NottmForest(fr) Hartlepool Bournemouth Crawley Doncaster Sheff.U Walsall 13/14 Bradford Brentford Oldham Stevenage PNE Wolves Tranmere Fleetwood(cc) Peterborough Walsall Sheff.U Carlisle MK Dons P.Vale Crawley Bristol C. Burton(jpt) 15/16 Accrington Mansfield Scunthorpe(fr) Luton Crawley Mansfield(jpt) 17/18 Barnet Cheltenham Everton(ctt) Grimsby Colchester Mansfield(ctt) Morecambe Newport NottmForest/Wigan(fr) Bristol R.(fac) Cambridge Accrington Crawley Crewe Coventry Coventry(posf) Chesterfield Carlisle Exeter ForestGreen Lincoln Mansfield Luton Yeovil Stevenage P.Vale Swindon Wycombe 18/19 Cambridge Carlisle Cheltenham Colchester Crawley Crewe Exeter Derby/Leicester(fr) ForestGreen P.Vale Northampton Newport Morecambe Swindon Stevenage Macclesfield Mansfield Lincoln Yeovil Tranmere MK Dons.

OLDHAM 66/7 2.00 each Swindon Oxford Gillingham Peterborough Grimsby Doncaster Colchester Bournemouth Reading Notts C.(fac) Darlington Torquay FC Thun(fr) Scunthorpe Walsall Bristol R. Mansfield Shrewsbury Wolves(fac) 69/70 Chester Port Vale 70/1 Newport Stockport Aldershot Brentford Southend Crewe Grimsby Barrow Darlington Northampton Hartlepool York Colchester 72/3 Bournemouth Scunthorpe Walsall Bolton Watford Tranmere Notts C. 73/4 Bournemouth Brighton Hereford 74/5 A.Villa Nott'm Forest Portsmouth York Fulham Southampton Bristol City Blackpool Hearts(asc) Notts C. Millwall Bristol Rov. Bolton Hull Internacional(fr) 75/6 Notts C. Portsmouth Workington(lc) Hull Bristol Rov. Chelsea York Southampton Oxford Charlton Fulham Nott'm Forest Blackburn Bolton Blackpool Luton Sunderland Notts C. WBA 40.00 76/7 Bradford(lc) Hereford Luton Charlton Hull Fulham Blackburn Burnley Plymouth Millwall Bolton Carlisle Southampton Sheff.Utd Plymouth(fac) Blackpool Notts C. Wolves Cardiff 77/8 Brighton Blackburn(fr) Mansfield Luton Notts C.(asc) Fulham Charlton Blackburn Stoke Notts C. Southampton C.Palace Millwall Sheff.Utd Burnley Blackpool Luton(fac) Bolton Spurs Sunderland Hull Cardiff 78/9 West Ham Fulham Luton Charlton Leicester Sheff.Utd Spurs(fac) Nott'm Forest(lc) Stoke PNE Morton(asc) Sunderland Notts C. Leicester(fac) Brighton Millwall Mar. Millwall May Newcastle C.Palace Blackburn Wrexham Cambridge Burnley Cardiff 79/80 West Ham Birmingham Notts C. Leicester Watford Luton Charlton Northampton(lc) Wrexham Bolton(asc) PNE QPR Newcastle Fulham Shrewsbury Chelsea Coventry(fac) Burnley Swansea Cambridge Bristol Rov. 80/1 Cambridge Wrexham Derby Bristol City Sheff.Wed. Watford Notts C. PNE Blackburn Chelsea Shrewsbury Luton Bolton Cardiff Portsmouth(lc) Newcastle QPR West Ham Swansea Grimsby Wimbledon(fac) Bristol Rov. 81/2 Coventry(fr) Leicester Charlton Fulham(lc) Shrewsbury Rotherham Cardiff Wrexham QPR Cambridge Newport(lc) Newcastle Chelsea C.Palace Grimsby Shrewsbury(asc) 82/3 Middlesboro Derby Carlisle Charlton C.Palace Leeds Barnsley Sheff.Wed. Grimsby Blackburn Burnley Rotherham Bolton Newcastle Rochdale(fr) Cambridge 83/4 Swansea Fulham Shrewsbury Cambridge Sheff.Wed. Charlton Stockport(mc) Portsmouth Man.City Derby Leeds Carlisle 84/5 Stoke(fr) WBA(fr) Notts C. Wolves Brighton Grimsby Man.Utd(fr) Middlesboro Man.City Leeds Wimbledon Oxford Bolton(mc) Shrewsbury Blackburn Carlisle Cardiff 85/6 Shrewsbury Carlisle Stoke Charlton Bradford Sunderland Hull Norwich Wimbledon Blackburn Liverpool(mc) WBA(fr) Millwall Portsmouth Grimsby 86/7 Millwall Sheff.Utd C.Palace Stoke Shrewsbury Hull Barnsley Ipswich Reading Blackburn Brighton Grimsby Bradford Leeds(posf) Bradford(fac) Leeds(lc) Derby 87/8 Swindon WBA A.Villa Leeds Spurs(fac) Birmingham Hull Plymouth Bournemouth Leicester Barnsley C.Palace Man.City Shrewsbury Blackburn Middlesboro Sheff.Utd Bradford Millwall 88/9 Birmingham Bournemouth Plymouth Sunderland Blackburn Everton(lc) Barnsley Bradford Man.City Leicester Hull WBA Brighton Watford Walsall Stoke Shrewsbury Portsmouth 89/90 Brighton Port Vale Southampton(lc) Sheff.Utd Bradford Swindon Leeds(lc) A.Villa(fac) Port Vale Barnsley Wolves Portsmouth 90/1 Port Vale Middlesboro Brighton Hull Plymouth Blackburn Notts C. Watford Leicester Oxford Swindon Sheff.Wed. WBA Newcastle Wolves Portsmouth 91/2 Liverpool QPR Everton Notts C. Sheff.Utd Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Coventry Derby(rc) Norwich Southampton Luton Nott'm Forest A.Villa Man.Utd Liverpool Chelsea Spurs West Ham Torquay(rc) 92/3 Man.City Exeter(ccc) Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Utd Wimbledon Coventry Leeds Nott'm Forest Blackburn Ipswich C.Palace 93/4 Man.Utd Blackburn Southampton Sheff.Wed. 94/5 Port Vale Arsenal(ccc) Bristol City Luton Tranmere Burnley Sheff.Utd Stoke Wolves Grimsby Bolton 95/6 Tranmere(ccc) Ipswich Derby Barnsley(fac) Leicester Charlton Reading Southend Tranmere(ccc) Sheff.Utd 97/8 PNE Carlisle Walsall Burnley 98/9 Colchester Wigan 99/00 Burnley Wycombe Colchester 00/1 Wycombe Wigan(ldv) Oxford Peterboro(fac) Walsall Luton Bournemouth Peterboro Cambridge Huddersfield(wc) Wigan Bury 01/2 Stoke Huddersfield Wigan Blackpool(ldv) Port Vale 02/3 Port Vale Brentford Mansfield Notts C.(wc) Peterboro Bristol City Carlisle(ldv) Wigan Blackpool Tranmere Cheltenham(fac) Huddersfield Stockport Chesterfield Newcastle(fr) Colchester Wycombe Barnsley Cardiff Cheltenham 03/4 Blackburn(fr) Leeds(fr) Hartlepool(ldv) 04/5 Stoke(cc) Swindon Port Vale Torquay Stockport MK Dons Bristol City Colchester Tranmere Peterboro Chesterfield Bolton(fr) Hartlepool(ldv) Wrexham(ldv) 05/6 Brentford(fac) Swansea Walsall Southend Huddersfield 06/7 Brentford Rotherham Crewe Gillingham Swansea Bradford Rochdale(fr) Blackpool Bradford P.Vale 07/8 Carlisle Walsall Crewe Luton Huddersfield(fac) Leeds Bristol Rov. Southend Northampton Brighton Doncaster Doncaster(fac) Nott'm Forest Port Vale Millwall Bournemouth 08/9 Cheltenham(fac) MK Dons Millwall Hereford Yeovil Scunthorpe Cheltenham 12/13 Portsmouth Bury Coventry PNE Doncaster Shrewsbury Crewe Scunthorpe MKDons Brentford Stevenage Notts C. Yeovil Tranmere 14/15 P.Vale Scunthorpe Bradford Coventry Bradford(jpt) 15/16 Bolton(fr) Fleetwood Bradford Peterborough Shrewsbury 16/17 Chesterfield MK Dons Shrewsbury Northampton Wigan(fr) Wigan(lc) PNE(fr) Wimbledon Bristol R. Peterborough nov. Peterborough jan. Doncaster(fac) P.Vale 17/18 Burton(cc) P.Vale(ctt) Newcastle(ctt) Rochdale Scunthorpe Bury Blackburn Wimbledon.

LEYTON ORIENT 80/1 Swansea 85/6 Hereford Hereford(frt) 86/7 Hereford 87/8 Swansea 90/1 Swansea 98/9 Swansea 02/3 Swansea.

OXFORD 63/4 Darlington Blackburn(fac) PNE(fac) 65/6 Workington QPR 66/7 Colchester 67/8 Barrow Swindon 68/9 Millwall 69/70 Leicester A.Villa Bolton 70/1 Burnley(fac) Hull Norwich Leicester Watford Charlton Birmingham Sheff.Utd Millwall 71/2 Norwich PNE Blackpool Portsmouth Charlton Cardiff 72/3 Peterboro(lc) Hull Carlisle Blackpool Huddersfield Swindon Bristol City Luton QPR 73/4 1.25 each Millwall NottmForest Sunderland PNE Swindon Luton Man.City(fac) Notts C. A.Villa Fulham(lc) Hull Middlesboro Sunderland 74/5 1.50 each Millwall A.Villa Hull WBA Nott'm Forest Oldham Fulham Bristol City Sheff.Wed 77/8 Shrewsbury(lc) Shrewsbury 78/9 Shrewsbury 79/80 Chesterfield Rotherham Brentford Millwall 80/1 Carlisle Chesterfield Blackpool Plymouth Walsall Burnley Portsmouth Newport 81/2 Portsmouth Walsall Bristol Rov. Brentford Brentford(lc) Millwall(lc) Newport Huddersfield 82/3 Bradford Wrexham Southend PNE Brentford Huddersfield(mc) Walsall Exeter Doncaster Sheff.Utd Newport Cardiff 83/4 Leeds(mc) Newcastle(mc) Newport Sheff.Wed.(fac) Lincoln Millwall Hull Wimbledon Scunthorpe Walsall Sheff.U P.Vale Brentford Bristol R. 84/5 Brighton Sheff.Utd Blackburn Portsmouth C.Palace Grimsby Huddersfield Oldham Notts C. Leeds Birmingham Shrewsbury Notts C. Barnsley Hereford(mc) 85/6 Liverpool Luton Portsmouth(mc) Southampton Watford Northampton(mc) Ipswich 86/7 Chelsea Luton Nott'm Forest Spurs QPR Norwich A.Villa Leicester Southampton West Ham Gillingham(lc) 87/8 Charlton Man.Utd(lc) Wimbledon(lc) Norwich Nott'm Forest Leicester(lc) Leicester(fac) Portsmouth Southampton Northern Ireland XI(fr) Coventry Derby Luton Sheff.Wed. Watford West Ham Wimbledon Luton(lcsf) 88/9 Barnsley Bournemouth Walsall Hull Shrewsbury Swindon Bristol City(lc) Bradford Sunderland Man.C. Oldham Portsmouth 89/90 Leeds Fulham(lc) Sheff.Utd Bournemouth Hull Stoke Barnsley Plymouth Bradford Wolves Sunderland Brighton Portsmouth Watford 90/1 Millwall Port Vale(rc) Plymouth Oldham Ipswich Sheff.Wed. Chelsea(rc) Charlton Watford Wolves Bristol Rov. Plymouth Ipswich West Ham Portsmouth Reading(rc) 91/2 Cambridge Charlton Millwall Portsmouth(rc) Bristol City Barnsley Derby Bristol Rov. Portsmouth Grimsby 92/3 Brentford Charlton Sunderland Tranmere Swindon(aic) Wolves Cambridge Derby Newcastle Leicester Luton Portsmouth Southend Notts C. A.Villa(ccc) Swansea(ccc) Watford Bristol City Barnsley West Ham Grimsby 93/4 Portsmouth Millwall Southend Birmingham Luton Bolton Derby 94/5 Bournemouth Huddersfield Wycombe Rotherham A.Villa/Wimbledon(fr) Cardiff Cambridge 95/6 Wycombe Chesterfield Brighton 96/7 Oldham 97/8 Ipswich Wolves Nott'm Forest QPR 98/9 QPR Tranmere Sheff.Utd Grimsby 03/4 Spurs(fr) 04/5 Boston 05/6 Cheltenham 11/12 Cheltenham 12/13 Chesterfield Wycombe Cheltenham 13/14 Newport York Hartlepool Fleetwood Cheltenham Burton 14/15 Wimbledon Wycombe Stevenage Bury Burton Luton Mansfield Morecambe Newport Plymouth Shrewsbury Southend York Carlisle Northampton 15/16 Swindon Barnet Plymouth Cambridge Morecambe Mansfield Northampton Carlisle Exeter Bristol R. Notts C.

PETERBOROUGH 63/4 Watford(fac) 64/5 Swansea(fac) 66/7 Workington 67/8 Barrow 69/70 1.50 each Workington Luton(lc) Bradford PA 7.50 Notts C. Lincoln Northampton Hartlepool Newport York Aldershot Chesterfield Oldham Plymouth(fac) Scunthorpe Darlington Swansea Crewe Brentford Exeter Southend Grimsby Colchester Wrexham All Stars XI(test) Chester P.Vale 70/1 Southend Oldham Northampton Workington 1.25 Hartlepool Derby(fr) York Barrow 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 71/2 1.25 each Ipswich(fac) Southport Southend Bury Scunthorpe Barrow Darlington Crewe Chester Redditch(fac)2.00 Enfield(fac)2.00 Exeter Brentford Hartlepool Lincoln Aldershot Cambridge Newport Grimsby Colchester Workington Northampton Reading Leicester(test)3.00 72/3 Derby(fac) Northampton Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 73/4 Gillingham Exeter Darlington Reading Bury Bradford Rotherham Mansfield Workington 1.25 Hartlepool Newport Stockport Hereford 74/5 Southend Colchester PNE Hereford Port Vale Halifax Weymouth(fac) Gillingham Aldershot Brighton Huddersfield WBA(texaco cup) Swindon Watford Bury Bournemouth Blackburn Chesterfield Wrexham Grimsby NottmForest(fac) Tranmere 75/6 Nottm Forest(fac) PNE Millwall Brighton Southend Hereford Colchester Wrexham Bury Blackpool(lc) Chester Gillingham Swindon Rotherham Halifax Grimsby Cardiff Hereford 76/7 Lincoln PNE Reading(lc) Sheff.Wed. Bury Grimsby Tranmere Reading Oxford Port Vale Gillingham Rotherham Northampton Swindon C.Palace 77/8 Tranmere Colchester Bury Scunthorpe(lc) Carlisle Chester Gillingham(fac) Newcastle(fac) Gillingham Swindon Rotherham Bradford Shrewsbury PNE Hereford Chesterfield Portsmouth Port Vale Sheff.Wed. Walsall Oxford Cambridge Lincoln 78/9 Brentford Carlisle Gillingham Swindon Sheff.Wed. Mansfield Chesterfield Oxford Hull(lc) Shrewsbury Exeter Swansea 79/80 Halifax Bristol C.(lc) Bournemouth(fac) Newport Blackpool(lc) Aldershot Hereford Bournemouth 80/1 Bournemouth Bradford Man.City(fac) P.Vale Chesterfield(fac) NottmForest(lc) Tranmere Halifax Bury York Rochdale Hereford 81/2 Hereford Hartlepool Torquay Hull Rochdale Stockport Crewe Scunthorpe Blackpool Bury Darlington P.Vale Sheff.U 82/3 Rochdale Darlington(mc) Bury Darlington Torquay Wimbledon Chester Hereford Halifax P.Vale Scunthorpe 83/4 Tranmere Rochdale Halifax Bury Darlington Reading Chesterfield C.Palace(mc) Hereford 84/5 Hereford Colchester Hartlepool Chesterfield 85/6 Halifax Lincoln Chester Carlisle(fac) Bath(fac) Cambridge 86/7 Wolves Swansea Colchester(lc) Stockport Cardiff(fac) Cambridge Aldershot Tranmere Wrexham PNE Torquay Exeter Colchester Hereford 87/8 Torquay Darlington Rochdale Chesterfield(lc) Cambridge Bolton Swansea 88/9 Stockport Colchester Wrexham Torquay Doncaster Rochdale Lincoln Brentford(fac) York Exeter Halifax Rotherham Grimsby Gillingham(fac) Cambridge Hereford 89/90 Lincoln Torquay Wrexham Hartlepool Rochdale Carlisle Chesterfield Aldershot(lc) Hereford Hereford(ldc) Maidstone York Scunthorpe Grimsby Burnley 90/1 Wrexham Hereford Cambridge Rochdale Northampton Scarboro Halifax Chesterfield Torquay Cardiff Cambridge(ldc) Barnet(fr)1.50 Scunthorpe Hereford(fac) 91/2 Darlington Hull Torquay Swansea Middlesboro(rc) Wigan Bolton Newcastle(rc) Hartlepool Huddersfield(posf) Reading Stoke(atsf) WBA Exeter Chester 92/3 Barnet(ccc) Charlton Swindon Southend Grimsby Newcastle Barnsley Brentford Kingstonian(fac) Portsmouth Luton Tranmere Cambridge 93/4 Bolton Bristol City Notts C. Luton Oxford Charlton Grimsby Tranmere Leicester Barnsley Derby C.Palace Birmingham Barnsley(ccc) Leicester(aic) Stoke Spurs(fac)2.50 94/5 Stockport Crewe Oxford Brentford Wrexham Birmingham(aws) Blackpool Rotherham Cambridge Cambridge(fac) Birmingham Shrewsbury 95/6 A.Villa(ccc) Crewe Bournemouth Bristol City Blackpool Rotherham Wrexham Wycombe Swindon Brentford Brighton Walsall 96/7 Wrexham Watford Brentford Notts C. Leicester(fr) Bournemouth Luton Colchester(awsf) 97/8 Walsall(aws) Millwall(awssf) Dagenham(fac) 98/9 Cardiff Scunthorpe 99/00 Shrewsbury York Cheltenham 1.75 02/3 Cardiff Cheltenham 03/04 Chesterfield Hereford(fac) 04/5 Hartlepool Sheff.Wed. Bournemouth Bristol C. WestHam(fr) Bournemouth Wrexham Walsall Tranmere(fac) Tranmere 05/6 Cheltenham Stockport Mansfield Bury Oxford Bristol R. Macclesfield Darlington Northampton Grimsby Torquay Barnet 06/7 Barnet Wycombe 07/8 WBA(cc) Southampton(cc) Celtic(fr) Chesterfield 08/9 MK Dons Walsall Millwall Southend Cheltenham Tranmere Colchester Crewe Yeovil Scunthorpe 09/10 Barnsley Plymouth Spurs(fr) WBA Reading Leicester Ipswich Fulham(fr) Ipswich(cc) MK Dons(posf) Carlisle Colchester Dagenham Doncaster C.Palace 10/11 Rotherham(cc) 11/12 Ipswich Cardiff 12/13 Hull Leicester Bolton Blackburn Barnsley Huddersfield Bristol C. 13/14 Swindon Crawley Dagenham(jpt) Walsall Shrewsbury 14/15 MK Dons P.Vale Barnsley Sheff.U Fleetwood Notts C. Colchester Doncaster Oldham Scunthorpe Carlisle(fac) Charlton(fr) Swindon PNE 15/16 Doncaster Charlton(c1c) 16/17 Bradford Bury P.Vale Swindon MK Dons Notts C.(fac) Oldham Oxford Rochdale Scunthorpe Wimbledon(efl) Gillingham Fleetwood Coventry Charlton Bolton 17/18 Shrewsbury Rotherham Oxford Northampton(ctt) MK Dons Gillingham Wigan 18/19 Scunthorpe Rochdale Portsmouth Walsall Wimbledon Oxford Plymouth Luton(ctt) Luton Fleetwood Accrington Barnsley Bradford Bradford(fac) Charlton Doncaster.

PLYMOUTH ARGYLE 69/70 Reading Barrow Southport 70/1 Shrewsbury 71/2 Rotherham Halifax Walsall Swansea 72/3 Swansea 73/4 1.50 each Halifax Watford Wrexham Southend York Shrewsbury Port Vale Grimsby Walsall(fac) Tranmere Hereford Blackburn Bournemouth Chesterfield Rochdale Walsall Southport Bristol R. 76/7 Luton 77/8 Chester Exeter Colchester Hereford Gillingham Bury Chesterfield Swindon Tranmere Cambridge(fac) Exeter(lc) 78/9 Colchester Blackpool Mansfield Swansea Swindon Rotherham Bury Stoke(fr) Carlisle Tranmere Chesterfield Lincoln 79/80 Wimbledon(lc) Swindon Grimsby Brentford Chesterfield Rotherham Blackpool Colchester Hull Oxford Chester Newport(lc) Blackburn Sheff.Wed. 80/1 Fulham Blackpool Barnsley Colchester Charlton(fac) Carlisle Brentford Fulham Millwall Newport(fac) Newport Exeter Portsmouth 81/2 Doncaster Bristol Rov. Gillingham(fac) Chester(lc) Wimbledon Carlisle PNE Lincoln Brentford Chesterfield Newport Portsmouth 82/3 Oxford Portsmouth Chesterfield Bristol Rov.(fac) Newport 83/4 Scunthorpe Derby(fac) Port Vale Millwall Southend Lincoln Hull Brentford Bradford Bourenmouth Bolton Newport Wigan Newport Darlington(fac) 84/5 Bournemouth Brentford Cambridge Swansea Rotherham Reading PNE Lincoln Hereford(fac) Doncaster Bristol City Wigan Walsall Newport 85/6 Blackburn(fr) Bournemouth Blackpool Chesterfield Bury York Lincoln Hull(fac) Gillingham Darlington Lincoln Bolton Newport 86/7 Blackburn Bradford Barnsley Portsmouth WBA Stoke Sunderland Sheff.Utd Oldham Millwall Ipswich Hull Huddersfield Grimsby C.Palace Bristol City(fac) Birmingham 87/8 Barnsley Bournemouth Peterborough(lc) Millwall A.Villa Middlesbrough Colchester(fac) Bradford Shrewsbury Stoke 88/9 Portsmouth Shrewsbury Hereford(lc) Swindon Oldham Barnsley Leicester Birmingham Ipswich Walsall Watford Blackburn Brighton Cambridge(fac) WBA Oldham 89/90 Hull Middlesboro Bradford Oldham Stoke Watford Bournemouth Brighton Blackburn Sunderland Barnsley Portsmouth Sheff.U Arsenal(lc) Botafogo(fr) P.Vale Oxford(fac) 90/1 Brighton(zds) Port Vale Swindon Leicester Oxford Brighton Notts C. Middlesboro Hull Watford Portsmouth Barnsley Blackburn Sheff.Wed. WBA Wimbledon Middlesbrough(fac) Millwall Bristol C. Ipswich Newcastle Oldham WestHam 91/2 Cambridge Newcastle Tranmere Southend Grimsby Brighton Sunderland Middlesboro Wolves Watford Portsmouth Portsmouth(zds) Southampton(zds) Bristol Rov. Charlton Swindon Bristol C. A.Villa(fr) 92/3 Luton(ccc) Reading Hartlepool Burnley Mansfield Peterboro PNE Rotherham Stoke Wigan Blackpool Bolton Brighton Chester Fulham Hull Huddersfield 93/4 Burnley Blackpool Cambridge Swansea Wrexham Brentford Stockport Port Vale 94/5 Blackpool York Rotherham Wycombe Walsall(ccc) Cambridge Bournemouth Birmingham Peterbro 95/6 Rochdale Coventry(fac) Scunthorpe Real Oviedo(fr) Exeter Colchester Hereford Cambridge 96/7 Wycombe Notts C. Chesterfield Bournemouth(aws) Crewe Burnley Millwall Gillingham Fulham(fac) Bristol Rov. Brentford(ccc) Walsall Shrewsbury Peterboro(fac) 97/8 Walsall Brentford Southend Millwall Wigan Carlisle Luton Sheff.Wed.(fr) Cambridge(fac) 98/9 Mansfield Hull Brentford Carlisle Wycombe(fac) Shrewsbury Torquay Peterboro Cardiff Cambridge Rochdale Scunthorpe 99/00 Halifax Swansea Hull Northampton Hartlepool York Lincoln Macclesfield Mansfield Rotherham Peterboro Brighton(fac) 00/1 Macclesfield Shrewsbury Cheltenham 01/2 Shrewsbury Exeter Cheltenham 02/3 Crewe Cheltenham Bristol C. Northampton Huddersfield Chesterfield 03/4 Wrexham Sheff.Wed. Rushden&D. Tranmere Stockport P.Vale Peterbro Luton Hartlepool Grimsby Colchester Chesterfield Brighton Brentford Bournemouth Blackpool QPR Notts C. 04/5 Crewe Leeds QPR Derby Coventry Burnley Brighton Wolves Wigan WestHam Watford Sunderland Stoke Sheff.U Rotherham PNE NottmForest Leicester Ipswich Gillingham 05/6 Crewe Sheff.Wed. Luton Ipswich Hull Derby Coventry Cardiff Burnley Brighton PNE dec. PNE mar. Sheff.U Stoke Watford Millwall Leicester 07/8 Watford Colchester Ipswich Leicester QPR Sheff.Utd Stoke Charlton Scunthorpe 08/9 Blackpool Charlton NottmForest Southampton 11/12 Gillingham Dagenham Bradford Rotherham 12/13 Cheltenham P.Vale Bristol R. 13/14 Scunthorpe.

PORTSMOUTH 61/2 Reading 69/70 Bolton 70/1 Swindon Sheff.Utd Hull Walsall(lc) Oxford Carlisle Bolton Sheff.Wed. Cardiff Luton Charlton Millwall Middlesbrough 71/2 Hull PNE Fulham Oxford Swansea(fac) 72/3 Burnley PNE Cardiff 73/4 1.50 each Bolton Notts C. Bristol City Millwall Arsenal 2.00 Swindon(fac) Fulham WBA Luton 74/5 1.20 each Bristol Rov. A.Villa York Notts C. Stoke(fr) Millwall Norwich Southampton Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Hull Bristol C. Blackpool Fulham Oldham Derby(lc) WBA Oxford Nottm Forest Cardiff Bolton 75/6 Hull Leicester(lc) WBA Charlton(fac) Blackpool Aldershot(lc) Luton Plymouth Birmingham(fac) Blackburn York Notts C. Sunderland 76/7 Rotherham Port Vale Mansfield Lincoln Grimsby Gillingham Aldershot(fac) Wrexham Shrewsbury Northampton Oxford PNE Chester Peterboro Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield 77/8 Lincoln Swindon Chesterfield Gillingham Carlisle Newport(lc) Tranmere Peterboro Walsall Hereford Bideford(fac) Bury Chester Cambridge Rotherham Swansea(fac) PNE Sheff.Wed. Leicester(lc) Colchester Wrexham Exeter 78/9 Newport Darlington York Scunthorpe Crewe Swindon(lc) Aldershot Reading Rochdale Hartlepool Northampton(fac) Wigan Stockport Wimbledon Bradford Middlesbrough(fr)1.50 Chelsea(fr)1.50 WBA(fr)1.50 79/80 Hartlepool Lincoln Northampton Scunthorpe Stockport York Darlington Bradford Newport Halifax Port Vale Aldershot Middlesboro(fac) Wigan Tranmere Rochdale Huddersfield Doncaster Walsall Hereford Crewe Peterboro Wimbledon(fac) Newport(fac) Coventry/WestHam/Stoke(fr) Bournemouth Torquay 80/1 Huddersfield Walsall Blackpool Hull Newport Oxford Fulham Chesterfield Burnley Barnsley Chester Reading Sheff.Utd Swindon Rotherham Gillingham Oldham(lc) Bristol Rov.(lc) Plymouth Aldershot(fr) Plymouth(lc) Brentford Charlton Millwall Exeter Spurs/Chelsea(fr)1.50 81/2 Lincoln Brentford Southend Bristol City Exeter Newport Carlisle Huddersfield Southend(lc) Oxford Chesterfield Walsall PNE Reading Doncaster Swindon Burnley Plymouth Millwall WestHam/Arsenal(fr)1.50 82/3 PNE Sheff.Utd Exeter Huddersfield Reading Hereford(fac) Newport Walsall Southend Cardiff 83/4 Barnsley Cambridge Grimsby Charlton Fulham Leeds Carlisle C.Palace Swansea Grimsby(fac) Southampton(fac) Hereford(mc) Sheff.Wed. Man.City Chelsea 84/5 Barnsley Brighton Leeds Oxford Grimsby Notts C. Nott'm Forest(mc) Sheff.Utd Shrewsbury Charlton Birmingham Blackburn 85/6 Stoke Wimbledon Leeds Huddersfield Fulham Shrewsbury Hull Sheff.Utd Stoke(mc) Gillingham(mc) Carlisle Norwich Barnsley Grimsby Blackburn Charlton C.Palace Oldham Brighton 86/7 Millwall Derby WBA Grimsby Barnsley Shrewsbury Stoke Leeds Bradford Reading C.Palace Huddersfield Sunderland Oldham Wrexham(lc) C.Palace(mc) Hull 87/8 Seattle(fr) Sheff.Utd(fac) Bradford(fac) Oxford Wimbledon Southampton Charlton Derby Everton Nott'm Forest QPR Luton Sheff.Wed. Spurs Liverpool Arsenal Watford Man.Utd Swindon(lc) Chelsea Norwich 88/9 Stoke Shrewsbury Bournemouth Oxford Hull C.Palace Leicester Leeds Watford Oldham Plymouth Barnsley Swindon Swindon(fac) Walsall Blackburn Spurs(fr) Birmingham WBA 89/90 Stoke Oldham Blackburn Hull Middlesboro West Ham Leicester Swindon Barnsley Wolves Oxford Sheff.Utd Watford Leeds 90/1 Port Vale Blackburn Hull Bournemouth(fac) Notts C. Swindon Sheff.Wed. Cardiff(rc) 91/2 Port Vale Nott'm Forest(fac) Swindon Charlton Grimsby Watford Sunderland Ipswich Oxford Southend Leicester Plymouth Derby Tranmere Barnsley 92/3 Leicester Luton Watford Newcastle Brentford Derby Peterboro Oxford Charlton Southend Notts C. Millwall Tranmere Cambridge Ipswich(ccc) Sunderland Wolves Leicester(posf) 93/4 Bristol City Luton Stoke Southend Derby Middlesboro Nott'm Forest Millwall Leicester Birmingham Grimsby Notts C. Peterboro Bolton Oxford Sunderland Watford Rotherham(ccc) Tranmere Peterboro(ccc) Barnsley 94/5 Bolton Cambridge(ccc) Port Vale Tranmere Swindon Middlesboro Derby Sunderland Stoke Barnsley Burnley Luton Grimsby Southend Sheff.Utd Millwall 95/6 Tranmere Huddersfield Oldham Luton Leicester Wolves Port Vale Barnsley Cardiff(ccc) 96/7 QPR Port Vale Birmingham Stoke Ipswich Southend 97/8 Reading Bradford Stoke Huddersfield QPR 98/9 Grimsby Crewe Bradford Birmingham QPR Norwich Ipswich Sunderland Bury Bristol City Bolton 99/00 Walsall Swindon Fulham Leicester(fr) 00/1 Grimsby Tranmere Fulham 01/2 Walsall Coventry PNE 02/3 Millwall Wimbledon Wolves Norwich Gillingham Derby Grimsby Sheff.Utd C.Palace Ipswich Walsall Stoke Leicester Watford PNE Coventry Wimbledon(wc) Bradford Alaves(fr) 03/4 Chelsea Southampton Blackburn Bolton Northampton(cc) Charlton Leicester Everton Spurs Wolves Newcastle Middlesboro Fulham Birmingham Man.U Liverpool(fac) Arsenal Liverpool 04/5 Man.City Bolton Southampton Charlton Newcastle Middlesboro Blackburn Birmingham Fulham Spurs Leeds(cc) Everton Arsenal 05/6 Newcastle WBA Arsenal mar. Arsenal apr. Wigan A.Villa Birmingham 06/7 Bolton Fulham Wigan Reading West Ham Porto(fr) Blackburn 09/10 Sunderland 10/11 Watford 11/12 Barnet(cc) Reading Peterborough 12/13 Walsall Bolton(fr) Bournemouth(jpt) Bury 14/15 Northampton Newport 15/16 Macclesfield(fac) Mansfield Oxford Stevenage Cambridge Crawley York Bristol R. Luton Ipswich(fac) Accrington(fac) Plymouth 16/17 Wycombe Wycombe(fac) Exeter Newport Stevenage Luton Mansfield Notts C. Blackpool Accrington 17/18 MK Dons Oldham Walsall Fulham(ctt) Blackpool Gillingham Northampton Northampton(ctt) Plymouth Shrewsbury Southend Bradford Fleetwood 18/19 Gillingham(ctt).

PORT VALE 67/8 Workington 68/9 Workington 70/1 Walsall(lc) 71/2 Chesterfield Bournemouth Blackburn Swansea 72/3 Halifax 73/4 Southport 1.25 Hereford 74/5 Lincoln(fac) Halifax Bury Chesterfield PNE Walsall Brighton Hereford 75/6 Hereford(lc) Hereford 76/7 Tranmere Chesterfield Gillingham Mansfield Burnley(fac) 77/8 Tranmere PNE Lincoln Bradford Bury Chester Shrewsbury Chesterfield Oxford Gillingham Hereford Peterborough 78/9 Bournemouth Crewe Scunthorpe Newport 79/80 1.20 each Hereford Walsall Hartlepool Bournemouth Lincoln Scunthorpe Darlington Rochdale Northampton Peterborough Torquay Newport Tranmere Portsmouth Wigan York Halifax Huddersfield Crewe Aldershot Scunthorpe Doncaster 2.00 Tranmere(lc)2.00 80/1 Bradford Halifax Lincoln Hartlepool Crewe Hereford Aldershot 81/2 Bury Bradford Mansfield Darlington Sheff.Utd Northampton Bournemouth Rochdale Tranmere Stockport(fac) Lincoln(fac) Hartlepool Peterboro Hull Hereford Hereford(lc) 82/3 Rochdale Darlington Peterboro Colchester Hull Aldershot Halifax Bradford(fac) Bury Torquay/York Rochdale(mc) Scunthorpe Swindon Hereford 83/4 Plymouth Lincoln(fac) Wigan Walsall Southend Wrexham(mc) Bradford Gillingham Newport Scunthorpe Wimbledon Sheff.U PNE Exeter Rotherham Scunthorpe 84/5 Peterboro Halifax Aldershot Wolves(mc) Hereford 85/6 Cambridge 86/7 Hereford(frt) Wigan Darlington Bury Chester Bristol Rov. Newport 87/8 Northampton Watford(fac) Notts C. Brighton Chesterfield Doncaster Mansfield Bristol Rov. 88/9 Wigan Hereford(svt) Bolton Chesterfield Bristol City PNE(posf) Ipswich(lc) Northampton Aldershot Bury Notts C. Swansea Fulham Bristol R.(pof) Cardiff 89/90 Stoke Wimbledon(lc) Wolves Walsall(lc) Bournemouth Oldham Watford Derby(fac) Barnsley Plymouth Portsmouth WestHam Newcastle Blackburn 90/1 Charlton Millwall Wolves Oxford(rc) WBA Leicester Middlesboro Notts C. Bristol City Brighton Blackburn Peterboro(fac) Plymouth Portsmouth Bristol Rov. Derby(fr) 91/2 Liverpool(rc) Blackburn(zds) Notts C.(rc) Barnsley Watford Cambridge Grimsby Southend Derby Plymouth Portsmouth Charlton 92/3 Rotherham Stoke Stoke(fac) Bradford Burnley Wigan Brighton Chester Stockport Hartlepool PNE Huddersfield Reading Mansfield Plymouth Northampton(at) 93/4 Huddersfield Bradford Bournemouth Reading Blackpool(fac) Rotherham Cambridge 94/5 Burnley 97/8 Stoke Sunderland Birmingham Ipswich QPR Huddersfield 98/9 Chester(wc) Ipswich Swindon Huddersfield Grimsby 99/00 Blackburn Ipswich Huddersfield Charlton Stockport Norwich Portsmouth 00/1 Bristol City 01/2 QPR 02/3 Crewe Crewe(fac) Colchester Luton Peterborough Cheltenham 03/4 Stockport 04/5 Tranmere Bournemouth Chesterfield 05/6 Chesterfield MK Dons Bournemouth Scunthorpe Tranmere Doncaster Bristol Rov. Hartlepool Bristol City Swindon Southend Bradford Swansea Wrexham 06/7 Scunthorpe Huddersfield PNE(cc) Brentford Wrexham(fr) Chesterfield Lincoln(fac) Rotherham Man.City(fr) NottmForest 07/8 Hartlepool Brighton Crewe Nott'm Forest Southend Huddersfield Gillingham Oldham Yeovil Bournemouth Luton Cheltenham 08/9 Rochdale 09/10 Stockport Cheltenham 10/11 Barnet Accrington(fac) Hereford Cheltenham 12/13 Torquay Rotherham Barnet Plymouth Oxford 13/14 Peterborough Coventry Notts C. Bradford Stevenage Shrewsbury PNE Rotherham 14/15 Coventry Sheff.U. Doncaster Colchester Crawley Crewe Chesterfield Walsall Yeovil Rochdale Scunthorpe Barnsley Notts C. Oldham 15/16 Peterborough Blackpool(jpt) Shrewsbury Chesterfield Bury Bradford Scunthorpe Coventry 16/17 Shrewsbury Bury Walsall Northampton Fleetwood Oldham Peterborough 17/18 Yeovil(fac) Oxford(fac) Shrewsbury(ctt) 18/19 Lincoln Exeter MK Dons Northampton.

PRESTON NORTH END 60/1 Bolton 2.00 61/2 2.00 each Rotherham Newcastle Bristol R. Southampton Weymouth(fac)3.50 Luton 62/3 2.00 each Newcastle Sunderland Grimsby 63/4 Northampton Rotherham 64/5 Swansea 68/9 Blackpool 69/70 Bristol City Cardiff Blackpool 70/1 Fulham Doncaster Mansfield Reading Halifax WBA(lc) A.Villa Bury Tranmere Chesterfield Brighton Torquay Shrewsbury Rotherham Rochdale 71/2 Blackpool Carlisle Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth Sunderland Middlesboro Swindon QPR Man.U(fac) Birmingham Luton Watford Bristol City Bristol City(fac) Spurs(lc)1.50 Hull Fulham Burnley Oxford WBA(fr) 72/3 A.Villa Carlisle Middlesboro QPR Aarhus(fr) Sheff.Wed. Burnley Huddersfield Swindon Brighton Hull Oxford 1.50 Millwall Blackpool Bristol C. Luton Fulham Portsmouth Cardiff NottmForest Sunderland s/s 5.00 Grimsby(fac)s/s 5.00 73/4 1.25 each Bolton Carlisle C.Palace Sunderland Notts C. Sheff.Wed. Fulham A.Villa Hull Luton Portsmouth Swindon Bristol City Middlesboro Bolton(lc) WBA 2.00 Millwall Cardiff NottmForest Oxford Blackpool 74/5 Rochdale(lc) Hereford Chesterfield Grimsby Watford Bury Aldershot Blackburn Bournemouth Charlton Colchester Halifax Huddersfield Port Vale Tranmere Walsall Brighton Wrexham Swindon Peterboro Gillingham Sunderland(lc)4.00 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Walsall Grimsby Sheff.Wed. Bury Port Vale Swindon 77/8 Port Vale(lc) Swindon Bury Tranmere Lincoln Portsmouth Sheff.Wed. Hereford 78/9 Oldham Derby(fac) Leicester Brighton Southampton(fac) Notts C. Blackburn Burnley C.Palace Huddersfield(lc) Luton Sheff.Utd Sunderland West Ham Wrexham Cambridge 80/1 Luton 81/2 Burnley Walsall Bristol City Newport Leicester(lc) 82/3 Newport Chesterfield 83/4 Bradford Newport Scunthorpe 84/5 Swansea Gillingham 85/6 Hereford 86/7 Hereford 87/8 Burnley(svtf) Rotherham Blackpool York Wigan 88/9 Reading Chesterfield Port Vale(posf) Southend Wigan(lc) Sheff.Utd Bristol Rov. Bristol C. Bolton Wigan Swansea Notts C. Cardiff 89/90 Tranmere(lc) Brentford Crewe Mansfield Tranmere(fac) Chester Reading Bristol Rov. Wigan 90/1 Rochdale(ldc) Exeter Wigan Bury Chester Chester(rc) Rotherham Cambridge Swansea Shrewsbury Mansfield Burnley Brentford Reading 91/2 Hull Wigan Bournemouth Bury Brentford Reading Shrewsbury Sheff.Wed.(fac) 93/4 Northampton Hereford Mansfield Torquay Scunthorpe Burnley(ccc) Burnley(at) Doncaster Walsall Wycombe Bournemouth(fac) Wigan Man.Utd(fr) Gillingham Lincoln Chester Shrewsbury Darlington Bury 94/5 Hereford Blackpool(fac) Bury(posf) Doncaster Exeter Rochdale Walsall 95/6 Wigan Sunderland(ccc) Lincoln Cambridge Bury Rotherham(fr) Rochdale(fr) Exeter Mansfield Scunthorpe 96/7 Blackburn(fr) Altrincham(fac) Crewe Bury Wycombe Blackpool 98/9 Man.C. Gillingham(posf) 99/00 Wrexham(aws) Luton 00/1 Bilbao(fr) C.Palace Barnsley Burnley Tranmere Bolton Sheff.Utd Crewe Blackburn Huddersfield 01/2 Stockport Millwall Wolves Watford Walsall Bradford Grimsby Sheff.Utd Burnley Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Utd Birmingham 02/3 Burnley Stoke Ipswich Gillingham Bradford Sheff.Utd Walsall Derby Millwall Norwich Watford Leicester Scunthorpe(wc) Nott'm Forest Wimbledon Brighton Rotherham Reading 03/4 Sheff.Utd Gillingham Derby Bradford Walsall Nott'm Forest Sunderland Rotherham Wimbledon Watford Reading Ipswich Coventry Stoke Wigan Burnley Millwall Bradford 04/5 QPR Sheff.Utd Stoke Watford Millwall Crewe Wolves Sunderland Burnley Brighton Ipswich Reading Derby Coventry Leicester WestHam Blackburn(fr) 05/6 Norwich Wolves Sheff.Utd Ipswich Brighton Crewe Southampton Reading Cardiff Watford 06/7 Man.Utd(fr) Coventry Luton Hull Barnsley Leeds QPR C.Palace 07/8 WBA QPR Scunthorpe Blackpool Wolves Stoke Coventry Sheff.U Barnsley C.Palace 08/9 Doncaster Chesterfield(cc) C.Palace Sheff.Utd(po) Birmingham Ipswich Norwich Charlton Plymouth Swansea Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Utd Liverpool(fac) Coventry 09/10 Plymouth Colchester(fac) QPR Derby Bristol City Barnsley WBA C.Palace Reading Sheff.U 10/11 Reading Burnley Scunthorpe Portsmouth C.Palace Norwich Doncaster Cardiff 11/12 Colchester 12/13 Colchester 13/14 Rotherham Sheff.U Shrewsbury Crawley Bristol C. P.Vale 14/15 Bradford Sheff.U(fac) 16/17 Leeds Fulham Blackburn Stoke(fr) Wolves Wigan Birmingham Rotherham Brentford Newcastle Reading Huddersfield Burton Bristol C. Sheff.Wed. Norwich. 17/18 Leeds Burton Cardiff Fulham Bolton Brentford Bristol C. A.Villa Barnsley Sheff.U Sunderland Wolves NottmForest QPR Reading Middlesbrough Millwall Newcastle(fr) Hull Ipswich Birmingham 18/19 Swansea QPR Reading Wigan WBA NottmForest Morecambe(cc) Middlesbrough(cc) Brentford Ipswich Bristol C. Bolton Birmingham Blackburn Sheff.Wed. Sheff.U Stoke.

QUEENS PARK RANGERS 62/3 Reading Northampton 65/6 Peterborough Workington 66/7 Oxford Walsall Colchester Gillingham Workington 67/8 Italian XI(fr) Brentford(lc) Derby Hull Oxford Millwall Bolton Charlton A.Villa Norwich Bristol C. Burnley(lc) Blackburn Middlesbrough Ipswich Portsmouth Plymouth Rotherham PNE(fac) C.Palace Hull Blackpool Carlisle Huddersfield Birmingham Chelsea(fr) 68/9 Leicester Sunderland Man.City Chelsea Southampton Ipswich Sheff.Wed. Man.U Burnley NottmForest Coventry Newcastle WBA Westham Leeds Everton Spurs Wolves Arbroath(fr) Arsenal Liverpool Stoke 69/70 Hull Rangers(fr) Millwall Blackpool Huddersfield Mansfield(lc) Swindon Tranmere(lc) Middlesbrough PNE Wolves(lc) Charlton Sheff.U Watford Leicester Oxford Portsmouth Birmingham Norwich Derby(fac) SouthShields(fac)2.00 A.Villa Bolton Carlisle Bristol C. Chelsea(fac) Blackburn 70/1 1.50 each Oxford Portsmouth Watford Bristol C. Charlton Sunderland Bolton Blackburn Swindon Norwich Leicester Hull Carlisle Sheff.U Middlesbrough Cardiff(lc) Millwall Luton Swindon(fac) 71/2 1.50 each Westham(fr) Middlesbrough Bristol C. Burnley Sheff.Wed. Luton Oxford Lincoln(lc) Portsmouth Swindon Millwall Sunderland Birmingham Norwich PNE Hull Blackpool Watford Birmingham(lc) Bristol R.(lc) Fulham(fac) 72/3 1.50 each Nottm Forest PNE Fulham Barnet(fac) Luton Blackpool Oxford Sheff.Wed. Millwall Swindon Portsmouth Huddersfield Hull Sunderland Bristol C. Middlesbrough Brighton A.Villa 73/4 1.75 each Ipswich Liverpool Birmingham Stoke Chelsea Leicester(fac) Coventry(fac) Birmingham(fac) Plymouth(lc) Sheff.Wed.(lc) Spurs(lc) Chelsea(fac) Norwich Spurs WestHam Coventry Newcastle Man.City Sheff.U Southampton Wolves Arsenal Leicester Everton 74/5 1.50 each Stoke WestHam Derby Luton Leicester Birmingham Arsenal Newcastle Coventry Wolves Burnley Man.City Chelsea Sheff.U Everton Ipswich Liverpool Middlesbrough Southend Spurs Newcastle(lc) Notts C.(fac) 75/6 1.75 each Middlesbrough Liverpool Leeds Leicester Man.City Spurs Norwich Everton Ipswich Burnley Derby Sheff.U Birmingham WestHam A.Villa Newcastle Coventry Arsenal Newcastle(fac) Charlton(lc) Stoke Newcastle(lc) Man.U 76/7 1.50 each Derby Birmingham Norwich WestHam Bristol C. Leeds Middlesbrough Everton Sunderland Man.U Stoke Coventry Leicester WBA A.Villa Newcastle Ipswich Spurs Liverpool Bury(lc) Arsenal Shrewsbury(fac) Man.City Arsenal(lc) Bergen(uefa) Bratislava(uefa) 77/8 1.50 each WBA Derby Middlesbrough Wolves Chelsea Ipswich Birmingham Man.City Man.U Newcastle Leeds A.Villa Bristol C. Coventry Arsenal Leicester Bournemouth(lc) WestHam WestHam(fac) NottmForest(fac) Wealdstone(fac) Norwich NottmForest 78/9 1.50 each Bristol City Leeds(lc) Swansea(lc) Everton A.Villa WBA Liverpool Spurs Arsenal Leeds Man.U Wolves Middlesbrough Southampton Norwich Man.City Bolton NottmForest Chelsea Birmingham Ipswich Coventry Derby 79/80 Luton Cambridge Swansea PNE Watford Watford(fac) Wrexham West Ham Notts C. Chelsea Charlton Wolves(lc) Fulham Shrewsbury Burnley Birmingham Sunderland Newcastle Cardiff 80/1 Swansea Grimsby Bristol City Spurs(fac) West Ham Bristol Rov. Chelsea Oldham PNE Luton Derby(lc) Wrexham Watford Derby Shrewsbury 81/2 Portsmouth(lc) Oldham Sheff.Wed. Wrexham Bolton Middlesboro(fac) Derby Luton Watford Blackburn Blackpool(fac) Barnsley Norwich C.Palace Newcastle Grimsby Chelsea Cambridge 82/3 Bolton Charlton Fulham Oldham Shrewsbury Leeds Sheff.Wed. Rotherham(mc) Rotherham Derby Middlesboro Wolves Newcastle Chelsea Carlisle Cambridge 83/4 Crewe(mc) Southampton WBA Stoke Watford Sunderland Wolves Birmingham Southampton Arsenal A.Villa Nott'm Forest Coventry Luton Notts C. 84/5 Coventry Southampton(mc)27/11 Southampton(mc)12/12 A.Villa Sheff.Wed. WBA A.Villa(mc) West Ham Southampton Luton Nott'm Forest Spurs Chelsea Newcastle Stoke Watford Leicester Ipswich Norwich 85/6 Spurs A.Villa Chelsea Southampton West Ham Coventry Everton Nott'm Forest(mc)19/11 Nott'm Forest(mc)25/11 Newcastle Chelsea(mc) Watford Nott'm Forest Arsenal Sheff.Wed. Leicester Oxford Luton 86/7 Chelsea Wimbledon Coventry Watford Leicester Oxford West Ham Spurs Leicester(fac) Luton Blackburn(lc) Everton A.Villa Charlton Man.City Nott'm Forest Man.Utd Arsenal Sheff.Wed. Southampton Luton(fac) 87/8 Man.Utd Oxford Wimbledon West Ham(fac) Luton Sheff.Wed. Spurs Norwich Nott'm Forest Luton(fac) Watford Arsenal Newcastle Derby West Ham Coventry Millwall(lc) Chelsea Everton Charlton Charleroi(fr) 88/9 Sheff.Wed. Man.Utd Southampton Liverpool Cardiff(lc) Luton Derby Charlton(lc) Man.Utd(fac) Wimbledon Coventry Spurs Millwall Nott'm Forest 89/90 C.Palace Millwall Arsenal(fac) Chelsea Chelsea XI(fr) Coventry Spurs Blackpool(fac)21/2 Derby A.Villa Norwich Wimbledon Luton Man.U Man.City 90/1 Sheff.Utd C.Palace Blackburn(rc) Chelsea Liverpool Wimbledon Sunderland Southampton Luton Peterboro(rc) Spurs Nott'm Forest Man.City A.Villa Man.Utd Derby Norwich Arsenal Leeds Leeds(rc) 91/2 Wimbledon Notts C. Sheff.Wed. Luton Southampton Nott'm Forest Arsenal Man.Utd Hull(rc) Spurs West Ham C.Palace(zdsc) C.Palace Chelsea Sheff.Utd Oldham Man.City(rc) A.Villa Everton Liverpool Norwich Man.City 92/3 Wimbledon Ipswich A.Villa Middlesboro Leeds Sheff.Utd Spurs Sheff.Wed. Southampton Norwich Chelsea Grimsby(ccc) Man.Utd Man.City(fac) C.Palace Oldham Liverpool Swindon(fac) Arsenal Blackburn Nott'm Forest 93/4 Southampton Sheff.Utd Millwall(ccc) Wimbledon Barnet(ccc) A.Villa Everton Sheff.Wed. Leeds West Ham Norwich Oldham Spurs Chelsea Sheff.Wed.(ccc) Man.Utd Blackburn Man.City Arsenal Liverpool Ipswich Newcastle Coventry 94/5 Sheff.Wed Man.Utd West Ham Leicester A.Villa Millwall(fac) Wimbledon Chelsea Nott'm Forest Carlisle(ccc) Arsenal Coventry Everton Ipswich Man.City C.Palace Aylesbury(fac) Blackburn Newcastle Norwich 95/6 Newcastle Bolton Wimbledon York(ccc) Oxford(ccc) West Ham Southampton Man.Utd Spurs Sheff.Wed. Chelsea Blackburn Middlesbrough 96/7 Stoke Swindon Charlton Portsmouth Reading 19/2 Reading 12/3 WBA C.Palace Huddersfield(fac) Wolves Tranmere Port Vale Swindon(ccc) Barnsley(fac) Bolton Bradford Oldham Ipswich Sheff.Utd Birmingham Wimbledon(fr) 97/8 Swindon Wolves Bradford Portsmouth Bury Oxford Birmingham Stoke Huddersfield Wolves(ccc) Ipswich Sunderland Norwich Reading Shef.Utd Port Vale Charlton Crewe Stockport Nott'm Forest WBA Tranmere 98/9 Wolves Crewe Bury Bristol City Tranmere Watford Port Vale Stockport Spurs(fr) Bolton Charlton(wc) Ipswich Sheff.Utd Walsall(wc) C.Palace Huddersfield(fac) Sunderland Portsmouth Swindon Huddersfield WBA Bradford Grimsby Norwich 99/00 Huddersfield Portsmouth Wolves PNE Tranmere Man.City Sheff.U Charlton 00/1 Crewe Birmingham Portsmouth Blackburn 01/2 Chelsea(fr) Northampton Peterborough 02/3 Crewe Bristol City Brentford Luton Oldham(posf) 03/4 Sheff.Wed. 05/6 Ipswich Plymouth 06/7 Plymouth Southampton Luton(fac) Sunderland Leicester Leeds C.Palace Coventry Colchester Birmingham Barnsley Southampton Sheff.Wed. Norwich Northampton(cc) 07/8 Sheff.U Watford 09/10 Scunthorpe.

READING 65/6 Bournemouth 66/7 Brighton 68/9 Brighton Barrow 69/70 Luton Barrow Fulham 70/1 Shrewsbury(fac) Doncaster Shrewsbury Bradford Chesterfield 71/2 Southend Workington 1.25 Aldershot(fac) Blyth(fac)1.50 Newport 72/3 Gillingham Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Fulham(lc)28/8 s/s 4.00 Hayes(fac)1.50 Newport Torquay 73/4 Exeter Darlington Hartlepool Lincoln Doncaster Bury Brentford Mansfield Rotherham Crewe Workington Barnsley Bradford Northampton Scunthorpe Torquay Stockport Workington 1.25 Watford(lc) Slough(fac) Newport Swansea 74/5 Northampton Cambridge Rotherham(lc) Newport Crewe Southport 1.25 Arsenal(fr) Burnley(lc) Shrewsbury Barnsley Darlington Bradford Doncaster Stockport Lincoln Workington 1.25 Hartlepool Chester Scunthorpe Exeter Rochdale Torquay Rotherham Mansfield Brighton(lc) 75/6 Cambridge Rochdale Gillingham(lc) Watford QPR(fr) Bradford Huddersfield Exeter Stockport Scunthorpe Northampton Workington 1.25 Torquay Hartlepool Newport 31/1 Newport 2/3 Doncaster Barnsley Darlington Tranmere Lincoln Brentford Crewe Southport 1.25 Swansea 76/7 Lincoln Northampton Chesterfield Mansfield Brighton York 4/12 York 16/2 Peterboro Rotherham Walsall Wrexham Port Vale Swindon Sheff.Wed. Chester PNE Wealdstone(fac) Peterboro(lc) Bury Portsmouth Gillingham Shrewsbury Oxford Rotherham Grimsby Tranmere 77/8 Halifax Stockport Watford(lc) Southend Watford Southport Aldershot Crewe Darlington Huddersfield Aldershot(fac) Doncaster Rochdale Bournemouth Torquay Northampton Scunthorpe Swansea Grimsby Brentford 21/1 Brentford 12/4 Barnsley York Newport 78/9 Hartlepool Hereford Crewe Southampton(lc) Wimbledon 27/1 Wimbledon 2/5 Scunthorpe Gillingham(lc) Rochdale Wigan Wolves(lc) Newport Doncaster Torquay Bradford Rotherham York Stockport Huddersfield Gillingham(fac) Bournemouth Barnsley Northampton Grimsby Port Vale Portsmouth Aldershot Darlington Halifax 79/80 Oxford(lc) Mansfield(lc) Carlisle Gillingham Southend Mansfield Swindon Exeter Bury Millwall Hull England XI(fr) Kettering(fac) Blackburn Barking(fac) Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Colchester(fac) Rotherham Sheff.Utd Wimbledon Colchester Oxford Chesterfield Plymouth Grimsby 80/1 Colchester Blackpool Brentford Rotherham Charlton Walsall Northampton(lc) Luton(lc) Swindon Sheff.Utd Plymouth Barnsley Millwall Chesterfield Exeter Gillingham Fulham Oxford Chester Carlisle Huddersfield Newport Burnley Hull Portsmouth 81/2 Plymouth Walsall Southend Aldershot/Oxford(group cup) Charlton(lc) Carlisle Oxford Exeter Chester Swindon Doncaster Brentford Fulham Lincoln Burnley Chesterfield Huddersfield Gillingham Bristol Rov. Millwall Newport 82/3 Plymouth Lincoln Portsmouth Newport Doncaster 83/4 Brentford(fr) Bury Aldershot Peterboro Hereford Oxford(fac) Darlington Doncaster Stockport Halifax Chesterfield Hereford(fac) 84/5 Brentford(frt) Swansea Derby Doncaster 85/6 Bolton Hereford(fac) Bury(fac) Derby Wolves Swansea Newport Arsenal(fr)1.50 Norwich(fr) 86/7 A.Villa(lc) Portsmouth Millwall Angers(fr) Bristol Rov.(lc) WBA Shrewsbury Grimsby Blackburn Oldham Ipswich Birmingham Arsenal(fac) Sunderland Plymouth Huddersfield C.Palace Brondby(fr) Hull Sheff.Utd Bradford Portsmouth Leeds Derby 87/8 Chelsea(lc) Plymouth Oldham C.Palace Bournemouth 88/9 PNE Sheff.Utd Chesterfield Grimsby(fac) Wigan Swansea Hereford(svt) Cardiff Blackpool P.Vale 89/90 Brentford Swindon(fr) Shrewsbury Tranmere Walsall Newcastle(lc) Chester Huddersfield Mansfield Birmingham Bristol Rov.(fac) Welling(fac) Rotherham Crewe Newcastle(fac) Swansea 3/2 Swansea 20/2 Bolton PNE Blackpool Wigan Cardiff Northampton Bury Notts C. 90/1 Mansfield Grimsby Orient Birmingham Cambridge Brentford Watford(fr) PNE Crewe Bournemouth Southend Southend(ldc) Exeter Wigan All Stars(fr) Bolton Tranmere Rotherham Huddersfield Chester Swansea Shrewsbury Bradford Stoke Bury 91/2 Cambridge(rc) Hartlepool Peterboro Brentford Exeter Cambridge(fr) Hull Bury Birmingham Bournemouth Darlington WBA Northampton(at) Slough(fac) Stockport Peterboro(fac) Swansea Huddersfield Shrewsbury PNE Stoke Bolton Chester Torquay Wigan 92/3 Portsmouth(fr) Ipswich(fr) Man.Utd(fr) Hull Rotherham Wigan Watford(ccc) Bradford Plymouth Birmingham(fac) Exeter Stockport Stoke Man.City(fac) Brighton Bolton Hartlepool PNE Huddersfield Port Vale Burnley Bournemouth Chester Mansfield Fulham 93/4 Rotherham Hull Cambridge(fac) Bournemouth Bradford WBA(fr) Portsmouth(fr) Northampton(ccc) Burnley Barnet Plymouth Cambridge Man.City(ccc) Blackpool Northampton(at) Exeter Huddersfield Hartlepool Port Vale Brentford Wrexham Swansea Brighton Genoa(fr) Cardiff 94/5 Gillingham(ccc) Notts C. Burnley Tranmere Wolves Real Sociedad(fr) Portsmouth Stoke Millwall Sheff.Utd Derby Bristol City Sunderland Middlesboro Luton Grimsby Southend Barnsley Oldham Port Vale Tranmere(po) 95/6 Derby Millwall Southend Oldham C.Palace Charlton Sheff.Utd Wolves 23/12 Wolves 30/4 Luton Grimsby Tranmere Stoke Portsmouth Leicester Watford Port Vale Huddersfield Ipswich Birmingham Barnsley Southampton(ccc) WBA 97/8 Cheltenham(fac) 98/9 Colchester Stoke Wigan Oldham Notts C. Chesterfield Wrexham Walsall Wycombe Northampton Millwall Colchester(res.) Northampton(res.) C.Palace(res.) 99/00 Oxford Bournemouth Luton Gillingham 00/1 Port Vale Wigan Bristol City 01/2 Stoke Swindon QPR 02/3 Sheff.Utd 03/4 Coventry Watford Derby WestHam 04/5 Millwall Coventry Leicester Sheff.Utd Derby Burnley Leeds Crewe Wigan QPR Watford Brighton Gillingham Swansea 05/6 Stoke Coventry Birmingham(fac) PNE Watford Wolves Luton 06/7 Sheff.Utd Wigan Chelsea Charlton Fulham Portsmouth Blackburn Bolton A.Villa Everton Arsenal Darlington(cc) Man.U(fac) Man.U Middlesbrough Watford WestHam Liverpool Newcastle Spurs 07/8 Liverpool(cc) Fulham Man.U Sunderland Newcastle Spurs Birmingham Everton Chelsea WestHam Man.City Derby Blackburn Bolton Portsmouth A.Villa Arsenal Wigan Spurs(fac) 08/9 Barnsley Charlton C.Palace Southampton Derby Ipswich Bristol C. Doncaster Swansea Coventry NottmForest Burnley QPR Plymouth Wolves Birmingham Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. PNE Blackpool Burnley(posf) 10/11 Doncaster Scunthorpe 11/12 C.Palace 12/13 Stoke 16/17 Ipswich 17/18 A.Villa.

ROCHDALE 64/5 Brighton 66/7 Luton Barrow 69/70 2.00 each Luton Barrow Southport Fulham Bristol R. Plymouth Halifax 70/1 1.50 each Chesterfield Reading Southport(lc) C.Palace(lc)1.75 Swansea Oldham(fac) Fulham Mansfield 71/2 1.25 each Chesterfield Halifax Tranmere Torquay Barnsley(fac) Bristol R. Bradford Notts C. Wrexham 72/3 Rotherham Halifax Wrexham Shrewsbury 75/6 Newport 76/7 Scunthorpe Darlington Barnsley Crewe Stockport Torquay Hartlepool Brentford Southend Southport 1.25 Exeter 77/8 Leeds(lc) Hartlepool Scunthorpe Crewe Halifax(lc) Newport 78/9 Reading Hereford Torquay Stockport Port Vale Northampton Bournemouth Crewe(lc) Scunthorpe Halifax Doncaster Bradford Darlington Grimsby Stockport Newport 79/80 Newport/Tranmere 80/1 Scunthorpe Mansfield Bury Bradford Northampton Lincoln Peterboro York Tranmere Stockport Hereford Doncaster Crewe Wimbledon Hartlepool Torquay Port Vale Southend 81/2 Bury Tranmere Bournemouth Hereford York Bradford Peterboro 82/3 Swindon Port Vale(mc) Peterboro Bristol City Port Vale Scunthorpe Hereford 83/4 Chester Halifax/Doncaster PNE(amc) Mansfield Stockport(mc) Northampton Wrexham Swindon Stockport Telford(fac) 84/5 Tranmere Hartlepool Crewe Hereford 85/6 Wrexham(mc) Northampton PNE Chesterfield Swindon Stockport(mc) 86/7 Hartlepool Torquay Tranmere Scunthorpe Southend Cambridge Hereford Swansea Aldershot 87/8 Wimbledon(lc) Tranmere(frt) Darlington Peterboro Tranmere Hereford Torquay 88/9 Burnley(lc) Halifax Doncaster Stockport Scunthorpe York Crewe Tranmere Hereford Burnley Hartlepool Cambridge Grimsby Wrexham 89/90 Gillingham Cambridge Wrexham Bolton(lc) Northampton(fac) Torquay Southend Peterboro Chesterfield Lincoln Stockport Hartlepool Grimsby Scunthorpe Hereford Halifax Aldershot Colchester 90/1 Southampton(rc) Darlington Hartlepool Chesterfield Stockport Torquay Doncaster Hereford Scunthorpe 91/2 Barnet Gretna(fac)2.00 Chesterfield 92/3 Scunthorpe(at) York Blackpool(fac) Barnet 93/4 Scarboro Shrewsbury Scunthorpe Bury Chester Wycombe 94/5 Lincoln Torquay Walsall 95/6 Cambridge 96/7 Swansea 97/8 Macclesfield 98/9 Scunthorpe 99/00 Cheltenham 1.75 00/1 Chesterfield Cheltenham 01/2 Cheltenham 02/3 Bournemouth Wrexham Swansea 03/4 Yeovil Boston 04/5 Wycombe Scunthorpe Grimsby Cheltenham 05/6 Crewe(jpt) Torquay Chester 08/9 Barnet(fac) Macclesfield Brentford Bournemouth 09/10 Lincoln Crewe 10/11 Yeovil MK Dons Huddersfield Colchester 11/12 Hartlepool Rochdale Chesterfield(cc) Charlton 12/13 Oxford Dagenham Burton Fleetwood Bristol R. Chesterfield Exeter Wimbledon Fleetwood(jpt) Cheltenham 14/15 Bradford Barnsley Bristol C. Walsall Coventry Northampton Doncaster 15/16 Scunthorpe Crewe Walsall Chesterfield(jpt) Coventry(c1c) Coventry Oldham Shrewsbury Wigan Morecambe(jpt) Bradford Peterborough Sheff.U Chesterfield 16/17 Wimbledon MK Dons Chesterfield(lc) Blackburn/Wigan(fr) Chesterfield(ctt) Chesterfield Maidstone(fac) Bristol R. Shrewsbury Oxford Charlton Southend Scunthorpe 17/18 Bury Gillingham Walsall Peterbro Oxford Doncaster(ctt) Bromley(fac) Bristol R. Blackpool.

ROTHERHAM 69/70 Southport Barrow Fulham 2.00 Brighton Bristol R. Workington(fac) Halifax 70/1 Halifax Bristol C.(lc) Doncaster 71/2 Shrewsbury Rochdale Swansea 72/3 Walsall Southend Scunthorpe Bournemouth York Grimsby Shrewsbury Charlton 73/4 Mansfield Southport(fac)1.25 Doncaster Newport 1.25 Stockport 74/5 Mansfield Scunthorpe Mansfield Northampton(fac) Crewe Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 75/6 Hereford 76/7 Port Vale PNE Shrewsbury Sheff.Wed. Chesterfield(lc) Gillingham Reading Swindon Northampton C.Palace Wrexham Brighton Peterborough Chesterfield York(fac) York(fac2ndrep.) Walsall Altrincham(fac)1.50 Grimsby Tranmere Portsmouth Chester Millwall(lc) Mansfield Bury 77/8 Bradford Colchester Gillingham Hereford Tranmere Wrexham Lincoln 78/9 Man.City(fac) Chester Mansfield Shrewsbury Barnsley(fac) Gillingham Bury Oxford Exeter Walsall Tranmere Peterboro Plymouth Hull Watford Sheff.Wed. Brentford Colchester Chesterfield Lincoln Arsenal(lc) 79/80 Leicester(lc) Bristol City(lc) Sheff.Utd Mansfield Colchester Hull Brentford FC Vard(fr) Chesterfield 80/1 Burnley Huddersfield Hull Brentford Swindon Fulham Barnsley Sheff.Wed.(fr) Millwall Blackpool Walsall Plymouth Sheff.Utd Chester Portsmouth Exeter Colchester Charlton Gillingham Newport Chesterfield 81/2 Sunderland(lc) Luton Charlton Norwich Shrewsbury Leicester Wrexham QPR Blackburn Bolton Barnsley Cambridge Newcastle Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Cardiff 82/3 Sheff.Wed. Leicester Newcastle Middlesboro Barnsley Chelsea Charlton Oldham Grimsby Derby Burnley Fulham Bolton 83/4 Hull Oxford Walsall Sheff.Utd Sheff.Utd(amc) Wimbledon(mc) Southend Southampton(mc) Hull(fac) Bournemouth Brentford Plymouth Port Vale Wimbledon Luton(mc) Newport Hartlepool(fac) Scunthorpe 84/5 Cambridge Newport 85/6 Swansea Newport Cardiff 86/7 Bristol Rov. Newport 87/8 Swansea(po) Brentford 88/9 Colchester Rochdale Grimsby Exeter Burnley Hartlepool York Tranmere Hereford Scunthorpe 89/90 Sheff.U Northampton Shrewsbury Walsall PNE Reading Bristol Rov. Sheff.U(lc) 90/1 Mansfield Bolton Brentford Swansea PNE Huddersfield Bournemouth Southend Fulham Bradford Chester Wigan Tranmere Grimsby Reading Cambridge 91/2 Barnet Grimsby(rc) Walsall Hereford Gillingham Hereford Burnley Rochdale Lincoln Chesterfield 92/3 Hull Newcastle(fac) Chester Reading Scunthorpe(at) 93/4 Port Vale Hull Bradford Fulham Bournemouth Cambridge 94/5 Carlisle(ccc) Brighton Cardiff Cambridge Huddersfield 95/6 Bradford Hull York Crewe Bournemouth Notts C. Walsall Middlesbrough(ccc) 96/7 Gillingham Bury Notts C. Stockport Burnley Luton 97/8 Brighton Burnley Notts C. Kings Lynn(fac) 98/9 Brentford Hartlepool Swansea Cardiff 99/00 Swansea 00/1 Colchester 01/2 Barnsley Portsmouth Wimbledon Grimsby 02/3 Stoke Millwall Reading Derby Burnley Wimbledon(fac) Sheff.Wed. Shrewsbury(fr) Walsall 09/10 Bradford Dagenham Barnet 11/12 Cheltenham 13/14 Bristol C. Peterborough Barnsley(fr) 16/17 Reading Wigan Brentford Sunderland(fr) A.Villa Burton Sheff.Wed. Derby Ipswich Brighton Birmingham Huddersfield Leeds Newcastle Blackburn Cardiff NottmForest Norwich PNE Wolves.

RUSHDEN & DIAMONDS 00/1 Chester Hereford 01/2 Darlington Plymouth Macclesfield Cheltenham 02/3 Southend Bury Darlington Oxford Hereford 03/4 Luton(ldv) 04/5 Mansfield Cheltenham Scunthorpe 05/6 Boston Wycombe Macclesfield Notts C. Rochdale Halifax(fac) Wrexham 06/7 Northwich V. Kidderminster Cambridge NottmForest/Reading(fr) 09/10 Altrincham.

SCARBOROUGH 70/1 Workington(fac)5.00 86/7 Weymouth 4.00 87/8 1.50 each Burnley Stockport Grimsby(fac) Bolton Sunderland(frt)2.00 Hartlepool Exeter Rochdale Hereford Scunthorpe Doncaster(lc) Wrexham Crewe Torquay Cambridge Colchester Darlington Carlisle Peterborough Halifax Tranmere 99/00 1.50 each Nuneaton Hereford Rushden & D. Southport Kidderminster Welling Hayes Northwich 02/3 Hereford Cambridge(fac) 03/4 Barnet Halifax.

SCUNTHORPE 65/6 Workington 68/9 Workington 69/70 Chesterfield Lincoln Crewe Colchester Workington 70/1 1.25 each Crewe Aldershot Brentford Stockport Newport Notts C. Chester Barrow Exeter Southend York Northampton Oldham Bournemouth Darlington Hartlepool Southport Lincoln Grimsby WBA(fac)2.00 Tranmere(fac) Workington 71/2 Brentford Lincoln Doncaster Chester Aldershot Peterborough Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Newport 1.25 Northampton Lincoln(lc) Hartlepool Colchester Cambridge 72/3 Rochdale Walsall Wrexham Halifax Blackburn Southend Tranmere Notts C. York Watford Chesterfield Swansea 73/4 Lincoln Brentford Crewe Darlington Rotherham Torquay Bradford Swansea 74/5 Bradford Shrewsbury Rochdale Crewe Chester Exeter Hartlepool Torquay Stockport Doncaster Northampton Lincoln Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 75/6 Cambridge Rochdale Bournemouth Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 76/7 Barnsley 1/1 Exeter Newport 1.25 Barnsley 8/2 77/8 Rochdale Brentford Hartlepool Reading Barnsley Peterborough(lc) 78/9 Wimbledon Port Vale Halifax Huddersfield Doncaster Sheff.Wed.(fac) Torquay Northampton Portsmouth Crewe Hartlepool Darlington Rochdale Bradford Northampton NottsC.(lc) Rochdale York Hereford 79/80 Aldershot Wigan Hartlepool Torquay York Tranmere Hereford Stockport Grimsby(lc) Newport 1.25 Darlington Crewe Lincoln Rochdale Port Vale Northampton Bournemouth Huddersfield Peterborough Walsall Portsmouth 80/1 Tranmere Torquay Rochdale Crewe Halifax Hereford Mansfield Wigan Aldershot York Wimbledon Stockport P.Vale Peterborough Northampton Hartlepool Hartlepool(fac) Darlington Doncaster Bournemouth Bury Barnsley(lc) Lincoln Mansfield Bradford 81/2 Hereford(fac) Northampton Halifax Wigan Colchester Mansfield(lc) Blackpool Nott'm Forest(fr) Stockport Torquay Bradford(fac) York Hartlepool Bournemouth Rochdale Aldershot Sheff.U Tranmere Peterborough P.Vale Mansfield Hull Hereford Darlington Crewe Bury Bradford 82/3 Mansfield Spurs(fr) York Torquay Stockport Hereford Lincoln(flt) Sheff.Utd(flt) Blackpool Halifax Northwich(fac) Chester Grimsby(fac) Hull Rochdale P.Vale Peterborough Northampton Swindon Tranmere Wimbledon Aldershot Bury Bristol C. Grimsby(mc) Hartlepool Darlington Crewe Colchester Ian Botham all stars XI(fr) 83/4 Crewe(amc) Southend Orient Rotherham Sheff.Utd Port Vale Wimbledon Bournemouth Burnley Brentford Walsall Bury(fac) Wigan Bradford PNE Leeds(fac)10/1 Leeds(fac)16/1 Bolton Newport Lincoln Millwall Hull Plymouth Gillingham PNE(fac) Oxford Exeter Doncaster(mc) Chesterfield(amc) Bristol Rov. 84/5 Darlington Tranmere Chester Mansfield(mc) Rochdale Halifax Torquay Peterboro Stockport Hereford Chesterfield Aldershot A.Villa(mc) Northampton Hartlepool Exeter Wrexham Swindon Blackpool Bury Colchester Crewe Bradford(frt) Nuneaton B.(fac) Southend Mansfield 85/6 Hereford Crewe Colchester Orient Cambridge Hartlepool Northampton Swindon Southend Rochdale Rochdale(fac) PNE P.Vale Colchester Burnley Tranmere Torquay Halifax(frt) Darlington(mc) Wrexham Peterborough Mansfield Halifax Exeter Chester Aldershot 86/7 Peterboro Crewe Cambridge Exeter Hartlepool Hereford Stockport Wrexham(frt) Tranmere Orient Torquay Ipswich(lc) Swansea Southend Runcorn(fac) Rochdale Aldershot Burnley Colchester Darlington(lc) Cardiff Wrexham Southport(fac) PNE Northampton Halifax Hartlepool(frt) 87/8 Blackpool(fac) Wrexham Crewe Sunderland(fac) Burnley Swansea Hartlepool(lc) Bolton Bury(fac) Darlington Torquay(posf) Orient Leicester(lc) Stockport Rochdale Peterborough Torquay Tranmere Hereford Hartlepool Halifax Colchester Carlisle Cambridge 88/9 Grimsby Bradford(lc) Huddersfield(lc) Burnley Wrexham(po) Rochdale Exeter Hereford Orient Cambridge Torquay Colchester Stockport Doncaster Rotherham Darlington Carlisle York Wrexham Tranmere Peterborough Lincoln Hartlepool Halifax Crewe 89/90 Halifax Grimsby Carlisle Hartlepool Stockport Doncaster Cambridge Chesterfield Hereford Lincoln Wrexham Colchester Exeter Gillingham Matlock(fac) Maidstone Torquay Southend Rochdale Peterborough Burnley York Aldershot Burnley(fac) Scarborough(lc) 90/1 Torquay York Burnley Hartlepool Blackpool(posf) Hereford Scarboro Rochdale(fac) WBA(res.) Bradford(res.) Peterborough Stockport Tranmere(fac) Carlisle Aldershot Walsall Halifax Gillingham Doncaster Darlington Chesterfield Cardiff Blackpool Rochdale Northampton Lincoln Wrexham Carlisle(rc) 91/2 Rochdale Doncaster Hereford Burnley Mansfield Blackpool Wrexham Crewe Rotherham York Northampton Halifax Carlisle Gillingham Rotherham(fac) Lincoln Wrexham(rc) Walsall Chesterfield Cardiff Barnet 92/3 Wrexham Gillingham Darlington Barnet Halifax Scarborough Crewe York Colchester Huddersfield(fac) Lincoln Chesterfield Torquay Cardiff Shrewsbury Rochdale Northampton Hereford Doncaster Carlisle Bury 93/4 Hereford Chesterfield Shrewsbury Walsall Doncaster Darlington Colchester Crewe Chester Bury Gillingham Lincoln PNE Rochdale Shrewsbury(ccc) Torquay Walsall Walsall(fac) Wycombe Wigan 94/5 Hereford Birmingham(fac) Rochdale Bradford(fac) Doncaster PNE Torquay Hartlepool Exeter Fulham Wigan Walsall Scarborough Northampton Mansfield Lincoln Colchester Chesterfield Bury Huddersfield(ccc) Barnet 95/6 Lincoln Hartlepool Exeter Bury PNE Scarborough Cambridge Wigan Hereford Fulham Torquay Rochdale Plymouth Mansfield Orient Gillingham Doncaster Darlington Colchester Chester Shrewsbury(fac) 96/7 Bradford(fr) Chester Darlington Rotherham(fac) Lincoln Wigan Swansea Northampton Mansfield Hull Hereford Hartlepool Exeter Doncaster Carlisle Blackpool(ccc) Barnet Cardiff Cambridge Brighton Wrexham(fac) Torquay Rochdale Orient Fulham Colchester 97/8 Orient Rochdale Macclesfield Darlington Hull Notts C. Hartlepool Barnet Ilkestone(fac) Brighton Cambridge Colchester Exeter Grimsby(aws) Lincoln Peterborough Rotherham Torquay Mansfield Doncaster Chester Cardiff Swansea Shrewsbury 98/9 Mansfield Shrewsbury Torquay Orient Southend Rochdale Chester Barnet Darlington Peterboro Plymouth Cardiff Blackpool(wc) Brighton Brentford Cambridge Carlisle Exeter Halifax Hartlepool Hull Rotherham Swansea Swansea(posf) Carlisle(aws) 99/00 PNE Wycombe Bury Bristol C. Bristol Rov. NottsC. Oxford Wigan Wrexham Bournemouth Blackpool Brentford Burnley Oldham Millwall Luton Huddersfield(wc) Gillingham Colchester Chesterfield Cardiff Cambridge Stoke Reading 00/1 Chesterfield Mansfield Hull Hartlepool(fac) Hartlepool Halifax Macclesfield Shrewsbury Torquay Wigan(wc) York Rochdale Carlisle Lincoln Cheltenham Cardiff Brighton Blackpool Wigan(wc) Barnet Darlington Exeter 01/2 Macclesfield Luton Hartlepool Shrewsbury Hull Southend Oxford Rochdale Orient Mansfield Exeter Carlisle 02/3 Macclesfield Leeds(fac) Wrexham Swansea Rochdale Oxford Exeter Southend Torquay Oxford Orient Lincoln Lincoln(posf) Hull Carlisle Bury Bournemouth Darlington Hartlepool 03/4 Oxford Oldham(cc) Rochdale Northampton Huddersfield Hull Cheltenham Sheff.Wed.(fac) Shrewsbury(fac) Southend Darlington Torquay Macclesfield Rochdale Orient Kidderminster Mansfield Bury Barnsley(fac) Boston NottmForest(fr) 04/5 Rochdale Northampton Notts C. Wycombe Lincoln Chesterfield(fac) Boston Bristol Rov. Bury Cheltenham Chester Darlington Grimsby Macclesfield Orient Mansfield Oxford Rushden & D. Shrewsbury Southend Swansea Wrexham Yeovil 05/6 Southend Brentford Tranmere Oldham Rotherham Yeovil Walsall P.Vale Gillingham Bury(fac) Hartlepool(ldv) Birmingham(cc) Tranmere(cc) Barnsley Blackpool Swindon Bournemouth Colchester Hartlepool Swansea Bristol C. MK Dons Huddersfield Bradford Chesterfield NottmForest 06/7 Chesterfield Millwall Northampton NottmForest Yeovil Bradford Bournemouth Carlisle Cheltenham Gillingham Huddersfield Orient Brighton Doncaster P.Vale Crewe Swansea Rotherham Oldham Blackpool Tranmere Wrexham(fac) 07/08 Cardiff QPR Sheff.U Sheff.Wed. Southampton Stoke Watford WBA C.Palace Hartlepool(cc) Hull Ipswich Leicester Plymouth Norwich Colchester Coventry Charlton Burnley Bristol C. Barnsley PNE Wolves Blackpool 08/9 Oldham Walsall Yeovil Southend Stockport Swindon Tranmere(jpt) Orient MK Dons MK Dons(posf) Millwall Northampton Peterborough Alfreton(fac) Carlisle Bristol Rov. Colchester Crewe Cheltenham Brighton Hereford Grimsby(jpt) Hartlepool Leeds Leicester Rotherham(jpt) Tranmere Rochdale(jpt) Notts C.(jpt) 09/10 Chesterfield(cc) PNE Middlesbrough Sheff.U Reading QPR NottmForest Sheff.Wed. Swansea Ipswich Plymouth Peterborough Cardiff Doncaster Derby Coventry Barnsley Leicester Watford Bristol C. WBA C.Palace Barnsley(fac) Blackpool P.Vale(cc) 10/11 Swansea Nottm Forest Reading Watford Hull Cardiff Ipswich Middlesbrough PNE Bristol C. Burnley Leicester Sheff.U Derby Portsmouth Millwall Coventry Leeds Doncaster Barnsley C.Palace Sheff.Wed.(cc) Norwich Oldham(cc) Huddersfield(fr) Man.U(cc)4.00 Everton(fac)2.00 11/12 Colchester Chesterfield Walsall Rochdale Brentford Wycombe Sheff.U Yeovil Bournemouth PNE Oldham Wimbledon(fac) Carlisle Bury Stevenage Charlton Notts C. Exeter MK Dons Oldham(jpt) Orient Huddersfield Tranmere Hartlepool 12/13 Swindon Sheff.U Shrewsbury PNE Walsall Yeovil Orient MK Dons Notts C. Oldham Hartlepool Crewe Bury Carlisle Colchester Crawley Doncaster Coventry Stevenage Portsmouth Bournemouth Brentford Tranmere 13/14 Oxford Rochdale Chesterfield Fleetwood Portsmouth Southend Burton Hartlepool Morecambe Newport Northampton Cheltenham Exeter Wimbledon 14/15 Yeovil Chesterfield(fac) Chesterfield MK Dons Bristol C. Sheff.U Walsall 17/18 Portsmouth Rotherham Rochdale Shrewsbury Southend Sunderland(fr) Walsall Wigan Blackburn Blackpool Bradford Bristol R. Bury Charlton Doncaster Gillingham Leicester U21(ct) MK Dons Northampton Oldham Oxford Peterborough Plymouth 18/19 Plymouth Rochdale Portsmouth Shrewsbury Southend Sunderland Walsall Wycombe Wimbledon Accrington Barnsley Blackpool Bradford Bristol R. Burton(fac) Burton Charlton Doncaster Fleetwood Gillingham Luton Oxford Peterborough.

SHEFFIELD UNITED 63/4 West Ham ph 64/5 Stoke Blackpool 65/6 West Ham ph Leicester 67/8 West Ham ph Sheff.Wed. 70/1 1.50 each Leicester Luton Leeds(lc) Middlesboro Charlton Hull Birmingham QPR Carlisle Swindon Bristol C. Sheff.Wed. Bolton Oxford Portsmouth Sunderland Blackburn Norwich Millwall Cardiff 71/2 1.50 each Leeds Newcastle Leicester Wolves Nottm Forest Ipswich Coventry Liverpool Chelsea Spurs Huddersfield WBA Man.City Derby 72/3 1.50 each Southampton Spurs Man.City C.Palace Man.U Everton Coventry Derby WBA Birmingham Norwich Leicester Wolves Stoke Arsenal Chelsea Southampton Ipswich Newcastle Liverpool WestHam 73/4 1.50 each Man.U Arsenal QPR West Ham Ipswich Wolves Everton Spurs Derby Birmingham Leicester Norwich Newcastle Burnley Stoke Man.City Chelsea Coventry Southampton 74/5 1.50 each Norwich(lc) West Ham Leeds Stoke Wolves Chelsea Man.City Leicester QPR Newcastle Ipswich Middlesbrough Luton Everton Luton(lc) Derby Birmingham Burnley Coventry Arsenal Bristol C.(fac) Liverpool Chesterfield(lc) Carlisle 75/6 1.25 each Derby Wolves Norwich Middlesboro Leicester Ipswich Everton Birmingham Man.Utd Leeds Stoke Newcastle Sheff.Wed.(fr) Burnley Spurs West Ham Coventry A.Villa 76/7 Plymouth Oldham Notts C. Hull Millwall Hereford Charlton Bolton Blackpool Blackburn Newcastle(fac) Wolves Cardiff Sheff.Wed.(fr) Southampton NottmForest Carlisle 77/8 Everton(lc)1.50 Notts C. Burnley Blackburn Arsenal(fac)1.50 Southampton Bolton Oldham Hull Mansfield Luton Blackpool Brighton Charlton Cardiff 78/9 Blackburn Notts C. Charlton Bristol Rov. Aldershot(fac) Leicester Mar. Leicester May Liverpool(lc)1.50 Luton Cambridge Burnley Leeds(lc) Oldham River Plate(fr) Stoke Wrexham Millwall PNE Newcastle West Ham Brighton Cardiff 79/80 Plymouth Oxford Mansfield Wimbledon Colchester Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Blackpool Dundee(asc) Gillingham Chester St.Mirren(asc) Reading Grimsby Barnsley Hull Leeds(fr) Carlisle Blackburn Millwall Burscough(fac) 1.50 80/1 Brentford Fulham Millwall Hull Swindon Sheff.Wed(lc) Chesterfield(fac) Chesterfield Gillingham Burnley Newport Grimsby(asc)2.00 Hull(asc)2.00 81/2 Hereford Rochdale Arsenal(lc) Northampton 82/3 Bristol Rov. Cardiff Portsmouth Boston(fac) Lincoln Newport Hull(mc) Chesterfield 83/4 Hull Birmingham(fac) Lincoln Bradford Bradford(mc) Newport Lincoln(fac) Scunthorpe 84/5 Brighton Carlisle Fulham Barnsley Blackburn Everton(mc) Notts C. Middlesboro Oxford Oldham 85/6 Wimbledon Blackburn Rotherham Luton Portsmouth Fulham Sunderland Barnsley Fulham(fac) 86/7 Hull Portsmouth Huddersfield Barnsley C.Palace Bradford Grimsby Oldham Stoke 87/8 Reading Plymouth Middlesboro Millwall Blackburn Ipswich Huddersfield A.Villa Oldham Hull Stoke Leicester 88/9 Chesterfield Bristol City Mansfield Reading Bristol Rov. Southend Swansea Notts C. Blackpool Gillingham Bolton Fulham Northampton Wolves Cardiff 89/90 Leicester Wolves Barnsley Watford Watford(fac) Port Vale Bournemouth(fac) Wolves(zds) Barnsley(fac) Bradford Newcastle Oldham Stoke Ipswich Portsmouth Middlesboro West Ham Plymouth Hull Oxford Man.Utd(fac) Blackburn Swindon Bournemouth Brighton 90/1 Man.City Southampton Everton Man.Utd Everton(rc) Chelsea Southampton Luton Sunderland QPR Northampton(rc) Spurs Spurs(lc) C.Palace Coventry Liverpool Oldham(zds) Derby Luton(fac) Nott'm Forest Wimbledon Leeds Arsenal 91/2 A.Villa Southampton QPR Luton(fac) Norwich Wigan(rc) C.Palace Coventry NottmForest Man.U WestHam Sheff.Wed. Notts C. Wimbledon WestHam(rc) Charlton(fac) Man.City Oldham Spurs Arsenal Liverpool 92/3 QPR Hartlepool(fac) Ipswich Burnley(fac) Oldham Dec. Oldham Feb. Sheff.Wed. Man.U(fac) Everton Coventry NottmForest Leeds Spurs Norwich Blackburn(fac) Chelsea A.Villa Arsenal Man.U Middlesbrough Southampton Liverpool 93/4 Wimbledon Sheff.Wed. Man.U(fac) Oldham Liverpool 95/6 A.Villa(fac) C.Palace Oldham 96/7 Southend WBA Portsmouth Sheff.Wed.(fr) Oldham Huddersfield 97/8 Sunderland Portsmouth QPR Stockport Reading 98/9 QPR Cardiff(fac) 99/00 C.Palace Walsall PNE(wc) Grimsby Crewe WBA Shrewsbury(wc) Man.City Barnsley QPR 00/1 Burnley Sheff.Wed. 01/2 Walsall Bradford Stockport Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Nott'm Forest Birmingham Crewe Gillingham Portsmouth Burnley Rotherham Norwich PNE WBA 02/3 Wolves Nott'm Forest Sheff.Wed. Millwall Wolves Walsall Leeds(wc) C.Palace(wc) Derby Grimsby PNE Reading Sunderland(wc) Walsall(fac) 03/4 Coventry Ipswich QPR(cc) Burnley Walsall WBA PNE Reading 04/5 Gillingham Ipswich Spurs(fr) Wigan Watford A.Villa(fac) Stoke Arsenal(fac) Rotherham NottmForest Watford(cc) 05/6 Norwich Stoke Leicester Cardiff Burnley Coventry Ipswich Derby Leicester Milwall PNE Plymouth 06/7 Bury(cc) Charlton Blackburn Swansea(fac) 07/8 Arsenal(cc) Hull Leicester Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Bristol C. Watford Scunthorpe 09/10 Plymouth Scunthorpe 10/11 Swansea Watford Portsmouth Burnley Barnsley Scunthorpe 11/12 Bury 14/15 Scunthorpe 17/18 Bristol C. Cardiff Barnsley Birmingham Bolton Derby Fulham Hull Ipswich Brentford Norwich PNE Middlesbrough Millwall QPR Reading Sunderland Wolves Walsall(cc) 18/19 A.Villa Barnet(fac) Blackburn Bolton Brentford Derby Hull Hull(cc) Inter Milan(fr) Birmingham Leeds Millwall Norwich PNE QPR Reading Rotherham Stoke Sheff.Wed. WBA Wigan.

SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY 60/1 West Ham ph 62/3 West Ham ph 64/5 West Ham ph 65/6 West Ham ph Liverpool WBA 66/7 Liverpool 67/8 West Ham ph Sheff.U WBA 68/9 West Ham/Nott'm Forest ph 69/70 Scunthorpe(fac) 70/1 Leicester QPR Luton Charlton Bolton Leicester Oxford Swindon Cardiff 71/2 Luton Watford Millwall Hull Burnley Swindon Portsmouth Charlton 72/3 Fulham Burnley Oxford A.Villa C.Palace(fac) QPR Huddersfield Portsmouth Hull Swindon Middlesbrough Millwall Bristol C. jan. Blackpool Cardiff Brighton Chelsea(fac) 73/4 WBA C.Palace Notts C. Hull PNE Luton Bristol C. Millwall Blackpool 74/5 Nott'm Forest Notts C. Blackpool Portsmouth Oldham Fulham York Hull Bristol City Sunderland WBA Bristol Rov. Man.U 1.50 75/6 Chesterfield 76/7 Mansfield Brighton C.Palace Reading 77/8 Bury Walsall Chesterfield Lincoln Plymouth Tranmere Hereford 78/9 Bury Oxford Scunthorpe(fac) Plymouth Carlisle Lincoln Colchester Shrewsbury Watford Brentford Tranmere(fac) Swindon Rotherham Chesterfield Chester Walsall Gillingham Swansea 79/80 Man.City(lc) Blackburn Reading 80/1 Sheff.Utd(lc) Watford West Ham Notts C. Chelsea Wimbledon(lc) PNE Grimsby Luton Shrewsbury Bolton Swansea Blackburn QPR Oldham Cambridge Derby Watford(lc) Bristol City Wrexham 81/2 Shrewsbury Watford C.Palace Newcastle Bolton Cardiff Rotherham Oldham Chelsea Derby Luton Wrexham Barnsley Charlton QPR Grimsby 82/3 Oldham Bristol City(mc) Grimsby Barnsley(mc) Derby Bolton Shrewsbury Charlton QPR Newcastle Leeds 83/4 Carlisle Brighton C.Palace Derby Swansea Cardiff 84/5 QPR Newcastle Luton Coventry Everton Ipswich Liverpool 85/6 Luton QPR Leicester Birmingham Spurs Derby(fac) Oxford Newcastle Nott'm Forest Man.City Liverpool Arsenal 86/7 Leicester Liverpool Watford QPR Man.City Nott'm Forest Man.Utd Newcastle Norwich Charlton Arsenal Everton Chelsea Oxford West Ham Coventry Southampton Luton Watford Stockport(lc) Portmouth(fmc) 87/8 Norwich Wimbledon Derby Chelsea Southampton Nott'm Forest Arsenal Oxford QPR Everton(fac)9/1 Luton Newcastle Liverpool Coventry Man.Utd Charlton Watford Portsmouth 88/9 Derby QPR Wimbledon Middlesboro West Ham Norwich Millwall Southampton Charlton Newcastle Nott'm Forest Luton Liverpool Spurs Everon Man.Utd Coventry 89/90 Wimbledon A.Villa Coventry Spurs Charlton Southampton Man.Utd Man.City QPR MIllwall Luton Liverpool Everton Derby Chelsea Brondby(fr) Norwich C.Palace Sheff.U(zds) 90/1 Derby(rc) Notts C. Brentford(rc) Blackburn Barnsley(zds) Charlton Ipswich Portsmouth Wolves Oxford Middlesboro Barnsley Millwall Swindon Oldham WBA Swindon(rc) Port Vale West Ham Watford Newcastle Plymouth 91/2 Notts C. Liverpool Spurs Southampton Wimbledon West Ham Everton QPR Oldham A.Villa Man.Utd Man.City Luton Coventry Chelsea C.Palace Arsenal Sheff.Utd Middlesboro(fac) Nottm Forest 92/3 Leeds Middlesboro C.Palace Man.City Leicester(ccc) Ipswich Hartlepool(ccc) Ipswich(ccc) Everton Coventry Chelsea Blackburn Spora Luxembourg(uefa) Sunderland(fac) Southend(fac) Southampton QPR(ccc) Oldham Spurs QPR Norwich Man. Utd Wimbledon Blackburn(cccsf) A.Villa 93/4 Norwich Spurs West Ham Swindon Wimbledon Southampton Newcastle Oldham Bolton(ccc) Man.Utd QPR Middlesboro(ccc) Ipswich Liverpool A.Villa Coventry Everton Chelsea Blackburn Arsenal Man.Utd(cccsf) Sheff.U 94/5 Sheff.Utd(fr) QPR West Ham Norwich A.Villa C.Palace Everton Blackburn Man.Utd Leicester Bradford(ccc) Ipswich Leeds Arsenal Nott'm Forest Wimbledon Wolves(fac) Southampton(ccc) Southampton Liverpool Coventry 95/6 QPR West Ham Blackburn A.Villa Everton Bolton Man.Utd Liverpool Newcastle Nott'm Forest Southampton Spurs Crewe(ccc) Wimbledon Leeds 96/7 Wimbledon(fac) Southampton Liverpool Newcastle Nott'm Forest Man.Utd West Ham Coventry Leicester 97/8 A.Villa Everton C.Palace Bolton Barnsley Chelsea West Ham Leicester Blackburn(fac) Leeds Liverpool 98/9 Norwich(fac) Blackburn Stockport(fac) Leicester Derby Nott'm Forest Southampton A.Villa Wimbledon Arsenal Spurs Chelsea(fac) Newcastle 99/00 Stoke(wc) Sunderland Coventry Wolves(fac) Bristol City(fac) Middlesboro West Ham Southampton Bradford Derby Wimbledon Watford Everton A.Villa Leeds Leicester 00/1 Blackburn Stockport QPR 01/2 Walsall Barnsley 02/3 Walsall 03/4 Port Vale Peterboro Chesterfield Barnsley(ldv) Scunthorpe(fac) 04/5 Cardiff Crewe C.Palace Norwich Reading Hull Brighton 05/6 Watford Reading Ipswich 06/7 Derby Stoke QPR Leeds Barnsley Leicester Birmingham Southampton Ipswich Luton Burnley Wrexham(cc) Sunderland Plymouth Man.City(fac) Hull Coventry C.Palace Cardiff 07/8 Birmingham(fr) Blackpool Barnsley Bristol City Derby(fac) Southampton Ipswich Coventry Hartlepool(cc) Scunthorpe 09/10 Scunthorpe 12/13 Brighton 15/16 MK Dons Rotherham Blackburn 16/17 A.Villa Brighton Reading Burton Huddersfield Cardiff Norwich Ipswich Derby Leeds Benfica(fr) Wigan Fulham Bristol C. Barnsley Blackburn Wolves PNE NottmForest.

SHREWSBURY 65/6 Peterborough(fac) Workington 66/7 Wrexham(lc) Wrexham(fac) Workington 67/8 Barrow Southport 68/9 Walsall Mansfield Barrow Swindon 69/70 Stockport Barnsley Mansfield Brighton Fulham 2.00 Southport Barrow 71/2 1.50 each Notts C. Brighton 72/3 1.50 each Rotherham Bournemouth Chesterfield Oldham Port Vale Rochdale Walsall Brentford Scunthorpe Watford York Blackburn Halifax Grimsby Tranmere Swansea 73/4 1.50 each Chesterfield Port Vale Rochdale Walsall Grimsby Hereford Southport Watford Bournemouth Charlton 3.00 74/5 Bradford Barnsley Cambridge Darlington Hereford(lc) Reading Rochdale Scunthorpe Torquay Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 Doncaster Newport 1.25 75/6 Bradford(fac) Chester 75/6 Hereford Hereford(wcsf)2.00 76/7 Walsall Rotherham Reading Mansfield Bury Walsall(lc) Port Vale Swindon Sheff.Wed.1-50 Gillingham Portsmouth C.Palace 78/9 Peterborough 79/80 Cambridge 80/1 Grimsby Newcastle Swansea Sheff.Wed. Luton Bolton Cardiff Derby Norwich(lc) PNE Oldham Chelsea Cambridge 81/2 Norwich Blackburn Cambridge C.Palace WBA(lc) Oldham Wrexham 82/3 Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Birmingham(mc) Blackburn Bolton Burnley Charlton Chelsea Middlesbrough Grimsby Oldham Rotherham Rotherham(fac) Wolves Derby Fulham Cambridge 83/4 Cardiff Fulham Oldham Grimsby Chelsea Carlisle Barnsley Leeds Cambridge Portsmouth Swansea Charlton C.Palace Oldham(fac) Sheff.Wed. Ipswich(fac) Middlesbrough 84/5 Fulham Blackburn Bolton(mc) Sheff.Utd Birmingham Notts C. Barnsley Grimsby Carlisle Leeds Sheff.Wed. Oxford(fac) Portsmouth Oldham Cardiff 85/6 Leeds Hull Sheff.Utd Fulham Barnsley Carlisle Oldham Stoke Brighton Blackburn Sunderland Portsmouth Chelsea(fac) Bradford C.Palace Everton(mc) Huddersfield Huddersfield(mc) Wimbledon Norwich Middlesbrough 86/7 Liverpool(fr) Stoke(lc) Hull(lc) Oldham Birmingham Brighton Blackburn C.Palace Millwall Grimsby Reading Barnsley Plymouth Bradford Crewe(lc) Derby Portsmouth Hull Sunderland Stoke Leeds Cardiff(mc) 87/8 Crewe(lc) Stoke Barnsley Plymouth Huddersfield Middlesboro Hull Ipswich Sheff.Wed.(lc) Bristol Rov.(fac) Oldham Blackburn Swindon Man.City Bradford A.Villa Bournemouth Leeds C.Palace Leicester Millwall 88/9 Arsenal(fr) Oxford C.Palace Swindon Stoke Plymouth Walsall(lc) Barnsley Bournemouth Hull Ipswich Bradford Bristol Rov. Oldham Chelsea 1.50 Watford Walsall Blackburn Brighton Colchester(fac) Man.City Leicester 89/90 Blackpool Rotherham Notts C.(lc) Swindon(lc) Birmingham Mansfield Bury Reading Northampton Cardiff Bolton Brentford Tranmere Walsall Crewe Chester Bristol C. Fulham Chesterfield(fac) 90/1 Chester Southend PNE Mansfield Cambridge Arsenal(fac)2.00 Grimsby Gillingham(rc) Ipswich(rc) Fulham Crewe Bradford(fac) Reading Bolton Brentford Bury Torquay(ldc) 91/2 Fulham Bradford Plymouth(rc) Hartlepool Reading Lincoln(at) Bury Chester Brentford Stoke WBA Bolton Birmingham Darlington Huddersfield PNE Torquay Wigan Bournemouth Swansea 92/3 Chesterfield Gillingham Rochdale Bury Wigan(ccc) Barnet Lincoln Walsall Cardiff Carlisle Colchester Darlington Hereford Mansfield(fac) Scunthorpe Torquay Crewe York A.Villa(fr) Cardiff(at) 93/4 Port Vale(at) Blackburn(ccc) Mansfield Wigan Bury Rochdale PNE PNE(fac) Crewe Walsall Hereford Wycombe Torquay Scunthorpe Scunthorpe(ccc) Northampton Doncaster Colchester 94/5 Rotherham Wrexham Plymouth Bradford Chester Wycombe Cardiff Cambridge Peterboro Swansea Hull Crewe Huddersfield Oxford Stockport York Bournemouth Birmingham(ccc) Birmingham 95/6 Chesterfield Crewe Peterboro Bradford Notts C. York Derby(ccc) Blackpool Stockport Brentford Rotherham Carlisle Bristol City Swansea Walsall Burnley Doncaster(ccc) Hull Wrexham Bournemouth Wycombe Bristol C.(aws) 96/7 PNE Walsall Blackpool Peterboro Wycombe Chesterfield Rotherham Bristol City Bournemouth Bristol R. Burnley Millwall Notts C. Scarborough(fac) Wrexham 97/8 Barnet Lincoln Brentford(ccc) Torquay Cardiff Rochdale Cambridge Colchester Darlington Grimsby(fac) Hull Macclesfield Mansfield Notts C. Rotherham Scarborough Scunthorpe 98/9 Rochdale Halifax Mansfield Rotherham Torquay Brentford Barnet Cambridge Chester Hull Peterborough Plymouth Scunthorpe Wycombe(aws) Cardiff 99/00 York Brighton Rochdale Southend Lincoln Mansfield Rotherham Barnet Hull Halifax Carlisle Hartlepool Peterborough Plymouth Darlington Exeter Northampton(fac) Macclesfield Northampton 00/1 Plymouth Macclesfield Exeter Chesterfield Darlington Blackpool Kidderminster Torquay Cheltenham Scunthorpe 01/2 Wolves(fr) Lincoln Exeter Cheltenham Darlington Hartlepool Oxford Rochdale Rushden&D. Southend Luton 02/3 Cambridge Wigan(fr) Hull Stafford R.(fac) Barrow(fac) Port Vale(ldv) Bournemouth Macclesfield Torquay Oxford Rochdale York Bury 03/4 Morecambe Burton Woking Forest Green Leigh RMI Tamworth Dagenham 04/5 Rusden & D. Oxford Northampton Darlington Yeovil Scunthorpe 05/6 Darlington Bury Boston Northampton Stockport Rochdale Mansfield Peterboro Notts C. Macclesfield Lincoln Grimsby Braintree(fac) Barnet Stockport 06/7 Yeovil(jpt) Macclesfield Boston Mansfield Notts C. Peterboro Rochdale Torquay Wrexham Wycombe 07/8 Wycombe Barnet Brentford Mansfield Darlington Colchester(cc) Hereford Chesterfield Macclesfield Notts C. Rotherham Wrexham Peterboro 08/9 Dagenham Rotherham Barnet Bournemouth Port Vale Bury Bradford Wycombe Carlisle(cc) WBA(fr) Stoke(fr) Brighton(jpt) Luton Chester Accrington Morecambe Darlington Notts C. Grimsby Brentford Chesterfield Rochdale Lincoln Exeter 09/10 Rotherham Bury Torquay Aldershot Northampton Crewe Chesterfield Bradford Cheltenham Bournemouth Hereford Barnet Lincoln Port Vale Accrington Morecambe Notts C. Macclesfield Ipswich(cc) Staines(fac) WBA(fr) Leicester(fr) 10/11 Cheltenham 11/12 Rotherham(fac) Torquay Tranmere(fr) Wolves(fr) Swindon Crewe Man.U(fr) 12/13 Carlisle Bury Hartlepool Notts C. Yeovil Walsall Tranmere MK Dons Brentford Doncaster Wolves(fr) 13/14 MK Dons Brentford Crawley Notts C. Sheff.U P.Vale Bristol C. Oldham Oldham(jpt) Coventry Colchester Birmingham(fr) Bradford Walsall PNE Tranmere Rotherham 14/15 Wimbledon Southend Stevenage Northampton Dagenham Kilmarnock(fr) WBA(fr) Watford(fr) Cheltenham Tranmere Accrington Burton Bury Newport Walsall(fac) Portsmouth Mansfield Morecambe 15/16 Cardiff(fr) Birmingham(fr) Wolves(fr) Grimsby(fac) Barnsley Doncaster Bury Colchester Blackpool Burton Chesterfield Walsall Southend Gillingham Oldham 16/17 Bury Wimbledon P.Vale Chesterfield Hibs(fr) Gillingham Huddersfield(lc) Oldham Birmingham(fr) Cardiff(fr) MK Dons Northampton Sheff.U Scunthorpe Peterborough Bradford Fleetwood(fac) Bristol R. Cambridge(ctt) Fleetwood Southend Bolton Barnet(fac) Coventry Walsall Rochdale Charlton Oxford 17/18 Morecambe(fac) Oxford Rotherham Bristol R. Gillingham Doncaster Blackpool(ctt) Yeovil(ctt) Oldham(ctt) Plymouth Bury Walsall A.Villa(fr) Wimbledon Northampton Rochdale Cardiff(fr) Fleetwood Scunthorpe Burton(fr) Walsall(ctt) Oldham Blackpool Wigan 18/19 Plymouth Accrington Barnsley Blackpool Tranmere(ctt) Sunderland Southend Walsall(ctt) Wimbledon Wolves(fac) Wycombe Peterborough Portsmouth Rochdale Salford(fac) Scunthorpe Scunthorpe(fac) Stoke(fac) Oxford Man.City U-21(ctt) Luton Gillingham Bradford Brentford(fr) Bristol R. Burton Burton(cc) Charlton Doncaster Coventry Fleetwood.

SOUTHAMPTON 59/60 Southend Shrewsbury 60/1 Ipswich(fac) 62/3 PNE Plymouth Huddersfield Bury Watford(fac) 63/4 Middlesbrough Norwich Sunderland 64/5 Swindon Huddersfield Rotherham Coventry Bury Derby Ipswich Swansea Norwich PNE Newcastle Northampton C.Palace Portsmouth Plymouth C.Palace(fac) Charlton 65/6 Carlisle Portsmouth Coventry Bury Ipswich Huddersfield PNE Bolton Derby Arsenal(fr) Norwich Birmingham Rotherham Middlesbrough Bristol C. C.Palace Charlton 66/7 Liverpool Man.City Sunderland Chelsea Plymouth(lc) Sheff.Wed. Carlisle(lc) Sheff.U Everton Stoke Newcastle Arsenal Blackpool Leicester Barrow(fac) WestHam Leeds Fulham WBA Burnley Spurs NottmForest A.Villa 67/8 West Ham Leicester Liverpool Wolves Man.City WBA Leeds NottmForest Burnley Newcastle Spurs Sheff.U Chelsea Newport(fac) Stoke Everton Fulham Sheff.Wed. Arsenal Coventry Sunderland Barrow(fac) 68/9 West Ham Liverpool Leeds Wolves Stoke Crewe(lc) Ipswich Newcastle(lc) Everton Sheff.Wed. WBA Spurs NottmForest Oxford(fac) Sunderland Leicester QPR Burnley Man.City 69/70 West Ham WBA Wolves Chelsea Ipswich Arsenal(lc) Burnley Newcastle Spurs Coventry Leeds C.Palace NottmForest Stoke Newcastle(fac) Everton Leicester(fac) Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Liverpool Man.City Arsenal Derby Dundee(fr) 70/1 Nott'm Forest West Ham Liverpool Burnley Newcastle Coventry Bristol C.(fac) Huddersfield Stoke WBA Leeds Man.City Spurs Ipswich Derby Wolves York(fac) Blackpool C.Palace 71/2 Huddersfield Ipswich Spurs Stoke Coventry Sheff.U WestHam C.Palace Derby Liverpool Man.City Leicester Chelsea Japan(fr)1.50 72/3 Ipswich Coventry Birmingham WBA Stoke Norwich Sheff.Utd Leicester WestHam Derby Stoke Wolves C.Palace Man.U Newcastle Arsenal Notts C.(lc) 73/4 Birmingham Blackpool(fac) Derby Leicester Newcastle Norwich Wolves Leeds Sheff.U Ipswich Arsenal Wrexham(fac) Coventry WestHam Man.U C.Palace(fr) 2.00 Stoke 74/5 Notts C. Oldham 23/11 Oldham 25/1 Fulham York Notts C.(lc) Bristol City Oxford Colchester(lc) WBA Derby(lc) Blackpool Hull Orient Nott'm Forest Oldham(Texaco cup) Portsmouth Bolton Norwich Sheff.Wed. Sunderland Bristol R. Man.U Millwall Cardiff jan. Cardiff apr. Ipswich(fr) 75/6 Blackburn York Notts C. Luton Sunderland Charlton Oxford Hull Bristol Rov.(lc) Fulham Bristol R. A.Villa(fac)2.00 Blackpool(fac)2.00 WBA(fac)2.00 Bolton Oldham WBA Bristol C. Plymouth Portsmouth Chelsea NottmForest Carlisle Blackpool 76/7 Carlisle Bolton Hull Luton Blackpool Millwall Burnley Charlton Fulham Notts C. Oldham Man.Utd(fac) Chelsea Plymouth Cardiff Nottm Forest Nottm Forest(fac) Hereford Marseilles(ecwc) Chelsea(fac) Bristol R. Charlton(lc) 77/8 Charlton Blackburn Brighton C.Palace Hull Notts C. Stoke Luton Fulham Sheff.Utd Oldham Blackpool C.Palace(lc) Bolton Cardiff Millwall Bristol Rov. Mansfield Wolves(fr) Spurs 78/9 Bristol City Spurs Chelsea Man.City(lc) Arsenal(fac) Coventry Ipswich Nott'm Forest Reading(lc) Man.Utd Bolton Middlesboro Man.City WBA(fac) Liverpool Wolves Leeds 79/80 Leeds Stoke Liverpool C.Palace Spurs Bristol City Brighton Nott'm Forest A.Villa Arsenal Man.City Bolton Derby WBA Wrexham(lc) 80/1 Leicester Stoke Watford(lc) Birmingham Ipswich WBA Man.City Coventry Norwich Middlesboro Nott'm Forest Spurs Liverpool C.Palace Arsenal Chelsea(fac) Everton Man.U 81/2 Nottm Forest Brighton Leeds Stoke Birmingham Middlesboro Wolves Coventry Everton Limerick(uefa) Ipswich S.Lisbon(uefa) Spurs Swansea Arsenal Man.City A.Villa Sunderland Man.U Notts C. WestHam WBA 82/3 Ipswich Spurs Luton Brighton WBA West Ham Colchester(mc) Stoke Arsenal Coventry Swansea Man.City Birmingham NottmForest Man.City(mc) 83/4 Arsenal Spurs QPR Ipswich Birmingham WBA Stoke Nott'm Forest Norwich Leicester Luton Sheff.Wed.(fac) 84/5 Norwich Hull(mc) QPR Spurs Chelsea Wolves(mc) Nott'm Forest Newcastle Arsenal Sunderland WBA Barnsley(fac) Stoke Luton Leicester A.Villa Ipswich Coventry Liverpool Sheff.Wed. 85/6 Millwall(fac) Ipswich A.Villa Oxford Luton Man.City Birmingham Wigan(fac) Chelsea Newcastle Leicester Nott'm Forest Coventry Birmingham(mc) Watford QPR Spurs Arsenal(mc) Liverpool Sheff.Wed. WBA Everton 2.50 86/7 Nott'm Forest Man.City Man.Utd(lc) Arsenal Watford Watford Chelsea Coventry Norwich Leicester Luton Wimbledon Oxford Sheff.Wed. Charlton 87/8 Liverpool Man.Utd Chelsea Oxford Derby Spurs Newcastle Coventry Charlton Wimbledon Luton 88/9 Lincoln(lc) Liverpool Luton Wimbledon Charlton West Ham Stoke(sc) A.Villa Millwall Spurs(lc) Nott'm Forest Coventry QPR Derby(fac) Middlesboro Luton(lc) Everton Spurs Arsenal Newcastle Man.Utd 89/90 Millwall C.Palace Wimbledon Luton Oldham(lc) Man.Utd York(lc) Sheff.Wed. Spurs A.Villa Liverpool Man.City Arsenal Oxford(fac) Chelsea QPR Derby Charlton Nott'm Forest 90/1 Luton Man.Utd(rc) Rochdale(rc) Man.City Spurs QPR QPR(zds) Liverpool Leeds Arsenal NottmForest Everton 91/2 Real Sociedad(fr) Notts C. Bolton(fac) Norwich Man.City Coventry Norwich(fac) QPR QPR(fac) Wimbledon Sheff.Utd WestHam Man.U Spurs WestHam(zdssf) Sheff.Wed.(rc) Sheff.Wed. Leeds Liverpool 92/3 QPR Gillingham(ccc) Coventry C.Palace(ccc) Sheff.Wed. Wimbledon Blackburn Leeds Man.U Ipswich 93/4 QPR WestHam 94/5 C.Palace Chelsea A.Villa Blackburn Nott'm Forest Spurs Luton(fac) 95/6 Coventry 96/7 Chelsea 97/8 Liverpool Leeds Sheff.Wed. Leicester Chelsea Man.Utd Coventry Blackburn Everton Newcastle Wimbledon A.Villa Derby 98/9 Liverpool Spurs Fulham(wc) Middlesboro A.Villa Derby Wimbledon Charlton West Ham Arsenal Leicester Everton 99/00 Leeds Newcastle Sheff.Wed. Arsenal Spurs Chelsea Everton Sunderland A.Villa Watford Leicester Wimbledon 00/1 Mansfield(wc) Bradford Middlesboro Ipswich Leicester 01/2 West Ham Leicester Bolton 02/3 Birmingham Sunderland Bolton West Ham WBA Blackburn Tranmere(wc) Charlton A.Villa Spurs Fulham Chelsea Middlesbrough 03/4 Portsmouth Spurs Fulham Everton Leicester Leeds Bolton Newcastle Man.U Liverpool 04/5 Blackburn Spurs C.Palace Charlton Fulham Everton Brentford(fac) Arsenal Birmingham Norwich Portsmouth Newcastle Man.U A.Villa 05/6 Ipswich 06/7 Colchester Derby Southend Sheff.Wed. C.Palace 07/8 Lazio(fr) Watford Stoke PNE Ipswich Scunthorpe.

SOUTHEND 60/1 Port Vale ph 61/2 Port Vale 65/6 Workington sept. 66/7 Luton Barrow 67/8 Workington Exeter Newport 68/9 York Workington 69/70 Darlington Colchester Workington 70/1 Workington 1.25 Grimsby 71/2 Gillingham 72/3 York Scunthorpe Bristol Rov. Rochdale Aldershot(lc) Notts C. Swansea Oldham 73/4 Aldershot Walsall Wrexham Plymouth Watford Southport 1.25 Brighton Hereford Cambridge 74/5 Colchester Tranmere Bournemouth Aldershot Bury Plymouth Swindon PNE Cambridge(lc) Hereford 76/7 Rochdale Huddersfield Doncaster Bournemouth Newport Stockport Barnsley Brighton(lc) Southport 1.25 Cambridge 77/8 Wimbledon Stockport Aldershot Reading Torquay Darlington Doncaster Bournemouth Hartlepool 78/9 Watford Wimbledon(lc) Brentford Walsall Bury Carlisle Exeter Chesterfield Swindon Colchester Sheff.Wed. Gillingham 79/80 Brentford Brentford(lc) Mansfield Bury Bolton(lc) Chesterfield Hull Reading Chester Grimsby Plymouth Exeter Blackburn Wimbledon Colchester Barnsley Oxford Blackpool Gillingham Swindon Carlisle Rotherham Millwall Sheff.Wed. 80/1 Oxford(lc) Bury Port Vale Wolves(fr) Tranmere Hartlepool Hereford Northampton Wigan Scunthorpe Mansfield Bradford Darlington Peterboro Torquay York Wimbledon Doncaster Hereford(fac) Halifax 81/2 Brentford Exeter Chesterfield Doncaster Plymouth PNE Gillingham Portsmouth Portsmouth(lc) Reading Newport Lincoln Chester Bristol City Swindon Huddersfield Oxford Fulham Wimbledon Walsall Millwall 82/3 Doncaster Millwall Huddersfield Chesterfield Sheff.Wed.(fac) Exeter PNE Reading Newport Lincoln Bristol Rov. Walsall Wigan Wrexham Plymouth 83/4 Oxford Wigan Bournemouth Walsall Plymouth Scunthorpe Gillingham Bradford Newport Lincoln 84/5 Chesterfield Wrexham Halifax Aldershot Rochdale Hartlepool Hereford Scunthorpe 85/6 Rochdale Cambridge Northampton Mansfield PNE Crewe Tranmere Aldershot Colchester Chester Exeter Hartlepool Peterboro Newport(fac) Scunthorpe Stockport Hereford 86/7 Rochdale Brentford(lc) Man.City(lc) Swansea Cambridge Aldershot Exeter Torquay Colchester Peterboro Hartlepool Hereford Scunthorpe Northampton(fac) 87/8 Derby(lc) Bury PNE Walsall Doncaster Notts C. Aldershot Brighton Northampton 88/9 Derby(lc) Bury Notts C. Northampton Mansfield Sheff.Utd Lincoln(svt) Cardiff Swansea 89/90 Hereford Burnley Exeter Chesterfield Colchester Northampton(ldc) Rochdale Wrexham Carlisle Gillingham(ldc) Cambridge Peterborough 90/1 Bolton PNE Shrewsbury C.Palace(rc) Stoke Brentford(ldsf) Bradford Bury Chester Birmingham Wigan Reading Rotherham Mansfield Huddersfield Exeter Grimsby Cambridge 91/2 Norwich(fr) Bristol City Port Vale Grimsby Tranmere Middlesboro Brighton Watford(rc) Watford Portsmouth Plymouth Derby Cambridge Blackburn 92/3 Cambridge Birmingham Barnsley Millwall(fac) Wolves Notts C. Watford Oxford Peterboro Derby Brentford Luton Portsmouth Leicester 93/4 Peterboro Bolton C.Palace Notts C.(aic) 94/5 Grimsby Sheff.Utd Bolton 95/6 Derby(ccc) Barnsley C.Palace(ccc) Watford Tranmere Luton Port Vale Leicester Reading Sheff.Utd Norwich Huddersfield Charlton Grimsby C.Palace(ccc) Portsmouth Wolves 97/8 Brentford Oldham Derby(ccc) Wigan Plymouth Watford Burnley PNE Walsall Bristol City Plymouth Wycombe(aws) Blackpool Chesterfield Northampton York Cardiff(ccc) 98/9 C.Palace(fr) Gillingham(wc) Mansfield Rotherham West Ham(fr) Torquay Ipswich(fr) Rochdale Peterboro Exeter Plymouth Chester Scunthorpe Swansea Cardiff 99/00 Halifax Macclesfield Lincoln Rotherham Darlington Northampton Cheltenham(aws) Oxford(wc) Shrewsbury Barnet Mansfield Hull Norwich(fr) Cheltenham 00/1 Macclesfield Barnet Scunthorpe Cheltenham 01/2 Bristol City(ldv) 02/3 Rushden & D. England XI(fr) 03/4 Colchester Boston Lincoln Mansfield Bury 04/5 Shrewsbury Scunthorpe 05/6 Swansea 08/9 Colchester 11/12 Barnet 12/13 Cheltenham 14/15 Dagenham 15/16 Rochdale Burton Chesterfield 16/17 Bury Oxford Scunthorpe MK Dons Peterborough Chesterfield Gillingham Shrewsbury P.Vale Rochdale Coventry Charlton Bolton Colchester(fr) Walsall Northampton Fleetwood Bradford 17/18 Scunthorpe Shrewsbury Walsall Wimbledon Wigan Rochdale Rotherham Bradford Bristol R. Bury Charlton Colchester(ctt) Doncaster Fleetwood Gillingham MK Dons Newport(cc) Northampton Oldham Oxford Peterborough Blackpool Plymouth Portsmouth Reading U-21(ctt) 18/19 Peterborough Plymouth Portsmouth Sunderland Portsmouth(ctt) Rochdale Scunthorpe Walsall Wimbledon Shrewsbury Wycombe Accrington Barnsley Luton Oxford Barnsley(fac) Blackpool Bradford Brentford(cc) Bristol R. Burton Cambridge(ctt) Charlton Coventry Doncaster Fleetwood.

SOUTHPORT 1.50 each 70/1 Colchester 71/2 Doncaster Darlington Scunthorpe tc 72/3 Exeter Aldershot Bradford Barnsley 73/4 Grimsby Southend Aldershot Rochdale Chesterfield Hereford 74/5 Scunthorpe Doncaster Northampton Darlington Torquay Brentford Mansfield 76/7 Swansea 2.00 77/8 Reading 14/15 Wrexham Welling Chester Wrexham(fat).

STEVENAGE 98/9 Cheltenham 15/16 Newport 16/17 Newport Crewe 18/19 MK Dons.

STOCKPORT 64/5 Barrow 65/6 Wrexham Workington(lc) Barrow Aldershot 66/7 Hartlepool Wrexham 67/8 Peterboro Barrow Scunthorpe 68/9 Torquay Brighton 69/70 Gillingham Luton Bournemouth Walsall Torquay Fulham 2.00 Southport Barrow 70/1 Notts C. Northampton Southend Workington 1.25 Barrow 1.25 Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 71/2 Hartlepool Cambridge Exeter Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 72/3 Bury Chester Norwich(lc)1.50 Mansfield Torquay Cambridge Peterboro Gillingham Coventry(fr) Bradford Southport 1.25 Doncaster Northampton Exeter Newport Lincoln 73/4 Crewe Torquay Northampton Colchester Brentford Mansfield Bradford Scunthorpe Reading Exeter Rotherham Chester Hartlepool P.Vale(lc) P.Vale(fac) Gillingham Lincoln Peterborough Workington 1.25 Newport 74/5 Rochdale Mansfield Bradford Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 75/6 Brentford Barnsley Bournemouth Northampton Doncaster Exeter Reading Southport(lc)1.25 Workington 1.25 Darlington Newport 76/7 Rochdale Bradford Barnsley Brentford Exeter Crewe Scunthorpe Hartlepool Everton(lc)2.00 Huddersfield 77/8 Grimsby Barnsley Darlington York Torquay Reading Northampton Rochdale Swansea Halifax Newport Scunthorpe(fac) 78/9 Bradford Crewe Hartlepool Port Vale Portsmouth Crewe Barnsley Shrewsbury(lc) York Barnsley Newport 79/80 Torquay Bournemouth Hereford Huddersfield Rochdale Walsall Portsmouth York Crewe C.Palace(lc) Peterborough Newport Lincoln Scunthorpe Northampton Aldershot P.Vale Halifax Wigan (lc) Wigan Bradford Tranmere Doncaster Hartlepool 80/1 Torquay Wigan Halifax Rochdale Southend Crewe York Tranmere Wimbledon Arsenal(lc)2.00 Sunderland(lc)2.00 81/2 Wigan(lc) Bournemouth Blackpool Wigan Scunthorpe Crewe Rochdale York Peterborough Northampton Sheff.U Bradford Halifax Torquay Mossley(fac) Hartlepool Aldershot P.Vale York Hull Darlington Hereford 82/3 Wigan(mc) Hereford Tranmere York Wimbledon Bury Rochdale Scunthorpe 83/4 Darlington Rochdale(mc) Colchester Swindon Wrexham Blackpool Hartlepool Crewe Bury Chester Chesterfield Mansfield Northampton Oldham(mc) Crewe(amc) Reading Torquay 84/5 Rochdale(mc) Burnley(frt) Wrexham Blackpool Halifax Chesterfield Hereford Liverpool(mc) Exeter Chester Northampton P.Vale Southend Bury 85/6 Wrexham Port Vale Colchester Swindon Peterboro Southend Hartlepool Torquay Burnley Rochdale Crewe Exeter Halifax Mansfield Telford(fac) Cambridge 86/7 Hereford Cambridge Scunthorpe Halifax Tranmere(lc) Tranmere Exeter Swansea Sheff.Wed. 87/8 Bolton(frt) Wolves Colchester Darlington Hereford Bolton Exeter Carlisle(lc) Tranmere Peterborough Torquay Rochdale 88/9 Rochdale Birmingham(fr)s/s Doncaster Halifax Exeter Hereford Crewe Doncaster Burnley Lincoln Rotherham 89/90 Wrexham Chesterfield(posf) Aldershot Rochdale Hartlepool Halifax Burnley(fac) York Hereford Torquay Southend Chesterfield Lincoln Grimsby Cambridge Chesterfield(posf) Scunthorpe 90/1 Doncaster Wrexham Halifax Aldershot Northampton Cardiff Darlington Chesterfield 91/2 Torquay Bury Burnley Brentford Chester Hartlepool Lincoln WBA Bradford Bradford(rc) Bolton Reading Shrewsbury Hereford Wigan Hull Birmingham Stoke PNE York(at) Exeter 92/3 Plymouth WBA Wigan Stoke Swansea Rotherham Bournemouth Fulham Hull P.Vale Bradford Hartlepool Wigan(atsf) Bolton Huddersfield 93/4 Exeter Bristol City(fac) Bournemouth Cambridge Hartlepool Port Vale Plymouth Brentford York QPR(fac) Wrexham Hull Rotherham Hartlepool(lc) Bradford Fulham Burnley Reading Cardiff 94/5 Shrewsbury Bradford Blackpool Peterborough Oxford Cambridge 95/6 Rotherham Walsall Brentford Notts C. Carlisle Wrexham 96/7 Bristol C. Peterborough Millwall Crewe Burnley Wycombe Notts C. 97/8 Portsmouth Ipswich Wolves 98/9 C.Palace Crewe Ipswich Bury 99/00 Blackburn Charlton Sheff.U Huddersfield 00/1 Birmingham 01/2 Rotherham Burnley Sichuan(fr) Crewe Grimsby Sheff.Utd Portsmouth Walsall Wimbledon 02/3 Crewe Mansfield Cheltenham 03/4 Rushden & D. Brighton Brentford Grimsby Bristol City Plymouth Luton 04/5 Port Vale Chesterfield 14/15 Wrexham(fat).

STOKE 65/6 Chelsea 66/7 West Ham ph Sheff.U 67/8 West Ham ph West Ham(fac)ph Cardiff(fac) Leicester 68/9 Man.U Southampton QPR WestHam 69/70 West Ham ph Chelsea 70/1 Derby Spurs 71/2 Man.City C.Palace Hull(fac) 73/4 Man.Utd Norwich Leicester Southampton Coventry Sheff.Utd Derby QPR Everton Birmingham Wolves 74/5 Coventry Halifax(lc) Middlesboro Luton Sheff.Utd QPR Arsenal West Ham Derby Burnley Birmingham Chelsea(lc) Everton Spurs Leicester 75/6 Leeds Birmingham Man.City Newcastle Spurs Spurs(fac) 76/7 Derby Coventry Newcastle West Ham Liverpool Leeds(lc) Man.Utd Middlesboro Everton Spurs 77/8 Brighton Sheff.Utd Burnley Sunderland Bolton C.Palace Tilbury(fac) Southampton Millwall Mansfield Hull 78/9 Luton C.Palace West Ham Leicester Blackburn Wrexham Fulham Sheff.Utd Notts C. Oldham(fac) Oldham PNE Watford(lc) Newcastle Charlton Millwall Cambridge Bristol R. Cardiff 79/80 Southampton Bristol City Wolves C.Palace Bolton Derby Coventry Swindon(lc) Spurs Leeds Man.City Liverpool Middlesboro Ipswich Norwich Man.Utd A.Villa Arsenal Swansea(lc) 80/1 Southampton Norwich 81/2 Southampton WestHam Birmingham Spurs Coventry Swansea 82/3 Luton WestHam Swansea 83/4 Luton Everton Everton(ycf) Southampton WBA Leicester 84/5 Luton Luton(fac)85/6 P.Vale(fr) 86/7 Shrewsbury(lc) Barnsley Millwall Blackburn Sheff.Utd Portsmouth Sunderland 87/8 Sheff.Utd Millwall Man.City Bradford Leicester Blackburn WBA 88/9 Leeds Plymouth Barnsley Birmingham Walsall C.Palace(fac) Bradford C.Palace Barnsley(fac) Brighton Bournemouth Chelsea Leicester Swindon Shrewsbury Oldham 89/90 Leicester Newcastle Millwall(lc) Wolves Plymouth Brighton Hull Ipswich Sheff.Utd Oxford Bradford Arsenal(fac)1.50 Bournemouth Swindon Sunderland Watford Port Vale Oldham Portsmouth 90/1 Huddersfield Bournemouth Brentford Cambridge Reading 91/2 Cardiff(at) Chesterfield(rc) 92/3 Bolton Port Vale Hull Port Vale(fac) PNE(ccc) Brighton WBA Barnet(at) Wigan WBA(at) Reading 93/4 Mansfield(ccc) Grimsby Portsmouth WBA Southend Bath(fac) Millwall Wolves Middlesboro Sunderland Tranmere Leicester Barnsley Luton Birmingham Charlton 94/5 Bristol City(fac) Piacenza(aic) Luton Watford Port Vale Derby Fulham(ccc) Bolton Notts C. Grimsby Reading Oldham 95/6 Charlton Leicester(po) Birmingham Barnsley C.Palace 96/7 Wolves Oxford Southend Port Vale Sheff.Utd Charlton Bradford Tranmere Reading Barnsley Bolton Grimsby 97/8 Reading Stockport Crewe Port Vale Wolves WBA Nott'm Forest Man.City 99/00 Bristol City Reading Sheff.Wed. Wrexham Bournemouth Blackpool 00/1 Port Vale(ldvsf) Barnsley(wc) Charlton(wc) Oldham Notts C. Nuneaton(fac) Northampton 01/2 Port Vale Bristol City Tranmere Peterboro Sheff.Wed. 02/3 Birmingham(fr) Sheff.Utd Brighton Chelsea(fac) Millwall Derby Burnley Wolves Wigan(fac) 03/4 WBA Wigan Crewe Burnley Nott'm Forest Walsall Millwall Sunderland Wimbledon Wimbledon(fac) 04/5 PNE Wolves Sheff.Utd Valencia/WBA(fr) Leeds WestHam 05/6 Burnley Leeds Crewe Walsall(fac) Brighton Watford Southampton C.Palace Hull Millwall Plymouth Norwich Ipswich PNE Luton 07/8 Plymouth 09/10 Birmingham 10/11 Wigan Everton Fulham Fulham(cc) 12/13 WBA Norwich Wigan 13/14 WestHam Hull 14/15 RealBetis(fr).

SUNDERLAND 55/6 Huddersfield 2.50 57/8 Chelsea 2.50 58/9 Stoke 2.50 59/60 Rotherham 2.00 65/6 Liverpool Fulham Burnley Sheff.U(lc Blackburn Sheff.U 66/7 Southampton Arsenal 69/70 2.50 each Stoke Southampton Arsenal Nott'm Forest WBA Man.Utd C.Palace Sheff.Wed. Man.City Coventry Burnley Ipswich Chelsea Leeds Spurs WestHam Newcastle Derby Liverpool 70/1 2.50 each Bristol City Charlton Norwich Bolton Oxford Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Cardiff Luton Leicester Hanover(fr) 71/2 2.00 each Burnley Swindon Fulham Watford Hull Middlesboro Portsmouth PNE QPR Carlisle 72/3 2.00 each PNE Luton Orient Swindon Sheff.Wed. A.Villa Hull Middlesboro 73/4 1.50 each Nott'm Forest Notts C. Sheff.Wed. Bolton A.Villa Carlisle Luton WBA Cardiff Middlesboro Spurs(fr) Carlisle/Bristol City Fulham Oxford Millwall 74/5 York A.Villa Southampton Bolton Norwich Oxford Sheff.Wed. Blackpool Nottm Forest Cardiff 75/6 York Stoke(fac) Oldham(fac) Oxford Oldham Southampton Notts C. Luton Charlton Hull(fac) Bolton Blackburn Portsmouth 76/7 Leeds A.Villa Coventry Man.Utd(lc) Stoke QPR Leicester Birmingham WBA Newcastle Middlesbrough Arsenal Australian federation(fr) Bristol C. Derby Everton Ipswich Liverpool Luton(lc) Man.City Man.U Norwich Spurs WestHam Wrexham(fac) 77/8 1.50 each Burnley Middlesbrough(lc) Bolton Brighton Cardiff Millwall Oldham Bristol R. Luton Spurs Blackpool Hull Bristol R.(fac) Sheff.U C.Palace Mansfield Southampton Blackburn Fulham Stoke Notts C. Charlton 78/9 1.50 each Southampton(fr) Stoke Fulham Millwall Brighton Bristol Rov. Cambridge Charlton Everton(fac) Wrexham Blackburn Sheff.Utd West Ham Luton Leicester C.Palace Newcastle PNE Burnley(fac) Cardiff 79/80 1.50 each PNE Leicester Man.City(lc) Notts C. Charlton Fulham Birmingham Cambridge Watford Wrexham West Ham(lc) Luton Chelsea Oldham Swansea West Ham Oldham(asc) QPR Bristol R. 80/1 Ipswich Spurs C.Palace Southampton Stockport(lc) Middlesboro Nottm Forest Stoke Man.City Liverpool Norwich Man.U Leicester A.Villa Coventry Wolves Birmingham Brighton WBA 81/2 A.Villa Middlesboro Southampton Rotherham(lc) Arsenal Rotherham(fac) Stoke Middlesboro Swansea Notts C. Man.U Liverpool WBA C.Palace(lc) 82/3 Brighton Coventry Southampton Notts C. West Ham Spurs Norwich Stoke Norwich(mc) Luton Nottm Forest Ipswich Arsenal Liverpool Man.City(fac) A.Villa Man.City Everton Swansea Birmingham Watford WBA 83/4 Birmingham Southampton Notts C. Nott'm Forest Ipswich Luton Cambridge 84/5 Coventry WBA A.Villa C.Palace(mc) Newcastle Spurs(mc) Spurs Norwich Luton Ipswich 85/6 Hull Brighton Shrewsbury Wimbledon Portsmouth Oldham Norwich C.Palace Charlton Carlisle Blackburn Fulham Middlesboro Bradford Leeds Huddersfield Sheff.U Newport(fac) 86/7 Portsmouth Oldham Brighton Hull C.Palace Birmingham Grimsby Huddersfield Leeds Bradford Reading Barnsley Shrewsbury Stoke Sheff.U Millwall WBA Ipswich 87/8 Bristol Rov. Bristol City Southend Darlington(fac) Chester Chesterfield Wigan Bury Walsall Brighton Grimsby P.Vale Rotherham(frt) Notts C. Crewe(frt) Mansfield PNE Gillingham Rotherham Fulham Blackpool Northampton 88/9 Oxford(fac) Walsall Oxford C.Palace York(lc) West Ham(lc) Watford Walsall Ipswich Shrewsbury 89/90 Bournemouth(lc) Barnsley Newcastle Coventry(lc) Bournemouth Fulham(lc) Swindon Plymouth Stoke Exeter(lc) Portsmouth WBA P.Vale Watford 90/1 Nott'm Forest Coventry C.Palace Man.City Southampton Wimbledon 9/2 Leeds Man.Utd QPR Bristol City(rc) Sheff.Utd 91/2 Watford Cambridge Newcastle Barnsley Portsmouth Huddersfield(rc) 92/3 Notts C. Bristol City Oxford Watford Tranmere Cambridge Swindon Huddersfield(ccc) Derby Southend Brentford Bristol Rov. Leicester 93/4 Birmingham Oxford Tranmere(aic) Leeds(ccc) Derby Not'm Forest A.Villa(ccc) Southend Leicester Stoke C.Palace Grimsby Peterbrough 94/5 Burnley Southend Oldham Grimsby Barnsley Luton Port Vale Tranmere Reading Bristol C. Charlton 95/6 Millwall Leicester 96/7 Southampton 2.00 97/8 Bradford Bury(ccc) Tranmere QPR 98/9 QPR Leicester(wcsf) 99/00 Walsall(wc) Spurs 00/1 Charlton A.Villa C.Palace(fac) Everton 01/2 Spurs Charlton Bolton Blackburn Southampton West Ham Leeds A.Villa Arsenal Leicester 02/3 West Ham A.Villa Man.U 03/4 WBA Cardiff 04/5 WestHam 05/6 WBA Fulham Spurs Arsenal Cheltenham(cc) Middlesbrough 06/7 Norwich Sheff.Wed. Cardiff 07/8 Everton 09/10 Birmingham Bolton 10/11 Man.U 12/13 Fulham Middlesbrough(c1c) 13/14 Carlisle(fac) Southampton(fac) Southampton(c1c) 15/16 Southampton Norwich Bournemouth A.Villa Stoke 16/17 Middlesbrough WBA Bournemouth Shrewsbury(efl) Arsenal Leicester C.Palace Everton Watford Burnley(fac) 17/18 Leeds NottmForest A.Villa Sheff.U Bolton Brentford Norwich Hull Bristol C. Reading Barnsley Middlesbro Burton Derby Millwall QPR Fulham Sheff.Wed. Wolves Cardiff Birmingham Ipswich PNE 18/19 Walsall Wimbledon Walsall(fac) Accrington Barnsley Blackpool Bradford Bristol R. Burton Coventry Doncaster Fleetwood Luton Man.City U-21(ctt) Oxford Peterborough Plymouth Portsmouth Portsmouth(posf) Rochdale Scunthorpe Sheff.Wed.(cc) Shrewsbury Southend.

SWANSEA 61/2 Southampton 3.00 62/3 Southampton 3.00 65/6 2.00 each Bristol R. Hull QPR 3.00 Scunthorpe Oldham Bournemouth Watford Exeter Millwall Gillingham Peterborough Oxford Workington 4.00 66/7 2.00 each Scunthorpe Folkestone(fac)2.50 Workington 2.50 Orient Bournemouth Grimsby 68/9 2.00 each Wrexham Workington Walsall(lc) Southend Halifax Brentford P.Vale Chesterfield Colchester Chester Halifax Scunthorpe Newport(wc) Doncaster Bpeterborough Bradford Grimsby Newport York Lincoln Darlington Notts C. Aldershot 70/1 3.00 each Torquay Tranmere Halifax P.Vale Exeter(lc) Shrewsbury Mansfield Bury Wrexham Bradford Gilingham Walsall Exeter(fac) Rochdale Telford(fac) Fulham Rhyl(fac) PNE Doncaster Brighton Chesterfield Rotherham Barnsley Reading Plymouth Bristol R. 71/2 3.00 each Brighton(lc) P.Vale Bristol R. Barnsley Notts C. Torquay Bradford Brighton Rochdale Walsall Brentford(fac) Halifax Tranmere Gillingham(fac) Rotherham Bolton Shrewsbury Bourenmouth York Mansfield Plymouth Chesterfield Oldham 73/4 Stockport 76/7 2.00 each Newport(lc) Darlington Barnsley Doncaster Southport Brentford Bolton(lc) Exeter Minehead(fac) Workington Scunthorpe Cambridge Colchester Crewe Bradford Newport(wc) Hartlepool Aldershot Torquay Stockport Newport Bournemouth Southend Halifax Huddersfield Rochdale Watford 77/8 1.50 each Swindon(lc) Doncaster Barnsley Rochdale Grimsby Aldershot York Reading Crewe Leatherhead(fac) Northampton Portsmouth(fac) Torquay Huddersfield Newport(wc) Darlington Newport Watford Southend Stockport Bournemouth Hartlepool Brentford Scunthorpe Halifax 78/9 Bury Spurs(lc) Sheff.Wed. Southend Rotherham Peterborough Lincoln Chesterfield Watford Tranmere Shrewsbury Blackpool Brentford Hillingdon(fac) Hull Mansfield Oxford Newport(lc) Bristol R.(fac) Exeter Woking(fac) Swindon Carlisle Chester Gillingham Colchester Plymouth Walsall Brighton(fr) 79/80 QPR Oldham Stoke(lc) Fulham Birmingham Leicester Newcastle Notts C. PNE Shrewsbury Sunderland C.Palace(fac) Watford WestHam Wrexham Bournemouth(lc) Bristol R. Cardiff Reading(fac) Cambridge Burnley Orient Luton Shrewsbury(wcsf) Chelsea 80/1 Luton Grimsby Chelsea Cambridge Arsenal(lc) Wrexham WestHam Blackburn Derby Southampton(fr) Shrewsbury Bolton Cardiff Middlesbrough(fac) Oldham Notts C. Spurs(fr) Watford QPR Wrexham(wcsf) Bristol C. RedStar(fr) Orient PNE Leeds(fr) Newcastle Bristol R. Sheff.Wed. 81/2 Coventry Nottm Forest A.Villa Leeds Sunderland Notts C. Ipswich Brighton Cardiff(wcf) Wolves WBA WestHam Arsenal Barnsley(lc) Birmingham Everton Liverpool(fac) Man.City Middlesbrough Southampton Luton(fr)2.00 Leipzig(ecwc) Spurs Bangor(wcsf)2.00 Stoke Liverpool Man.U Worcester(wc)4.00 82/3 Luton Liverpool Spurs WBA Norwich Everton Brighton Arsenal WestHam Sunderland Southampton Shrewsbury(wc) NottmForest Man.U Stoke Coventry Braga(ecwc) Sliema(ecwc) Paris St.Germain(ecwc) Bristol R.(mc) Brentford(mc) Notts C. Birmingham Watford Hereford(wc) Man.City Wrexham(wcf) Ipswich A.Villa 83/4 Portsmouth Charlton Huddersfield Carlisle Grimsby Shrewsbury Brighton Blackburn C.Palace Derby Barnsley Sheff.Wed. Oldham Man.City Newcastle Cambridge NottmForest(fr)2.00 Magdeburg(ecwc)2.00 Colchester(mc) Fulham Shrewbury(wcsf) Cardiff Middlesbrough 84/5 Cambridge Lincoln Gillingham Walsall(mc) Rotherham Millwall Wigan Shrewsbury(wc) Burnley Reading York PNE Bolton Bognor(fac) Brentford Hull Bradford Plymouth Bournemouth Bristol Rov. Derby Orient Walsall Plymouth Bristol R.(frt) Doncaster Hereford(wc) 85/6 Wolves Blackpool Bolton Brentford Doncaster Notts C. Derby Reading Wigan Bournemouth Bristol Rov. Plymouth Rotherham Bristol City Bury Chesterfield Lincoln Walsall Newport(frt) Gillingham Bristol Rov.(fac) York Newport WestHam(mc) Kidderminster(wc) Leyton Wingate(fac) Darlington Cardiff 86/7 Cambridge Hereford(lc) Northampton Slough(fac) Leicester(lc) Peterboro PNE Exeter WBA(fac) Southend Scunthorpe Crewe Tranmere Hereford Rochdale Hartlepool Stockport Burnley Walsall(frt) Aldershot Torquay Colchester Swindon(fr) Newport(wc) Wolves Hull(fac) Halifax Lincoln 3.00 87/8 Crewe Rotherham(posf) Tranmere Hartlepool Swindon(fr) Cambridge Newport Peterborough Carlisle Rochdale Torquay Exeter Torquay(lc) Hereford Orient Cardiff Halifax Burnley Stockport Rochdale Scunthorpe Darlington 88/9 Reading Fulham Notts C. Northampton Brentford Huddersfield feb. Huddersfield mar. Wigan Blackpool Bristol City Chelsea(fr) PNE Cardiff(lc) Sheff.Utd Southend Gillingham P.Vale Mansfield Chesterfield Cardiff Colchester Aldershot Swindon(fr) Bury Spurs(fr) Wolves Bolton Bristol R. Barry(wcsf) 89/90 Reading(ldc) Walsall Exeter(lc) Northampton Crewe PNE Tranmere Liverpool(fac) Wigan Mansfield Bristol Rov. Birmingham Fulham Reading Huddersfield Shrewsbury Notts C. Panathinaikos(ecwc) Peterboro(fac) Blackpool Bolton Rotherham Bury Brentford Merthyr(wc) Cardiff Bristol C. Orient 90/1 Mansfield Rotherham(fac) Tranmere Walsall(fac) Stoke Reading Huddersfield Cambridge Bury Brentford Crewe Fulham Welling(fac) Chester Shrewsbury(ldc) Birmingham Rotherham Exeter Bournemouth Southend Grimsby Wigan Bradford PNE Shrewsbury Orient Bolton 91/2 Birmingham Bolton Bournemouth Brentford Bury Darlington Exeter(fac) Hartlepool Huddersfield Hull Peterboro PNE Shrewsbury Stoke Torquay Walsall(rc) WBA Wigan Stockport Reading Fulham Exeter Chester Bradford Cardiff(wc) Cardiff(fac) Cardiff(at) Orient Spurs(rc)2.00 Monaco(ecwc)3.00 92/3 Reading Grimsby(fac) Oxford Rotherham Stoke WBA Oxford(ccc) Exeter Bolton Blackpool Stockport Hartlepool Mansfield Plymouth Fulham PNE Port Vale Bournemouth Huddersfield Burnley Bradford Southampton(fr) Exeter(at) Swindon(fr) Oxford(fac) Wigan Orient Hull Chester Orient(at) 93/4 Nuneaton(fac) Cambridge Bournemouth Brentford Oldham(ccc) Plymouth Port Vale(at) Rotherham Huddersfield Hartlepool Brighton Bradford Port Vale Exeter Merthyr(wc) Wycombe York Stockport Reading Wrexham Fulham Hereford Cardiff Hull Exeter(at) Barnet 94/5 Cambridge Brentford Bradford Bournemouth Blackpool Birmingham Crewe Rotherham Plymouth York Hull Wycombe Peterboro Brighton Wrexham Shrewsbury Huddersfield Stockport Exeter(ccc) Oxford Middlesbrough(fac) 95/6 Peterboro Hull Burnley Walsall Notts C. Crewe Brentford Stockport Swindon Chesterfield Bradford Bournemouth Shrewsbury Bristol R. 96/7 Colchester Fulham Doncaster Darlington tc Bristol City(fac) Hartlepool Scunthorpe Mansfield Brighton Torquay Carlisle Gillingham(ccc) Lincoln Cambridge Rochdale Hull Exeter Chester(posf) Wigan 97/8 Barry(faw) Shrewsbury Hull Rochdale Hartlepool Notts C. Cambridge Peterboro(fac) Peterboro Exeter Conwy(faw) Barnet Scunthorpe Peterboro(aws) Colchester Mansfield Brighton Doncaster 2.00 98/9 Caernarfon(faw) Exeter Rotherham Stoke(fac) Mansfield Orient Norwich(wc) Carlisle Barnet Brentford Peterboro Derby(fac) Chester Millwall West Ham(fac) Barry(faw) Darlington Hull Scunthorpe Scunthorpe(posf) Southend Millwall(fac) Rochdale Brighton Torquay Darlington Halifax Shrewsbury Hartlepool Plymouth 99/00 Lincoln Derby(wc) Colchester(fac) Barnet Millwall(wc) Rochdale Hartlepool Southend Plymouth Carlisle Mansfield Peterboro Brighton Northampton Rotherham Cheltenham Darlington York Hull Shrewsbury Orient Torquay Exeter 00/1 Millwall Wrexham Stoke Bristol Rov. Wycombe Walsall Reading Bury Bristol City Wigan Northampton Bournemouth Notts C. Oldham Rotherham Port Vale Colchester Luton Oxford Peterrborough 01/2 QPR(fac) Cheltenham Exeter Peterboro(wc) Oxford Shrewsbury Darlington Rochdale Hull Hartlepool Torquay Mansfield Macclesfield Bristol R. Halifax Kidderminster Southend Barry(fawsf) Luton York 02/3 York Rochdale Hartlepool Boston Scunthorpe Carlisle Hull Rushden & D. Southend Macclesfield Wolves(wc) C.Palace(fr) Cambridge Bury Darlington Bristol Rov. Lincoln Hull 3.00 Chelsea(fr) Bournemouth Orient Wrexham Exeter 03/4 Cambridge Bury Torquay Darlington Southend Rushen & D.(fac) Cheltenham Southend(ldv) Hull Macclesfield PNE(fac) Stevenage(fac) Rochdale Lincoln Northampton Mansfield Huddersfield Doncaster Carlisle 04/5 Rochdale Wycombe Darlington Notts C. Bury Yeovil Reading(fac) Cambridge Cheltenham Stockport(fac) Lincoln Macclesfield Mansfield Scunthorpe 05/6 Swindon Yeovil Walsall Bristol City Blackpool Tranmere MK Dons Walsall Scunthorpe Blackburn(fr) Barnsley Brentford(posf) Colchester(ldvf) Hartlepool Oldham Doncaster Brentford P.Vale Bradford Rotherham Bournemouth Rushden & D.(ldv) Gillingham 06/7 Tranmere Cheltenham Wolves(fr) Doncaster Yeovil Carlisle Millwall Wycombe(cc) Bradford Brentford Huddersfield Chesterfield Northampton Brighton P.Vale Blackpool Crewe Bristol C. Gillingham 07/8 Oldham Cheltenham Port Vale Brighton Carlisle Huddersfield Swindon Bournemouth Millwall(jpt) Levante(fr) Wycombe(jpt) Yeovil Millwall Yeovil(jpt) Tranmere Bristol Rov. Brighton(jpt) Walsall(cc) Doncaster MK Dons(jpt) Walsall Luton 08/9 Bristol City Norwich Plymouth C.Palace Blackpool Derby QPR Sheff.Utd Barnsley Charlton Brentford(cc) Watford(cc) Hull(cc) Den Haag(fr) Coventry Southampton Watford Nottm Forest Sheff.Wed. Reading PNE Ipswich Doncaster Birmingham WBA(fr) Cardiff 09/10 Coventry Sheff.Utd Twente(fr) Nottm Forest Bristol City PNE WBA Derby Plymouth Leicester C.Palace QPR Sheff.Wed. Scunthorpe Barnsley Doncaster Watford Cardiff Blackpool 10/11 Scunthorpe Reading Coventry Burnley Doncaster Cheltenham(fr) Barnet(cc) Colchester(fac) Sheff.U Norwich Bristol C. Leeds Ipswich PNE NottmForest Derby Portsmouth Barnsley Watford Hull Cardiff 11/12 Celtic(fr) Real Betis(fr) Stoke WBA Bolton Fulham Spurs Chelsea Norwich Everton Newcastle Blackburn 12/13 Blackpool(fr) Stuttgart(fr) Barnsley(cc) Chelsea(ccsf) Southampton A.Villa WBA WestHam Everton Sunderland Arsenal Stoke Chelsea Wigan 13/14 Fulham C.Palace A.Villa Hull Petrolul(fr) WBA Sunderland Norwich 14/15 WBA Villarreal(fr) Rotherham(cc) Burnley Leicester Arsenal QPR C.Palace Southampton Stoke Newcastle WestHam Sunderland A.Villa Spurs Everton Everton(c1c) Hull 15/16 Deportivo(fr) Stoke Arsenal Bournemouth Leicester WestHam WBA Sunderland Watford C.Palace Southampton Norwich A.Villa Chelsea 16/17 Rennais(fr) Hull Chelsea WestHam Bournemouth Arsenal Leicester Southampton C.Palace Watford Sunderland Spurs Stoke Middlesbrough Burnley Everton 17/18 Sampdoria(fr) Sheff.Wed.(fac) Charlton(ctt) Man.U(cc) WBA Bournemouth Spurs C.Palace Burnley Brighton Leicester Liverpool WestHam Arsenal Watford Huddersfield 18/19 Leeds Middlesbrough Brentford Reading Bristol C. NottmForest QPR Sheff.U C.Palace(cc) Ipswich Gillingham(fac) A.Villa Bolton Norwich Brentford(fac) PNE Millwall Man.City(fac) Rotherham WBA Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Blackburn Stoke Hull Derby.

SWINDON 62/3 Reading Darlington(lc) Bristol R. 63/4 Derby Huddersfield 65/6 Gillingham Watford Coventry(fac) Millwall Grimsby 66/7 Workington Bury(fac) NottmForest(fac) 67/8 Barrow Reading Bury 68/9 Barrow may Hartlepool Tranmere Rotherham Northampton Barnsley Bournemouth Watford Bristol R. Mansfield Crewe Stockport Reading Plymouth Walsall Shrewsbury Torquay Southport Brighton Luton Oldham 69/70 Hull Millwall Huddersfield A.Villa QPR Middlesboro Blackpool Portsmouth Watford Cardiff Scunthorpe(fac) 70/1 Sheff.Utd Luton Watford Carlisle Watford(lc) Sunderland Blackburn Charlton Middlesboro Portsmouth Sheff.Wed. 71/2 Charlton Blackpool PNE Sheff.Wed. Millwall Watford Derby(fr) Cardiff 72/3 Derby(lc) Bristol City Luton Carlisle Sheff.Wed. Huddersfield Middlesboro Millwall Portsmouth Blackpool Sunderland PNE Hull Fulham QPR Birmingham(fac) A.Villa Cardiff 73/4 1.25 each A.Villa Notts C. Millwall Fulham Hull Portsmouth Swindon C.Palace 1.50 Luton s/s 5.00 74/5 1.50 each Huddersfield Halifax Walsall Port Vale PNE Charlton C.Palace Brighton Hereford Lincoln(fac) Bournemouth Peterborough Colchester Reading(fac) Gillingham Chesterfield Grimsby Southend Watford Aldershot Plymouth Tranmere Blackburn Portsmouth(lc) Bury 75/6 Cardiff 76/7 Lincoln Sheff.Wed. Reading Everton(fac)1.50 York Peterborough Shrewsbury 77/8 PNE Shrewsbury Swansea(lc) Rotherham Carlisle Brentford Plymouth Tranmere Sheff.Wed. Lincoln Chester Oxford Colchester Walsall Hereford Cardiff(lc) 78/9 Enfield(fac) Bury Watford Lincoln Peterboro Plymouth Gillingham Swansea Sheff.Wed. Chester Colchester Exeter Brentford Tranmere 79/80 Brentford Sheff.Wed. Blackpool Torquay(fac) Arsenal(lc) Portsmouth(lc) Rotherham jan. Rotherham apr. Blackburn Sheff U. Wimbledon Exeter Plymouth Gillingham Bury Millwall Colchester Spurs(fac) Stoke(lc) 80/1 Charlton Barnsley Brentford Portsmouth Fulham Sheff.U Huddersfield Millwall Newport Lincoln Rotherham Hull Walsall Gillingham 81/2 Portsmouth Taunton(fac) Sutton(fac) Brentford Millwall Newport Wrexham Walsall Plymouth Oxford 82/3 Blackpool Bristol City Rochdale Brentford(fac) Wealdstone(fac) Peterboro Hereford York Mansfield Scunthorpe 83/4 Wrexham Torquay Darlington Tranmere Hereford 84/5 Chester Hartlepool Rochdale Crewe Dagenham(fac) Scunthorpe P.Vale Colchester Exeter Bury Hereford 85/6 Rochdale Cambridge Stockport Peterboro Hartlepool Bristol City(fac) Crewe Torquay Exeter Tranmere Colchester Southend Burnley Aldershot Chester Sunderland(mc) Sheff.Wed.(mc) Hereford(frt) Torquay(mc) Scunthorpe 86/7 Walsall Torquay(lc) Darlington 7/3 Hereford(frt) Blackpool Port Vale Wigan(posf) Enfield(fac) Mansfield Notts C. Bristol City Bolton Brentford Bristol Rov. Chesterfield Gillingham(pof) Chester Rotherham Wigan York Carlisle Bury Middlesbro Fulham Doncaster Gillingham Leeds(fac) Southampton(lc) Aldershot(frt) Wimbledon(fr) Newport Bournemouth 87/8 Bradford(jan) Bradford(mar) Norwich(fac) Bristol City(lc) Middlesboro Derby(sc) Oldham Portsmouth(lc) Sheff.Utd Hull Birmingham Reading Shrewsbury Stoke Watford(lc) Plymouth Bournemouth Huddersfield Ipswich WBA Leicester Blackburn Leeds C.Palace A.Villa Barnsley Millwall Norwich(sc) Chelsea(sc) Man.C. 88/9 Oxford Plymouth Brighton West Ham(fac) Hull C.Palace(lc) Barnsley Watford Bradford Walsall Portsmouth(fac) Portsmouth C.Palace(po) Stoke Shrewsbury C.Palace Blackburn Leicester Sunderland Southampton(fr) Man.City Oldham Ipswich Birmingham Leeds Bournemouth 89/90 Oldham Plymouth Port Vale Bradford Southampton(lc) Blackburn(posf) Oxford Bournemouth Hull Blackburn Middlesboro Millwall(zds) Leicester Sheff.Utd Watford Brighton West Ham Sunderland Wolves Barnsley Shrewsbury(lc) Ipswich Stoke Leeds Bolton(lc)rep. Portsmouth Newcastle 90/1 Hull Oldham Middlesboro Bristol City Port Vale Oxford Portsmouth Millwall Sheff.Wed. WestHam WBA Blackburn Darlington(rc) Sheff.Wed.(rc) Plymouth Newcastle Notts C. Brighton Charlton Wolves Watford Leicester Ipswich Barnsley 91/2 Blackburn Southend Portsmouth Plymouth Wolves Port Vale Tranmere Charlton Middlesboro A.Villa(fac) Brighton Bristol City Oxford Cambridge Watford Millwall(fac) Grimsby Ipswich Leicester C.Palace(rc) Derby Newcastle Millwall(rc) Watford Barnsley Sunderland WBA(rc) Millwall Watford(fac) 92/3 Southend Peterboro Watford Leicester Derby Tranmere Brentford(aic) Torquay(ccc) Notts C. Oldham(ccc) Cambridge Bristol City Charlton Luton Portsmouth Millwall Newcastle Barnsley Birmingham Sunderland Bristol R. Tranmere(posf) 93/4 Everton Blackburn Wolves(ccc) West Ham Spurs Leeds Southampton QPR Sheff.Wed. Newcastle Ipswich(fac) Wimbledon Ipswich Chelsea Arsenal Coventry Man.C. Sheff U. A.Villa Oldham Norwich Bristol C.(fr) 94/5 Burnley Southend Grimsby Derby Watford WBA Middlesboro Millwall(ccc) Sunderland 2/1 Lecce(aic) Sheff.Utd Bristol City Reading Portsmouth Oldham Atalanta(aic) Stoke Millwall Brighton(ccc) Notts C. Tranmere Derby(ccc) Bolton Charlton Derby Barnsley Wolves Luton Charlton(ccc) 95/6 Chesterfield Wrexham Stockport Bournemouth York Cambridge(ccc) Oxford Bradford Blackburn(ccc) Rotherham Bristol C. Crewe Blackpool Cambridge(fac) Colchester(aws) Shrewsbury Hereford(awssf) Cardiff(fac) Wycombe Woking(fac) Swansea Hull Carlisle Southampton(fac) Brentford Walsall Peterborough Brighton Notts C. Bournemouth Swansea Burnley 96/7 Barnsley Portsmouth Bolton Stoke Oldham Tranmere QPR(ccc) Wolves Oxford Huddersfield WBA Reading QPR Bradford Sheff.Utd Birmingham Charlton Ipswich Norwich C.Palace Southend Grimsby Man.C. Wolves(ccc) Port Vale 97/8 QPR Stockport WBA Stoke Reading Oxford Middlesboro Bradford Tranmere Huddersfield Watford(ccc) Crewe Sunderland Southampton(fr) Portsmouth Wolves Man.C. Charlton Sheff.U Nottm Forest Port Vale Bury Norwich Birmingham Ipswich Stevenage(fac) 98/9 QPR Wycombe(wc) Sunderland 99/00 Bolton Stockport 00/1 Notts C. Northampton Oldham Gateshead(fac) Brentford Reading Oxford Bristol C. Ilkeston(fac) Bristol R. Peterborough Luton Stoke Wigan Coventry(fac) Wycome Wrexham Rotherham Tranmere(wc) Port Vale Bury Bournemouth 01/2 Cardiff Stoke Hartlepool(fac) Brighton Wrexham Hereford(fac) Bournemouth Bury Bristol C. Notts C. Northampton Huddersfield Reading Chesterfield Port Vale Wigan Blackpool QPR Wycombe Hereford Oldham Colchester Tranmere Brentford 02/3 Crewe Cheltenham 03/4 Plymouth Rushden&D. QPR Port Vale Blackpool Bournemouth Luton Stockport Wrexham Peterborough Notts C. Brentford Tranmere Wycombe Brighton Plymouth Colchester Chesterfield Oldham Bristol C. Barnsley 04/5 Millwall(fr) MK Dons Oldham Sheff.Wed. Torquay Sheff.Wed.(fac) Bristol C.(ldv) Notts C.(fac) Huddersfield Doncaster Brentford Colchester Blackpool Stockport Barnsley Port Vale Bournemouth Walsall Bristol C. Tranmere Chesterfield 05/6 Swansea 06/7 Shrewsbury Darlington Wrexham Stockport Lincoln MK Dons Chester Accrington Macclesfield Morecambe(fac) Walsall Notts C. Bury Wycombe Mansfield Grimsby Bristol R. Peterborough Boston Hartlepool 07/8 Swansea ForestGreen(fac) Barnet(fac) 13/14 Stevenage Chelsea.

TORQUAY 64/5 Spurs(fac)2.50 68/9 Barrow 69/70 Doncaster Plymouth Tranmere Stockport Walsall Bury Gillingham Bradford Halifax Southport Rotherham Barnsley Barrow Luton Brighton Bristol R. Fulham Rochdale Shrewsbury 70/1 Rotherham Halifax Mansfield Walsall Shrewsbury Reading Tranmere Bradford Rochdale PNE Barnsley Bury Swansea Brighton Bristol R. Plymouth P.Vale Doncaster 71/2 Spurs(lc)5.00 Rochdale Port Vale Rotherham Shrewsbury Notts C. Bournemouth Nuneaton(fac)2.50 Brighton Oldham Wrexham Barnsley Tranmere Bristol R. 72/3 Bradford Hartlepool Portsmouth(lc)1.50 Newport 1.25 73/4 Hartlepool Mansfield Northampton Darlington Crewe Brentford Scunthorpe Lincoln Peterborough Stockport 74/5 Doncaster Hartlepool Crewe Darlington Bradford Reading Shrewsbury Cambridge Southport 1.25 Newport 1.25 75/6 Scunthorpe Rochdale Darlington Southport 1.25 Workington 1.25 76/7 Brentford Bournemouth Scunthorpe Stockport Watford Hartlepool Rochdale Burnley(lc) Colchester Aldershot Newport Halifax Workington Southport 1.25 Swansea 77/8 Rochdale Stockport Aldershot Bournemouth Crewe Devon XI(fr) Hereford(fr) Newport Cardiff(lc) Swansea 78/9 Plymouth(lc) Crewe Aldershot Rochdale Scunthorpe Darlington Wimbledon Bournemouth Port Vale Stockport Bradford Newport 79/80 Wigan Rochdale Darlington Aldershot Peterboro Hartlepool Walsall Port Vale Crewe Bournemouth Huddersfield Hereford Newport 80/1 Wimbledon Tranmere Bournemouth Bradford Doncaster Hereford Darlington Peterborough 81/2 Bury Bournemouth Hartlepool Rochdale Darlington Hereford Newport(lc) 82/3 Mansfield Hartlepool Scunthorpe Rochdale Halifax Colchester Hereford Peterborough 83/4 Mansfield Chester Stockport Hereford Doncaster Tranmere Newport(mc) Chesterfield 84/5 Mansfield Darlington Hereford Chesterfield Peterborough 85/6 Tranmere Halifax Aldershot 1/1 Aldershot 8/4 Rochdale Newport(fac) 86/7 Scunthorpe Rochdale Cambridge 87/8 Cambridge Halifax Scunthorpe(playoff) Carlisle Burnley Exeter Hereford Stockport Swansea(lc) Swansea(pof) 88/9 Stockport Doncaster Rochdale Halifax Peterborough Cardiff 89/90 Scunthorpe Stockport Peterboro Sutton(fac) Doncaster Hereford Cambridge 90/1 Peterboro Burnley(play-off) Chesterfield Hereford Rochdale York Walsall Halifax Lincoln dec. Lincoln mar. Hartlepool Wrexham Stockport nov. Stockport dec. Blackpool Doncaster Scunthorpe Man.City(rc)1.50 Cardiff 91/2 PNE Fulham Brentford WBA Exeter Stockport Bournemouth Hull Hereford(rc) 92/3 Doncaster Barnet Hereford(ccc) Lincoln Doncaster Northampton Scunthorpe Wrexham Rochdale Crewe Darlington Carlisle Shrewsbury York Halifax Colchester Hereford 93/4 Darlington Hereford Wycombe 94/5 Wigan Colchester Lincoln Hartlepool PNE Doncaster Hereford Exeter Chesterfield Northampton 95/6 Doncaster Darlington Scunthorpe Barnet Mansfield Luton(fr) Portsmouth(fr) Hartlepool Plymouth Chester Exeter(ccc) Walsall(fac) Hereford Exeter Colchester Northampton Wigan Cardiff 96/7 Rochdale Exeter Hereford Colchester Darlington Barnet Portsmouth(fr) Northampton Wigan Mansfield Fulham Brighton Cambridge Scarboro Hartlepool Luton(fac) Swansea Chester Bristol City(ccc) Cardiff 97/8 Hull Coventry(fr) Hartlepool Macclesfield Rotherham Rochdale Barnet Shrewsbury Scarboro Bournemouth Exeter Colchester Doncaster Chester Scunthorpe Mansfield Leicester/Sheff.Wed.(fr) 98/9 Barnet Chester Gillingham Rochdale Bournemouth Peterboro Plymouth Exeter Cardiff Scunthorpe 99/00 Exeter Shrewsbury Plymouth Mansfield Northampton Chester Barnet Peterboro Hartlepool Cheltenham Carlisle 00/1 Darlington Chesterfield Rochdale Halifax Mansfield Carlisle Plymouth Barnet 01/2 Darlington Macclesfield Plymouth Hartlepool Rushden & D. 02/3 Macclesfield Scunthorpe Rushden & D. Southend Exeter Rochdale York WBA/Charlton(fr) Portsmouth(fr) Lincoln Bristol Rov. Hartlepool Carlisle Oxford Swansea Bury Bournemouth Wrexham Cambridge 03/4 Fulham(fr) Scunthorpe Rochdale Bury Hull Swansea Macclesfield Cambridge 04/5 Oldham Blackpool Port Vale Barnsley Stockport Hartlepool Chesterfield Colchester Bradford Peterboro 05/6 Bury Darlington Birmingham(fac) Peterboro Stockport Grimsby Notts C. Bristol Rov. Northampton Rushden & D. 06/7 2.00 each Portsmouth/Port Vale(fr)Darlington Rochdale Bristol Rov. Peterboro Shrewsbury MK Dons Grimsby Notts C. Stockport Hereford Hereford 09/10 Cheltenham(fac) 10/11 Rotherham Southend 11/12 Northampton 12/13 Southend Oxford Dagenham.

TOTTENHAM 61/2 West Ham ph Sheff.Wed. 62/3 West Ham 63/4 West Ham 64/5 West Ham Blackpool 65/6 Northampton 2.00 Leeds Hungarian XI(fr) 66/7 West Ham ph WBA Sheff.U Liverpool 67/8 Man.City NottmForest Wolves WestHam Leeds Sheff.Wed. Sunderland NottmForest Chelsea Newcastle Leicester Fulham Man.U Liverpool(fac) Burnley Southampton 68/9 Arsenal Leicester Liverpool Stoke Sunderland Man.C. Wolves Everton Ipswich Coventry WestHam Southampton Wolves(fac) Southampton(lc) Peterborough(lc) 69/70 1.50 each West Ham Burnley Liverpool Chelsea Ipswich Man.City Sunderland Wolves Newcastle Sheff.Wed. WBA C.Palace Bradford(fac) Derby C.Palace(fac) Southampton Leeds Stoke Everton Coventry NottmForest Man.U Arsenal Coventry(ycf)2.50 70/1 1.50 each Huddersfield Derby Southampton WBA Man.U Wolves Ipswich Liverpool(fac) Leeds C.Palace Stoke Nottm Forest Chelsea Blackpool West Ham Sheff.Wed.(fac) Liverpool Coventry WBA(lc) Sheff.U(lc) Coventry(lc) Nottm Forest(fac) Everton Newcastle Man.City Rangers(fr) Swansea(lc) 71/2 1.50 each Carlisle(fac) Rotherham(fac) Leeds West Ham Wolves Unizale(uefa) Nantes(uefa) Leicester Bucharest(uefa) Keflavik(uefa) Liverpool Sheff.U WBA Nottm Forest Everton Derby Stoke Southampton Huddersfield Coventry C.Palace Arsenal Ipswich Man.City Man.U PNE(lc) Blackpool(lc) AC Milan(uefa sf) 72/3 1.50 each Sheff.U Leeds Man.City WBA Norwich Coventry Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Southampton West Ham Stoke Leicester Man.U Everton Derby Millwall(lc) Setubal(uefa) Ipswich Middlesbrough(lc)11/10 Huddersfield(lc) Olympiakos(uefa) Birmingham 73/4 1.50 each Leipzig(uefa) Liverpool feb. Liverpool may Cologne(uefa) Grasshoppers(uefa) B.Munich(fr) Leicester Leeds Sheff.U Everton Birmingham Burnley Coventry Derby Ipswich Man.City QPR Norwich Wolves West Ham Newcastle Chelsea Southampton D.Tbilisi(uefa) Stoke 74/5 1.50 each Leeds Chelsea Nottm Forest(fac) Wolves Leicester Stoke Newcastle Ipswich QPR Coventry Man.City Derby West Ham Arsenal Middlesbrough(lc) Burnley Everton Birmingham Sheff.U Liverpool Middlesbrough 75/6 1.50 each Man.City Man.U Liverpool Derby Wolves Birmingham QPR Coventry Burnley Everton Stoke(fac) Stoke Arsenal Ipswich Newcastle A.Villa Sheff.U Leeds Norwich 76/7 1.50 each Ipswich Liverpool QPR Man.U Stoke WBA Leeds Coventry Arsenal Leicester A.Villa Sunderland Wrexham(lc) Middlesbrough Derby Birmingham Norwich Newcastle 77/8 1.50 each Bolton(fac) Blackburn C.Palace Southampton Brighton Mansfield Arsenal(fr) Burnley Coventry(lc) Luton Notts C. Blackpool Fulham Bolton Millwall Stoke Charlton Sunderland Hull Oldham Cardiff 78/9 1.20 each Southampton Wolves QPR Swansea(lc) Ipswich Liverpool Nottm Forest Altrincham(fac)1.50 Bolton Birmingham Coventry Bristol City Chelsea WBA Derby A.Villa Everton Man.U Middlesbrough Man.U(fac) Wrexham(fac) Leeds Man.City 79/80 1.20 each Man.U Southampton Leeds Wolves Everton Arsenal Ipswich Liverpool C.Palace Liverpool(fac) Coventry Birmingham(fac) Swindon(fac) Man.U(fac) Stoke A.Villa Bolton Nott'm Forest Derby Norwich WBA Brighton Man.City C.Palace(fr) Man.U(lc) 80/1 1.20 each Norwich Leicester Leeds Hull(fac) Birmingham Southampton Wolves WBA Middlesbrough Man.U Sunderland West Ham(fr) Liverpool C.Palace(lc) QPR(fac) A.Villa C.Palace Arsenal(lc) Coventry(fac) Ipswich Man.City Arsenal Nott'm Forest Stoke Norwich Brighton Everton Exeter(fac) 81/2 1.20 each A.Villa Southampton Notts C. West Ham Ipswich Nottm Forest(lc) Arsenal Man.U(lc) Brighton WBA Man.City Everton Nottm Forest Stoke Ajax(ecwc) Wrexham(lc) Man.U Coventry Fulham(lc) Leeds(fac) Middlesbrough Wolves A.Villa(fac) E.Frankfurt(ecwc) Sunderland Birmingham Leeds Liverpool Dundalk(ecwc) Arsenal(fac) 82/3 Bayern Munich(ecwc) Luton West Ham Luton(mc) Swansea 83/4 England XI(fr) Birmingham Southampton Austria M.(uefa) Man.U Fulham(fac) Luton Lincoln(mc) Sunderland 84/5 Chelsea Liverpool Luton Watford Sunderland 85/6 Leicester Portsmouth(lc) Luton Everton(ssscsf) 86/7 Luton Norwich Chelsea Scunthorpe(fac) 87/8 Chelsea Liverpool Charlton Torquay(lc) Everton Man.Utd Watford Arsenal Portsmouth West Ham Oxford Derby Newcastle 88/9 Middlesboro Millwall Bordeaux(fr) 89/90 Everton Liverpool Man.City Middlesboro(ycf) Luton 90/1 Liverpool 91/2 QPR Notts C. Feyenoord(ecwc) Swansea(rc) 92/3 Nott'm Forest Man.City Chelsea Sheff.Utd Wimbledon QPR Ipswich Arsenal Norwich 93/4 Leeds Sheff.Utd Arsenal Chelsea A.Villa(ccc) QPR 94/5 Blackburn A.Villa QPR 95/6 A.Villa Hereford(fac) 96/7 Leeds Sunderland(ccc) 97/8 Liverpool 98/9 Wimbledon Liverpool 99/00 Shef.Wed. Crewe(wc) 00/1 Coventry 01/2 Bolton(fac)26/1 Bolton(fac)5/2 Chelsea(fac) Sunderland 03/4 Fulham Birmingham 04/5 Southampton 06/7 Charlton Middlesboro 11/12 Cheltenham(fac) 12/13 Lazio(uefa) Panathinaikos(uefa) Newcastle Fulham Reading A.Villa Stoke Swansea Norwich Wigan 14/15 Brighton(cc) Newcastle C.Palace Sunderland QPR Man.U. 15/16 Newcastle Watford 16/17 Sunderland Gillingham(fac) Middlesbrough Chelsea.

TRANMERE 64/5 Brighton 65/6 Barrow 66/7 Barrow 67/8 Barrow 68/9 Luton Brighton 69/70 Torquay(lc) Luton Southport Barrow 70/1 Barnsley 71/2 Walsall Shrewsbury Port Vale 72/3 Scunthorpe Port Vale 73/4 Halifax Port Vale Southport 1.25 Hereford 74/5 Halifax Brighton Wrexham Rochdale(fac) Swindon Colchester Chesterfield C.Palace Hereford 75/6 Crewe Torquay Stockport Huddersfield Crewe(lc) Reading Scunthorpe Darlington Hartlepool Newport Southport 1.25 76/7 Swindon Oxford Rotherham Chesterfield Walsall York Peterboro(fac) C.Palace Mansfield Bury Lincoln Shrewsbury Gillingham Port Vale Reading 77/8 Plymouth Bury PNE Port Vale Chesterfield Lincoln Exeter Rotherham Walsall Chester Shrewsbury Sheff.Wed. Peterboro Bradford Colchester Gillingham Swindon Carlisle Cambridge Oxford Wrexham Shrewsbury Hereford 78/9 1.25 each Hull Gillingham Rotherham Watford Lincoln Brentford Boston(fac) Colchester Southend Walsall Carlisle Exeter Blackpool Chesterfield Plymouth Wigan(lc) Bury Mansfield Swindon Sheff.Wed. Peterborough Shrewsbury Chester Oxford Sheff.Wed.(fac) 80/1 Bournemouth Lincoln Bury Port Vale Bradford Darlington Halifax Hereford 81/2 Peterboro Bournemouth Hartlepool Hull Bury Rochdale Northampton Torquay Colchester Scunthorpe Hereford 82/3 Torquay Mansfield Aldershot Halifax Peterboro Hull Colchester Hereford Chester Crewe Hartlepool Northampton Crewe(mc) Stockport Wimbledon Scunthorpe Blackpool Port Vale Rochdale Hereford Scarborough(fac)1.50 83/4 Peterboro Stockport Chesterfield Mansfield Halifax(amc) Wrexham Aldershot Bury PNE(mc) Hereford Colchester Swindon Doncaster Rochdale Crewe Reading Hartlepool Darlington Halifax Northampton York Chester 84/5 Mansfield Hartlepool Crewe Chesterfield Exeter Hereford PNE(mc) Hull(fac) 85/6 Colchester Aldershot Peterboro 1/10 Port Vale Mansfield Rochdale Stockport Peterboro 29/10 Chesterfield(fac) PNE Swindon Scunthorpe Halifax Crewe Southend Northampton Hartlepool Hereford 86/7 Halifax Exeter Stockport(lc) Lincoln Colchester Cambridge Burnley Scunthorpe Southend Hartlepool Hereford Aldershot Stockport Rochdale Wrexham 87/8 Bolton Crewe 22/1 Crewe 25/4 Hereford Rochdale(lc) Burnley Rochdale Cambridge Colchester Peterboro Stockport Darlington Hartlepool Torquay Carlisle Wolves 1.50 Scunthorpe Scarborough 1.50 Halifax Newport 2.00 Liverpool(lfasc)2.00 P.Vale(fac) Wrexham Burnley(frt) Swansea Cardiff Exeter 88/9 Stockport PNE(fac) Halifax Reading(fac) Scunthorpe Colchester Stockport(lc) Cambridge Peterboro York Blackpool(lc) Doncaster Rotherham Wrexham Hereford Carlisle Grimsby 89/90 Spurs(lc) PNE(lc) Brentford Bury(po) Chester Reading Bolton(ldc) 90/1 Crewe Brentford Grimsby Chester Rotherham Stoke Bolton Bury Bournemouth Wigan Huddersfield PNE(ldc) Cambridge Everton(fr) 91/2 Blackburn Swindon York Portsmouth Halifax(rc) NottmForest(zdssf) Ipswich 92/3 Luton Sunderland 93/4 Leicester A.Villa(cccsf) Portsmouth C.Palace Bolton Birmingham Notts C. Watford 94/5 Bury(fac) Watford Oldham Middlesbrough Bristol C. Millwall Grimsby 95/6 Reading Ipswich Oldham(ccc) C.Palace Southend Sunderland WBA Stoke Sheff.U Oldham 96/7 Oxford 99/00 Nott'm Forest Port Vale Walsall Middlesbrough(wc) Swindon 00/1 Southampton(fac) Halifax(wc) 01/2 Colchester Peterboro Brentford Wrexham 02/3 Cheltenham Huddersfield Luton 03/4 Brentford Wrexham Wycombe Bournemouth Port Vale Blackpool Chesterfield Rushden & D. Colchester Peterboro Stockport Bolton(fac) Notts C. Barnsley Chesterfield(fac) Oldham Bristol City Swindon Luton QPR Brighton 04/5 Wrexham Port Vale Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Bristol C. Peterboro 05/6 Oldham Bradford Chesterfield Port Vale Hartlepool 06/7 Bournemouth Doncaster Scunthorpe 07/8 Hereford(fac) 08/9 Colchester 09/10 Brentford.

WALSALL 65/6 Swansea 66/7 Peterborough Workington 67/8 Swindon 68/9 Spurs(fac)2.00 Barrow 69/70 Plymouth Luton Fulham 2.00 Southport Bury 70/1 Swansea 71/2 Wrexham Rotherham Shrewsbury Chesterfield A.Villa 72/3 Bolton Tranmere Swansea 73/4 Southport 1.25 Wrexham Man.City(lc) Chesterfield Hereford 74/5 Chester Southend Colchester Peterboro Chesterfield Newcastle(fac) Grimsby Wrexham Bournemouth Huddersfield PNE Aldershot Hereford 75/6 Chester Shrewsbury(lc) Rotherham Aldershot Bury Chesterfield Grimsby Halifax Hereford Peterboro Port Vale Shewsbury Swindon Colchester Gillingham 2/1 Gillingham 27/2 Grimsby Huddersfield(fac) C.Palace Sheff.Wed. 76/7 Northampton Nott'm Forest(lc) Gillingham Grimsby Shrewsbury(lc) Lincoln Chesterfield(fac) Peterboro Portsmouth Chester Mansfield 77/8 Gillingham Chester Carlisle Exeter Swindon Bury PNE Port Vale Hereford Leicester(fac) Lincoln Shrewsbury Chesterfield Sheff.Wed. Oxford Colchester Bradford Plymouth Tranmere Swansea(fac) 78/9 Watford 79/80 York Northampton Darlington Bournemouth/Torquay Tranmere Wigan Halifax(fac) 80/1 Chester Chesterfield Colchester Gillingham Fulham Exeter Newport Huddersfield Hull Millwall 81/2 Brentford Chesterfield Carlisle Exeter Huddersfield 82/3 Doncaster Chester Oxford Gillingham Birmingham(fac) Brentford Cardiff Chesterfield Bournemouth 83/4 Oxford Wigan Brentford Northampton(amc) Bradford Scunthorpe 84/5 Bristol City Swansea Coventry(mc) Lincoln Wigan Rotherham Plymouth Reading Doncaster Brentford Cambridge Newport Chesterfield(fac) 85/6 Swansea Bolton Leeds(mc) Darlington Derby Doncaster Lincoln Wigan Brentford Bury Bournemouth Bristol R. 86/7 Mansfield(lc) Port Vale(fac) Port Vale Bury Doncaster Chesterfield Carlisle Torquay(frt) Notts C. Brentford Watford(fac)21/2 1-50 Watford(fac)2/3 1-50 Millwall(lc) Chesterfield(fac) 87/8 Chesterfield Grimsby Aldershot Rotherham Wigan Bristol City Mansfield Southend Notts C.(posf) Bristol City(pof) 30/5 PNE Brentford Bristol Rov. York 88/9 Shrewsbury(lc) Hull Bournemouth Plymouth Chelsea 1.50 Blackburn Birmingham Barnsley Wolves(fr) 89/90 Mansfield Port Vale(lc) Reading Brentford Rotherham dec. Northampton 90/1 Lincoln Gillingham Chelsea(lc) Rochdale Birmingham(ldc) Chesterfield Hereford 91/2 Scarboro Northampton Hereford Lincoln Wrexham Rotherham Burnley Barnet Rochdale Scunthorpe Gillingham Swansea(rc) Cardiff Blackpool 92/3 Hereford Doncaster Colchester Gillingham Rochdale Barnet Cardiff Chesterfield 93/4 Crewe PNE Colchester Rochdale Northampton Wigan Wycombe Doncaster Scunthorpe Hereford 94/5 Fulham Carlisle Barnet Lincoln Leeds(fac) Wigan Hereford Rochdale Darlington 95/6 Torquay(fac) Rotherham Crewe Carlisle Peterboro Bournemouth Wycombe(aws) Blackpool York Swindon Shrewsbury Notts C. Chesterfield Wycombe Bristol City Burnley Bradford Hull Oxford Brentford(ccc) 96/7 Northwich(fac) Bristol City Stockport York WBA(fr) Wycombe Chesterfield Birmingham(fr) Crewe Watford Shrewsbury Millwall PNE Plymouth Burnley Watford(ccc) Wrexham Notts C. Bournemouth Luton Brentford Burnley(fac) Bury Peterboro 97/8 Southend Nott'm Forest(ccc) Burnley Sheff.Utd(ccc) Bournemouth(aws) Lincoln U.(fac) 98/9 Stoke Gresley Rov.(fac) Oldham Northampton QPR(wc) Chesterfield Bristol Rov. Luton Macclesfield 00/1 Brentford Port Vale Oxford Peterboro Bournemouth Oldham Notts C. Wigan Rotherham Exeter(fac) Luton 01/2 Wolves Birmingham PNE Coventry 02/3 Watford Ipswich Millwall C.Palace Leicester Grimsby Sheff.Wed. Reading(fac) Wimbledon Coventry 03/4 Derby Carlisle(cc) 04/5 Wrexham Bournemouth Luton Brentford Oldham 05/6 Tranmere Burnley(fac) Hartlepool Port Vale Rotherham Scunthorpe 06/7 Man.U(fr) A.Villa(fr) Barnet Mansfield Bristol Rov. Shrewsbury Stockport Swindon Wycombe Lincoln Macclesfield Notts C. Rochdale Boston Chester 07/8 Hartlepool Bristol Rov. Port Vale Cheltenham 08/9 Darlington(cc) Scunthorpe Brighton Leeds Stockport Peterboro Bristol Rov. MK Dons Hartlepool Carlisle Leicester Colchester Cheltenham Crewe Scunthorpe(fac) Northampton Tranmere Huddersfield Millwall Southend WBA(fr) 09/10 Wycombe Tranmere Brentford Norwich Huddersfield Exeter Bristol R. 10/11 Tranmere(cc) 11/12 Scunthorpe Brentford 12/13 Scunthorpe 13/14 PNE 14/15 Bradford Coventry Scunthorpe 15/16 Chesterfield(fac) 16/17 Southend Rochdale Sheff.U Gillingham Bradford Bristol R. Bury Fleetwood Northampton Peterborough.

WATFORD 63/4 Reading 65/6 Workington Brighton 66/7 Liverpool(fac) Walsall Brighton Grimsby Workington 67/8 Walsall Shrewsbury Sheff.U(fac) Bury Brighton Swindon Mansfield Barrow Hereford(fac) 68/9 Plymouth Hartlepool Barrow Brighton 69/70 Gornik Zabrze(fr) Oxford Millwall Middlesbro Birmingham 70/1 Swindon Norwich Charlton Millwall Middlesboro Luton Bristol City QPR Oxford(fac) Reading(fac) Birmingham Hull Sunderland Bolton Leicester Blackburn 71/2 Luton PNE(lc) Swindon Middlesboro Blackpool Hull Bristol C. Bohemians(fr) PNE Charlton Carlisle 72/3 Walsall Bolton Blackburn Grimsby Rochdale Bristol Rov. Port Vale Scunthorpe Wrexham Shrewsbury Sheff.U(fac) Chesterfield Swansea 73/4 Southport 1.25 Hereford 74/5 Hereford Southend Wrexham Blackburn PNE Tranmere Chesterfield Charlton Bury Brighton Bournemouth Aldershot Swindon Port Vale Huddersfield Halifax Grimsby Gillingham Colchester(fac) Colchester 75/6 Newport Huddersfield Brighton(fac) Bournemouth Reading Bradford Barnsley Torquay Hartlepool Doncaster Stockport Scunthorpe Exeter Darlington Northampton Crewe Workington 1.25 Southport 1.25 Swansea 76/7 Aldershot Scunthorpe Cambridge Darlington Doncaster Crewe Colchester Bradford Brentford Rochdale Southend Newport Torquay Southport 1.25 77/8 Reading Torquay Brentford Halifax Wimbledon Huddersfield Darlington Bournemouth Newport Crewe Scunthorpe Rochdale Northampton Hartlepool Stockport Doncaster Aldershot Southend Southport 2.00 Swansea 78/9 Bury Peterboro Walsall Plymouth Brentford(lc) Oxford Tranmere Brentford Carlisle Exeter Gillingham Mansfield Shrewsbury Swindon Lincoln Stoke(lc) Rotherham Chesterfield Sheff.Wed. Colchester Southend Chester Hull Swansea 79/80 PNE Swansea Chelsea Luton Wrexham Fulham Charlton Burnley Birmingham Oldham QPR Newcastle Sunderland Cambridge Shrewsbury Harlow(fac) 80/1 Wrexham West Ham Notts C. Chelsea Blackburn Oldham Cambridge Shrewsbury Grimsby Coventry(lc) Luton PNE Bristol City Southampton(lc) Newcastle Swansea Bolton Bristol Rov. Sheff.Wed. NottmForest(lc) Wolves(fac) Vancouver(fr) Cardiff 81/2 Derby Luton Oldham Man.Utd(fac) West Ham(fac) Lincoln(lc) Lokeren(fr) Shrewsbury Barnsley Grimsby(lc) Sheff.Wed. QPR Cambridge Cardiff Norwich Newcastle Bolton C.Palace Wrexham Leicester QPR(lc) Man.U(ycf) 82/3 Stoke Bolton(lc) Fulham(fac) Norwich Coventry Notts C. Birmingham 22/3 Birmingham 12/2 Luton Southampton Sunderland Brighton Swansea WBA Ipswich WestHam Man.City A.Villa Spurs NottmForest Arsenal Liverpool Plymouth(fac) 83/4 Spurs Luton Stoke A.Villa Birmingham Notts C. Ipswich WBA Brighton(fac) Sparta Prague(uefa) West Ham Luton(fac) Coventry Leicester NottmForest Liverpool Sunderland QPR Southampton Arsenal Huddersfield(mc) Levski Spartak(uefa) Kaiserslautern(uefa) 84/5 Southampton WBA Sheff.Wed. Coventry Chelsea WBA(mc) Luton Norwich Stoke Sheff.Utd(fac) Sunderland(mc) Luton(fac) West Ham Sunderland Spurs Ipswich Cardiff(mc) Arsenal A.Villa Everton QPR Newcastle Sunderland NottmForest Leicester Liverpool Newcastle(ycf) 85/6 QPR(mc) Luton Birmingham Ipswich Arsenal Southampton Spurs Sheff.Wed. Everton Bury(fac) Oxford Chelsea Man.City(fac) A.Villa Coventry Leicester Newcastle WBA Nott'm Forest Liverpool(fac) 86/7 Liverpool A.Villa Rochdale(lc) Walsall(fac) Luton Leicester Newcastle Southampton Man.City West Ham(lc) Sheff.Wed. Everton West Ham Coventry Chelsea(fac) QPR Wimbledon Norwich 87/8 Norwich West Ham Swindon(lc) Port Vale(fac) Wimbledon Luton Portsmouth NottmForest Charlton Liverpool 88/9 Leicester(sc) Bradford Plymouth Stoke Swindon Blackburn Portsmouth Leicester(lc) NottmForest(fac) Blackburn(posf) 89/90 Sheff.Utd Sheff.Utd(fac) Oldham Stoke Blackburn Wigan(fac) Barnsley Oxford Plymouth Brighton Leeds Sunderland Port Vale Bournemouth Portsmouth Bradford Leicester Swindon 90/1 Notts C. Blackburn Bristol City Hull Oldham Oxford Port Vale WBA Portsmouth Swindon Norwich(rc) 91/2 Southend(rc) Middlesboro Grimsby Southend Blackburn Bristol City Oxford Wolves Arsenal(fr) Brighton Portsmouth Millwall 92/3 Brentford West Ham Bristol City Luton Notts C. Peterboro Grimsby Oxford Newcastle Charlton Birmingham Derby Reading(ccc) Portsmouth Cambridge 93/4 Wolves Charlton Barnsley Luton(aic) Millwall(ccc) Oxford Notts C. Sunderland Derby Middlesboro Leicester Luton Bristol City Derby Nott'm Forest Bolton Tranmere Birmingham 94/5 Stoke Port Vale C.Palace(fac) Middlesboro Sunderland Tranmere Bolton Portsmouth 95/6 Tranmere Derby Leicester 96/7 Bury Oxford(fac) Bristol City(aws) Wrexham 97/8 Wrexham Oldham Chesterfield 98/9 Sunderland Birmingham(po) Crewe Oxford QPR Stockport 99/00 Leeds Bradford Chelsea West Ham Coventry Wigan(wc) Leicester 00/1 Nott'm Forest Fulham Grimsby Barnsley Sheff.Wed. Man.Utd(wc) Everton(fac) Norwich Sheff.Utd Cheltenham(wc) 01/2 Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Nott'm Forest Millwall Coventry Burnley Wolves Walsall Charlton(wc) 02/3 Walsall Luton(wc) Portsmouth Coventry WBA(fac) Burnley(fac) 03/4 Walsall C.Palace Millwall 04/5 Burnley RealZaragoza(fr) Plymouth 05/6 Notts C.(cc) 07/8 Scunthorpe 10/11 Scunthorpe 11/12 Leicester Ipswich Southampton Coventry 16/17 WBA WestHam Bournemouth Hull Sunderland Swansea Burton(fac) C.Palace Burnley Stoke Southampton 17/18 Arsenal Bournemouth Brighton Bristol C.(fac) Everton Chelsea Burnley C.Palace Leicester Huddersfield Man.U. Newcastle WestHam Swansea Spurs Southampton Stoke.

WEST BROMWICH ALBION 53/4 Rotherham(fac) Chelsea 61/2 West Ham ph 62/3 West Ham ph 63/4 Burnley 64/5 Fulham 65/6 West Ham A.Villa Liverpool 66/7 Man.C. Spurs 67/8 West Ham ph Spurs Fulham Arsenal Sunderland 68/9 West Ham ph Coventry Newcastle NottmForest Arsenal 69/70 1.75 each Arsenal Coventry Derby Ipswich Stoke Liverpool Ipswich(lc) Leeds Bradford(lc) Man.U Leicester(lc) Everton Sheff.Wed. Burnley C.Palace Sunderland Southampton Wolves Newcastle Spurs Chelsea NottmForest Vicenza(aic)3.00 70/1 1.25 each C.Palace Charlton(lc) Derby Everton Southampton Chelsea Blackpool Burnley Scunthorpe(fac) Huddersfield Coventry Wolves 71/2 1.25 each C.Palace Newcastle Leicester Spurs(lc) Spurs WestHam Ipswich Derby Coventry(fac) Coventry Everton Arsenal Man.U Man.C Liverpool Leeds Chelsea Huddersfield Southampton Wolves Stoke NottmForest 72/3 1.25 each Derby Spurs Liverpool(lc) Wolves Birmingham Arsenal C.Palace Norwich Everton Sheff.U Chelsea Liverpool Swindon(fac) Ipswich Stoke Leeds WestHam Leicester Newcastle Man.C Coventry QPR(lc) Southampton 73/4 1.50 each Oxford Everton(fac) Middlesboro Portsmouth Millwall Sunderland Sheff.Wed. Fulham PNE Sheff.Utd(lc) Notts C. Bolton Hull C.Palace Bristol C. Blackpool Swindon A.Villa NottmForest Exeter(lc) Notts C.(fac) Luton T.Brown test. 2.00 74/5 1.50 each Nottm Forest Bolton Millwall Notts C. Portsmouth Sheff.Wed. Southampton Bolton(fac) Blackpool A.Villa York Oxford Hull Millwall(lc) Sunderland Fulham Oldham Bristol C. Norwich Norwich(lc) Man.U Bristol C. 75/6 1.50 each NottmForest Chelsea Luton York Bristol R. Oxford Fulham(lc) Charlton Oldham Plymouth Notts C. Hull Portsmouth Southampton Sunderland Lincoln(fac) Blackburn Bolton Blackpool Fulham Bristol C. 76/7 1.25 each Liverpool(lc) Derby Man.C Sunderland Arsenal Everton Brighton(lc) QPR Middlesbrough Coventry Birmingham Leeds Norwich Spurs Man.C(fac) A.Villa Man.U Newcastle WestHam Leicester Ipswich Liverpool 77/8 1.25 each Man.U Rotherham(lc) Chelsea NottmForest(fac) A.Villa Everton NottmForest Wolves Birmingham Ipswich Leicester Man.C Norwich Arsenal WestHam Leeds Blackpool(fac) Liverpool Man.U(fac) Coventry QPR Bristol C. Derby Newcastle Middlebrough Watford(lc) 78/9 1.25 each Coventry Leeds Middlesbrough Southampton Southampton(fac) NottmForest QPR Derby Man.C Everton Arsenal Chelsea Wolves Ipswich Leeds(fac) Leeds(lc) Liverpool Spurs Bolton A.Villa Bristol C. Coventry(fac) Man.U 79/80 1.25 each Bristol C. Everton C.Palace Wolves NottmForest Man.C Derby Coventry Fulham(lc) Leeds Middlesbrough Brighton Carl Zeiss Jena(uefa) Man.U Arsenal Spurs Southampton Coventry Ipswich Stoke Norwich(lc) 80/1 Liverpool PNE(lc) PNE(lc)2nd replay Birmingham Leicester Middlesboro Stoke Man.C. C.Palace Sunderland Brighton Southampton Everton Coventry Man.City Wolves A.Villa Norwich 81/2 Stoke Southampton Coventry Notts C. 19/12 Notts C. 24/3 A.Villa Brighton Middlesboro Man.City Birmingham Swansea Coventry(fac) Man.U Norwich(fac) 82/3 Swansea Sunderland Brighton Norwich Watford Stoke West Ham Man.City Birmingham Coventry Ipswich Southampton Luton QPR(fac) Everton NottmForest 83/4 Watford Ipswich A.Villa Wolves Nott'm Forest QPR Spurs Luton Sunderland Scunthorpe(fac) 84/5 Birmingham(mc) Wigan(mc) QPR Arsenal Liverpool A.Villa Luton Coventry Norwich 85/6 Spurs Newcastle Man.City Birmingham Sheff.Wed.(fac) 86/7 Hull Derby(lc) Grimsby Shrewsbury Sunderland Blackburn Plymouth Barnsley Millwall 87/8 1.25 each Middlesboro Barnsley Oldham Walsall(lc) Swindon Shrewsbury A.Villa Bournemouth Birmingham Bradford Huddersfield Sheff.U Ipswich Man.City Blackburn Millwall Plymouth Leeds C.Palace Spurs(fr)2.50 Reading Stoke Leicester Hull Bedworth Wolves(fr) Mazda(fr) 88/9 Everton(fac) Swindon Walsall Brighton Leeds Chelsea Plymouth Blackburn 89/90 Wolves Blackburn Bradford Hull Oxford Port Vale Sunderland Barnsley Brighton Ipswich Middlesboro Bournemouth Bradford(lc) Charlton(fac) Sheff.Utd Portsmouth 90/1 Newcastle Port Vale Watford Sheff.Wed. Brighton Charlton Plymouth Hull Middlesboro Millwall Oldham Oxford Blackburn Swindon Portsmouth Wolves Notts C. 91/2 Bury PNE Bradford Huddersfield Bolton C.Palace(fr) Stockport Birmingham Reading Exeter(at) Marlow(fac) Hartlepool Peterbrough Wigan 92/3 Walsall(at) Plymouth(ccc) Blackburn(fr) Rotherham Sheff.Wed/Spurs(fr) Mansfield Stockport Reading Port Vale Aylesbury(fac) Wycombe(fac) Chester Bolton Torquay(at) Hull Burnley Blackpool Swansea Huddersfield Stoke 93/4 Middlesboro Millwall Sunderland Luton Peterboro Birmingham West Ham(fr) Chelsea(fr) Southend Wolves C.Palace Watford Bolton Nott'm Forest Portsmouth Barnsley Bristol City Leicester Stoke Notts C. Charlton Tranmere Derby 94/5 Burnley Port Vale Grimsby Portsmouth Sheff.Utd Reading Oldham Barnsley Luton Bolton Watford Gothenburg(fr) Charlton Notts C. Stoke Wolves Swindon Millwall Southend Derby 95/6 C.Palace Reading Sheff.Utd Oldham Leicester Portsmouth Watford Wolves Charlton 96/7 Ipswich Oldham Tranmere QPR Bolton Norwich Swindon Portsmouth Southend Birmingham C.Palace Reading 97/8 Nott'm Forest Stockport Sheff.Utd Charlton Birmingham Huddersfield Crewe Ipswich QPR Bury A.Villa(fr) Tranmere Cambridge(ccc) Reading Luton(ccc) Port Vale Middlesboro Sunderland Portsmouth Liverpool(ccc) 98/9 Crewe Wolves Bristol City Stockport Oxford Norwich Bolton Bradford Watford QPR C.Palace Portsmouth 99/00 Fulham Blackburn Man.City Barnsley Port Vale Huddersfield C.Palace Walsall QPR Wolves Stockport 00/1 India(fr) Birmingham Blackburn Norwich Wolves Wimbledon Gillingham Fulham Nott'm Forest Barnsley Stockport Crewe Portsmouth Tranmere Watford Grimsby Huddersfield Bolton 01/2 Stockport Cheltenham(fac) Portsmouth Barnsley Wimbledon Bradford Sheff.Utd Crewe Walsall PNE 02/3 West Ham Man.City Bradford(fac) Blackburn Southampton Fulham Sunderland Charlton Arsenal Bolton A.Villa Man.Utd Chelsea Everton Spurs Liverpool Newcastle Birmingham 03/4 Wigan C.Palace Gillingham Crewe Arsenal(cc) Derby Man.Utd(cc) Reading Sunderland Wimbledon Sheff.Utd Millwall Stoke Ipswich PNE Burnley Brentford(cc) Cheltenham(fr) 04/5 Fulham Bolton Boavista(fr) Birmingham Middlesboro Liverpool Newcastle Arsenal 07/8 Ipswich PNE Barnsley Scunthorpe 08/09 Bolton 09/10 Coventry Leicester Derby Sheff.U Reading(fac) Scunthorpe 10/11 Bolton Sunderland Wolves 12/13 3.00 each WestHam Stoke Man.City Liverpool Man.U 5.00 A.Villa Fulham Norwich Reading QPR Southampton Everton Wigan Newcastle Arsenal Swansea Chelsea Sunderland Spurs 13/14 3.00 each A.Villa Fulham Southampton Swansea Spurs Stoke WestHam Cardiff Man.U Chelsea Liverpool Everton C.Palace Newcastle Hull Norwich Man.City C.Palace(fac) Arsenal Sunderland 14/15 3.00 each WestHam Leicester 4.00 Liverpool Porto(fr)1.00 Chelsea A.Villa Man.U Everton Spurs QPR Sunderland Hull Man.City Gateshead(fac) Arsenal Newcastle C.Palace Burnley Oxford(c1c) Hull(c1c) Stoke Southampton WestHam(fac) Swansea 15/16 3.00 each Chelsea Man.City Everton Southampton P.Vale(cc) 16/17 Leicester Derby(fac) Watford Sunderland.

WEST HAM (Please note most of the homes from the 60/1-67/8 have punch holes and/or score on front) 60/1 Man.U PNE Bolton Burnley Blackpool Birmingham Arsenal Blackburn Nott'm Forest A.Villa Man.City Newcastle Leicester WBA Fulham Everton Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Wolves 61/2 Man.U Birmingham Nott'm Forest Malmo(fr) Spurs WBA 62/3 Man.City Everton(fac) Wolves 63/4 Blackpool Man.U Burnley(fac) Birmingham 64/5 Burnley Everton Liverpool Leicester Chelsea Blackburn A.Villa Sheff.Utd Blackpool Arsenal Spurs Birmingham(fac) Stoke Fulham Sunderland 65/6 Stoke Leicester Sunderland Liverpool Arsenal Burnley Blackburn(fac) WBA Oldham(fac) Nott'm Forest Sheff.Wed. Liverpool Blackpool Fulham A.Villa Sheff.Utd Newcastle Chelsea Leeds Blackburn Man.U 2.00 Olympiakos(ecwc)2-50 66/7 Leicester Nott'm Forest Swindon(fac) Leeds(lc) Southampton Arsenal Sunderland WBA Blackpool Sheff.Wed. 67/8 Leeds Bolton(lc) Fulham Sheff.Utd(fac) Newcastle WBA Burnley Sheff.Utd Stoke Sheff.Utd West Ham Sheff.Wed. 68/9 Nott'm Forest Bolton(lc) Spurs Leicester Man.C. Sheff.Wed. Chelsea QPR Coventry(lc) Bristol C.(fac) Coventry Ipswich Leeds Stoke Liverpool Arsenal WBA Burnley Everton 69/70 Man.City Liverpool Nott'm Forest Wolves Newcastle Burnley Sheff.Wed. Spurs Arsenal WBA Man.U Everton Derby C.Palace Sunderland Stoke Chelsea Halifax(lc) Leeds Bratislava(fr) Ipswich Southampton Coventry 70/1 Arsenal Chelsea Nottm Forest Huddersfield Stoke Leeds WBA Man.U Ipswich C.Palace Man.C. Derby Liverpool Southampton Coventry Wolves Blackpool Spurs Burnley Hull(lc) 71/2 Leicester Spurs Liverpool(lc) Luton(fac) Man.U Derby Newcastle Arsenal Hereford(fac) Wolves Liverpool Nottm Forest Huddersfield C.Palace Man.C. Sheff.U(lc) Sheff.U WBA Southampton Stoke Chelsea Everton Ipswich 72/3 Arsenal Everton Birmingham Leicester Coventry Stoke Southampton Wolves WBA Sheff.U Spurs Derby Newcastle C.Palace Chelsea Man.C. Ipswich Liverpool Bristol C.(lc) 73/4 Liverpool Southampton Wolves Coventry Man.U Chelsea Spurs Man.C. Birmingham Newcastle Sheff.U Arsenal QPR Burnley Stoke Leicester Everton Derby Ipswich Leeds Liverpool(lc) Hereford(fac) 74/5 Everton Man.C. Coventry Birmingham Ipswich Wolves Swindon(fac) Spurs QPR(fac) Derby Leicester Arsenal Carlisle Chelsea Stoke Burnley Newcastle Liverpool Middlesbrough QPR Leeds Luton Sheff.U 75/6 Bristol City(lc) Liverpool Den Haag(ecwc) Fiorentina(ecwc) Ararat(ecwc) Reipas Lahden(ecwc) Burnley A.Villa Stoke QPR Leicester Wolves Norwich Leeds Derby Birmingham Spurs Ipswich Arsenal Coventry Man.U Sheff.U Man.C. Darlington(lc) Liverpool(fac) Spurs(lc) Middlesbrough Newcastle Everton 76/7 Newcastle Leicester Derby Coventry Birmingham Man.U Everton Man.C. Bolton(fac) Stoke WBA Coventry Leeds Middlesbrough Arsenal QPR Ipswich Barnsley(lc) Liverpool Sunderland Spurs A.Villa 77/8 Watford(fac) A.Villa Nottm Forest Middlesbrough Everton Man.C. Norwich Leicester Arsenal Man.U QPR Wolves Liverpool Bristol C. Newcastle Birmingham Leeds WBA Derby Coventry Chelsea Ipswich QPR(lc) 78/9 Fulham Blackburn Burnley apr. Millwall Wrexham Luton Leicester Newcastle Brighton Oldham Sunderland Charlton Burnley jan. Cambridge PNE Bristol R. Notts C. Swindon(lc) Sheff.U Stoke C.Palace 79/80 Charlton Birmingham Cambridge Swansea Swansea(fac) Fulham Sundeland A.Villa(fac) Barnsley(lc) Southend(lc) Watford Chelsea Luton Newcastle Wrexham Burnley Oldham Shrewsbury Sunderland(lc) Nottm Forest(lc) PNE QPR Leicester Notts C. 80/1 Swansea Bristol R. D. Tbilisi(ecwc) Cambridge Chelsea PNE Luton Wrexham Watford Bristol C. Barnsley(lc) P.Tmisoara(ecwc) Blackburn Bolton Southampton(fr) Shrewsbury Burnley(lc) Oldham Newcastle Spurs(lc) Wrexham(fac) Derby Sheff.Wed. Notts C. QPR Castilla(ecwc)3.00 Grimsby 81/2 Stoke Spurs may Wolves WBA(lc) Southampton Arsenal WBA(lc) Middlesbrough WBA(lc replay) Coventry Brighton Derby(lc) Ipswich dec. Spurs jan. Sunderland Leeds Man.U Notts C. A.Villa Ipswich mar. Swansea Birmingham Nottm Forest Man.C. WBA Everton(fac) Everton Liverpool 82/3 Coventry Stoke Swansea Arsenal Notts C. Liverpool WBA Southampton Dundee U.(fr) Luton Spurs Notts C.(mc) Norwich A.Villa Watford Stoke(mc) Man.U Sunderland Man.C. Brighton NottmForest Birmingham Ipswich Everton Lincoln(mc) 83/4 Southampton Spurs Bury(mc) Coventry Notts C. WBA Ipswich Luton Watford 84/5 Spurs Chelsea Watford Luton WBA Southampton Sunderland A.Villa 85/6 Luton Swansea(mc) 86/7 Watford Everton Luton Liverpool Wimbledon Luton Leicester Nott'm Forest Sheff.Wed. A.Villa Spurs 87/8 Everton Coventry Luton Southampton Chelsea Barnsley(lc) Wimbledon Millwall(sc) Portsmouth Watford 88/9 Charlton Middlesboro Luton(lcsf) Spurs Luton Southampton NottmForest Norwich 89/90 Bradford Bournemouth Middlesboro Wolves Oldham Stoke Port Vale Hull Leeds Birmingham(lc) Leicester A.Villa(lc) Sheff.Utd 90/1 Watford Oldham Millwall Hull Blackburn Ipswich Notts C. Oxford Middlesboro Plymouth Bristol City Aldershot(fac) Bristol Rov. Barnsley Newcastle Swindon Sheff.Wed. Portsmouth 91/2 Norwich Sheff.Utd Wimbledon A.Villa QPR Chelsea Oldham Luton 92/3 Barnsley Charlton Sunderland Brentford Portsmouth Bristol C. Newcastle Wolves 4.00 Grimsby 93/4 QPR Ipswich Blackburn Notts C.(fac) Newcastle Oldham Sheff.Wed. Chelsea Southampton Blackburn Luton(fac) 94/5 A.Villa 95/6 A.Villa Coventry 96/7 Chelsea Liverpool Barnet(ccc) Spurs Newcastle 6/5 Coventry Leicester Man.Utd Derby Blackburn Wrexham(fac) Everton 97/8 Emley(fac) Sheff.Wed. Leeds 98/9 Derby Newcastle Charlton Swansea(fac) 99/00 Arsenal Spurs Wimbledon Liverpool Watford Derby Leicester Bradford Sunderland Bournemouth(wc) Chelsea Southampton 00/1 Bradford Chelsea Man.U 01/2 Spurs Ipswich Chelsea Fulham Newcastle Sunderland Derby 02/3 Southampton Charlton 03/4 Crewe Gillingham 05/6 Fulham Arsenal 06/7 Chelsea Everton Liverpool Watford Reading 07/8 Derby Portsmouth Sunderland 10/11 Liverpool 12/13 Everton 14/15 Newcastle Hull 16/17 Juventus(fr) Watford Chelsea Middlesbrough Southampton.

WIGAN 78/9 Grimsby Tranmere(lc) Newport 79/80 Hartlepool Walsall Port Vale Rochdale Doncaster Stockport Torquay Aldershot Darlington Blackpool(fac) Stockport(lc) Bournemouth Peterboro Lincoln Tranmere Huddersfield Crewe Halifax Bradford Hereford 80/1 York Wimbledon Southend Chesterfield(fac) Scunthorpe Aldershot Bournemouth Doncaster PNE(lc) Northampton Torquay Tranmere Peterboro Halifax Rochdale Mansfield Stockport Darlington Crewe Hereford 81/2 Port Vale Peterboro York Hull Rochdale Aldershot(lc) Crewe Bournemouth Scunthorpe Aldershot Tranmere Halifax Colchester Stockport Hartlepool Darlington Swansea(fr) 82/3 Oxford Wrexham Scunthorpe(mc) Walsall Bournemouth Exeter Lincoln Chesterfield PNE 83/4 Brentford Exeter Walsall Bristol Rov. Scunthorpe Bury(mc) Bradford Southend Burnley Oxford Lincoln Hull Gillingham Wimbledon Bradford(fac) Bolton Whitby(fac) Rotherham Plymouth Sheff.U Millwall Newport 84/5 WBA(mc) Plymouth Lincoln Bristol City Bradford Walsall Doncaster Bournemouth Rochdale(fr) Bristol Rov. Bolton Wrexham(mc) PNE Reading Swansea Cambridge 85/6 York Bolton Rotherham Walsall Lincoln Doncaster Gillingham Brookside(fr) Bolton(frt) Reading Darlington Bristol Rov. Doncaster(fac) Bournemouth Bournemouth(fac) 86/7 Bristol Rov. Mansfield Notts C. Swindon P.Vale Bournemouth Leeds(fac) York Bury Newport Chesterfield Hull(fac) Bristol C. Gillingham(fac) Darlington Chester Brentford Gillingham Norwich(fac) Rotherham Walsall Blackpool Bolton Carlisle Fulham Doncaster Lincoln(fac) Middlesbrough Blackburn(lc) 87/8 PNE/Rochdale(fr) Mansfield Brighton Port Vale Bristol Rov. Doncaster 88/9 Brentford Bury PNE Chesterfield Gillingham Southend Aldershot Cardiff 89/90 Rotherham Bury Walsall Birmingham Crewe PNE Mansfield Bolton Reading Bristol City Bristol Rov. Chester Notts C. Northampton Blackburn(fr) Carlisle(fac) 90/1 Reading Southend PNE Chester Brentford Cambridge 91/2 Bury Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Peterborough 92/3 WBA Burnley Scunthorpe(at) 93/4 Mansfield Wycombe Walsall Lincoln Rochdale Carlisle 94/5 Mansfield Carlisle Hartlepool PNE Fulham Northampton PNE(fr) Torquay Hereford 95/6 Barnet Lincoln PNE Hereford Doncaster Colchester Scarboro Rochdale Exeter Cambridge 96/7 Mansfield Hull Doncaster Barnet Cambridge Scarboro Hartlepool Cardiff 97/8 Lincoln(aws) Carlisle Brentford PNE Grimsby Southend WBA(fr) Chesterfield Chesterfield(ccc) Burnley 98/9 Oldham Notts C. Lincoln Wycombe Bournemouth Walsall 99/00 Morecambe(fr) PNE Burnley Bristol City Oldham Stoke 02/3 Crewe Blackburn(wc) 03/4 West Ham(fac) Reading PNE Nott'm Forest Millwall Sheff.Utd 04/5 Sheff.Utd Rotherham Burnley Reading Sunderland QPR Brighton PNE Leicester Cardiff 05/6 Boavista(fr) Chelsea Bolton Everton Birmingham A.Villa Bournemouth(cc) Newcastle(cc) 06/7 Sheff.Utd 10/11 Blackburn Newcastle 11/12 Newcastle Chelsea 12/13 Sunderland 13/14 Ipswich NottmForest Leeds Reading Doncaster Bournemouth 14/15 Reading Blackpool Ipswich Birmingham Sheff.Wed. Rotherham Bournemouth 16/17 PNE Burton Fulham Blackburn Reading Norwich Barnsley Cardiff Brighton Rotherham Wolves Bristol C. Brentford Huddersfield Derby 17/18 Southend Accrington(ctt) Blackburn Blackpool Bradford Bristol R. Bury Charlton Crawley(fac) Doncaster Fleetwood Gillingham MK Dons MiddlesbroughU-23(ctt) Oldham Northampton Oxford Peterborough Plymouth Portsmouth Rochdale Rotherham Scunthorpe Shrewsbury Walsall Wimbledon 18/19 Hull Ipswich Leeds Middlesbrough Millwall NottmForest PNE QPR Reading Rotherham Stoke Swansea WBA Sheff.Wed. Sheff.U Blackburn Birmingham Bolton Brentford Bristol C. Derby.

WIMBLEDON 77/8 Swansea 78/9 Hartlepool Bournemouth Bournemouth(fac) Doncaster Grimsby Stockport Reading Rochdale Southend(lc) Wigan Bradford Southampton(fac) Portsmouth Hereford 79/80 Millwall Bury Carlisle Grimsby Oxford Sheff.Wed. Sheff.Utd Chester Swindon(lc) Colchester Blackburn Aldershot(lc) 80/1 Southend Bury Hereford Tranmere Bournemouth Darlington Brentford(fr) 81/2 Aldershot(lc) Southend Brentford Chesterfield PNE Swindon Burnley(gc) Walsall Newport Millwall 82/3 Hull Hereford Scunthorpe 83/4 Brentford Walsall Oldham(mc) Wigan Lincoln Scunthorpe 84/5 C.Palace Leeds Birmingham Blackburn Sheff.Utd Notts C. Portsmouth 85/6 Norwich Oldham Hull Sheff.Utd Blackburn(mc) Shrewsbury Blackburn Stoke Barnsley Portsmouth 86/7 Luton Portsmouth(fac) Everton(fac) Spurs(fac) Cambridge(lc) 87/8 Arsenal Derby Watford Newcastle(lc) Liverpool West Ham Luton Norwich Coventry Sheff.Wed. Southampton Portsmouth Watford(fac) 88/9 Luton A.Villa Everton Nott'm Forest Charlton Grimsby(fac) Newcastle Millwall Derby Man.Utd Sheff.Wed. Middlesboro Coventry QPR 89/90 Coventry Charlton Luton Port Vale(lc) Southampton Middlesboro(lc) A.Villa Chelsea C.Palace 90/1 Luton Coventry Plymouth(rc) 91/2 West Ham Notts C. Man.Utd Southampton Sheff.Wed. QPR 92/3 Blackburn Man.Utd Leeds QPR Chelsea C.Palace/Coventry 93/4 Man.Utd Arsenal West Ham A.Villa Scunthorpe(fac) 94/5 A.Villa 95/6 Middlesboro(fac) Blackburn Coventry West Ham Man.Utd A.Villa Everton 96/7 Coventry Liverpool Sunderland 97/8 Sheff.Wed. C.Palace Southampton Millwall(ccc) Chelsea Liverpool 98/9 Arsenal Leeds Middlesboro Blackburn 99/00 Cardiff(wc) 00/1 Portsmouth Blackburn 01/2 Nott'm Forest Sheff.Utd Millwall Portsmouth Middlesboro(fac) Crewe Bradford Rotherham Walsall 02/3 Watford Stoke.

WOLVES 67/8 Sheff.U 68/9 West Ham Coventry WBA Man.City Ipswich Leeds Southampton Nottm Forest Burnley Spurs Sheff.Wed. Everton Newcastle Sunderland Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool QPR Southend(lc) Stoke Leicester S.Mirren(fr) 69/70 Nottm Forest Spurs(lc) Derby Man.U Southampton Stoke Coventry Liverpool Sunderland Leeds C.Palace Man.City Spurs Ipswich Newcastle Arsenal WBA West Ham Sheff.Wed. Everton Burnley 70/1 Southampton West Ham Liverpool Burnley C.Palace Coventry Norwich(fac) Blackpool Leeds WBA Man.City Newcastle Huddersfield Stoke Spurs Derby Hanover(fr) Chelsea Ferencvaros(uefa sf) Morton(tc) Dundee(tc) Arsenal Hearts(texaco up final) 71/2 Chelsea WBA Leicester Ipswich West Ham Liverpool Leicester(fac) Newcastle Stoke Arsenal Huddersfield Derby Southampton Nottm Forest Everton C.Palace Man.City Spurs 72/3 Man.City WBA Sheff.U Coventry(fac) Ipswich Coventry Leicester Southampton Man.U(fac) Bristol City(fac) Newcastle Millwall(fac) Blackpool(lc) Sheff.Wed.(lc) Everton Norwich Stoke Man.U West Ham Birmingham Spurs Liverpool C.Palace Bristol Rov.(lc) Arsenal Derby Chelsea 73/4 Everton Leipzig(uefa) Leeds(fac) Sheff.U Burnley Belenenses(uefa) Man.U QPR Man.City Tranmere(lc) West Ham Exeter(lc) Derby Liverpool(lc) Chelsea Southampton Newcastle Stoke Birmingham Ipswich Liverpool Spurs Arsenal Leicester Coventry 74/5 Liverpool Leeds Newcastle Leicester Fulham(lc) Spurs QPR Sheff.U Ipswich Stoke Coventry Burnley Everton Ipswich(fac) Derby Arsenal West Ham Birmingham Chelsea Man.City Luton Middlesbrough Bristol City(fr) Porto(uefa) 75/6 Middlesboro Ipswich Birmingham A.Villa West Ham Sheff.Utd Stoke Coventry 76/7 Charlton Burnley Sheff.Utd Chester(fac) Hereford Hull Bristol Rov. Notts C. Nott'm Forest Rotherham(fac) Ipswich(fac) Blackpool Bolton Plymouth Blackburn Millwall Luton 77/8 Midland all Stars(fr) A.Villa Southampton Man.U Lverpool NottmForest 78/9 Newcastle(fac) Coventry Chelsea Bristol C. Ipswich Arsenal Man.U Leeds WBA Birmingham Everton Southampton Middlesbro Shrewsbury(fac) Derby Liverpool NottmForest Bolton Spurs 79/80 1.25 each WBA C.Palace Everton Norwich(fac) Norwich Middlesbro Man.City Coventry Bristol C. Brighton Bolton A.Villa Arsenal Watford(fac) Southampton Ipswich Man.U Derby Grimsby(lc) Stoke Spurs Leeds NottmForest 80/1 Middlesboro Brighton Cambridge(lc) C.Palace Coventry Ipswich Eindhoven(uefa) Birmingham Leeds Sunderland Liverpool Stoke Stoke(fac) Watford(fac) WBA Wrexham(fac) A.Villa Middlesbro(fac) Norwich Leicester Man.City Spurs 81/2 Sunderland Nott'm Forest Stoke Ipswich A.Villa Southampton Leeds Swansea Middlesboro Everton Liverpool Spurs Brighton Notts C. A.Villa(lc) Coventry Leeds(fac) Man.U Man.City Birmingham WBA 82/3 Bolton Shrewsbury Carlisle Grimsby Derby Cambridge Middlesboro Oldham Barnsley 83/4 Stoke Liverpool Coventry Southampton Nott'm Forest QPR Luton Arsenal 84/5 Barnsley Charlton Middlesboro Cardiff 86/7 Aldershot(po) Swansea Hereford Hereford(frt) 87/8 Hereford Cheltenham(fac) Cardiff Swansea 88/9 Reading Cardiff Birmingham(lc) Swansea 89/90 Hull Bournemouth Port Vale WBA Brighton Newcastle Sheff.Utd Oldham Blackburn Oxford Leicester Middlesboro Barnsley Leeds Lincoln(lc) 90/1 Port Vale Ipswich Middlesboro Blackburn Bristol City Watford Millwall Notts C. Plymouth Sheff.Wed. West Ham Chelsea(fr) 91/2 Oxford Shrewsbury(rc) Port Vale Cambridge Southend Derby 92/3 Portsmouth Luton Birmingham Derby 93/4 Peterborough 94/5 Notts C. Bolton(posf) Port Vale Portsmouth Nottm Forest(ccc) Derby Bristol City Sheff.Utd C.Palace(fac) Chesterfield Tranmere 95/6 Millwall 96/7 Portsmouth Grimsby 97/8 Reading QPR QPR(ccc) Man.City 98/9 Barnet(wc) QPR Arsenal(fac) Huddersfield Portsmouth Stockport Tranmere 99/00 Bolton Port Vale Spurs(fr) Walsall Wycombe(wc) Grimsby Sheff.U Huddersfield 03/4 Kidderminster(fac) 04/5 Millwall(fac) Plymouth Derby 07/8 Blackpool WBA 08/9 Swansea Southampton Nottm Forest Coventry 09/10 Spurs Sunderland Wigan C.Palace(fac) Birmingham Blackburn Man.U Portsmouth Everton West Ham Chelsea Stoke A.Villa Arsenal Bolton Burnley 10/11 Everton A.Villa 12/13 Derby 15/16 MK Dons 18/19 Newcastle Burnley C.Palace Fulham.

WORKINGTON 72/3 1.50 each Bradford Peterborough Northampton Cambridge Chester Reading 73/4 Stockport 1.50 74/5 1.50 each Exeter Doncaster Crewe Torquay Rochdale Northampton Barnsley Cambridge 75/6 Northampton Rochdale 79/80 Witton Worksop Mossley Macclesfield Marine Gainsboro Goole Frickley 80/1 Oswestry Tamworth Witton Matlock Netherfield Macclesfield Lancaster Gainsboro Goole Buxton Burton Carlisle(fac) 81/2 Huddersfield(fac).

WREXHAM 58/9 Chesterfield 2.50 60/1 Stockport 61/2 Exeter Southport Bronshoj(fr) 62/3 Carlisle Liverpool(fac) Swindon 63/4 2.50 each Peterboro Walsall Millwall Coventry C.Palace 64/5 Notts C. Aldershot Chester Oxford Halifax 65/6 Chester(lc) Stockport Chesterfield Port Vale apr. 66/7 Southport Chester Barrow Aldershot Chesterfield(fac) Bradford Rochdale Brentford Notts C. Port Vale Barnsley 67/8 Chester Hartlepool Brentford Southend Bradford Barnsley Rochdale Workington Port Vale Chesterfield Exeter 68/9 Port Vale(lc) Lincoln Swansea Brentford Blackpool(lc) Peterborough Chester 69/70 Swansea Southend Oldham Notts C. Crewe Lincoln Port Vale Chesterfield Hartlepool Chester 70/1 1.50 each Chesterfield Fulham Doncaster Shrewsbury PNE Halifax Tranmere A.Villa Walsall Bury Torquay Rotherham Barnsley Bradford Rochdale Reading Mansfield Brighton C.Palace(fr)2.50 Swansea Birmingham(lc) 71/2 1.50 each Bolton Bradford Halifax Tranmere Shrewsbury Walsall Notts C. Rochdale Oldham A.Villa(lc) 73/4 Tranmere Shrewsbury(fac) Hereford 74/5 1-50 each Peterboro Chesterfield Hereford Plymouth Bury Crewe Port Vale Aldershot Huddersfield Tranmere PNE Halifax Colchester Southend Watford Walsall Gillingham 75/6 Sheff.Wed. Hereford 76/7 Shrewsbury(wcsf) Peterboro PNE Chesterfield Port Vale(lc) Tranmere 7/3 Oxford Leicester(lc) Mansfield Chester Swindon Grimsby 77/8 Liverpool(fac) Bradford Walsall Tranmere Exeter Plymouth Oxford PNE Carlisle Bristol City(lc) Newcastle(fac) Merthyr(wc) Bury Chesterfield Arsenal(fac) Chester Bangor(wcf) Swindon(lc) Hereford Swindon Colchester Lincoln Port Vale Shrewsbury Sheff.Wed. Stockport(lc) 78/9 West Ham Bury(lc) Charlton Oldham Sheff.Utd Stockport(fac) Notts C. Bristol Rov. Swansea(wc) Stoke Burnley Fulham Rijeka(ecwc) Millwall Orient Luton C.Palace 79/80 Luton Watford PNE Chelsea Newcastle Shrewsbury Cambridge Notts C. Southampton(lc) Charlton Leicester Bristol Rov. Burnley Magdeburg(ecwc) Sunderland WestHam Cardiff QPR Newport(wc) Swansea 80/1 Shrewsbury Luton Oldham Grimsby Burnley Blackburn Swansea(wcsf) Watford PNE Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Notts C. West Ham Cambridge Derby Bolton CQN(wc) Newcastle QPR Swansea 81/2 Rotherham Watford Cambridge Shrewsbury Barnsley Grimsby Charlton Swindon(lc) Leicester Blackburn Bolton Chelsea Sheff.Wed. Oldham Luton(lc) Norwich Chelsea(fac) 82/3 Lincoln Wigan PNE Southend Huddersfield Bournemouth Gillingham Brentford Shrewsbury(mc) Caernarvon(wcsf)1-50 Oxford Chesterfield Bradford Walsall Doncaster Cheltenham(wc) 83/4 Peterboro Peterboro(amc) Hartlepool Mansfield Halifax Port Vale(mc) Rochdale Hereford(wcsf) Chesterfield Hereford 84/5 Hereford Crewe Porto(ecwc) Peterboro Chesterfield Shrewsbury(fr) Wigan(mc) Hartlepool 85/6 Port Vale Hartlepool Port Vale(frt) Rochdale Rochdale(mc) Hereford 86/7 Torquay Wolves Cambridge Peterboro Halifax Brymbo(wc) Scunthorpe Rochdale PNE Cardiff Portsmouth(lc) Hartlepool Burnley 87/8 Hartlepool Halifax Colchester Darlington Rochdale Ton Pentre(wc) Ruthin(wc) Worcester(wc) Kidderminster(wcsf)1-50 Peterboro Scunthorpe Crewe 88/9 Rochdale Shrewsbury(fr) Rotherham Peterboro Grimsby Doncaster Runcorn(fac) Scunthorpe Hartlepool Crewe Sheff.Utd(svt) Carlisle Stockport Halifax Torquay Exeter Runcorn(fac) Hereford Scunthorpe(posf) 89/90 Chestefield Peterboro Doncaster Aldershot Hartlepool Halifax Stockport Southend Wigan(lc) Cambridge Barry(wcsf) York Exeter Grimsby Torquay Scunthorpe Northampton Halifax Burnley 16/12 Burnley 13/3 Rochdale Gillingham Colchester Lincoln 90/1 Rochdale Hartlepool Gillingham York(rc) Peterboro York Torquay Worcester(wc) Lincoln Walsall Scunthorpe Hereford Darlington Hereford Everton(rc) Lyngby(ecwc) Aldershot Chesterfield 91/2 1.20 each Doncaster Crewe Lincoln Telford(fac) Carlisle Scunthorpe(rc) Hereford York Scunthorpe Mansfield(at) Burnley Northampton Colwyn Bay(fac) Halifax Walsall Barnet West Ham(fac)2.00 Arsenal(fac)3.00 Cardiff 92/3 1.20 each Crewe Northampton Hereford Lincoln Merthyr(wc) Scunthorpe Walsall Carlisle Chesterfield Bury(lc) Shrewsbury Barnet Doncaster Rochdale Bury Halifax Stoke(at) Torquay York Gillingham Darlington Cardiff Cardiff(wc) Colchester 93/4 1-20 each Stockport Brighton Burnley Port Vale Reading Plymouth Shrewsbury York Huddersfield Hull Bournemouth Fulham Exeter Hull 94/5 1.30 each Wycombe Stockport(fac) Doncaster(ccc) Plymouth Chester Cambridge Brighton Bournemouth Rotherham Peterboro Shrewsbury Bradford Crewe Mansfield(aws)60p Bangor(wc) Huddersfield York Swansea Brentford Linfield(fr) Hull Ipswich(fac) Merthyr(wcsf) 95/6 1.40 each York Bournemouth Rotherham Walsall Shrewsbury Chesterfield Stockport Crewe Hull Peterboro Brentford Blackpool Bristol City Notts C. Stockport(ccc) Bradford Chesterfield(fac) Brighton Burnley Wycombe Hull(fac) Carlisle 96/7 1.50 each Crewe Burnley Rotherham Bristol City Luton Chesterfield Wycombe Notts C. Stockport Gillingham Bolton(fr) Huddersfield(ccc) Bury A.Villa(fr) Crewe(aws) Scunthorpe(fac) Millwall Walsall Brentford Plymouth Peterboro PNE Shrewsbury Bournemouth 97/8 1.50 each Merthyr(faw) Wimbledon(fac) Carlisle Millwall Wycombe Watford Gillingham Wigan Bristol Rov. York PNE Blackpool Burnley Chesterfield Brentford Luton Oldham Northampton Walsall Plymouth Southend Bournemouth Fulham 98/9 1.50 each Barry(fawf) Caernarfon/Barry(faw) Wigan Northampton Reading Peterboro(fac) Huddersfield(fac) York(fac) Halifax(wc) PNE Chesterfield Bournemouth Wycombe Stoke Luton York Colchester Burnley Blackpool Walsall Notts C. Gillingham Lincoln Scunthorpe(fac) Macclesfield Millwall Wigan(aws) 99/00 1.50 each Bournemouth Stoke Oxford Blackpool Kettering(fac) Scunthorpe PNE(wc) Cambridge(fac) Bristol City Chesterfield Wycombe Luton Millwall Oldham Bury Reading Rochdale(fac) Wigan Brentford Cambridge Notts C. Millwall 00/1 1.50 each Brentford Cambridge Wycombe Wigan Peterboro Rotherham(fac) Walsall Bournemouth Bristol Rov. Colchester Northampton Port Vale Reading Stoke Swindon 01/2 1.50 each Northampton Oldham Chesterfield Bury Tranmere Wigan(ldv) Swindon Reading Notts C. Bristol City Huddersfield Bournemouth Stoke Peterboro Port Vale Wigan Hull(wc) Colchester QPR Cambridge 02/3 1.50 each Darlington Hartlepool Everton(wc) Bournemouth Bury Hull Lincoln Macclesfield Oxford Rochdale Rushden & D. Scunthorpe Boston Darlington(fac) 03/4 1.50 each Brighton Bakili(fr) Cardiff(fawsf) QPR Sheff.Wed. Rushden & D. WBA(fr) Blackpool Barnsley Chesterfield Colchester Brentford Morecambe(ldv) Notts C. Oldham Hartlepool Wycombe Stockport Tranmere Grimsby Plymouth Swindon 04/5 2.00 each Peterboro Bristol City Sheff.Wed. Barnsley Port Vale Hull Liverpool(fr) Luton Stockport Bournemouth Oldham Colchester Torquay Doncaster Tranmere Chesterfield Hartlepool Brentford Blackpool 05/6 1.50 each Boston Rochdale Grimsby Lincoln Wycombe Notts C. Darlington Peterboro Stockport Macclesfield 06/7 2.50 each Wycombe Chester Hartlepool Notts C. Stevenage(fac) Shrewsbury Stockport Barnet Bury Macclesfield MK Dons Lincoln Darlington Walsall Rochdale Accrington Torquay 07/8 2-50 each Rochdale Hereford Chesterfield Brentford Barnet Blackburn(fr) Darlington A.Villa(cc) Wycombe Stockport Shrewsbury MK Dons Bradford Peterboro Dagenham Macclesfield Notts C. Morecambe 3.50 Accrington 5.00 Rotherham Lincoln Chester Grimsby Mansfield 08/9 1.50 each Blackpool(fr) Crewe(fr) Histon Rushden & D. Mansfield(fat) Forest Green Mansfield Cambridge Woking Southport Salisbury Barrow Kidderminster 09/10 Coventry(fr) Man.City(fr) Wolves(fr) Eastbourne Oxford Hayes PNE(fr) 10/11 Rushden PNE(fr) Altrincham Kettering Southport Mansfield Stoke(fr) Eastbourne Luton(posf) Histon Liverpool(fr) Forest Green Hayes Bath Wimbledon Luton Newport Kettering Fleetwood Kidderminster Cambridge York 11/12 Brighton(fac) Huddersfield(fr) Bath Barrow Southport Gateshead Cambridge(fac) 14/15 Altrincham Aldershot Stockport(fat) 17/18 2.50 each Macclesfield Gateshead Woking Bromley Guiseley Sutton Eastleigh 18/19 ForestGreen(fr) Barrow BorehamWood Chesterfield Bromley Boston(fat) Dover Dagenham Eastleigh Maidstone Maidenhead Orient(fat).

WYCOMBE 72/3 Cheshunt 73/4 Peterborough(fac) 84/5 Leek(fat) 85/6 Spurs XI(fr) 86/7 Yeovil 88/9 Cheltenham Boston Yeovil 89/90 Cheltenham Barnet Yeovil Yeovil(blt) Welling Northwich V. Fisher 90/1 Kettering Southampton(fr) Slough Peterboro(fac) Welling Telford Yeovil Barnet NottmForest(fr) 91/2 Telford Macclesfield Redbridge Kettering(fac) Cheltenham Bournemouth(fr) 92/3 Macclesfield Bath Slough Kettering Gateshead Sutton(fat) Cheltenham(fat) Altrincham Boston Bromsgrove(fat) Northwich V. 93/4 PNE Rochdale Chesterfield Chester Scunthorpe Carlisle Norwich(fac) Cambridge(fac) Wigan Barnet(at) Mansfield Walsall Crewe Lincoln Doncaster Northampton Swansea(at) 94/5 Brentford Birmingham Cambridge Oxford Hull Blackpool Stockport Rotherham Swansea WestHam Shrewsbury Bradford Leicester(fr) Cardiff 95/6 Peterboro Rotherham York Stockport Bournemouth Burnley Brighton Southampton(fr) Brentford Bradford Shrewsbury Bristol C. Chesterfield Gillingham Hull Man.City(ccc) Wrexham Oxford 96/7 Barnet(fac) Chestefield Peterboro Walsall Bournemouth Luton PNE Rotherham Shrewsbury Stockport Brentford Crewe 97/8 Wigan Bournemouth Burnley Blackpool Northampton Millwall Carlisle Wrexham York Walsall Southend PNE Luton Watford 98/9 Stoke Macclesfield Walsall Fulham Luton Lincoln Blackpool 99/00 PNE Scunthorpe Stoke Cambridge Luton Notts C. Wrexham Wolves(wc) Wigan(fac) Oxford Oxford C.(fac) Cardiff Wigan Reading 00/1 Wrexham Luton Walsall Bristol C. Swindon Stoke P.Vale Northampton 01/2 Bournemouth Tranmere Oldham QPR Fulham(fac) Cardiff 02/3 Bristol City Luton Cardiff Mansfield Blackpool Barnsley Brentford(fac) Cheltenham Colchester 03/4 Luton Colchester Bristol C. Brentford Barnsley Oldham Sheff.Wed. QPR P.Vale Chesterfield 04/5 Yeovil Cambridge Cheltenham Scunthorpe 05/6 Chester Northampton Cheltenham 06/7 Hereford 07/8 Hereford Shrewsbury Rochdale 08/9 Lincoln Dagenham 09/10 Stockport 10/11 Cheltenham 12/13 Dagenham Cheltenham 15/16 Woking 16/17 Plymouth Cambridge Morecambe Stevenage Colchester Crawley Carlisle Blackpool Accrington Crewe Coventry(ctt) Portsmouth Doncaster Barnet Yeovil Newport Cheltenham Luton Mansfield 17/18 Cheltenham Barnet Bristol R.(ctt) Cambridge Carlisle Crewe Exeter P.Vale Accrington Crawley Coventry Colchester Chesterfield Yeovil Wimbledon(fr) WestHamU-21(ctt) Stevenage Swindon Lincoln Morecambe Newport Notts C. Luton ForestGreen Fulham(cc) Grimsby Mansfield 18/19 Accrington Barnsley Blackpool Bradford Brentford(fr) Burton Charlton Coventry Doncaster Fleetwood Fulham U-21(ctt) Gillingham Luton Northampton(cc) Norwich(cc) Oxford Oxford(ctt) Peterborough Plymouth Portsmouth Rochdale Shrewsbury Scunthorpe Southend Sunderland Walsall WestHam(fr) Wimbledon.

YEOVIL 85/6 Hereford(fac) 98/9 Rushden 02/3 Cheltenham(fac) Telford Scarborough Farnborough Hereford Halifax Chester Leigh RMI 03/4 Barnet(fac) Carlisle 3.00 Bury Oxford Macclesfield Darlington Southend Lincoln Cambridge Kidderminster Darlington(fac) Scunthorpe Northampton 04/5 Southend Darlington Macclesfield Rushden & D. Rochdale Cambridge Mansfield Cheltenham Lincoln Swansea 05/6 Oldham Bournemouth Barnsley Oldham Macclesfield(fac) Port Vale Walsall Bristol C. Scunthorpe Swansea 06/7 Crewe Nott'm Forest Port Vale Bradford Chesterfield Southampton Rotherham 07/8 Swansea Gillingham Walsall Hartlepool Bristol Rov. Luton Oldham Tranmere 08/9 Stockport(fac) Stockport Tranmere Cheltenham Bristol Rov. Southend Crewe Peterboro 10/11 Bristol Rov. Rochdale Plymouth Brighton Carlisle Peterboro 11/12 Charlton 12/13 Hartlepool Doncaster Carlisle Sheff.U 13/14 Blackburn Latvia(fr) 14/15 Rochdale Peterboro Crewe Coventry Crawley Accrington MK Dons PNE Oldham Walsall Bradford 15/16 Bournemouth/Bristol C./Swansea(fr) Morecambe Stevenage Barnet(jpt) Coventry(jpt) Mansfield Wimbledon Accrington Carlisle Crawley Plymouth Portsmouth York Luton Wycombe 16/17 Reading(ctt) MK Dons(ctt) Barnet 17/18 Swindon Cheltenham Chesterfield Crawley Crewe Morecambe Exeter Grimsby Lincoln Notts C. Plymouth(ctt) P.Vale(fac) Stevenage Newport Carlisle Wimbledon(ctt) Man.U(fac)2.50 18/19 1.75 each Newport Northampton P.Vale Tranmere Swindon Cheltenham MK Dons Grimsby Macclesfield Exeter Crewe Morecambe ForestGreen.

YORK 66/7 Luton Barrow 69/70 Lincoln Colchester Northampton Southend Crewe Newport Swansea 70/1 Workington 1.25 Southend Crewe Colchester Southampton(fac) Exeter Peterboro Northampton Darlington Oldham Scunthorpe Notts C. Grimsby Brentford 71/2 Middlesboro(lc) Walsall Shrewsbury Barnsley Mansfield Rotherham(fac) Brighton Bolton Bradford Port Vale Halifax Rochdale Oldham Blackburn Notts C. Torquay Grimsby(fac) 72/3 Rotherham Bournemouth Watford Oldham Blackburn Chesterfield Southend Wrexham Swansea 73/4 Huddersfield(lc) Halifax Walsall Port Vale Aldershot Chesterfield Wrexham Tranmere Southend Hereford Man.City(lc) Grimsby Watford Mansfield(lc) Blackburn Rochdale Bournemouth Bristol Rov. Brighton Huddersfield Mansfield(fac) Southport 1.25 Shrewsbury 74/5 Huddersfield(lc) Bolton Arsenal(fac)8.00 Hull 75/6 Bolton Southampton Bradford(lc) Chelsea(fac)3.00 Chelsea 7.50 Portsmouth Notts C. Liverpool(lc) 76/7 Mansfield Sheff.Wed. 77/8 Rochdale Hartlepool Aldershot Southend Grimsby 78/9 Wigan Port Vale Hartlepool Reading Luton(fac) Hereford Huddersfield Grimsby Grimsby(lc) Halifax Scunthorpe Stockport 79/80 Peterborough Hereford 80/1 Hereford Doncaster Mansfield Tranmere 81/2 Sheff.Utd(lc) Port Vale Rochdale Peterborough 82/3 Hereford Northampton Port Vale Tranmere Colchester Hull Mansfield Lincoln(mc) Bury Torquay Blackpool Stockport Hartlepool(fac) Scunthorpe Bristol City Halifax Peterborough 83/4 Hull(amc) Doncaster Swindon Stockport Hereford Macclesfield(fac) Bury Aldershot Tranmere Torquay Northampton Chesterfield Rochdale(fac) Wrexham Colchester Blackpool Darlington 84/5 Derby Walsall Burnley Brentford Plymouth Doncaster Doncaster(mc) Gillingham Liverpool(fac) Bradford Walsall(fac) Chesterfield(frt) Lincoln(frt) Cambridge Bournemouth Newport Reading Hull Blue Star(fac) Swansea Arsenal(fac) Millwall Sheff.Wed.(fr) Wigan 85/6 Blackpool Bury Rotherham(frt) Notts C. Chesterfield Derby Liverpool(fac) Bolton Doncaster Brentford Wycombe(fac) Wigan Bournemouth Reading Grimsby(mc) Bristol City Walsall Morecambe(fac) Swansea Wolves Newport 86/7 Brentford Bournemouth Carlisle Sunderland(lc) Walsall Chesterfield Darlington(frt) Bolton Port Vale Mansfield(frt) Fulham Bury Chester Darlington Doncaster Rotherham Bristol R. Newport Middlesbrough Notts C. Blackpool 87/8 Sunderland Leeds(lc) Halifax(lc) PNE Hartlepool(fac) Wigan Brentford Doncaster Bury Darlington(frt) York Rotherham Aldershot Blackpool Notts C. Port Vale Walsall Grimsby 88/9 Halifax Stockport Rochdale Doncaster Cambridge Wrexham Burnley(svt) Crewe 89/90 Peterboro Torquay Hereford Gillingham Cambridge Aldershot Scunthorpe Rochdale Hartlepool(ldc) Chesterfield Lincoln Wrexham Carlisle Doncaster Southampton(lc) 90/1 Carlisle Walsall Chesterfield Scarboro Doncaster Wrexham Torquay Lincoln Peterboro Stockport Wrexham(rc) Rochdale Scunthorpe 91/2 Barnet Chesterfield Carlisle(at) Hereford Scarboro Bolton(rc) Lincoln Walsall Northampton Wrexham Mansfield Carlisle Scunthorpe 92/3 Hereford Carlisle Shrewsbury Stockport(fac) Chesterfield Bury(po) Halifax Darlington Barnet Cardiff Chesterfield(ccc) Crewe Scunthorpe 93/4 Barnet Rotherham Cambridge Stockport Hartlepool(at) 94/5 Chester Bradford(aws) Wycombe Oxford Blackpool Stockport Wrexham Cambridge Bradford Huddersfield Burnley(ccc) Plymouth Peterboro Cardiff Brentford Sunderland/Leicester(fr) Rotherham(fac) Bournemouth Rotherham 95/6 Bradford Hull Crewe Blackpool Bournemouth Chesterfield 17/1 Chesterfield 30/4 Wrexham Stockport Walsall Notts C.(fac) Oxford Burnley Brentford 96/7 Bury Everton(ccc) Burnley Gillingham Middlesboro/Bolton(fr) Leicester(ccc) Bristol City 97/8 Oxford(ccc) Wrexham Chesterfield Millwall Hartlepool(fac) 98/9 Macclesfield Millwall Wycombe Oldham 99/00 Macclesfield Southend 00/1 Barnet Halifax Scunthorpe Plymouth Sheff.Wed./Leeds(fr) Crewe(wc) 02/3 Torquay Darlington Rochdale Macclesfield Lincoln Kidderminster 04/5 Hereford 08/9 Wrexham Eastbourne Kidderminster Kettering Grays Forest Green Northwich Barrow Weymouth Havant 09/10 Mansfield Luton(posf) 10/11 Wrexham Darlington Crawley 12/13 Northampton Cheltenham Dagenham Torquay Rotherham Oxford 13/14 Wimbledon Southend Scunthorpe Rochdale Plymouth Hartlepool Fleetwood Dagenham Cheltenham Burton Wycombe 14/15 Morecambe Hartlepool Tranmere Southend Stevenage Luton Plymouth Burton Accrington 15/16 Yeovil Wimbledon Plymouth Oxford Newport Morecambe Mansfield Carlisle Bradford(c1c) Cambridge Dagenham.


ABERDEEN 73/4 Sunderland(fr)3.00 Man.City(fr)3.00 78/9 Morton dec. 79/80 St.Mirren dec. 80/1 Hearts apr. Partick T. nov. 82/3 Dundee(sc) Dundee U.(Lc) 10/11 St.Johnstone nov.

AIRDIRE 81/2 Morton feb. 84/5 Motherwell oct. 87/8 Clydebank.

ALBION ROVERS 81/2 E.Fife 84/5 Arbroath 85/6 Stirling A. 87/8 Stirling A. Queens Park 90/1 Cowdenbeath 11/12 Kalkirk(lc) 14/15 Livingston(lc) 16/17 Peterhead.

ALLOA ATHLETIC 81/2 Forfar(lc).

ANNAN ATHLETIC 11/12 Queens Park aug. Peterhead(rc).

ARBROATH 72/3 Rangers 1.50 78/9 Stirling A. QoS Airdrie(sc) Dumbarton 84/5 Alloa 02/3 Rangers(sc)1.50 06/7 E.Fife 14/15 Berwick/Montrose.

AYR UNITED 71/2 Airdrie 73/ Celtic 74/5 Clyde 78/9 Stirling A. Clydebank Montrose 79/80 Stirling A. Arbroath 81/2 E.Stirling Kilmarnock 84/5 Clydebank 99/00 Inverness.

BERWICK RANGERS 74/5 Hamilton 81/2 Alloa 11/12 Hibs(fr) Hamilton(fr) Peterhead 14/15 Annan E.Stirling.

CELTIC 73/4 Stirling A.(sc) 74/5 Aberdeen 94/5 Aberdeen mar. 96/7 Liverpool(uefa)2.00 00/1 Dundee may 13/14 Morton sep. St.Johnstone sep. Motherwell oct. Inverness aug. 14/15 Motherwell sep. Dundee nov. Zagreb(uefa) 15/16 Fenerbahce(uefa) Ajax(uefa) Ross C. feb. St.Johnstone jan. Hamilton jan. Molde(uefa)

CLYDE 84/5 Airdrie 07/08 Dunfermline Hamilton St.Johnstone 11/12 Berwick Peterhead Queens Park 14/15 Albion R. Berwick aug. Berwick jan. Cowdenbeath(lc) Elgin Montrose sep. Montrose feb. Queens Park.

CLYDEBANK 70/1 Dundee U.(sc)1.50 77/8 Partick jan. Aberdeen dec.

COWDENBEATH 70/1 St.Mirren Aberdeen Celtic Clyde St.Johnstone 71/2 Berwick Raith Albion R. 80/1 Dundee Albion R. Dundee 83/4 Hearts(lc) 84/5 Stenhousemuir 86/7 Rangers(fr) 92/3 Hibs(lc) 94/5 Hibs(lc) 99/00 Brechin 00/1 Falkirk(bc) Elgin 08/09 Annan 10/11 Brechin(posf) Falkirk.

DUNFERMLINE 14/15 Airdrie Brechin Falkirk(lc) Forfar Morton Stirling A.

HAMILTON 72/3 Stirling A. 73/4 Kilmarnock(lc) Stenhousemuir Kilmarnock 75/6 Clyde 76/7 St.Johnstone 78/9 Stirling A. QoS 82/3 Raith 83/4 Alloa 84/5 Clyde MotherweLL Falkirk Forfar 89/90 Morton 09/10 St.Mirren 11/12 Falkirk oct. & feb. Dundee Ayr Raith 12/13 Dumbarton Dunfermline sep. & feb. Falkirk sep. & jan. Livingston oct. & feb. Morton/Dumbarton/Partick Partick(lc) 13/14 St.Johnstone(lc) Raith 14/15 Alloa(lc) Arbroath(lc) Celtic jan. Kilmarnock sep. Inverness jan. Dundee dec. Motherwell jan. & lc St.Mirren nov.

HEARTS 97/8 Hearts(sc) 14/15 Raith QoS Livingston Dumbarton.

HIBERNIAN 04/5 Livingston apr. 16/17 QoS aug. QoS apr. QoS(lc) Dumbarton dec. Dumbarton mar. Ayr sep. Ayr mar. Dundee U. oct. Dundee U. jan. Falkirk nov. Falkirk mar. St.Mirren oct. Hearts feb. Dunfermline feb. Raith dec.

KILMARNOCK 71/2 Motherwell 77/8 Arbroath 79/80 Partick(sc).

LIVINGSTON 10/11 Ayr(sc) E.Fife Alloa Airdire Forfar 11/12 Falkirk Morton Partick Raith QoS Arbroath(lc) 12/13 Hamilton 13/14 Kalkirk Hamilton Morton aug. & jan. 14/15 QoS Hearts dec. & feb. Stranraer Hibs Dumbarton Alloa Raith Rangers QoS(lc) Hearts(lc) Alloa.

PARTICK THISTLE 81/2 Ayr(lc) Dundee 83/4 Airdrie 85/6 Falkirk 94/5 Rangers aug. Celtic sep. 11/12 Falkirk Ayr 12/13 Raith Livingston Dunfermline(sc) 13/14 Ross C. may Celtic oct. & mar. Aberdeen(sc) 14/15 Hamilton(sc) Inverness sep. Kilmarnock dec. St.Jonstone oct. St.Mirren(lc) 15/16 Dundee.